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Jun 16, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: ebooks , free-ebooks , paranormal-romance , erotica , read-in Red and the Wolf is for people who I am SO not a fan of secret keeping. Especially when it's something like "oh, by the way, you're the mate of that fellow over yonder. We all know it. But then, werewolf sex usually is.

Jan 31, BK Blue marked it as dnf. Rolf the "alpha" soulmate werewolf wishes to romance you. Just let it happen. Not for me. All I can say is WOW. This book was hot and steamy. I only wish it was longer. I really enjoyed the interactions between Karina and Rolf. Can't wait to read the next book in the series.

Highly recommend this book. Dec 08, Mary Winstead rated it it was amazing. Wished there were more story to read. Karinas grandmother knew for five years that Karina was Rolfs mate but wanted her to finish school. Now she has and now Rolf wants his mate. Very short story will be done before you know it wanting more. Nov 19, Laura rated it it was amazing. Wow, loved this book and cant wait to read more by this author. It's a short steamy story. The author gives u a little taste at the start and doesn't disappoint as the story goes on.

Dec 10, Dawn Pressel rated it liked it. Jan 05, JM rated it really liked it. Liked it. Aug 18, Mary Lou Hoffman rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit , paranormal , romance , shifter , series , short-story. Each is based on a separate fairy tale and can be read along. Imagine that Little Red Riding Hood is a recent college graduate and returning home after four years away. She lives with her grandmother, but Grandma has been keeping a big secret so that Katrina could have as normal a life as possible for as long as possible. When the urges of the mating begin to affect both Katrina and Rolf, there is no longer time to wait.

There is no time for explanations. The time is now. Can she adjust to her new reality quickly enough to claim her HEA? I love fairy-tale re-tellings. To me they are some of the most intelligent type of story-telling, because you have to pull the reader away from what they already know about happened in the story and explain why it happened. I would love to read the rest of the books in this series. Feb 01, Sandy Digger rated it really liked it. This is a short story but it is a standalone book yay.

It's the story of a wolf and his mate for whom he's waited years. She goes away to college but the last semester she feels bad all the time.

Fated Mates: The Alpha Shifter Boxed Set

She comes home after college is finished and he picks her up at the airport. Keep in mind she knows nothing about the existence of shifters much less This is a short story but it is a standalone book yay. Keep in mind she knows nothing about the existence of shifters much less that she's Rolf's mate. Things progress rapidly after that and it's hot mating sex.

  1. Aux innocents la bouche pleine (Hors collection) (French Edition).
  2. See a Problem?;
  3. El escondite del deseo (Bonus) (Spanish Edition).
  4. All I want best erotica and erotic romance: , .

If you like paranormal romance you will enjoy this story, the only drawback is that it's too short! May 22, Arec Rain rated it it was ok Shelves: erotica , vampires-werewolves. I had high hopes for this novel because there is nothing I love more than fairytale erotica and Red Riding Hood is one of my favorites. Instead, it left the taste of bitter disappointment in my mouth. Right off the bat, the story seems rushed with no descriptions or information.

On top of that, I thought the whole scenario was just ridiculous. Aug 08, Grace rated it really liked it Shelves: fairy-tales , can-live-without-it.

Fated Mates: The Alpha Shifter Boxed Set by Adriana Hunter

This first book in the Erotic Fairy Tales series, Red and the Wolf is for sure a once upon a time like no other. Karoline and the wereleopard, William, lay on the forest floor, basking in the afterglow of their passionate, scratchy lovemaking. The relationship had experienced rough patches, like when William had badly scratched up Karoline's Chevy Impala after mistaking it for an actual impala.

But now, things were finally starting to work out. As her mind drifted to thoughts of wedding dresses, Karoline sneezed. But Karoline could not answer: She was still sneezing violently. Snot rained out of her nose. She had never experienced this much snot. With each sneeze, it shot out of her nostrils like the long tentacles of an Elder God. For the love of god somebody please kill me. No matter how deeply you plumb the depths of Amazon or Goodreads, you'll find that the male love interests in these novels almost always transform into the same things: a wolf, a mythical creature, some kind of large cat, or perhaps a bear.

Some erotica writers might argue that these kinds of limits are necessary, because other animals just aren't as sexy. This is a ridiculous argument, because come on, people, no animals are sexy. If you find wild animals arousing, there are some perfectly good corners of the Internet for you, but you should probably not be writing mainstream fiction. The trick to writing shifter-porn is to keep your manimal love interest just human enough so that you don't give off that "banned from the zoo" vibe.

Once you've taken this into consideration, there is no reason not to expand the werecreature genre to the whole animal kingdom. Think about all the unique plots and conflicts you could get if you decided to write outside the box and have your male lead mystically transform into, say, a salmon.

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Via Amazon "Ladies. The secrets, the tormented passion.

  • Las cinco mil maneras (Spanish Edition).
  • beast erotica story bundle featuring three hot shifter erotica stories Manual.
  • More titles to consider;
  • The erotic midnight swimming sessions. The hero's conflict with the local fishing industry. Consider that male salmon occasionally grow canine teeth before mating, and then deposit their seed in a glorious splooge-cloud above the female's recently laid eggs. How can that not make a great climactic love scene?

    Krystal sat in the rowing boat, pondering the dark secrets of her new lover. Why was Caleb so shady about his past? So insistent on getting her near large bodies of fresh water? Why was it that whenever they tried to organize a date night, Caleb would be mysteriously attacked by a bear?

    Note: Bald eagles are a protected species, so they make for great functionally immortal antagonists in salmon romance. Werebald-eagles can also be included. Baby boomers, members of the generation born between and , have for years been too busy having jobs to read much romance. Now that they're starting to retire, though, it's a great time for authors to cash in on the ebook-purchasing frenzy that is sure to follow. Note that I'm not talking about writing books for normal, well-adjusted older people who just want to read romance featuring others in their age group: That kind of book already exists.

    I'm talking about books aimed at the type of boomers who are desperately hanging on to the idea that their generation was the most important thing to ever happen to Western civilization, and who manifest this resentment about their lost youth by endlessly complaining about those lazy, narcissistic youngsters who were gauche enough to not even be born when Woodstock happened. These types of boomers complain about millennials so much that they seem to be really into complaining about millennials, if you get what I'm saying.

    And yet no one has cashed in on this obvious need. Why not combine these masturbatory generational complaints with subject matter that you can actually masturbate too? Moira grew angry and fired Pedro. Just then the doorbell rang. On the doorstep stood The Beatles!! Moira and the Vampire Beatles sat on the renovated patio and smoked pot and congratulated themselves for ending capitalism and the Vietnam War.

    The Vampire Beatles listened to Moira as she told them about her worthless son who was now in Afghanistan or one of those worthless millennial places. They all threw back their heads and laughed and then had sex. Along with billionaires, sheiks, and doctors, male soldiers are a popular target for today's romance novel.

    But did you know that several studies have shown that, of all the romance genres about categories of people that actually exist, military romance is the most unrealistic? Her new husband Flynn will not forgive Indians for what they did in the past. How can they find a way to rebuild their broken lives? But when he needs to fake an engagement to get himself out of a dilemma, they get closer than either one can resist. Lucas sticks his neck out for Dani after a mountain lion attacks her.

    Revealing his secret past life could put him behind bars, but winning her trust back is even more daunting. Is the spark still there between them or has Kady Shaw moved on? Will Kady ever be able to trust him when he broke her heart once already? Only people with magic and power can save it. All I care about is dating destiny, who happens to be six-foot-three and looks like he power-lifts ponies in his spare time. Complications arise from the start. When paths unavoidably entangle for these three, hearts are on the line. The Tacone Family wiped out the Chicago mafia.

    My bratva. My family. So I captured their little sister.

    Black Swan Audiobook Unabridged

    All 6 are full-length novels you can binge read with over pages. Clive agrees to help the saucy lady with her problem, but it will take more than soft smiles and touches to tame this marquess. Good thing the lady is up for the challenge. This second chance romantic suspense duet will heat you all the way through, then chill you to the bone. He was the crown prince of a bear clan. And me? I was a broke single mom. He needed a fake wife to claim his inheritance.

    To be crowned Alpha Bear of his clan. So, what did I do when he offered me the gig? I stared into his intrusive eyes and said yes. The reward was generous. One rowdy and naked encounter against the lockers with the girl of your dreams will make her your wife. The only question is, will she accept? And of all the women in the world, he asks me.

    ~ The Kategan Alphas Series ~

    Been there. Done that. Hated him forever. What would you do for twenty million dollars? Marry the man who broke your heart? Or run far, far away? Sin was a nightmare waiting to happen. One dangerous kiss changed everything, catapulting me into a war between the two. Only Jon, his omega best friend, can save him and bring him home again. In the heat of the night, their friendship begins to grow into something more. But love between an alpha and an omega is strictly forbidden…. Golden couple, Sawyer and Quinn Denali, have an amazing love story.

    When Quinn has the opportunity to help others on a two-week volunteer trip, she reluctantly leaves her family. But it does… it changes everything. Drawn by an explosive attraction, they resist their forbidden union until forced to close ranks. Gritty, raw suspense.

    To experience ourselves alive, awake and in ownership of our sexuality and sensuality. Wild Open: Sacred Erotica Poetry by Rachel Pringle is a book written with the intention to invite and arouse your erotic essence. A New York lawyer who has forgotten how to feel. She soon discovers the only cure for the uneasy feelings and abrasive pain is the stranger himself.

    A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers. Rose: I accidentally married my high school sweetheart. Deep blue eyes, billionaire, and hot AF. But now, I have a marriage license, a hangover, and a walk of shame to deal with. Then reality hits them. Their families bound them already with an arranged marriage.

    Only he is to marry her sister…. He hides himself behind the mask of a cold-hearted and rude man. When his best friend delivers a red-headed spitfire to him, Prince Khalid vows to use her to draw out the villain who killed his brother and sister. Is there more to life than his vow for revenge? So right. The moment I heard his velvety voice growl, I knew I was in trouble. Things are heating up in Hellfire, Texas. Becket and Kinsey struggle to keep her safe from an old boyfriend and keep their hearts safe, too.

    Total Meltdown coming June 18th…. A glamorous romance filled with movie stars, laughs and heart-stopping suspense. Now, a new forbidden lust has sparked my interest. Used to taking care of herself, Helena rebels against his stern discipline. As a threat looms, will she finally place her trust in Jacob and submit to his rules? I gladly handed him my V-card that night, ten years ago.

    I was so stupid. She needs help, and Roark is the one who can help her. He knows that Kerry belongs to another, but can the passionate Highland warrior and an English girl find their way to one another? This summer, sit back and let seven of your favorite historical romance authors take you away to a time of adventure and passion. Only available for a limited time. Death made me his angel.

    Golden rule: living and the dead should never mix. Apparently, it makes for a dangerous combination. If I break that one golden rule Death will kill me, or I may begin the apocalypse…. One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked a mission. If one fails, they all fail. Billionaires, no more. The craziest part?

    Once the lines get blurred and our fights turn into burning desire, I have to ask myself: now that we have a baby on the way, can we make it work? Liam Gold is back in Abingdon, as beautiful as ever. Definitely not an appropriate match for a man of my stature. But when have I ever been appropriate?

    Forced to face her greatest fears, she risks more than she has to lose. After a shattering loss, Jake is ready to live again. Or the nightmare the paparazzi would cause by spreading false rumors. I certainly never expected anyone to mail me a dead possum, stalk me online, or declare me public enemy number one. So the boss takes her instead, until the father can pay what he owes. Henry: Felicity thought she had all she needed when she adopted her service dog, Zeke. Until she met Damian. Known for being a player, Damian is the last person she needed in her life. As their chemistry grows, she offers Damian a deal: either she can be his friend or another conquest.

    Can she stand her ground? Or will temptation be just too much? Can they escape to the life they once knew, or quench the fire that burns between them? Make her purr like no man has done before. Yes, she happens to be my ex-fling. But that was seven years ago. A prince forced to find a bride.

    Give me more! An operative. A hardcore soldier. Whatever drew me to the Blood Legion MC is bigger than my own baggage. Grace is my new mission. An op. Nothing more. The Presley brothers fly to Windswept Bay along with Dr. Adam Sinclair, a new hero to love. A special story sure to touch your heart. The woman he loved and left behind. When they meet again, will sparks reignite? Or will a long-kept secret tear them apart forever? Billionaire Shawn Canaday built himself up from nothing.

    To succeed, he had to keep moving forward- even if it also meant leaving behind the girl he loved. When they clash, their instant mutual attraction undermines everything they believe about each other—and themselves. Can they look beyond their differences to find love or are their worlds too far for them to bridge the gap?

    Throw in a bigamous ex, a gay PI in a fat suit, and a snarky parrot with an ax to grind, and before long, everyone has a secret! Until billionaire bad boy model-turned-designer, James Tipton makes her the fresh face of his upcoming line. An old beau is begging her to consider his courtship. Can Emily help others find love and have a chance at love herself? A hot stranger promises to distract her from her troubles, and she takes him up on his offer.

    But one spectacular night turns her entire life upside down when her mystery lover turns out to be a close associate of her family. That is until he meets the one woman who can best him in the game and in life. Can these two players find a way to win at love? My knight in a shining… Maserati? He was the hottest guy I had ever laid eyes on.

    I wanted to believe he was my miracle, but I quickly found out that he was my favorite sin. I gave him my innocence before I even knew his last name. Long: Historical romance writer, Lenore Held, AKA, LaSandra Lacy, feeling the need to step into the present century, both personally and professionally, has agreed to co-author a steamy contemporary romance with the male author, MP Finnegan.

    As sparks begin to fly, on and off the written page, the world around them turns into utter chaos. A dark plot of revenge. A band of ticked off pirates. What else could possibly go wrong? When she arrives, she is shocked to discover the scarred and reclusive duke has a familiar face. A sweet Regency romance retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Labrooy: Unnerved by foreboding warnings from her past, Willow Blue must fight her addictive attraction to Tyler, a blindingly perfect local student who is missing a guardian. Dunbar: Romance has no age limit.

    When a sexy, mature man of means meets a feisty silver vixen, saving her broken heart might be worth more than gold. In a world where fantasy and reality collide, will the coming nightmare threaten their love for each other and the life of their unborn son, Miles? Cas, the werewolf in question, thinks Brita is bossy, her magic unpredictable, and she is his mate. And when danger comes for Brita, Cas will stop at nothing to protect her. With her. When the mysterious and tempting Declan Maguire starts coming in to her library, how can she resist him? The gorgeous bookworm is everything she could ever want in a man.

    But is asking him to take on the lifelong responsibility of her illness fair? A peasant woman without a voice.

    ~ The Bellum Sisters Series ~

    An undeniable love. The attack was on. Their hearts broke as they prayed for the safety of their men. Destroying Jake Hawthorne for killing my sister became my mission. But then came a surprise I had never imagined: his sister Kira Hawthorne. A gorgeous woman with smooth curves and gorgeous eyes. Lady Madeleine is the daughter of the Laird Campbell and she is one of the fiercest warriors in her clan. From hunting in the woods to killing enemies, she was the pride of her father, but the pain of her mother. When she is sent to France…. Madison cannot fight her attraction to the Alpha, but if she trusts him will she lose everything in the upcoming war?

    Action, fantasy, and steamy romance all tie together in the first of this fresh new series! CEO Kent is a playboy whose only goal is to send women home with a smile. The author exploits this conflict to tell tales that bring out the best in both characters who come together as a couple. Nothing is ever what it seems in Farawayville. Labors of A Hero is a laugh out loud parody of the great Hercules with many characters you know and love. Mishal, the King of Fire, had been trapped for well over a century with the Royal Guardians.

    He hoped for their freedom as activity started within the volcano. Just when he was sure they were going to remain inside; a human girl fell through the barrier. Only two will survive. He takes me in, cares for me, and helps me trust again. The chemistry sizzles between us every time Lawson takes control. But when my ex plays dirty, how can Lawson protect my unborn baby? Rookie cop Olivia Johnston-Denny faces him down. A regular day. When irresistible congressman Jackson T Paine intervenes, her life is changed forever.

    A spark of attraction starts an inferno of erotic heat. This time, she will fight for her freedom and her second chance. This time, a brave marquess will fight along with her. Will their love defeat the darkness? Can they master their powers in time? Williams: One year. One rule. NO SEX! Nobody said anything about falling in love.

    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)
    Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories) Beast Erotica Story Bundle (Featuring Three Hot Shifter Erotica Stories)

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