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The more interesting story was that a significant number of teams from outside of California attended BMUN this year. Some notable non-Californian teams mentioned it was not as competitive as they thought it would be, while others said they now understand how difficult it is competing with multiple class programs in the same room. The verdict is inconclusive, and that just means the West Coast versus East Coast rivalry will continue. Instead, the bigger trend is that now many of the powerhouse teams have essentially formed an informal cartel to decide which conference they will all go to.

Sometimes, they picked a conference that welcomed the competition and had been trying hard to recruit the top teams to attend, and those conferences were able to foster an extremely challenging environment for the delegates that wanted to test their skills against the best. Regardless, cartels look like they are here to stay, and that will have both positive and negative impacts to the circuit in the coming years.

Horace Mann then followed-up with a pair of Best Large Delegation awards at two of the most competitive conferences of the year, U. Mira Costa had a big target on their back this year but was able to prove that they are one of the best teams in the nation. Chicago Lab is also one of the best teams in the nation. Stevens — helped them maintain their top 5 ranking. These results added up to a high score, particularly since Chicago Lab faced at least three other top teams at every conference it participated in this year. Port Charlotte dominated in the Fall, winning the George P. Port Charlotte once again showed that it is one of the best teams in the nation with a strong performance at Harvard HMUN with a fourth place overall finish in terms of weighted points — this was only one weighted point behind third place Oceanside and virtually a tie since Port Charlotte had more individual awards.

The strength of that performance also helped keep them in the top 5. It was able to fielded a larger team closer to home at U. Afterward, the team traveled down to Georgetown NAIMUN where it took home the Best Small Delegation in a very competitive and close race — they ultimately tied with Dalton for third place overall and was one weighted point above Outstanding Small Delegation winner Canterbury.

Although Dalton did not go undefeated this year, any talk about their potential demise would be greatly exaggerated because the team had an excellent year by any standard. All these results were good enough to keep Dalton near the top. But perhaps the spark in the team this year was getting away from rival and de facto travel partner West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South for once in the schedule and carving their own path. WWP North will return a solid group of delegates and should be in position to try to catch their WWP South rival and contend for top 5 status.

Huntington Beach is difficult to beat when they are at full-strength. Cerritos was on an upward trajectory the entire season and peaked at the right time in impressive fashion.

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The upside? Undefeated J. For a team that could only attend three conferences our ranking uses four scores because their funding was about to get cut at the beginning of the school year, being able to place into the top 10 is already a very impressive feat and a proud comeback for this public school. Better yet, it seems like most of their peers recognize them as an elite team now. Stevens is graduating a strong group of seniors but will return a solid group of juniors plus upcoming talent developed from its JPSMUN novice conference, and the team will look to upgrade its conference schedule next year.

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No notes for slide. Basketball Roller Hockey superintendent ciplc. As an international school with a fluidAmerican international school located in Barcelona, entire year in 90 minute periods in the High School. We offer a rigorous college preparatory The school year runs from mid-August to early students who may be with us for only a portion ofprogram which prepares students for entrance into June.

A Scores:School — grades 6 - 8, and High School — grades 9 — credit is awarded for each full year course Verbal mean: Mathematics school diploma. Half credit is given for a course completed in one mean: semester.

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There are twelve Social Studies: 3 credits administered three times per year. Our student body Science: 3 credits test is administered to students in grades inconsists of students from sixteen nations including Foreign Language: 3 credits the spring. Scores Examsinstruct our Spanish program.

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Our Board of 3 or More A 97 — 94 4. And students seeking a unique andcareer but feel emotionally unprepared for college often demanding preparation for college will enjoy more timedue to their own maturity level or to a traumatic event and space to focus on their academics. Residential programssuch as illness or a death in the family. What were your responsibilities? When he won ing committee meetings. It was all fascinating. For example, one constituentdemocratic process. My prior experience on his campaign allowedme to interview for other internships with I also attended committee meetings.

Committees are essentiallythe State House. When a bill is brought upthe Governor. How did you obtain your internship? This department serves as a liaison between I did research on the Internet and through the resources providedthe Governor and the legislative body of MA. Ask family and friends to see if they know anyone looking for an intern in your particular area of interest.

What was the most valuable thing you got out of your internship? My internship provided me with excellent learning and perspective for my college admissions essays.

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That the Former day student Governor and the whole legislative body strive to meet the direct at Concord Academy, needs of real individuals, regular people. It provided me with Concord, MA. The do have a voice; it was empowering. A report from Iowa State University shows that many student-athletes display superior time-management and orga- nizational skills, as well as a lower incidence of depressive symptoms.

Women and girls who play sports demonstrate higher levels of self- esteem and well-being. Sports can offer teens a healthy attitude towards competition, self- discipline, and personal achievement, as well as a unique camaraderie with their teammates. It can be tough to realize that not everyone gets to be an all-star, but fortunately there are plenty of options to continue pursuing sports outside of school.

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There are so many opportunities to stay with their favorite sport in settings outside of school, that everyone can pursue some form of athletics. Theylocal parks and recreation website; many cities offer a can pick and choose the aspects of athletics that they dohuge array of teams for all ages and skill levels.

Prefer notthese teams is free or reasonably priced, and they often to compete? Try dance, weightlifting, or yoga. Or, take uppractice and play close to home. Lots of different socialto play. The same activities can give them that great sense of community agoes for ice hockey and skating rinks. Private club teams team provides. Although they cost money, clubs kids—high school students can participate in scoutingprovide opportunities for travel and exciting tournaments. Youth groups at a local communityMany of them run during the summer, too, which is great center or place of worship are also great places to hangif teens want to be able to play year-round.

Signing up for a recurring community service obligation can also introduce teens to other students who share their interests. For some, part of auditioning for plays. By observing actual clinical procedures, I got a true sense of what it takes to be a doctor in the surgical profession. Not only is it extremely demanding since you are always on call, but it is also not an exact science. From what I can tell, good surgeons have the courage to trust their instincts when performing on a patient—and that on-the-job experience is really the most important part of practicing medicine.

For the most part, I helped enter medical records into How has it shaped your goals for this school year? But I was also able to observe experi- Boston Latin is a demanding school. Since it is mental surgical procedures practiced on animals in the lab. But studying Can you elaborate? The fellows practiced surgical skills on pigs including incisions, removing bones, etc.


The opportunity to watch how How did it impact your future goals in college or medical students practice their craft was pretty remarkable. I am not sure if I will be a surgeon; it is too early for me to determine. But it was a good way for How did you get the internship? I am very fortunate. Be a role model 1.

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Be a mentor Lend your knowledge to help someone else. Guide your student to academic and personal success. Get a job Make some money, and learn some skills. Network with colleaguesHeadgear Talk to everyone who might need interns. Volunteer Headgear Spend some time on a cause you like. Join the causeHeadgear Two volunteers are better than one.

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Learn a new skill Headgear Glass blowing or martial arts? Try a new hobby. Encourage your child to try something new 5. Freshen up your resume Could fencing or water polo be their new sport? Headgear 5. Edit their resume 6. Camp out with your friends Always useful to take a peek. Bond with classmates outside of class. Camp out with your kids 7. Start your own blog Its a fun bonding experience.

Share your personal experiences with other teens. Blog for a teen-parenting site 8. Join our Student Advisory Board at www. Make a collage www. Make a photo album Check everything Create long-lasting memories. Check everything off this list!

Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012
Prep Profiles 2011-2012 Prep Profiles 2011-2012

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