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What does it mean if a disorder seems to run in my family?

He is running an expensive campaign. I have decided to run for governor of California. We're trying to find somebody to run against him next year. He ran his best horse in the Derby. The Green Party is running twenty candidates in this election. The story will run on the 6-o'clock news. The latest Robin Williams movie is running at the Silver City theatre. Her picture ran on the front page of the newspaper. Could you run me over to the store? Please run this report upstairs to director's office. Looks like we're gonna have to run the tomatoes again.

The border runs for miles. The leash runs along a wire. The grain of the wood runs to the right on this table. It ran in quality from excellent to substandard. The sale will run for ten days. The contract runs through The meeting ran late. The book runs pages.

The speech runs as follows: …. I need to run this wire along the wall. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. We are delighted to inform all our valuable customers that shipping is absolutely free with no hidden costs. This privilege is only applicable for domestic customers. For any return related requests, follow the Return process here.

Regular Price: Rs 3, Special Price Rs 1, Regular Price: Rs 4, Special Price Rs 2, Regular Price: Rs 1, Special Price Rs The payment gateway is currently not in function, to buy these shoes please visit your nearest Skechers outlet. Build and run your app. Run apps on the emulator. Run apps on a hardware device. Configure your build. Debug your app. Test your app. Profile your app. Inspect device activity with Systrace. Inspect CPU activity.


Publish your app. Command line tools.

Android Developers. The Select Deployment Target dialog shows available devices If the dialog says, "No USB devices or running emulators detected," then you need to set up and connect your device or launch an emulator by clicking a device listed under Available Virtual Devices. Change the build variant By default, Android Studio builds the debug version of your app, which is intended only for use during development, when you click Run. Build your project The Run button builds and deploys your app to a device. Table 1. Build options in the Build menu.

Menu Item Description Make Module Compiles all source files in the selected module that have been modified since the last build, and all modules the selected module depends on recursively. The compilation includes dependent source files and any associated build tasks. You can select the module to build by selecting either the module name or one of its files in the Project window.

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This command does not generate an APK. Make Project Makes all modules. The Build output window in Android Studio Build tab: Displays the tasks Gradle executes as a tree, where each node represents either a build phase or a group of task dependencies. If you receive build-time or compile-time errors, inspect the tree and select an element to read the error output, as shown in figure 3 below. Figure 3. Inspect the Build output window for error messages Sync tab: Displays tasks that Gradle executes to sync with your project files.

Similar to the Build tab, if you encounter a sync error, select elements in the tree to find more information about the error. Toggle view: Toggles between displaying task execution as a graphical tree and displaying more detailed text output from Gradle—this is the same output you see in the Gradle Console window on Android Studio 3. In the text field next to Command-line Options , enter your command-line options. Click OK to save and exit.

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Gradle applies these command-line options the next time you try building your app. The Apply Changes action is available only when you meet the following conditions: Build an APK of your app using a debug build variant. Instant Run is not yet supported when deploying from an app bundle. Use Android plugin for Gradle version 2. Set minSdkVersion to 15 or higher in your app's module-level build.

Run, rebel, run.

Deploy your app to a target device running Android 5. Code Change Apply Changes Behavior Change implementation code of an existing method Performs a hot swap : This is the fastest type of swap and makes changes visible much more quickly.

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Change or remove an existing resource Performs a warm swap : This swap is still very fast, but Instant Run must restart the current activity when it pushes the changed resources to your app. Your app keeps running, but a small flicker may appear on the screen as the activity restarts—this is normal. Structural code changes, such as: Add, remove, or change: an annotation an instance field a static field a static method signature an instance method signature Change which parent class the current class inherits from Change the list of implemented interfaces Change a class's static initializer Reorder layout elements that use dynamic resource IDs Performs a cold swap : This swap is a bit slower because, although a new APK is not required, Instant Run must restart the whole app when it pushes structural code changes.

Change the app manifest Change resources referenced by the app manifest Change an Android system UI element, such as a widget or notification When making changes to the app's manifest or resources referenced by the manifest, clicking Apply Changes redeploys a full build of your app with those changes. Disable automatic activity restart When performing a hot swap, your app keeps running but Android Studio automatically restarts the current activity. Uncheck the box next to Restart activity on code changes. To update an existing project with the latest version of the plugin: Open the Settings or Preferences dialog.

Updating the Android plugin for Gradle for an existing project To start using Instant Run, you also need to change the build variant to a debug version of your app and deploy it to a target device running Android 5. Improve build times when using Crashlytics If your version of the Fabric Gradle plugin is lower than 1.

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Limitations of Instant Run Instant Run is designed to speed up the build and deploy process in most situations. Deploying to multiple devices Instant Run uses different techniques to perform hot, warm, and cold swaps that are specific to the API level of the target device.

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Multidexing your app If minSdkVersion is set to 21 or higher, Instant Run automatically configures your app for multidex. Running instrumented tests and performance profilers Instrumented tests load both the debug APK and a test APK into the same process on a test device, allowing control methods to override the normal lifecycle of the app and perform tests. Pushing changes to multi-process apps Instant Run only instruments your app's main process in order to perform hot swaps and warm swaps. Launching your app in a work profile If you run your app with Instant Run and open your app using a work profile or other secondary profile , your app will crash because the instrumented DEX files used by Instant Run are accessible only from the primary profile's user space.


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