Three Shots in the Dark

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Japan, Zen, and the West

Look at this fire. Look at this crashed car that then goes on fire. Drag your knuckles this way because have we got a show for you. A documentary crew follows three Los Angeles stringers, journalists who listen to the emergency wavelength at night and then race each other to the scene of newsworthy tragedies. Their footage can be sold for top dollar to news networks that fill their airtime with fiery spectacle and pixelated corpses on gurneys, wheeled into the back of the ambulances they so love to chase. Howard Raishbrook and his two brothers run RMG News and divide LA up between them, cameras always ready to zoom in on an almost dead man being cut from his vehicle or a half-naked drive-by victim receiving CPR at the roadside.

The documentary cameras piggyback on the stringers who piggyback on the emergency services, like lice on fleas on dogs. While the impulse to make a film about such people is understandable, the thigh-rubbing delight of the programme-makers here is not. But it just gets in the way of the flames getting higher or the newly widowed woman howling into the chest of her friend. Instead of trying to understand the psychology of a person who wants to spend their nights waiting to feed on human misery, the lens is too busy pointing at the flaming wreckage or the pool of blood.

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He leaves empty-handed this time as the highway patrol arrives. Every visual decision makes sense, but morally this production stays in the toilet throughout. These news stringers aren't really shoving their cameras in people's faces or trying to get a reaction - the paparazzi stuff is 10x worse. Welcome to TV news where " There have been news organizations that have tried "feel good news" and have all done poorly in the ratings. Why do you think people slow down and stare at car wrecks, as "tasteless" as that is? I found the show very interesting.

Well produced, although after a binge viewing on my part, I started to wonder and figure out how much of the story was "sweetened" with audio and video shot later and added to the scenes. I wonder just how much of the driving video was shot and edited in later. Like most "reality" shows, I'm sure the guys were told or knew to play it up for the camera in terms of creating conflict between the characters.

I also found it interesting that RMG was the company behind the Netflix series. As mentioned, the series is shot and edited very well and that's part of what kept me watching.

Tips to Prepare You for At Sundown: Shots in the Dark on Xbox One

It was also interesting to see several scenes that I had seen go national the stringer who walked up to the carjacker for one. I hope there is a season 2, but I have a feeling they will play up the conflicts even more if that happens. What a ridiculous "article".

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One of the most misdirected bits of rubbish I've ever read on Fstoppers. Briggs from the UK, obviously doesn't understand what it is he's writing about in this case. The article comes across as a Brit sitting across the pond declaring LA as lacking in civility. The final childish comparison to a video game comes across as nothing more than lazy journalism, and drives home the point that the author doesn't have a clue what he's writing about.

Shot in the Dark

The show's been on my list for a couple weeks now. After reading the article I wasn't sure if this was worth my time, but the comments make it seem more like a show that portrays the reality of 'getting there first' to make money. Sensationalism is something we all share, but most people forget there's always someone behind the pictures we see, someone with a motive.

I'm interested to see these people's motives, their drive and their evolution through the series. So, thanks commenters.

Shots in the Dark: Japan, Zen, and the West, Yamada, Hartman

Yes its about people rushing to accidents for money but its done pretty well. I recommend it and hope they make a season 2. I loved this show. I can't wait for Season 2. I think the show did a great job of showing the conflicted feelings of what these guys do vs the human in them. Tasteless is NOT a word that springs to mind when watching this series. Mike Briggs, who are you? The videography is fantastic!

I can't wait for the second season. So it's the docu version of Nightcrawler from a few years ago -- which featured an amazing Jake Gylenhall performance. I don't think so. There is so much nonsense on TV. Follow all the Tv series and you will find more like this.

Within Temptation - Shot In The Dark

To follow the Tv series, you can install Ustvnow on Android. I created this account after reading the comment stream here. I think the article got it right and Its sad to see so many comments "Are you kidding - this is just TV news". TV news is terrible - its straight up unapologetic tragedy porn. The show as the article states is well crafted and there are some points of interest.

So maybe the attention grabing headline "most tastless show of " was also in bad taste. Home Documentary. Posted In:.

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April 10, Can Photography Be A Calling? April 11, Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe: Locations. February 27, Log in or register to post comments. Zach Iddings michael buehrle - December 15, I agree with this guy. I hope there's a season 2.


It was begging for a season 2!

Three Shots in the Dark Three Shots in the Dark
Three Shots in the Dark Three Shots in the Dark
Three Shots in the Dark Three Shots in the Dark
Three Shots in the Dark Three Shots in the Dark
Three Shots in the Dark Three Shots in the Dark

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