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Beautiful story. This is a second book in the series, make short you have a tissue in the other hand because is a lot of emotion so be ready. Nov 20, Alannah rated it it was amazing. Omg This book is a fantastic book to read. I love how the characters are so in love with each other. Some sad bits but it made the book more great. Can't wait to read the next book. Apr 08, Julie rated it liked it.

It was great to read more about Charli and Eli. I really enjoyed this couple in their first book. The sequel falls a bit short for me for a few reasons. It has a great and very sad theme, of following the couple through the loss of a child and how each deals with it. With heartache, pain, emotion and depth this story will make you ugly cry. But fear not Eli and Charli prove love really does come out on top. Stefanie Jenkins rated it it was amazing Dec 31, Sam rated it really liked it Nov 29, Sue Gipel rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Israel Sonny rated it it was amazing Nov 07, Haizel Arcillas rated it it was amazing Dec 23, Aurora rated it really liked it Nov 29, Angela Hankinson rated it really liked it Nov 25, Philomena marked it as to-read Jul 09, Just Another Perfectionist marked it as to-read Jul 10, Escape into a Booksite added it Aug 10, Jennifer Richey marked it as to-read Aug 22, Dana Leigh Ann marked it as to-read Oct 20, Amy Judkins marked it as to-read Oct 20, Alissa Pernitzky marked it as to-read Oct 20, Arica Shupe marked it as to-read Oct 21, Sandra bookjunkee marked it as to-read Oct 24, Chelsea Richardson-Audacious Reads marked it as to-read Oct 25, Danielle marked it as to-read Oct 25, Linda marked it as to-read Nov 06, Kristy marked it as to-read Nov 07, Mrs Kindle Addict marked it as to-read Nov 07, Cat marked it as to-read Nov 11, Pernilla B marked it as to-read Nov 11, Tammie Browning marked it as to-read Nov 11, Jean Torgeson white marked it as to-read Nov 11, Bea LaRocca marked it as to-read Nov 11, Cynthia Joy marked it as to-read Nov 14, Brandie Breaux marked it as to-read Nov 24, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Tara Lee. Tara Lee. Tara lives in Hobart, Tasmania Australia with her husband her college sweetheart and son. She is a qualified baker by trade and loves to read in her spare time. She's obsessed with books, shoes and handbags. She fell in love with writing while on maternity leave with her son she had stories in her head and had to get them out. She's always been a lover of romance and sweet stories she cant get enou Tara lives in Hobart, Tasmania Australia with her husband her college sweetheart and son.

She's always been a lover of romance and sweet stories she cant get enough of. She finally took the leap in putting pen to paper creating her first romance novel. Eli and Charlotte were the first characters that ran through her mind wanting their story told.

Running Home (Second Chances, Book 1)

They are the first couple from her Pleasant Grove Series each couple has been fighting for their story to be told next. Christmas is her favorite holiday she is obsessed with it. Pizza is her favorite food she also loves caramel chocolate. She decorates cakes in her free time as well and enjoys being creative.

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Her goal is to have her characters in your head long after you close the book. She loves creating sexy, steamy, romantic love stories that will have you begging for more. Other books in the series. Pleasant Grove 2 books. Books by Tara Lee. Trivia About Second Chances P No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. After finally beginning to work through their issues, Beth feels a glimmer of hope for what their future can hold.

On top of that, new clients at work have given her the opportunity to expand what services the Gardner Group can offer, making her even more valuable to the company. One client in particular, who is soon to become family, is very determined to work with Beth specifically on her upcoming project.

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Yet, at the exact same moment, a moment when compromise seems like the biggest hurdle Darcy and Beth will face, a dangerous ghost from Darcy's past returns with one goal in mind - getting back what belongs to her. He had a plan, and hoped she would one day be his future. Circumstances put Rowan and Tessa together again. It was everything I wanted and more. This couple finds their way back to each other in this beautiful second chance romance. Rowan redeems himself, and is absolutely swoon worthy! I hope we get a book for Freddie.

I find myself craving more of his story. I highly recommend this book. View all 41 comments. I love a good angsty story but the first book bordered on torturous for me. After having finished it, I was left feeling absolutely no connection to Tessa or Rowan. These two had been through enough and four years of separation was a bit excessive. Years after Rowan and Tessa were torn apart by seemingly impossible circumstances, Tessa is moving back to New York with her four-year-old son, Miles, for a job promotion.

While he tries to get his life in order by making his divorce with Camryn final, Rowan and Tessa start to rebuild what they once had. But will the unpredictable and slightly unstable soon to be ex-wife go out quietly or will she do her best to keep the lovers apart for many more years to come? Having a son and building her career seemed to bring about growth for the character of Tessa. I continued to have a hard time warming up completely to Rowan. Having control over his company still outweighed living a blissed-out life with the only woman he ever loved.

If he kept to that motto to the very end, I definitely would have rated this book lower. Here are my overall ratings: Hero: 3. View all 13 comments. Feb 02, Liz rated it it was amazing Shelves: arc , love-this-author , burning-the-midnight-oil , girl-power , rich-hottie , high-angst-alert , barely-made-it-through , healing , high-steam-alert , my-heart-can-barely-take-it. I'd wanted to. Let go of everything building inside me, but the way he was looking at me only added more weight, making me fuller. She has two goals for herself: make a successful career for herself and forget about Rowan.

Rowan is miserable and lost without Tessa. Once he realizes what he has let go, will he have the strength to convince Tessa to take him back? The break between Tessa and Rowan is painful and messy. And yet, the circumstances they were able to overcome only made their bond closer.

The Second Chances Series - Terri Blackstock

The writing is colored with emotion as each intense moment unfolds. With both characters making mistakes it felt as if they truly learned to accept and love one another unconditionally. I am not normally a fan of angst and yet, I found myself completely invested in Tessa and Rowan. Overall, My Way Back to You will appeal to readers who enjoy a beautifully written second chance romance.

With complex characters, passion, and tender romance, Tessa and Rowan are one love story you will never forget. I have long been a fan of Ms. Contreras' work. Her storytelling and beautiful characters will hold you captive and live on in your mind forever! View all 27 comments. The timing was never right for these two we saw it in book 1 and it looks like timing was yet again against them in the beginning of this book also. Missed opportunities raised it's ugly head again. Years later 4 to be exact With a new job on the horizon with the same company Prim that Tessa runs sees Tessa moving back home to New York.

Right back to where it all started. The love these two felt for each other never dimmed once throughout their time apart if anything it simmered away in the background and finally ignited when they came together again. It oozed off the pages. View all 18 comments. My heart was aching all the time, it was addictive and the story so captivating! I couldn't put it down! Claire Contreras delivers an emotional,intense, heartwarming and powerful story! I couldn't get enough of Rowan and Tessa. Their relationship was full of tension, love and they were so intense and passionate together!

Their story was original and it felt so realistic! I felt like I was a part of their story! The characters rocked this story, even the secondary. I would love to see some of them getting their on book! I may say that I loved more Rowan in this book he grown as a character in this one. He loves Tessa and he want to make her happy! Tessa is a strong and independent, she is one of my favorite heroines. If you are looking for a powerful love story that it has it all angst,passion,love and heartbreak then this is perfect for you!!

Rowan and Tessa's story will stay in my heart forever and I'm going to re-read it again and again! View all 6 comments. The duet is now complete! View all 4 comments. Mar 18, Jemima rated it really liked it. All I can say about this book is Hallelujah!!!!! Claire Contreras Thank You! This book was stunning! Captivating from the very first chapter, frustrating in the most anticipating, blissful way, throughout the entire book and Sexy AF all the way through. Honestly speaking, Tessa and Rowan? I feel for these two. From missed opportunities, burdens and responsibilities from the families, these two have been through it all.

I can't express to you how much I enjoyed reading Tessa and Rowan love story. Their chemistry is grippingly sexy and Rowan as a dad? Oh My Lord! I highly recommend this book to any one looking for a angst filled romance with a huge dollop of comforting love, steamy sexiness, drama and just View all 8 comments.

Mar 26, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: famous-wealthy-popular , kindle-unlimited , second-chance , workplace , 3-star , duet-trilogy-or-series , kids-baby , safe-with-exception , not-safe , separation-with-other-partners. I still feel kind of meh about it all. I do feel like this could've been one book instead of a duet and better for it, because there was a lot stretched out that wasn't all that necessary in the long run.

I also felt like the conflicts were resolved way too easily. Camryn and the H's mom?! This is the conclusion 3 Stars Overall Opinion: Well This is the conclusion of Tessa and Rowan's story. This continues their story about four years later. Some big secrets get revealed, some big changes happen in both their lives, they have some sweet and sexy moments Overall Pace of Story: Better until the end. The last 4 or 5 chapters seemed to have a lot of things being tied up and it was done so neatly that it felt like a whirlwind that wasn't all that believable.

Otherwise, I never skimmed and I thought it flowed pretty well. Instalove: No, but they had residual strong feelings from their past. H rating: 3. He was like a different character in this one! I appreciated his persistence with the h. I understood her hesitation in allowing the H back in her life, but some of her behavior I didn't agree with. They have some good tension, chemistry, and scenes -- but not so much it takes away from the story.

The h has a OM that is a friend that hints at wanting more from the h and him being around makes the H jealous. While the marriage is by paper only, there is definite emotional cheating going on and the H and h do kiss and sleep together before the divorce is finalized. The h had been with one OM, and the H had slept with his wife once and another woman once during this time. View 2 comments. Mar 10, Paige rated it really liked it Shelves: arcs , part-of-a-series , emotion-overload , romance. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book. A is for Alpha B is for Books. A few months have passed since we last saw Tessa and her pregnancy test in Paris.

She's still in Paris and she's loving her job. But both Rowan and his brother, her good friend Sam, think that the baby is from a new guy she met in Paris. She just can't bring herself to tell the truth. What would be the point? Rowan is still married to that Camryn person. Only for business, but still. What will happen? Will he be mad? Will he want to be a dad? Can he get over how un-dad-like his dad and grandfather were? And does Tessa even want him back? Will there be a HEA? We were left with a bit of a baby cliffy last time! So sad. And unfair. The poor guy. But he's also an idiot for marrying Camryn!

A lot of idiots have to get their lives on track for us to get that happily ever after!!! Lots of very moving and heartbreaking and adorable moments. And lots of sparks are still flying between our darlings - ever after those few years apart.

They just have to forgive each other to start their new life as a family. Easier said than done. Especially when Rowan's 'wife' doesn't want to give up her nice life.

Second Chances: Full Episode 2

This 2nd book was really great. I liked it more than the first one. I had some problems with Rowan in the first book - but he's so much better now!!!! The only thing that was still a bit weird. Are we ever gonna hear their stories??? Why was so much told about them? It only makes sense if there will be books about them.

And all the others too! View 1 comment. We get to find out what's going on with Rowan and Tessa. I do have to say that I think Claire Contreras made a certain someone suffer in all the ways he needed too although I maybe wanted him to suffer a bit more. Those "four" years that were in the contract jump pretty quickly I didn't think it was as angsty as the first book, I guess becaus I didn't think it was as angsty as the first book, I guess because I didn't mind Rowan having to suffer. Well, except for the one significant part I really enjoyed seeing Rowan's growth.

It was something he really needed It made me laugh how Tessa tried to be strong. There is a lot of drama, of course, Camryn's still in the picture. Sam and Chloe were sweet and I liked getting to know Tessa's brother, Freddie, and sister, Celia, better. I hope ALL of them get books. Has he been in one of Claire Contreras books?

If not, he needs one A great ending to a great duet. I loved Rowan and Tessa and I'm sad to see them go. At the end of the book, there's a link for a bonus scene. You have to sign up for her newsletter to get it but it's worth it. Mar 20, Wil Loves Books! I bleed for you. I absolutely loved this book.

How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)
How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2) How Can It Be (Second Chances Book 2)

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