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When Missing Loved Ones Becomes A Lifestyle

Thats where i'll be waiting Thank you. I have lost several ones, but will see them, again, in Heaven. It still hurts to miss our loved ones. Most importantly, I have many, even more deeply loved ones, still blessing my life! Tamara - Thanks so much for stopping and leaving such a heartfelt comment. I hope you are doing well and not missing anyone too much. Shyron - Thank you for the addition. I hope you are doing well. Have a wonderful week! Flourish, I have two albums with this song on them. Jose - I appreciate your compliment and song suggestion.

I've added the song as Have a great weekend! Great playlist and also with a story behind I think this one should make it to the list too, it reminds me when I was 10 and we sang it with my friends back in Faith - That sure is a beautiful, sad song. It's actually already on the list at Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have a wonderful day! That reminds me of when I go away for a while and everyone is worried about me and it's just sad.

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I just start cryin when i hear that song. Hey, Jeremy - Thanks a bunch for that suggestion. That's why I depend on great readers like you! Have a good week! Bradley - I am so sorry for your very recent loss.

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This is such a fresh wound, and you are obviously hurting so much. I'm sure your dear brother understood how much you loved him. You're beating yourself up right now, but please know that many of us go long periods without connecting like we want to with siblings, parents, friends, and others we care deeply about.

You are not alone. Please know that your message will help remind others of the importance of reaching out. Again, my sympathies to you and your family. My older brother died in a motorcycle accident the day after his 59th birthday, on Jan 14th I MISS him,we didn't see much of each other before that day.

I all ways felt there is always tomorrow. My heart is crushed. There is no tomorrow, just today. Aaron R - I'm sorry about your loss. Thank you for sharing about your life with us. I lost someone who was important to me at that age as well, and I still think about him decades later but in a more reflective way.

I hope time brings you peace as it did for me. Lia - Thanks for your comment. They are good songs. Coldplay : "Fix you" or Coldplay : "Scientist" are very good and relaxing and just beautiful. Kevin K - Gosh, this stumps me. Have you tried looking up the Australian Top record lists for those years and just going through the songs to see if anything rings a bell?

Perhaps another reader may be able to help. This is probably a long shot but hopefully some of you enthusiasts and good samaritan could help me identify a song singer and song title with lyrics below. It was aired on Australian radios in or Jj - I'm sorry about the personal situation you now face with your boyfriend. I hope the best happens for you both. Many thanks for your song suggestion. I have added it! My boyfriend of 3 years just got the news that he's house is in foreclosure and is most likely going to move far away from me.

Shyron - Thank you as always for your suggestions. You are a library of country music! Have a wonderful weekend. I'm so sorry for you loss, Alice. I hope you gain comfort from some of these songs. Anshika - That's very specific. I'm not sure. Good luck with your friend, and realize that sometimes people just have different belief systems.

Anonymous - It's so strange that you suggest this because the next playlist I'm working on is about that exact topic! It'll be about a week because I'm writing something else right now. Is that a good start? Good luck on your girl, and if she doesn't see the value in loving you back after an appropriate amount of time, don't hang on too long. I speak from experience, having lived both sides of that situation.

Are there any song about loving a girl and she goes with another man? Any song will help. Azirium - I'm sorry you're separated from your best friend. I hope you will reunite soon. Thanks for the song suggestion. I have added it at Have a great day, and take care of yourself. My best friend and the person I love and miss the most sent it to me a few days after we said our goodbyes at the airport. I miss her so much and i'd do anything to hold her in my arms again I know because I graduated from high school in and that was our prom song.

Beautiful song. ArxerFyre - Glad you enjoyed this. I added your suggestion as Thank you for stopping by and for taking the time to comment! I like your lists, it's wonnderful to see songs divided into themes. But maybe you can add Come Back Be Here by Taylor Swift. I think it will suit this theme too. Anonymously Alone Again - Keep connected with her, as she needs friends now more than ever.


Let her know she is missed. You are very caring. I have added your song suggestion. I am missing a schoolmate of mine. She is my best friend and is facing anxiety, perhaps depression, that is keeping her from coming to school. Also, Yesterday by the Beatles is a great missing someone song. Emmi - I'm sorry this happened to you both and regret that homophobia has impacted you.

Parents don't understand that when they ban a child from seeing someone, it makes the attraction stronger oftentimes. I wish you both the best. Her mom is a HUGE homophobe and she already hated me in general, so when she found out about the relationship, after about 3 months, she banned my girlfriend from ever seeing me again. There are a ton of lost-love songs by Mariah Carey than just "Bye Bye.

Foreveraloneagain - What a sweet, poignant story. Many of us have people who meant the world to us as young people, only life got in the way and we went our separate ways. I hope that one day you can give her that hug. Thank you for sharing. I know i was just in 7th grade but she was the only person i could call a true person i miss her so much and im a guy soo its really hard. We still text a little but i hope that one day we will see eachother so i can give her the hug i never did.

Hamza - That was a beautiful dedication. I hope you are back together soon. Consider writing old fashioned love letters.

It's up to me and you!

You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself, and I'm sure they would mean a lot to her. Kind regards. I am missing the dearest person to me, the person i can't live without, the person i can't spend a day without talking to I love you so much, Yousra. It's a beautiful song when sung by her; she has such a lovely, innocent voice.

Thanks for checking back! Thanks again. Does my feels like home by Martha Marlow not make the list. I think its worthy of the list and i promise to keep you updated on my big Adventure. Wedding invite the lot xx. I wish you the best! Thanks for your kind words. Dont really believe in fete. But when she got in touch it felt like omg you took your time. Didnt know what I was missing till she got in touch. I cant wait to get off the plane to feel that first embrace.

Am not usually romantic but its just the way she make me feel. Shaun - Thank you for sharing your story of lost and found again love. How beautiful that after so much time has passed, you both can pick up where you left off. Some things were just meant to be! Much luck to you both for a happy future.

I am missing an ex girlfriend. I didnt realise how much till 2 months ago when she got in touch. The last time we spoke was She is in Austrailia and me in the uk. We speak a couple of hours everyday since she got in touch. We are planning a future together and on the 26th December i am flying to see her Initially staying 10 weeks. But if our feelings dont change. I will be moving there asap. I cant wait to see my gorgeous.

Wish me luck lol.

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Thanks for catching my typo. I appreciate the pointer. Thanks for loving country music like I do, too. Shyron - Wow, it was his final single, released in , as he has Alzheimer's and has been moved to a full-time care facility after family no longer could care for him around the clock. Very poignant. I am adding it. Knowing that make the lyrics all the more bittersweet. Thank you for the suggestion. What a remarkable list of songs about missing someone All hits. Thank you for sharing! I must add another song of a group out of Chi-Town that I had pleasure of writing for.

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Faith Reaper - As always, thank you so much for your kind encouragement. The older I get the more I miss people I never though I would. I noticed this hub on another one's "related hubs" and thought to myself that I don't remember reading this song list, and sure enough, I had missed this one somehow from seven months ago. It's a painful thing to have to endure in this life Your choices for your playlist are great. I'm glad to be settled and a little more connected now to a community. Thanks for weighing in with your similar experience and for reading. Boy can I relate to the corporate nomad!

By the time I was 8 I had been to 4 different schools courtesy of my fathers work. Then I ended up in a long distance relationship for a year in my twenties , so this is a great compilation and really strikes a chord - if you ll excuse the pun :. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. Alright Flourish, these are all great "Missing You Songs" but once one puts God and Christ 1st in one's life, they will not have time or space to miss anyone from a romantic relationship ever again. The purpose of God in Christ is that profound. Songs depict our sentiments very well.

There are also gospel songs that helps us overcome the woes of an ended relationship as well. You may have broken a heart and moved on as well as vice versa. Nevertheless, great hub and voted up! All her life, I am sure that she missed the man he used to be and the life she used to have.

Ed Sheeran - Shape of You [Official Video]

But you didn't hear her griping. People could borrow a good role model. Thanks for reading. Have a good weekend. The juxtaposition of songs about real, raw actual emotion to some of the made up nonsense concerning "micro-aggressions" on college campuses today is startling. We used to use things like music to cope with anxiety and depression. Then we moved to drugging virtually a whole society and now we are beginning to see a generation that act as if they are so fragile you can't even ask where they were born for fear of hurting their feelings.

Oh, Dolores, I am so sorry for your loss, especially around this poignant time of year. Hugs go out to you. I will add the song when I am back on my PC. Thinking of you this Thangsgiving. Great playlist. I've cried my way through most of these songs after the sudden loss of my son 2 years ago. Definitely been there.

Thank fou for visiting. Be safe in these uncertain times. Wishing you peace. CrisSp - George Jones is a legend for a reason! That song is absolutely timeless. Thanks for visiting. Take care of yourself. This is a great playlist perfect for some sentimental souls like me. Genna - Thank you for the additions and the warm comment.

I appreciate your reading. Have a wonderful weekend! What a great list of "missing you" songs. Flourish, I also decided to raise my son with roots. He was born and raised in Florida. We've lived in the same home since just before his third birthday he's now He has friends he's known since he was in diapers. I have no idea what that feels like, but I'm glad he does and hasn't had to live a nomadic life.

Sha - What you shared really resonates. It's why I gave up the traveling life that I enjoyed and which was comfortable to me once I had a child. I looked around and really considered that I wasn't from anywhere. We understand one another. These are all great songs, always. I love this series. I spend so much time on each one listening to the videos and remembering where I was at the time.

Like you, I moved a lot as a young child, but it was due to the Air Force. I never really learned how to have relationships because I was so young every time we moved. I never really learned to share until I reached the higher grades of elementary school. Then I learned to not get too close to anyone because it hurt to leave the friendship behind. That has everything to do with why I prefer - to this day - to be a solitary creature. In my young adult years I always had to have a man in my life - and I did.

But I was never satisfied. Now, many years later, I prefer solitude over being part of a couple. I guess some things stick and never go away. I often wonder if I'm destined to die alone. And if so, will it hurt? Martie - There are people I miss even decades after they have passed. I remember them like it was yesterday. I hope you remember those you miss with love and fondness and joyful memories, wherever they are. Flourish, it is wonderful to have a list of songs with the same theme. I will use this when I allow myself an entire morning to miss all the people who are no longer in my personal zone.

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Background [ edit ] The song was initially intended to appear on one of John Entwistle's solo albums, but drummer Kenney Jones convinced him to use the song for The Who. Reception [ edit ] Authors Alan Parker and Steve Grantley said that the song was "possibly the worst lyrics John ever penned. Helter Skelter. Archived from the original on 19 December Retrieved 27 January CS1 maint: Archived copy as title link. The Who. Back to the Who Tour 51! The Who singles discography. Jekyll and Mr. Namespaces Article Talk.

The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song
The You-Song The You-Song

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