Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)

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Mobilitätswandel konsequent entwickeln - 2. Internationale ATZ-Fachtagung

Especially in markets where digital solutions already exist, the technology will have to compete with fairly efficient processes. By contrast, nascent markets, such as public charging and billing transactions for electric vehicles, offer possibilities of the Blockchain to become the dominant design. Welche Auswirkungen wird Blockchain auf den Energiesektor haben? Zudem bewegen sich einigen Kommentaren zufolge Blockchain-Anwendungen in einer Grauzone des derzeitigen Rechtsrahmens. German edition of the study: Blockchain in der Energiewende.

For the press release click here. Ethics and social responsibility; Strategy and general management. The ESMT innovation index — Electricity supply industry measures innovation activities of 16 major European electricity utilities in three dimensions: research, productivity and sustainability. While 14 out of 16 utilities were able to improve their innovation performance over the last 8 years, it can also be observed that utilities readjusted and focused their research activities between and , and new patent registration substantially declined since The German energy turnaround: Implications for Russia.

Energy Daily. ESMT innovation index Electricity supply industry. Christoph Burger , Jens Weinmann The ESMT innovation index — Electricity supply industry measures innovation activities of 16 major European utilities. We test the methodology of the innovation index with a set of 15 large European electricity utilities and find that innovation activities have substantially increased over the last four years. Consolidation index for the European airline industry.

As markets internationalize while consolidating, companies have to ask themselves if they can become leaders in these broader international markets. The consolidation index, developed by Burger, is a framework for developing and validating strategies in this regard. The European airline industry has a comparably low level of consolidation with the top 5 airlines having a combined market share of 31 percent in Europe.

This business brief applies the consolidation index to the European airline industry and shows which airlines are in a good position to drive the future consolidation process in this industry. Europe and China: Different stages of industry consolidation. Extensive industry consolidation is taking place in Europe in many industries.

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The German banking industry just recently started to consolidate with the takeover of Dresdner Bank by Commerzbank and the partial takeover of Postbank by Deutsche Bank. But how about consolidation in one of the biggest growth-markets worldwide - China? Bankenkonsolidierung in Deutschland: Ein erster Schritt. Christoph Burger , Jan U. Hagen The Business Brief analyses the consequences of these transactions and shows that they are merely first steps.

Only the reform of the public sector banking system - with the dominant savings banks and the Landesbanken - will provide Germany's banks with a chance to remain market driving generalists in a consolidating European market. On the verge of a paradigm shift in the energy sector? From centralized to decentralized energy generation.

Translating IPCC climate models into CO2 emissions per head results in emission targets of 5 percent of today's emission levels for the US and 10 percent for Europe. In an energy environment where externalities like CO2 are priced and where fossil fuels are becoming scarce and more expensive, only a major transformation of the 20th century energy and mobility infrastructure will be able to cope with these climate and fossil fuel scarcity challenges.

With increasing energy prices, energy efficiency and decentralized energy generation will be key ingredients for this energy paradigm shift. Focusing on this paradigm shift, the business brief as a thought experiment intends to: - Identify implications for the value chain, namely the creation of new value-chain segments; - Indicate potential shifts in market size and margin of the respective value-chain segments; - Derive implications for players involved, namely the emergence of a new competitive landscape.

The business brief addresses all energy players involved, especially incumbents who face the challenge to balance the tasks of securing and optimizing traditional business while at the same time taking part in new disruptive innovations. Industry consolidation comparison of Europe and China. Summary of results from the Consolidation Impact Survey. The survey covers four industries that are most affected from consolidation trends in Germany: Aviation, Utilities, Telecoms and Banking.

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Consolidation index: Critical success factors for industry consolidation. While markets internationalize and at the same time consolidate, companies have to ask themselves if they can develop to one of the market leaders in this broader international market.

Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Muller

To give guidance to this question, the business brief introduces the concept of the consolidation index as a framework for developing and validating strategies in this regard and discusses the results of the consolidation index for the European banking and utilities industry. Christoph Burger , Michael Holtermann Zur Beantwortung dieser Frage sind drei Aspekte zu betrachten: i.

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Economic perspectives on recommunalization in the energy sector. Notes Internacionals. Through the Internet, the company offers an extensive range of high quality prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses at competitive prices. In addition to the broad product range, price transparency and price savings, customers also benefit from free services such as eye tests and the adjustment of glasses thanks to local partner opticians in Germany.

The company also has its own optician workshop in Berlin with final assembly and quality control. Furthermore, the company extends its offline presence and has opened three brick-and-mortar stores thus far, with more stores planned. Mister Spex is also present in other European countries with own online stores. Mister Spex is winner of the eCommerce Award for Excellence As one of the most prominent German startups, Onefootball gives football fans various ways to inform themselves about their favourite teams through news, live results, and statistics.

Recommended changes for MIF to make their product range sustain their domestic market share.

It also allows fans to actively engage with these clubs through social features and betting as well as tipping opportunities. Onefootball was chosen by Google as one of the top 50 Android apps globally in and The reCommerce company, founded in , is the European market leader in the area of used electronics. In Germany, customers can sell or buy electronics and media articles from a total of 14 categories on reBuy. Internationally, the company operates in Austria, France, the UK and the Netherlands and is continuing to expand with its employees.

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Remerge - App Retargeting The AdTech startup remerge enables app providers to place ads through an integrated retargeting platform in more than , other apps, according to the company. Thus, advertisers can reach, according to Remerge, up to , users worldwide per second. The addressed user target group can be defined in detail according to various criteria. Apps become increasingly more important as an advertising medium because of their enormous international prevalence on more than 2. By now, Remerge records higher revenues per month than in the entire year of The FinTech startup, founded in December in Munich, provides their customers with a globally diversified ETF portfolio, tailor-made to the personal risk profile of each user, supervised and managed around the clock.

The individual risk tolerance of the investor is the benchmark for all investment decisions. Scalable Capital is the leading robo advisor in Europe with assets under management of more than million euros. Service Partner One - Digital Facility Management Service Partner One provides the first digital integrated facility service cloud for facility services and related procurement. The cloud service connects via its web-based applications commercial clients and service providers to enable a fully digitized process from customer acquisition, via order processing and execution to invoicing.

While clients can easily procure, manage and expense facility services via one single point, service providers get access to the first digital integrated service cloud to sell, operate and administer. Share 4. For example, insurance against iPhone breakage or warranty extensions can be bought directly at the point of online sale with just a few clicks and at very reasonable conditions.

The online shop earns a commission and can offer its customers an additional service, while Simplesurance earns a margin on all insurance policies sold online. With B2C portals in, according to the company, nine European countries, Simplesurance also offers direct insurance plans. Lastly, the Berlin-based startup has received an investment by Allianz as well as the Japanese e-commerce and Internet company Rakuten, which raised the overall financing of Simplesurance to more than 30 million euros.

The team of founders held key roles before. AuctionTech - Online livestream technology for auctions AuctionTech has been founded in by lead employees of the former biggest online auction house for luxury goods Auctionata and from which's insolvency estate the online livestream auction technology, developed for many years, has been acquired with the help of German Startups Group. The founding team around CEO Jan Thiel offers regular auction houses and online marketplaces this unique technology as a cloud Software-as-a-Serivce so they can operate live video auctions without latency and by that reach bidders worldwide no matter their respective size or geographical location.

Potential segments besides artworks, luxury goods, watches, jewelry and antiquates are also classic cars, real estate and B2B investment goods. The product can be embedded easily in the own website as a white label solution for a license fee so no brand or media disruption occurs. German Startups Group is involved as lead investor. Ceritech is preparing partnerships with two large foreign fertilizer plants, which generate great amounts of phosphogypsum as a byproduct of the production of phosphoric acids, from which Ceritech can extract Rare Earth Metals.

According to the current state of technology, Rare Earth Metals constitute an essential, almost non-substitutable raw material for high tech products like smartphones, tablets, and electronic cars. Rare Earth Elements are especially indispensable for the realization of the energy turnaround in Germany since they are required for the construction of solar cells, energy-saving illuminants, high performance magnets for electric transportation, wind turbines, and fusion reactors. As of now, Chinese companies are the largest supplier of Rare Earth Metals and have held a near monopoly position over the past years.

Share 8. According to the company, the customers benefit from a stabilized supply chain and the optimisation of circulating assets. Furthermore, the marketplace created by CRX Markets also offers, in our opinion, companies, banks, and investors attractive investment opportunities through its transparent structure and competition-oriented methods.

Software Solutions for review management Since , Customer Alliance supports hotels worldwide with the help of various products in collecting and integrating customer centric data as well as realising their revenue potential. It manages online reviews and provides essential statistics for quality management. Additionally, the tool "Price Analytics" supports hotels in doing effective pricing by tracking the price structure of competitors and by warning hoteliers about changes on the business market in advance.

Thus, hotels can reduce their commission payments. Since its foundation in , by now more than 3, hotels from more than 35 countries use the software solutions of Customer Alliance. The international team consists of approximately employees. Finiata - FinTech for Factoring Finiata offers factoring solutions for freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

Up until now, this market segment has not been sufficiently addressed since individual risk assessments cause high costs. The experienced founding team — the four-member management team has 13 years of FinTech experience — employs already established scoring concepts and achieves lower costs and process complexities through digitalisation and automation. It is the goal of Finiata to carry out the risk assessment automatically within seconds for the first time and to reduce the default risk so that by, for example, simply taking a picture of an outgoing invoice with a mobile phone the invoice amount can be collected almost immediately.

Through cooperations with leading European FinTech companies, the functionality of the financial solution has been maximised. The founding team around CEO Sebastian Diemer has already collectively built one of the most successful German FinTech startups in Kreditech, which offers private loans on the basis of a data-driven scoring model. Pyreg is committed to climate protection and its high-quality machines is not only known for its economical but also its ecological sustainability.

A single Pyreg unit — for the production of biochar for instance — effectively sequesters the annual CO2 emissions of up to motor vehicles per year. Pyreg was nominated in by the German Institute for Invention for the, according to the institute, oldest innovation award in the world, the Dieselmedaille, as the most sustainable innovation. German Startups Group has invested in Pyreg along with different holding companies, including Skion GmbH of Quandt heiress Susanne Klatten, and knowledgeable business angels. The company, founded in and based in Berlin, sells real estate across Germany from private and professional property sellers through its online network of qualified real estate agents and financial service providers.

Emmanuel Muller - Fraunhofer ISI

According to the company, this network reaches over 2. Currently, over million euros worth of real estate offering can be found on realbest. The AdTech startup has recently expanded its business model through the launch of its Kwizzad platform.


The new product enables publishers of mobile apps to integrate the quiz-based ad format themselves, which has been optimised by TVSmiles over the course of three years, and therefore enhance their monetisation. According to the company, the app publishers achieve the highest advertising revenues per thousand impressions compared to other digital advertising platforms.

This is due to the fact that the playful engagement with the advertising content allows for an effective realisation of campaign goals. The business model of the company located in Berlin is based on, according to TVSmiles' records, more than 3 million downloaded apps, through which the users can be addressed on a consistent basis.

Active users spend more than 90 minutes a month using the app, according to TVSmiles. Users can request a ride via mobile app to their desired destination at the push of a button and subsequently tip the driver. Wunder receives a certain percentage from each payment.

Afterwards, both guest and driver have the opportunity to rate the experience with one another, which ensures the high quality of the community. Wunder, runner-up at the Webfuture Award , is already active in various countries, with India and the Philippines among them. German Startups Group is invested in the mobility startup alongside with Partech Ventures, amongst other venture capital providers, as well as a group of renowned business angels. We publish investments and hence the shares of companies that are in our portfolio at our sole discretion, if and when the time is thought best by the portfolio company itself and by us.

Thus the following list raises no claim to completeness. Christoph Gerlinger holds a graduate degree in Business Administration and is a qualified banker. Christoph occasionally releases own articles and gives interviews in various publications. Down prev next.

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German Startups Group resolves increase of public share purchase offer. German Startups Group - Significant revenue growth within first half of the year. German Startups Group resolves further public share purchase offer. The company sells its clothing online and through conventional distribution channels in five different countries.

Armedangels appeals to a strongly growing customer group that places great value on the aforementioned criteria. Since its foundation in as a pure online shop with just a few T-shirt designs, the company has, in its own view, successfully established itself as a young, sustainable brand. Investors can follow the strategies of "top traders" and copy their actions directly from their ayondo account or become a "top trader" themselves and earn additional revenues with every trade. Chrono24 - The world's leading online market for luxury watches Chrono24 is the global online market leader for luxury watches, based in Karlsruhe.

Delivery Hero — Online Food Delivery Service Delivery Hero is an international online and mobile food ordering and delivery platform founded in Exozet — Agency for "Digital Transformation" Exozet is a repeatedly awarded digital agency that offers consultancy and execution services for the "Digital Transformation" of all business processes. This includes, in particular, the design, realisation, and operation of demanding multimedia solutions with focus on mobile, video, virtual and augmented reality as well as e-commerce and online marketing on various platforms — the seamless combination of technology and design in the digital media.

Exozet employs approximately staff in Berlin headquarters , Potsdam-Babelsberg, and Vienna. Friendsurance — Insurance FinTech In , the founders of Friendsurance realized that many people own insurances that they rarely or never use.

Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition) Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)
Marketing-Strategien zur Verbreitung von Elektromobilität (German Edition)

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