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    BI Leader Sisense Acquires Periscope Data

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      I look forward to hearing them. J7W is offline. That' s a very neat item! Definetly Japanese made, but not sure if it's for tanks, could be vehicle or bunker mounted periscope. Regards, Taka. GHP is offline. WOW, Thanks for the info. I always knew this was special, I just did not know how special.

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      I have looked all over for info on this and have never had any luck, thanks again. Tank periscope?? Gentlemen Nice pictures but I have to challenge your answer- please show us a picture of this type of sight sticking up in the type 3 or Type Doesn't exist on IJA tanks. Love to have you prove me wrong by showing factual evidence. Originally Posted by beretta GeorgeP is offline. Vic, If you don't get a definitive answer here, you might want to try over at Axis History Forum in the Japanese sub forum.

      periscope (Japanese Edition) Periscope (Japanese Edition)
      periscope (Japanese Edition) Periscope (Japanese Edition)
      periscope (Japanese Edition) Periscope (Japanese Edition)
      periscope (Japanese Edition) Periscope (Japanese Edition)
      periscope (Japanese Edition) Periscope (Japanese Edition)

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