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Literature is a fascinating field, made up of a vast number of sub-categories and artistic divisions. We read, analyse and interpret words in different ways — depending on our cultural background and demographic belonging. We promote and help writers publish their work through our chain of cooperating stores in Norway. What do we mean by telling writers to follow their gut instinct? Various things actually. Firstly, in order to achieve success within almost any field, one must have a keen interest in the subject.

A writer rarely succeeds if he has no interest in the subject of his literary work. A writer who is true to his own ideas and vision, is more likely to be seen as both authentic and genuine. Secondly, that also begs the question: How do we measure success? Is it merely expressed through the number of books sold, or how many languages it translates into? Likely not. The answer is rather somewhere in between. Success is measured by the totality of many individual parameters.

It includes:. Commercial results are important, as they determine whether our publishing partners are willing to sell and promote the work. Note: There is no final blueprint that allows us to chart the financial success of a literary project.

However, some researches have suggested that there are certain stylistic elements that serve as predictive indicators of success. In other words, it tells us whether an artistic work belongs to music, literature, art or some other field. Some common sub-genres include: Crime, drama, family, science fiction and realism.

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Based on the sub-genre classification, we can extrapolate important sales numbers. It should be emphasized that an increasing number of Norwegians, buy and read literature on electronic devices. For that reason, we need to take a futuristic and realistic sales approach. In very broad terms, we may say that readers under the age of 30 years, will purchase twice as many e-format books, as the older group.

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Subjectivism is the way we see, read and interpret our surroundings. Norwegian readers will interpret a literary work in different ways. An important part of the work we do at Ctrlz. For example: Even if an author classifies his work as belonging to the sub-genre of realism, could it still be a miscategorization? How will the prospective reader be influenced by the categorization.

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It is a testament to a forgotten time, marked by collectivism and the legacy of Karl Marx. Contemporary vs. How do we define art? A statue of Lenin.

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Linear undo is implemented with a stack that stores a history of all executed commands. When a new command is executed it is added to the top of stack. Therefore, only the last executed command can be undone and removed from the history. Undo can be repeated as long as the history is not empty. The restricted linear model is an augmentation of the linear undo model. It satisfies the above described stable execution property for linear undo, because this model does not keep the property if a command is done while the history list includes other commands.

The restricted linear model clears the history list before a new command is added. But other restrictions are available, too. For example, the size of the history list can be restricted or when a defined size is reached, the first executed command is deleted from the list. The main difference between linear undo and non-linear undo is the possibility of the user to undo the executed commands in an arbitrary order.

They have the chance to undo not the most recently command but rather choose a command from the list.

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The script model handles user actions as editing a script of commands. The history list of the executed commands are interpreted "as a script, the effect of an undo is defined to be the same as if the undone action had never occurred in the first place. A disadvantage of this model is that the user has to know the connection between undone command and the current state to avoid side effects.

One of this can be for example duplication. Other problems are that if "subsequent commands are redone in a different state that they were originally executed in direct manipulation interfaces, this reinterpretation of the original user action is not always obvious or well defined". The special feature of this model is that it has the option of skipping a command. This means that redoing a command can be skipped. The command which is skipped is marked as skipped but not deleted.

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When new commands are executed, the history list is retained, so the order of the executed commands can be reproducible with that. The order can be described through a history tree which is a directed graph, "because it is possible to continue redoing commands from another branch creating a link in the graph". This non-linear undo model has besides undo and redo the possibility to rotate. It has the same data structure as the above mentioned models with a history list and a separated redo list which includes the redo operations.

The rotate operation sets the last command of the redo list in front of it. On one hand this means that the next command to be redone can be selected by placing it in front. On the other hand rotation can be used "to select the place in the redo list where the next undo operation will put the command".


Jakubec et al. It should be possible to "undo any executed action in the history buffer. Actions independent of the action being undone should be left untouched". There are three main issues. The first is that undone commands can be outside of the originally context. Through this there can be dead references which have to be handled.

The second issue that modified commands can be undone and so it has to be solved which state after undo will be presented. The third issue is discarding command problems. Selective undo has no pointer in the lists, so this means that no command should be discarded of the stack.

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Direct Selective Undo is an extension of restricted linear undo with a history tree. The operation creates a copy of the selected command, executes this and add it to the history list. In that split second, this all seemed entirely logical. Just as my leg kicks up when my doctor knocks my knee, now my fingers hit Control-Z when I want to take something back — apparently regardless of whether what I want undone is actually on my computer. Have you, like me, ever had your computer habits creep into your non-computing life?

Rasika Welankiwar was a member of the editorial staff of the Harvard Business Review. Work-life balance.

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