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Stanley Kirkby "We All Go The Same Way Home" on Columbia-Rena 1758

Chorus Whether we lose or win, I so sick and tired of the spin, I don't think I can take anymore. If the truth must stay in disguise, hidden behind all the lies, than what were we fighting for?

Chorus Solo verse Solo chorus Trying hard to keep a smile, look into the eyes of my child, and tell him why dad has to go. And after daddies went away, he's come back and he ain't the same, as the man that you used to know. In time I may forgive myself, but history repeats itself, and burdens my soul with regrets. Chorus And lately it's occurred to me, it's hard to fight an enemy that lives in side of your head. To spend my life in-between, the sleepless night and the bad dreams, I think I might rather be dead. Narelle Towie.

Colin Of Arabia:Everyday I Walk The Same Way Home Lyrics

Bats have a novel device for guiding them home on starless nights. In addition to their well-known sensory talents, it seems that big brown bats can tune into the Earth's magnetic field, using it as a compass to guide them to roost. This ability comes in handy on long-distance flights, where their usual mode of navigation — bouncing sounds waves off objects using ultrasound — doesn't do much good.

Richard Holland from Princeton University, New Jersey, and colleagues looked at 15 North American big brown bats Eptesicus fuscus , which travel up to kilometres to find hibernation sites for the winter. To first test the animals' natural navigational abilities, they attached small radio transmitters to the bats and transported them 20 kilometres from their roost. One by one they let them go, and tracked them from a small aircraft. All of them headed directly back to their roost.

How did they do this?

Built in compass helps bats find their way home : Nature News

Researchers have previously suggested that bats might use the direction of the sunset to set their compass. Others have found traces of magnetic materials within bats, suggesting that they might use the planet's magnetic fields to find north. To tease these effects apart in a single experiment, the researchers put the bats inside a helmet that generates a strong magnetic field offset from the planet's true north. They let the bats watch sunset while sitting in this artificial magnetic field for about an hour and a half.

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And they all took off in the wrong direction. The disorientated bats did eventually make it home, sometimes correcting their path within just a few hours.

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Or perhaps they switched to another method of navigation.

The Same Way Home The Same Way Home
The Same Way Home The Same Way Home
The Same Way Home The Same Way Home
The Same Way Home The Same Way Home
The Same Way Home The Same Way Home
The Same Way Home The Same Way Home

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