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After the special was complete, Robertson received a phone call from Ellis asking up on that offer to work together on a monthly book. The title was Transmetropolitan. Helix editor Stuart Moore had worried the original name of Caleb Newcastle was "too British", so the collaborators settled on Spider Jerusalem. Robertson now faced a difficult choice in turning down the opportunity to draw Spider-Man monthly.

A close friend pointed out to Robertson that choosing Transmetropolitan would mean he has a book that was always his, while choosing Spider-Man could make Robertson just another Spider-Man artist. Ironically, despite Ellis's enthusiasm for Robertson's work, and the hard choice he made turning down Spider-Man, Robertson had difficulty overcoming an initial editorial perception that he was a superhero artist. Yet after a number of concept sketches and taking a firm stand, and submitting the first four pages of pencils for the first issue, Robertson was confirmed as the book's artist.

Robertson described the Transmetropolitan process as "a real collaboration […] unlike anything I've ever worked on before because there are things that I added that were never a part of the script. Robertson drew the cat into an alley panel after considering what strays might exist in the future. Writing for Wired magazine, Cory Doctorow called Transmetropolitan "the graphic novel of the decade. Robertson expresses fond memories of Ellis's scripts but he has no desire to return to Transmetropolitan.

When the book ended he found no longer operating under the book's constant tight deadlines was a great relief. After DC shut the Helix label down, Transmetropolitan moved to Vertigo , with issue 7, where it ran for 60 issues. In , after Transmetropolitan ended, Robertson found his schedule opening up again for new projects.

Former Transmetropolitan editor Axel Alonso approached Robertson with the opportunity for an exclusive deal at Marvel Comics. Alongside writer Garth Ennis , who Robertson had met through Warren Ellis , Robertson worked on Fury , a hard-edged modern take on the seminal Marvel comics spy character Nick Fury [3] which Rolling Stone hailed as "cool comic of the year". Robertson referred to the book as "his best Spider-Man work to date. Robertson soon collaborated again with Garth Ennis , illustrating the Ennis's run on the Marvel Knights Punisher series, in which Wolverine was mutilated by little people The next major collaboration between Robertson and Garth Ennis was Punisher: Born.

Next, in , Robertson was offered the opportunity to re-launch Wolverine alongside writer Greg Rucka. Robertson, a fan of Wolverine since discovering the character at age 12, accepted the offer, citing a desire to work on the high-profile X-Man for a long time. Some controversy emerged during Robertson and Greg Rucka's run in regards to a mandate to replace Wolverine's classic squat design, which Robertson sought to develop and refine, with a design based on the 20th Century Fox X-Men movie franchise look of Wolverine portrayed by Hugh Jackman.

Robertson states the Marvel request made him unhappy, but it was a company-wide choice and did not require his work to mimic the appearance of the actor exactly. Following his work on Wolverine, Darick Robertson moved directly to another high-profile X-Men project. Robertson, a stated lifelong fan of X-Man character Nightcrawler , was nominated by Marvel Editor Cebulski , Robertson's collaborator on X-Men Unlimited , as the artist for the fan-favorite character's first ongoing series.

Robertson, who had once dressed as the teleporting X-Man for Halloween, said at the time, "I never imagined I'd be so lucky as to move onto a Nightcrawler series on the heels of Wolverine, so in some ways it's still a childhood dream manifesting. Working with series writer and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa , Robertson aimed to bring the classic swashbuckler aspects of the character back to the forefront as well as explore deeper spiritual aspects of the Catholic hero.

In addition to pencils Robertson took the series as an opportunity to further develop his craft in inking his own work. Nightcrawler ran 12 issues. While Robertson expressed disappointment in not being able to continue working on childhood favorites for Marvel, with the cancellation of Nightcrawler and his departure from Wolverine, Robertson took the opportunity to resign from his exclusivity at Marvel and reunite with Garth Ennis on a project proposed 4 years before. Ennis had the project in mind for a number of years, and The Boys would permit Darick extensive creative control with the opportunity to produce an original work where he could design the characters, create the covers, and continue inking his own material.

Robertson stated "it became obvious that DC was not the right home for The Boys," [28] though he thanked Scott Dunbier and Ben Abernathy at Wildstorm for their support. The Boys did not lack a home long as it was soon after picked up by Dynamite Entertainment in February Robertson returned to draw the finale with art assistance from Richard P. The story centered around a beat down New York Detective turned hitman, Nick Sax, who awakes from a heart attack to a conversation with a perpetually upbeat "Unipixisus" as named by Robertson's son , [40] who calls himself "Happy The Horse" and takes the shape of a little blue flying donkey with a Unicorn horn.

The creature is a little girl's imaginary friend and she is in danger. Only Nick Sax can save her as only Nick can see or hear Happy. It's an unusual buddy story and caught the attention of The RZA and Producer Reginald Hudlin who have expressed their desire to adapt the comic into a film. The series was well reviewed [45] [46] [47] but struggled to find an audience on its initial release. A collection is due in Robertson currently lives in California with his wife and two children.

He enjoys creating custom action figures, writing music, singing and playing the guitar. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aliens for Breakfast. Amazing Birds of the Rain Forest. Angel Child, Dragon Child. Surat, Michele Maria. Baseball Heroes, The. Bears on Hemlock Mountain, The. Beast and the Halloween Horror.

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Buffalo Before Breakfast. Buster Baxter, Cat Saver. Buster Dino Dilemma. Buster Makes the Grade. Buttons for George Washington. Can Do, Jenny Archer. Case for Jenny Archer. Case of the Elevator Duck. Case of the Hungry Stranger. Catcher with a Glass Arm. Centerfield Ballhawk. Chair for My Mother,A. Challenge at Second Base. Cherries and Cherry Pits. Chicken Soup with Rice. Chicken Sunday. Christopher Columbus. Circus Mystery, the. DiSalvo-Ryan, Dyanne. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Clue in the Castle, The. Count your Money with the Polk Street School. Counterfeit Tackle, The.

Crackerjack Halfback. The Curse of the Squirrel. Dancing with the Indians. Day of the Dragon King. Day the Sky Turned Green, the. Deer: Graceful Grazers. Dingoes at Dinnertime. Dinosaurs Before Dark. Dog that Stole Football Plays, the. Dolphins at Daybreak. Double Play at Short. De Soto Goes to Africa. Jekyll, Orthodontist. Drinking Gourd, The. Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole. Elephants: Trunks and Tusks. Eliza the Hypnotizer. Elmer and the Dragon. Elves and the Shoemaker. Elvis the Turnip and me. Everybody Cooks Rice. Extraordinary Egg, the. Fireflies in the Night.

Five True Dog Stories. Five True Horse Stories. Follow the Drinking Gourd. Fossils Tell of Long Ago. Fox Steals Home, the. Frog Who Would Be King. Frogs: Leaping Amphibians.

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From Peanuts to Peanut Butter. Ghost in Tent 19, the. Ghost of the Auto Graveyard. Ghost Town at Sundown. Ghost Town Treasure. Bulla, Clyse Robert.

Gingerbread Man, The. Good for Nothing Dog. Great Dinosaur Hunt. Great Houdini, The :world…. Great Ice Battle, the. Great Quarterback Switch, the. Great Riddle Mystery. Great-grandpa in the Litter Box. Gym Teacher from the Black Lagoon. Happy Birthday, Moon. Hard Drive to Short. Haunted Halloween, the. Hilary and the Lions. Hoopstars Go to the Hoop. Hours of the Olympics. House of the Horrible Ghosts.

Billy Beaver by Dave Sargent

Howie Merton and the Magic Dust. Mitchell, Rita Phillips. If the Dinosaurs Came Back. The Invisible Dog. Invisible in the Third Grade. The Island of the Skog. Jenny Archer to the Rescue. Jenny Archer, Author. Jigsaw Jones Mystery, the Case of…Snowman. Job for Jenny Archer, A. Junie B. Jones… Series. Kate Shelly and the Midnight Express. Keep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade.

Kid who onlyHit Homers. Kids in Ms.

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Knight at Dawn, the. Laura and Mr. Lazy Lions, Lucky Lambs. Letting Swift River Go. Lily and Miss Liberty. Little House Birthday, A. Little House Farm Daya. Little House Friends. Little Red hen makes a Pizza. Alcott, Louisa May: Bullseye. Littles and the… The series. Littles Take a Trip. Locked in the Library. Lucky Baseball Bat, the. Manners on the Telephone. Marvin and the Mean Words. Marvin Redpost…. Mary Marony , Mummy Girl. Mary Marony and and the Chocolate Surprise.

Mary Marony and the Snake. Mary Marony Hides Out. Maybe Yes, Maybe No. Maybe Maybe. Midnight on the Moon. Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Miracle on the Plate. Monster Rabbit Runs Amuck. Mummies in the Morning. My Son the Time Traveler. Mystery in the Night Woods. Mystery of the Dark Old House. Mystery of the Missing Dog. Mystery of the Stolen Bike.

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Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)
Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2) Billy Beaver (Animal Pride Book 2)

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