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After Kate tempts Jesse with her incredible body, she gets him to agree to let Danielle have a chance to be unfaithful the next night. John is like every other billionaire: arrogant, domineering, insatiable, and entitled. He's so entitled that he believes he can get away with infidelity!

But when his wife, Rebecca, catches him with his secretary she delivers an ultimatum that he never expected: If he gets to cheat, so does she! This is an amazing bundle.

My Husband's Adventures: Confessions from the Wife of a Cuckold Bull

If you are at all interested in this genre look no further. Ruby Rivers narrates it perfectly. So sexy without way overdoing it like some other narrators do.

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These books are crafted by a very humorous and sexually adventurous woman. She must have a wonderful love life and a home that is filled with laughter. She definitely understands the subtext of these kinks. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Raven Merlot. Narrated by: Ruby Rivers. Length: 17 hrs and 41 mins. Publisher's Summary Real life cuckoldress Raven Merlot is proud to present four of her cuckolding series in one exciting package! Cuckolds in Paradise "Eden Redux" is a tropical swingers resort where people come to make their most forbidden fantasies come true.

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Cuckolding My Billionaire Husband John is like every other billionaire: arrogant, domineering, insatiable, and entitled. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. MMFs seem very nice. I feel no sexual jealousy not because of a lack of sexual attraction but because of an absence of the psychological mechanisms necessary for sexual jealousy to be felt. That pretty much describes me as much as I hate to acknowledge it.

My wife is very attractive and I love her as my good friend but our sex life is pretty much nonexistent due to my lack of interest. Pretty pathetic, huh? And you thought YOUR relationship has issues. Your first sentence is correct. The rest sounds like your own homophobia working overtime. Feelings of intense jealousy, as one would have in the very beginnings of a relationship, are a very integral part of the entire experience.

That's why I never achieve orgasm until after the other man is no longer present, as my totally deflated libido would cause me to act out against him in a jealous fit. I learned this the hard way and embarrassed my partner very badly. Truth be told we have had some issues with it to, but the pluses outweigh the negatives by a long reach.. NO and we have seen 2 marriages fail because of it, BUT that being said we have a LOT of swinger friends whose relationships have failed more.

Is it a ego power trip? YES and if you really really look deep into the cuckolding lifestyle your see that the cuckold is the one that is trying control the situation EVEN when another guy thinks he has his wife, the cuck knows she will always come home to him.. Your trying to be Funny--Right?

My wife had a very active sex life that included cheating on several boyfriends. When we got engaged she assured me that those days were all behind her, but I always suspected that monogamy wasn't a good fit for her. A few years ago I asked her directly if she'd seen anyone else since we married and she admitted that she had, but stopped when she realized how hurtful it would be to me. Then, a number of months later, I found a series of e-mails that made it clear she was having an affair with another man, a lover from her college days.

Though I was angry that she was keeping it a secret, I was excited to know she was having sex with him and even had some feelings for the guy. I told her I was okay with her seeing him and that it turned me on. She was astounded and initially thought I was seeking her approval for me to see other women which I have no interest in.

That was five years ago. Because she wants her relationship with him to be a private corner of her life, we have what amounts to a "don't ask, don't tell" agreement. If I press for more information than she wants to share she'll point out "I'm doing this for me, not for you. The orgasms I have are some of the most intense I've ever had. Over the years I've discussed this a lot with my therapist. Two ideas that came up to explain why I respond this way to her cuckolding me.

The first is that it has to do with being very close to my mother who my father left because of her cheating.

The Secret Life Of America's Greatest Swinger | GQ

The second explanation is that because I'm bisexual -- though inactive -- I have sex with men vicariously through my wife. Regardless of its basis, the bottom line for me is that I've never experienced anything as sexually intense as being cuckolded and there is no way I would ever want her to be monogamous. My only regret in all this is that I don't know more details about their sex life. She does it for herself—and maybe you like it this way? I mean, she probably engages in other activities without your company—I dunno, like, watching a movie or something—and there's no reason for her to refrain from describing those other experiences to you.

I think that it doesn't matters whom the activity is being done for and that it's equally describable either way. My guess is that such discomfort can only come out of shame; shame, that ugly, ugly emotion. If I was her—or you, for that matter—and if shame WAS the root of the problem, I would do all it takes to cleanse my relationship of that poison that is shame. Maybe she just doesn't want to go through the bother of describing it? Well, that would be somewhat more understandable, but in that case, it still doesn't matter whom the sex is being done for.

I would imagine that talking about those experiences wouldn't be too big a favor on her part, but anyway, I don't know how it works in your family, so I'll keep my nose out of it. Lastly, if you know exactly who her lover is, you can instead ask him about it. Would she be okay with THAT? As a woman who was forced into hearing how 'hot' and wonderful this sort of fetish was from her boyfriend of three years, I am pleased to say I never gave in and every time there was some scenario that had been planned, I would get cold feet and the inevitable break-up would ensue.

This is not healthy for any party involved. It is not sustainable and my ex-boyfriend has been through five wives. The one that did participate in this perversion he divorced. Gee, wonder why. Maybe because at the end of the day this sort of behavior has very deep psychological scars that no amount of doing more 'willing cuckolding' can heal.

It's a lie that has devastating consequences for everyone concerned. And you don't see ANY fallacy in your reasoning? Jesus H Christ! Your reasoning is sheer collectivism. Any why? Because all this time you forget that we all are different and that our desires all differ, sometimes wildly. One person's dream is another's nightmare. You sound like a real woman that takes relationships serious. I respect that and wish the world was full of more like you. Why do you like cuckolding?

Is it the voyeurism? The objectification of her, seeing her with someone else? I'm a Dom cuckold and pretty well hung. Not into humiliation much, but when I see my wife making these big guys cum and the sexual power she has I loose my mind and fall in love over and over again. My wife know that my sexual preference was cunnilingus and she was never impressed with my intercourse abilities.

She had other male companions before we got married and this activity continued for several years after we got married. Being a submissive, I felt her satisfaction and happiness was paramount. Secretly, it seamed to satisfy me that she was having these relationships. It took the pressure off of me to preform these duties.

Does anybody think about the point of view of a cuckhold husband. Is it good or bad for women???!!!! Why don't anybody do a research on lon term effects on a man who becomes a cuckhold. What is the impact of this in personally, socially and ecnomically.. Cuckolding is a very real lifestyle for many couples who evolved into this form of intimacy after swinging.

However, it is also a major fantasy for men and women and has been a highly charged and stimulating fantasy for role-play among couples. Reading books on the subject can be very arousing for couples and has been known to open the door to more than just fantasy. The point really is, I think, to keep your relationship at an erotic peak whether is is talk or action you choose. This is terrible you will never know what being a man is. Anxiety self-esteem and fear are the root causes. Love isn't possible in this type of behavior. The emasculating in today's culture promotes this.

Pride honor integrity and love brings true happiness. You total stzand for something or you'll fall for anything. This is a dangerous game people play. Passion is not something people should take too lightly. If a soldier were on a battlefield and he started hearing the bombs falling and bullets whizzing by what would be the first instinct? To fight or to run? Of course the baser instinct is to run.

It's what gives the physical body the most protection and feels best. Cuckholding is like the sexual equivalent. The basest pleasure is to allow your woman to have sex with another man so that the arousal of competition creates the strongest sexual response. It's the mixture of fear and lust that heigtens the arousal but only on a purely physical level.

It is the very definition of selfishness. It's one thing to fantasize about this once in a while as anything that increases sexual response will sometimes come into our minds but to actually play it out shows a very serious lack of self respect that his hard for most people to understand or sympathize with.

Think about this do you think a worm reveling in it's own puss is disgusting? Not for the worm. It might be heaven for it, for all we know. The question is do you want to be a worm? Recently my wife took a visiting member of her Rotary group to our local Amtrack Station to catch a train to Sacramento for his next stop on his tour of the US. The Bay area was his first stop from his native Philippines.

Just as they were finishing two flashlights in the hands of deputy sheriffs shone through her side windows. They allowed the visitor to board his arriving train but place Linda under arrest for Disorderly Conduct, placing her in handcuffs behind her back. Once in the back of the squad car she was given the option of going to jail or to preform oral sex on both of them. She agreed to blowing both so off to a hill side park where she was ordered to knees on the wet, muddy ground with her hands still cuffed behind her she brought them both to climax swallowing their loads. I am very distressed over this but she admits to finding it a turn on.

I had this cuckold fetish long before I ever even knew what a cuckold was. It started with really confusing feelings when my then girlfriend wanted to "see other men" before committing to becoming my fiance'. I was not only crushed and terrified, I was also hornier than I had ever been in my life. I had no idea what was happening to me and I tried to ignore the obvious effect it was having on me.

We got back together a month later and anytime the subject of her seeing other guys during that period came up, my stomach churned but I got an undeniable erection that turned me into helpless worshiper of her. Even though she was well aware of the effect upon me and would sometimes bring up our past just to amuse herself, we didn't actually speak of her seeing other men until several years after we were married. By this time we had a couple kids and the boredom and 7 year itch had set in. She started a new job and a co-worker took an instant like lust for her and she enjoyed the attention.

Soon she was wearing sexier outfits and spending more time getting ready and even going out to lunch with him. I noticed the difference and it was even carrying over into our bedroom with a renewed libido on her part. Soon, she confessed what I already knew, she was attracted to him and wanted him but didn't want to mess up what we had.

The Secret Life of America’s Greatest Swinger

Well, it wouldn't have mattered how much I protested verbally because my body and my penis gave me away when we both started trembling. That was lover number 1 for her and he lasted 3 years until we moved out of state. That was also over 25 years ago and we are still the envy of younger couples who ask us what our secret is to be still so close, happy and intimate after 32 years of marriage.

Cuckold Talk Part 8

Of course, we don't tell most of them the truth but a few know. Most of hers has been long term friends with benefits with just a few one night stands out of town. Regardless, I have been monogamous and perfectly happy the whole time. Obviously she is happy and you know what they say, If mamma is happy, everybody is happy. So, while it may not be a lifestyle for everyone and some people may try to give all sorts of psychological excuses for someone subjecting themselves to this lifestyle, all I can say is ppfffttt.

I was perfectly "normal" with normal experiences when I discovered that I was hardwired to be a cuckold and have no desire to change. I can also say that I have spent time researching and once you dig past the porn sites, you will discover that women were not genetically programmed to be monogamous and men were genetically programed to be cuckolded. You will also discover that the percentages of cuckolds increase with IQ, Education and age. My wife needs other men. No other way to put it, that is it. I love her very much and I want her to not repress her desires, really her needs.

She has been very keen on finding mostly much younger men for well over a year now. She probably could not stop anymore and her need is only getting stronger. She is strengthened knowing that women have been treated as something lower than dirt for being insatiable while men have been admired for conquests. I get that completely. But really, the bottom line is that I love her so much and although I don't pretend to fully understand why she has to have sez so much with other guys, I do know she needs it. She has my full blessing and she loves me back whole-heartedly.

Not sure what more there is to say, but I would not have our lives any other way. My wife and i have been living like this for a while now and i must say it is enjoyable for both of us. She is an extremely beautiful women who has a huge sex drive. This allows her to enjoy everything she wants, and still allows us to have the sexual and emotional connection we have had throughout our marriage.

We plan to discuss on cuckolding. I can tell you I am very happy and satisfied. My lovers are my friends and we enjoy our company in and out of the bedroom. Seriously, this website, has time and time again published articles designed to harass, belittle and advocate hatred against men. If psychology today had it's way, every single boy and man would be required to wear a blue mars symbol sewed onto all our shirts, sweaters and jackets. I just got done checking out your site, and really enjoyed it!

My name is Vince Stead, and I have a website that is the same name as my name, and you will find exactly the same stuff there that you have here, and you can also here the girls reading the stories about cuckolds, hot wife's, slut wife's and more just like, maybe you can let your readers check them out, its just like your stuff here! My wife told me a few years ago how she would love to have a threesome with 2 men, or to have 1 or 2 guys that she could have sex with regularly with my approval.

She tells me that I am great in bed but that doesn't mean her fantasy goes away. Since that time, I think about her fantasy daily and am very turned on about it. She likes the thought of me watching her with another man or perhaps being in a different room hearing their sounds while they have sex. Some of the ppl commenting on here don't really get what the cuckold fetish is.

People commenting on how the wives, and cheating and don't really love the husbands People who have cuckold fetishes are men who want their wives to cheat on them, and get sexual pleasure from that thought. You have obviously never been in a monogamous relationship and had your male partner ask you if you would be comfortable having sex with other men to fulfill his fantasy.

My answer was a flat out no. I am monogamous to the core, that's my sexuality. So we've been trying to make it work with just role play. People's sexual kinks are strange, and this is a good person, though it has made me wish for nothing more than someone who wanted nothing but plain old vanilla. There is nothing stranger than a man pushing you to have sex with men who he sees as being "more masculine" than him. I think the cuckold fetish is becoming more common these days, not like the therapist here who obviously has no idea what he's talking about when referencing past instances of using their wives for political gain.

Men wanting their wives to have sex with other men because they find it sexually arousing is cuckolding. I honestly think porn is the cause. Boys and young men are being introduced to sex through porn. For years, before they have sex themselves, they are trained to see sex through a third party lens. They see sex, and learn to be sexually aroused by watching women they are sexually attracted to have sex with very large men, with very large penises. Porn breeds insecurity into men, and in some, a desire to see the women they're attracted to had from a pornographer's perspective.

No men are looking for porn that has average looking guys, with average sized penises. Straight men want to see women they are sexually attracted having sex with large muscle bound men with large penises. They have been doing this for years, before they likely even had their first kiss. Even when they're dating girls, they watching girls they're attracted to have sex with other men. Having sex is fine for them, but it's not how they've spent years training their sexualities. They've spent years watching, not doing.

I'm sure cuckolding has been around for years, but it's never been so prevolent as it is now with the advent of the internet. We cannot say that it is "just natural" when some of the most common "wants" of cuckolds are for other men to desire their wives so that they can feel validated through their sexual approval of their wives, and wanting "bulls" for their wives. Yes, that's an actual thing. The prime thing a cuckold wants seems to be a large black man to have sex with his wife.

That's not evolutionary, that's porn culture. The biggest, blackest penis for his wife. I'm not ok with that. I really don't like that the person I love so much is so fixated on this fetish, but I know that they had, and very much still do have a porn addiction. Honestly, it's ruined our relationship, and everyday I feel less and less in love with him. It may fly for others, but I'm definatly in the boat where I feel like he wants to use and degrade me for sexual pleasure because he's so entrenched in the gaze of pornography.

I understand it's because he's attracted to me, and that has blurred the lines until he sees me as being his own little porn star, but it feels gross to me, and I'm not into it. This article is WAY off. It's almost like they never went online talk to other cuckolds about their motivations, and why they think the way they do. But then again, I'm pretty sure that the author wasn't someone who had their SO ask them to fulfill a cuckold fetish for them, and have their entire sex lives wrapped around that pole.

Seriously, there are entire forums on reddit, and other places where you can just straight up tell you, and with the anonymity of the internet, they'll tell you everything.

Publisher's Summary

They'll tell you things they won't even tell their wives who they are trying to push to do this for them. They'll ask you for help, they'll ask for opinions from the other side. But seriously, I don't even know why I came here. Psychology Today like always, is pretty garbage in the way that it has such a limited scope of what's going on, because they don't do the one thing Psychologists should be doing Sister Wives? Pygnyny is widely acceptable in Mormon community at least the FLdS community. I don't see that as a problem, but are the wives cuckholding? I also put money on it that the comments would not be as inflammatory if the guy cheated!

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  • I've allways thought that rather then men having multiple wives--It makes more sense for women to have multiple husbands My wife found my links to cheating wife and cuckold photos and stories on my computer. She was upset with me and insisted cheating was cheating and has no place in a proper relationship.

    However, I know she enjoys flirting with a friend of mine and occasionally with other men she has known. She likes the attention. For weeks she continued to ask me about what she found on my computer. In addition to her objections she noticed and teased me about the fact that I get very tuned on while she talks with me about all the things she has seen on my computer. She continued to object to the cheating aspect of it all.

    But, I started to notice she had been checking out my computer more often. I could tell by leaving my link history uncleared and when I came back things are often out of order. A few times she left open her own finds about cheating wives and even some cuckold stories and videos, including one with the wife taking a lesbian lover. A few weeks later, I believe I discovered proof my wife had actually cheated on me with a friend of ours. We had planned dinner with him at our home when I got called away for work, which now I am sure she had pre-arranged.

    When I arrived home much later that night, she had "accidentally" left her panties in the living room for me to discover after I got home late. I also found a wetness in our bed when I joined her already sleeping. I think they know that I know. Lately, I have to work to avoid becoming hard when we are all together. They are becoming a little more obvious about it now, more openly flirting. I know, or at least I think I'm sure, she is becoming a secret sexual partner for him. She also became increasingly close to a woman who is an open lesbian and a professor at a local private college.

    Her friend is an aggressive flirt with her, even or especially in front of me, like the professor is showing off her influences she is having on my wife. They have spent several evenings out very late drinking wine and attending the theater staying out as late as three and four in the morning. Our relationship started out very honestly. I told her everything about my past. She also knows that all my previous girlfriends and my first wife cheated on me and relatively openly. She asked me to be very specific. So I told her every detail of my cheating girlfriends and wife, a very hot large-breasted redhead, who was very openly seen with other men in bars and at private house parties with a tall, well built African American man who was a bass player in a very popular local jazz band.



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