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Maurice explained the situation to them and gave them several of the brochures. Then he drove the Gator back to the Walnut Springs area and found the Scoutmaster there. He had already heard about the mountain lion attack. Pass these around to your boys. Behind him was a drainage which occasionally held water; in front of him, a campsite shaded by a large tree. A storm rumbled and flashed to the southwest. Maurice set up his tent and put his sleeping bag inside. Daylight was fading fast. He could see headlights approaching through the campground, so he walked back into the campground area until he found Max, then drove with him back to the campsite.

Max put up his tent while Maurice set up the Coleman propane stove on the tailgate of the pickup. The stove had a grill on the right and a burner on the left. He pulled the ice chest in the bed of the truck towards him and opened it. In the ice were six plastic bottles of tea and a couple of packages wrapped in white butcher paper.

He held the larger package up towards Max with a questioning look.

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They had just made a batch so I picked up a couple dozen. This is the part of my job I love. The rest of it gets old. What happened to your buddy John? His book just got published. Back in a week. From the looks of things there might be a storm coming, then we can give it up and get some sleep. Beautiful animal. About pounds. Maurice put the now-cooked, bacon-wrapped, cream cheese stuffed jalapenos on a paper plate and set the steaks on the grill. That might work. Maybe get the DPS to bring a helicopter over. He just lays around in the shade by the trail and big soft meaty things come walking by.

Good thing his victim was in pretty good shape. The girl with him said her boyfriend fought like hell until the cat left. Someone out here by themselves might not be so lucky. Parks and Wildlife has a good field guide on mountain lions. In the morning we can go look for tracks. Lightning flashed inside the cloud all the way to its top, and thunder reverberated off the three large granite domes a half mile east of their camp. Maurice got the steaks and poppers off the grill and put them on the plates.

Maurice asked him about silverware.

Enchanted Rock, A Mystical Wonderland

Maurice cut a piece steak with his pocket knife, then stuck the knife in it and put the bite in his mouth. Is it a hallowed place or a haunted one? Blessed or cursed? What you believe about Enchanted Rock depends on which of its many legends you adhere to. This much everyone agrees on: That rock makes weird noises. Rising some feet above the ground, Enchanted Rock covers an area of more than 2. Nobody really knows how far the rest of it goes into the earth. As for the creaking noises? What you hear coming from Enchanted Rock at night are the moans of spirits haunting it: the Native American chief still being punished for sacrificing his daughter at the site; the princess who hurled herself off the rock when she saw her tribe being killed.

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    Enchanted Rock Blue(s) Enchanted Rock Blue(s)
    Enchanted Rock Blue(s) Enchanted Rock Blue(s)
    Enchanted Rock Blue(s) Enchanted Rock Blue(s)
    Enchanted Rock Blue(s) Enchanted Rock Blue(s)
    Enchanted Rock Blue(s) Enchanted Rock Blue(s)

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