Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)

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References [1] Cf. I feel very much honored by the attempts, to apply my idea of a disciplinary matrix of historical studies to history didactics. It come very close to my own concept of a disciplinary matrix of history didactics. The work of Peter Seixas has been highly influential in Anglophone history education research for some time, particularly since the publication of the collection Knowing, Teaching, and Learning History , which he edited with Peter Stearns and Sam Wineburg. In this earlier scheme, Seixas envisaged three approaches to history teaching.

It could be argued that Seixas has simply updated this scheme. However, I am inclined to see this new framework as a significant improvement on the earlier schema. However, Seixas appears to have evaded his earlier concern with postmodern relativism in this latest offering.


Here a question arises. Is this what Seixas intends as activities in the purple zone? I would be interested to hear Seixas explore this further. References [1] Seixas, P. Knowing, teaching, and learning history: National and international perspectives. Stearns, P. Seixas and S. Munslow The nature of history reader. Jenkins and A. London, Routledge: Apparently such models fulfil their function — they focus thought and discussion on relevant aspects, highlighting their relation in a specific way.

Thanks to Peter Seixas and him placing his new suggestion here, the debate goes on internationally immediately. Just some comments, therefore, from my side:. That certainly is a feature not a bug, but is has to be noted. It has, however, also its limits, depending on whether we understand the model as an analytical, descriptive one or as normative.

And then? Both inside and outside academia, more or less valid historical orientation is produced in form of narratives. The difference between them is gradual, not in principle. Academical historical thinking, though, has the advantage of being specifically controlled hopefully by application of methods which can be discussed, by integration of perspectives etc. And it provides for an area in which the diverse relations between different versions and qualities of such criteria and the narratives they underpin or inform can be discussed.

Teil I. Some conceptual development within German history didactics.


Bodo von Borries zum Ein Strukturmodell als Beitrag zur Kompetenzorientierung in der Geschichtsdidaktik. I totally agree with your conclusion Andreas…. And if I was not clear enough, I see a plethora of historiographies as much as I see competing collective memories. In a Gadamerian sense, method is truth for me. That is to say, when I hear your narrative, I want to know the method you used to produce it.

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I do not think it is wise for us to assume that historical method is singular. Since models do not present the truth either but focus on structures, i. And maybe some comment could also come from young researchers or master students focusing on their perspective, how a specific model is received? I agree with the previous comments.

The offered model helps us to stress the question, what is going on inside historical education processes. Nonetheless, I see three challenges:. Bergmann[1] suggest that such academic model e. Of course this is not unproblematic as Peter Seixas pointed out.

For empirical research it maybe leads us only to top down strategies and we ignore what we could find in our data. But on the other hand we need a theoretical ground for our work. History as a discipline and history education could not be described as separated spaces. It is true that historians often deal with questions which are unrelated to public discussions. But historians as humans live in their societies.

And I am sure that they use their concepts which they have learned in different social situations when they are doing their job. But what we need are categories to differentiate these fields. In this perspective the construct of memorization maybe covers how and why we make history.

Hayden White or History as Narrative

Moreover, if we use it as metaphor for social processes, maybe we ignore the different functions between the social process of doing history and individual memorization. But in reference to both approaches we could discuss new problems.

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In fact, it is a key problem of history education how individuals think about history in different social contexts. This is especially important, if we want to support powerful learning environments in history classes. In the end, our understandings of historical education processes start with translations and explaining of the concepts we use, as Peter Seixas pointed out during his lecture in Basel in To this end I hope that I get the point. References [1] Bergmann, Klaus : Geschichtsdidaktik. Historischer Hintergrund und exemplarischer Vergleich. In: Geschichte, Politik und ihre Didaktik 33 , S.

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  8. Gesellschaft als Konstruktion. A commented collection of the models being discussed would be enormously helpful. On the other hand, some of these models have never been described, discussed or criticized as profoundly as necessary. Didaktische Grundlegung eines kooperativen Unterrichts.

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    Paderborn Geschichte — Politik, Studien zur Didaktik, vol. Berlin Geschichtskultur und historisches Lernen, vol. Grundlagen, Erkenntnisse, Hinweise. Historical Reasoning and a Chronological Frame of Reference. International Perspectives and Disciplinary Traditions. They would then present their common product for commenting by the plenaries of the joint seminars. Just an idea. In my forthcoming dissertation, and a recent paper, I echo some of the challenges made by the commentators and explore a potential way forward that I hope garners some critical feedback here.

    Much has been written about how master national narratives are formed through personal familial, ethnic, religious experiences and sites of public pedagogy classrooms, textbooks, monuments, museums, etc. I write about how recent discussions have also implicated the discipline of history itself. Scholars have expressed concern over how historical consciousness is translated into pedagogical projects based on disciplinary models and also its foundation on normative, privileged, Euro-Western notions of evidence.

    What I emphasize, however, is that such heuristic frameworks would by no means be universal. Unique to each nation, they might assist in uncovering the structures beneath the stories nations tell, and nurture a more historically informed citizenry. My work outlines what this might look like in the Canadian context. These three narratives, which are shaped, but not defined by historiography, are fluid, malleable, and continually evolving as we move forward in the current historical moment.

    The intent of such matrices is not to offer new catechisms of the national narrative. Fresh storylines of the past, although perhaps more persuasive and engaging, continue to be framed by the lens of the current historical moment and are problematic once fixed. Rather, national narrative matrices might offer a starting point for debates and discussions to assist citizens and those working in sites of pedagogy, whether curators, teachers, textbook writers, or professors to probe the intentions behind the stories nations tell and challenges them to re-evaluate the narratives to which they adhere.

    References [1] Carretero, M. Teaching of history and memories in global worlds. Places of learning: Media, architecture, pedagogy. Settling and unsettling memories: Essays in public history. Between memory and history. In Realms of memory: The construction of the French past A. Goldhammer, Trans.

    Specific narratives and schematic narrative templates. Seixas Ed. Original work published , p.

    History and Theory in a Global Frame

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    Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition) Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)
    Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition) Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)
    Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition) Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)
    Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition) Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)
    Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition) Hayden White im historiographischen Kontext (German Edition)

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