Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)

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Dutch-Indigenous Alliances in the Atlantic World, 1595-1674

Selection of the new governor and councilors for the colony, on the other hand, was a concession to the Tories. Although Ingoldsby lacked the authority, he ordered Leisler to surrender the fort. The trials, presided over by former Dominion councilor Joseph Dudley, were heavily weighted against the defendants. Leisler, his son-in-law Jacob Milborne, and seven others were found guilty and were condemned to be hanged, disemboweled, and drawn and quartered. Sloughter intended to reprieve the men until the Crown reviewed the case, but rising popular protests so alarmed the government of a new rebellion that it determined to carry out the sentences.

On May 16, , Jacob Leisler and Jacob Milborne were executed by hanging until half dead and then beheaded. Catholicism would thereafter be banned in New York until Moreover, Leisler articulated a populist Protestant agenda that divided New York into Leislerian and anti-Leislerian factions for decades and continues to echo in American politics. In May , Parliament reversed the act of attainder against Leisler and Milborne and restored their estates to their heirs. Leder, and Michael G. Kammen, eds. Johnson, Richard R. Israel, ed. Lovejoy, David S. The Glorious Revolution in America.

Ritchie, Robert C. Voorhees, David William. Ida Press, , Rosenblatt and Julia C. Rosenblatt, eds. M; 2 His grandfather, Dr. Jacob Leisler , had been civil prosecutor for Prince Christian of Anhalt. Alfred L. Choisy, L. Neuenburg, Switz. Und im Jahrhundert Basel and Frankfurt a. Fernow, trans. New York , 2: A , fol. Leisler children were Susannah , Catharine , Jacob Jr. Edwin R. Purple, Genealogical Notes Relating to Lieut. The ship taken was the Susannah which Leisler had purchased the previous year.

See Peter R. Christoph and Florence A. Christoph, eds. Mooij, April 9, , Adriaen Lock Nots , fol. From whom Leisler obtained the funds is unknown. One of his first acts in as captain of the fort was to confiscate these monies. The earliest found appointment of his as a court arbitrator occurred in July Records of New Amsterdam, 5: Friday, July 5, Sign in. Forgot your password?

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Get help. Password recovery. Home Uncategorized The Leisler Rebellion. By Arthur L. By Derek Doeffinger. By Mary Jane Matz. By Michel Laguerre.

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By Patricia Edwards Clyne. By Jean Holabird. By Jack Finney. By Frank Case. By Sandra Opdycke. By Piri Thomas. By Alfred E. By Richard Zacks. Landmark Update: We are still fighting at the grassroots level and need your support! Home Books New York. New York. Items Per Page: 15 30 60 Year Newest Pub. Check box to include out-of-stock items. View: Grid List. Two foot long continuous pen and ink drawings of Manhattan's East and West sides in twenty-four panel accordion fold-out format that render forth Manhattan's fabled includes the WTC towers skyline.

An introduction by distinguished New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger, who first wrote about Matteo's project in The New Yorker's 'Talk of the Town,' accompanies the drawings in a separate pamphlet. Following the bestselling 'Paris to the Moon,' the Gopniks' adventures continue against the panorama of another storied city. Here, in the wonderfully strange 'neighborhood' of Manhattan, readers will observe the triumphs and travails of father, mother, son, and daughter; and of the teachers, coaches, therapists, adversaries, and friends who round out the extended urban family.

Not infrequently referred to as 'the most significant square mile in American cultural history,' Greenwich Village has provided a rich and spirited legacy. From the first decade of the 20th century through the s, rebellious men and women from all over the country, and the rest of the world, flocked to the Village to fulfill their artistic, political, and personal dreams. This lively history examines the tempestuous Village lives of these American icons - from Emma Goldman to Bob Dylan - places their personal stories within greater social contexts.

Over the phone, Katherine Greider heard the sudden bad news. An architect hired to recommend a series of repairs to the Greiders' home, an old row house on Manhattan's East Side, had determined from analyzing digital photos taken in a crawlspace below the basment floor, that the house's foundation was so ruined he felt compelled to report the hazard to city officials first thing.

He left no doubt as to what Katherine, her husband and kids - and all the rest of the building's residents - shoudl do over the weekend. Greider's abrupt exile from her family's place of refuge began a personl travail, harrowing and comical in roughly equal parts, that involved screaming matches with the neighbors, mounting financial distress, a lawsuit, and other strange and exasperating dealing in the world of New York City real estate.

It also launched a fervent inquiry into the past of No.

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Greider's search led her all the way back to the windswept salt grasses that once covered the site of No. The trail of occupants that her research unearthered inscribes the dramatic story of New York City and of America itself. City Secrets Manhattan: The Essential Insider's Guide brings together the recommendations of artists, writers, historians, architects, chefs, and other experts whose passionate opinions and highly informed perspectives illuminate well-known sites as well as overlooked treasures.

Clothbound, elegant, and pocket-sized, Manhattan features a subtle non-guidebook design and detailed maps.

Bibliography in: Brothers in Arms, Partners in Trade

With over contributors and entries, Manhattan is a valuable supplement to any guide more devoted to travel basics. What will the future make of us? In one of the greatest cities in the world, the richest man in town is the Mayor. Billionaires shed apartments like last season's fashion trends, even as the country's economy turns inside out and workers are expelled from the City's glass towers.

The young and careless go on as they always have, getting laid and getting laid off, falling in and falling out of love, and trying to navigate the strange world they traffic in: the Internet, complex financial markets, credit cards, pop stars, microplane cheese graters, and sex apps. A true-life fable of money, sex, and politics, Very Recent History follows a man named John and his circle of friends, lovers, and enemies. It is a book that pieces together our every day, as if it were already forgotten. Completely Revised and Updated.

Skip the dull tour guides, ditch those unruly maps, and experience New York like a native on foot! This brand-new edition of the classic guide reveals New York's greatest treasures and best-kept secrets one step at a time. Each card in this deck outlines a self-guided walking adventure, with a detailed map on one side and insider information on the other. From the leafy streets of Greewich Village and the hidden gems of Central Park to the thriving Brooklyn art scene and the Bronx's 'real Little italy,' you'll discover the locals' favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and play, along with tidbits of the history of Manhattan and the other boroughs.

Go ahead, pick any card! A neighborhood-by-neighborhood drawing tour of New York City by the artist of the blog of the same name celebrates its diverse architectural styles and cityscape and is complemented by depictions of iconic landmarks and offbeat details. Profiles master artists from New York City who specialize in crafts ranging from glassblowing, masonry, and wood carving to hatmaking, embroidery, and calligraphy.

New York City contains some of the most exclusive and sought-after addresses in the world. In this fascinating book the authors have pulled back the curtain to give us a glimpse into the workings of the top of New York's social pyramid. From Park Ave. The story of New Netherland is often overlooked in tales of the founding of America. Like a lont-lost album chock full of rare vintage photographs, this unique book with built-in viewer brings the past to life again - in 3D.

Here's a view of the city we love from the s through the s: Early views of the Manhattan skyline, the boroughs, famed landmarks, the city's markets and harbor front, city life and loves, and so much more.

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These three-dmimensional photographs make you feel as if you are actually there! Presents side-by-side photographs which depict New York landmarks and street scenes of the past and the same landmarks and locations as they look today, capturing the changes that have occurred over time to the places and culture of New York.

From the celebrated creator of Manhattan Unfurled, comes a unique collection of illustrated cityscapes. In these intimate drawings of window views, Matteo Pericoli captures the essence of the city by showing what New Yorkers see when they look out their windows. The book includes their comments on what they see out their window.

Illustrations in black-and-white, throughout. A dazzling original work of non-fiction that captures the city's inner and outer landscapes in a series of vignettes, meditations, and personal memories. Side-by-side photographs showcasing important landmarks reveal what they looked like centuries ago and what they look like today, in a fascinating collection that captures the changes and the preservation of architecture and culture in across several cities. This engrossing collection brings together stories of the people, the events, and the life of New York City, past and present - the expected and unexpected.

The likes of Meyer Berger, Gay Talese, Brooks Atkinson, Frank Rich, Ada Louise Huxtasble, John Kieran, William Grimes, Clyde Haberman, and hundreds more of the newpaper legends represented in the pages of this book have been recounting the major events,everyday lives, dynmaic culture, and off-beat treaures of the city for more than years.

Browsable and fully illustrated with recent and archival photographs from The Times's own collection.

The Leisler Rebellion

Collects accounts of the events and aftermath of the terrorist attacks of September 11, The Big Apple is a city of sweets. Think about all the classic desserts that were made famous here: cheesecake, black-and-white cookies, the Broadway milkshake. Visitors from around the world make pilgrimages to bastions of butter and flour such as Magnolia, Ferrara, and City Bakery. And today there is a renaissance of young sugar-minded artisans who are crafting exquisite confections with fair-trade chocolate, organic gelato, and sea-salt caramel—many coming out of Brooklyn, and selling from street trucks.

Paging through New York Sweets is like walking through a candy shop, where the design and packaging is often as beautiful as the desserts themselves. The book also functions as an inspired gastronomic tour guide—one skewed toward plenty of breaks for sweets. Each chapter walks through a different neighborhood, giving a sense of the melting pot of flavors that can be found only in New York—from apple strudel and baklava to turron and zabaglione. As in other realms of culture, so many trends start in New York. This book gives the scoop on all the treats that everyone is buzzing about.

Candid accounts of coming to New York by more than fifty of the most remarkable people who have called the city home. Here are the true stories of long nights out and wild nights in, of first dates and lost loves, of memorable meals and miserable jobs, of slow walks up Broadway and fast subway rides downtown.

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  8. Presented by a eclectic mix of actors, artists, comedians, entrepreneurs, musicians, politicians, sports stars, writers, and others - reflecting an enormous variety of experiences. In chronological arrangement, these stories combine to form an impressionistic history of New York since the Great Depression, as well as providing an accidental mapping of hotspots through the ages.

    For the last fifty years, Dan Rattiner has been living in and covering the Hamptons for the free popular newspaper he publishes, called 'Dan's Papers. In his book 'In the Hamptons Too,' Rattiner deliver more stories about the people, live, and work in the area. His anecdotes cover well-known figures like Kurt Vonnegut and Martha Stewart in addition to local characters like marine patrol policeman Ralph George. North Fork, a rustic location on the East End of Long Island, New York that has provided a pleasant escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the Manhattan streets.

    Characterized by laid-back, low-key lifestyles, and miles of back roads and trails, 'North Fork Living' captures the beauty of the region in texts and color photographs. Landmarks, lighthouses, churches, vineyards, the local eccentrics, and the beauty of the Long Island sunsets all convey the essence and charm of this destination. Longtime resident Harry Haralambou loving shows readers his favorite spots and hidden aways for any armchair traveller. Chronicles the goings-on, the changes, and the constants at the fashionable and exotic New York apartment house, over nearly a hundred years, providing anecdote after anecdote about its famous, wealthy, and chic residents.

    Museum of the City of New York-Hudson devyzuzyvoby.tk

    Reveals the hidden infrastructure of New York City demonstrating its technological evolution since the nineteenth century. Describes the revitalization of New York during the Great Depression as President Roosevelt and Mayor LaGuardia worked together to build parks, bridges and schools and put people to work by channeling federal resources into cities and counties. The Rector and the Rogue By W. It began quietly enough one morning in February , with a mutton-chopped Acme Safe Company salesman knocking on the door of Reverend Morgan Dix, the starchiest clergyman in Manhattan's most respectable church.

    The salesman was surely misdirected, Reverend Dix explained, he had no need for a safe, and he had not made an appointment. But soon after, used clothes dealers arrived, followed by heavy machinery salesmen, and soon the street filled riotously with wave after wave of solicitor-tormentors, hundreds of funeral directors, horse traders, wigmakers, fellow clergymen, doctors, all insisting they'd been summoned by the bewildered Reverend Dix.

    And for weeks, it continued in this manner. Reporters from every newspaper in New York camped out to watch the fun, and as the story gained national attention, police and postal officers raced to capture the gleeful prankster-cum-performance artist who was making a mockery of the esteemed Trinity Church. Collects maps of Manhattan that the author handed out to New Yorkers inviting them to describe how they feel about the most famous section of New York City. A former Parisian living in New York, French Vogue correspondent Carole Sabas was often approached by friends and colleagues on their way to Paris for Fashion Week, looking for the best place for a quick facial, early morning yoga, or to meet a friend for a drink.

    So many people asked, in fact, that she produced a small guide filled with advice, which she gave out for free. Requests for more information and other cities came pouring in. Might Be Useful One Day. The inclusion of additional advice from local fashion celebrities on their favorite places to frequent puts readers confidently in-the-know.

    Peppered throughout with drawings by a noted and local fashion illustrator, these beautifully designed guides will be the must-have accessories of the season. Hidden gems are finally unveiled in this posh and savvy guide for sophisticated visitors and newcomers to the Big City. Ambassador magazine. Discusses how recent efforts to restore the Hudson River Valley have protected New York City's drinking water supply and reclaimed abandoned stretches of shoreline following decades of environmental abuse in the region. If there is one thing that Americans can not get enough of it's celebrity drama.

    But if you, like many, have ever wondered just how our culture has come to place such emphasis on the sensational lives of those in the public eye, the name Evelyn Nesbit should bear considerable weight.

    Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press) Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)
    Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press) Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)
    Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press) Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)
    Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press) Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)
    Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press) Explorers, Fortunes and Love Letters: A Window on New Netherland (Mount Ida Press)

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