How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)

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2. Geology and Contact Zones

Skarn, Limonite, Jarosite, Plumbojarosite for they can contain zone of secondary enrichment Polymetallic replacement deposits, Super Gene deposits , ect. The are usually very red to almost Black and are in Epithermal and Hydrothermal zones. Remember Gold is found mostly in Igneous and metamorphic rock. Shale, Slate , Schist, Gneiss in the foliations of the rock.

Gold can be found either with or with out quartz as a Host rock. Sample Red rusty looking rocks that have Iron Pyrite in them. Jeff and Slim. Just click the pic to watch. All rights reserved. J ust Click the icon to Check out our Channel. Me and Slim are no longer associated with Desert Outfitters so if you need to contact us just click the tab to the right and leave a message and we will get back to you.

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Get out and enjoy the outdoors the way it was meant to be experienced -- Prospecting for Gold.

6 Best Tips for Successful Gold Prospecting

With our Tips and Tricks videos you will be out finding Gold faster then Walter Huston can do the miner two step. Become a Patron! Check out our Tips and Tricks Just click the pic to watch. Where to Find Gold!

Gold Miners

If you are serious about finding gold nuggets with a metal detector , then get a detector that is specifically designed for hunting for gold. Learn how to properly tune and ground balance your detector One of the biggest challenges associated with gold detecting is the highly mineralized ground found in most goldfields. It will cause your metal detector to operate very noisy and erratically. In order to hear a gold nugget amongst all the other sounds that this mineralized ground can cause, it is important to ground balance your detector to tune out these other sounds.

Each gold detector will have its own method for ground balancing. Here are the nine secrets for gold detecting failure: Unrealistic Expectations Gold prospecting has always been linked with powerful imaginations and unrealistic romantic expectations. Some beginners have somehow imagined that they will find a chicken egg sized nugget every day with the occasional Emu egg when they get lucky.

So when they arrive at the gold field, they tear around, looking for the golden eggs and swinging their detector at a terrific rate.

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That night around the campfire, his or her depression and disillusionment dampens everybody's spirit. If they are prone to learning, after a few days detecting they discover that the average sized nugget is smaller than a lizards egg and even pea sized pieces aren't always easy to find. I have found that the most successful beginners are those who are realistic. They have read enough to know that there is plenty of gold still out there, but that they might not find a lot in the first week.

They realise that it takes time to learn how to find productive spots and to make best use of their detector. Human nature hasn't changed. In the peak of the Palmer River gold rush, hundreds were enthusiastically wearing out boot leather on their long hike to the Palmer River from Cooktown.

Gold Detecting Mistakes and Pitfalls

On the well worn track they met hundreds of returning miners, bitterly claiming that there was no gold left. They persuaded a surprising number to turn back. This was far from the truth, of course.

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The Palmer was one of the world's truly rich rivers, and for years its gold filled many a billycan. The problem was that many of the first arrivals expected to pick out the nuggets like hens eggs out of a nest. The more persevering ones kept trying until they hit a worthwhile patch.

Perseverance and realistic expectations pay off. It's no different today. Listen To The Locals Local knowledge can be a good thing if the locals are clued up, and, if willing, can lead you to potential areas. The problem is that the locals at the pub or caravan park often don't have a clue what they are talking about, and haven't found a nugget in their lives.

Or if they have, they may wish to get rid of the tourist who has come to take their gold, so they paint a negative picture. How would they know about how much gold is found in the area anyway, Most operators keep their mouths shut about any big finds they make, so the local bloke only hears the hard luck stories.

Gold Panning Store

Last year a beginner bought a detector from me and was going to head to North Qld to find gold. He had heard of place where plenty of nuggets had been found over the years, so he drove the kms on his own, with his brand new detector on the back seat.

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When he got there he met up with some locals who told him that the gold had all gone years ago. Discouraged, but not totally deterred, he located some old gold mines and looked around. His heart sank when he saw that there were quite a few detector holes scattered about. Hadn't the property owner told him that he would do no good? Well, he had travelled a long way, so he swung the detector for the rest of the day. He emptied his pockets of what he had found: An assortment of nails and wire.

The heat started to get to him a bit too, so the poor bloke decided that he had had enough and he drove the kms south again where he called into my shop and saddened me with his story.

The Mines of Stardew Valley - GUIDE (Mining and Levels)

Camped in scattered locations, they are happy with the few ounces they each average per week. Getting well above wages, they lead a carefree healthy lifestyle, full of anticipation and adventure. That particular gold field, like many others, is comprised of several smaller fields covering a 30 km area in each direction. There is enough ground left for the patient operator to detect for decades to come. Maybe some of the locals aren't aware of what is being found behind the scenes. Or maybe they aren't talking, but in any case it's disastrous to take what they tell you about your chances seriously.

I had told the disappointed customer all this before he left on his trip north, but while he listened I don't think he heard. It takes time to get to understand a gold field and it can be disastrous to believe everything the locals tell you. Buy The Wrong Detector Fortunately, most dealers will guide the beginner to the appropriate detector for his needs. But it is important to purchase from a salesperson that is not only honest, but also an experienced operator, or you may find yourself with an excellent treasure hunting detector, which is a poor gold field detector.

Out of the dozens of models available there is only a handful from which to choose.

How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)
How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)
How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)
How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)
How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)
How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks) How to Find Gold (Gold Mining Secrets & Tricks)

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