The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe

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In the house of Kate and her father.

I was fully and soberly aware that I was standing on the edge of the rock with don Juan and don Genaro whispering in my ears, and then in the next instant I was looking at the bottom of the ravine. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman. In good quality Longcloth, daintly trimmed Swiss work with V or square shaped neck. His voice was strange, unknown to me. It gave me the actual feeling of the scales on the skin of a lizard. That simile was a feeling not a conscious thought.

Each of his words peeled, like scales. There was such an eerie rhythm to them. They were muffled; dry; like soft coughing; a rhythmical murmur made into a command. SDV : But would anyone believe it out short of a madhouse believe it? Nero or Nabuchadonosor himself never nursed such a spoiled opinion of his monster marvellosity as did this mental defective who bragged was known to brag on one occasion to an interlocutor he used to pal around with in a gipsy's bar that he was aware of no other person either exactly unlike or precisely the same as what he fancied or guessed he was himself he himself was.

New York Times Book Review 28 May , 6: 'James Joyce's Amazing Chronicle' review of Ulysses by Joseph Collins : of Joyce 'He is the only individual that the writer has encountered outside of a madhouse who has let flow from his pen random and purposeful thoughts just as they are produced'. Lenehan and Boylan are clean little cherubs compared with him'. Nero - the fifth Roman emperor AD Nebuchadrezzar II - the second and greatest king of the Chaldean dynasty of Babylonia reigned c.

The origin of the goddess Nephthys is unclear but the literal translation of her name is usually given as "Lady of the House," which has caused some to mistakenly identify her with the notion of a "housewife," or as the primary lady who ruled a domestic household. This is a pervasive error repeated in many commentaries concerning this deity. Her name means quite specifically, "Lady of the [Temple] Enclosure" which associates her with the role of priestess. She is the sister of Isis and companion of the war-like deity, Set. As the primary "nursing mother" of the incarnate Pharaonic-god, Horus, Nephthys also was considered to be the nurse of the reigning Pharaoh himself.

Returning to find Gelent covered with blood, his master slew him before he discovered the body of the wolf Gelert had killed in protecting the baby. Gipsy Bar, Paris, frequented by Joyce. Holy Writ - holy writings collectively; spec. You've changed lots, Jimmy. Voss: 'wine, women and song'. Jeames de la Pluche, Esq. They are utterly dissimilar in all respects'.

Sometimes the Latin word is used in a more limited, special or precise sense than the English, as is seen by a comparison of identical and same'. Ivanhoe - novel by Sir Walter Scott. Each gender is characterised by a consonant'. Halley 's Comet - the best-known of the short-period comets, visible from Earth every 75 to 76 years. FDV : After bloody Sunday, though every door in muchtried Lucalizod was smeared with generous gore and the every cobbleway slippery with the blood of heroes, the low waster never had the pluck to venture out while everyone else [ of the city throng, ] slashers and sliced alike , waded about on their usual avocations for the only once he took a peep through his keyhole to find out whether conciliation was forging ahead or falling back and why he found himself looking into the barrel of an irregular revolver at point blank range at point blank range of an irregular revolver [ of the bulldog pattern ] of some unknown quarreler [ who supposedly had been told off to shade Shem should he come stir out [ awhile ] to be creased ].

In poetical language often: Blood shed in carnage blood and gore, bloody gore. Hewson, a cobbler, came to London, called himself Partridge, turned astrologer and almanack-maker and was much favored by William III because of vile denunciations of popery. Swift assumed the persona of a rival almanack-maker and predicted Partridge's death - "murdered a man by way of prophecy," as Hosty does in "The Ballad of Persse O'Reilly". Vin blanc'].

Nassau Street, Dublin, used to have streetlamps on south side only. At the top of the southern shaft of the Queens Chamber, a small limestone block with two copper fittings was discovered. When an opening was drilled through this small limestone block and an endoscopic camera inserted, archaeologists discovered a narrow empty space terminated by a rough limestone block, thought to be part of the pyramid core. The shaft in the north side of the Queens Chamber is the same.

The corridor ends in front of a white limestone block bearing the traces of two copper fittings. Quarry marks are still visible, along with the sign of the work-gang "wadi" "the green ones". The two "air shafts" in the Queens Chamber were originally bricked up and not discovered until Averaging about twenty centimetres square, they rise from the north and south walls of the chamber and climb steeply up through the masonry above.

The shafts are not entirely straight. The north shaft bends after about seventeen meters, possibly to curve around the grand galley. Similar shafts can also be found in the Kings Chamber. I see I can say: I see a horse Nebthwt Greek: Nephthys , [meaning "the Mistress of the House". Curran: 'my fellow-countrymen He would write on the doubtful area the words: Hic sunt leones.

Full text of "Brethren Evangelist, The ()"

In addition, all the shafts begin, at their lower ends, with horizontal sections about 2 meters in length. So there is no way light from any source could ever have penetrated from the outside into either of the chambers. In several parts of the shafts, with the exception of the lower southern one, we even found extreme angle fluctuations. It is therefore ridiculous for anyone to claim that the shafts could ever have pointed precisely to certain stars.

Given the many angle fluctuations, the shafts could be construed to be pointing at some different stars, especially if construction of the pyramid is gratuitously redated to match specific stellar constellations. Scientific report about the investigation of the so-called "air shafts" inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

At first you must create Void. Than project yourself to the outside, go to the Star, enter her and absorb her Energy. After that you will have to erase your being. You must be able to create Void and to be Void. After you accomplished that, propel yourself into the Black Tunnel. Don't look; there is nothing to be seen. Only Void in Dragon's convolutions. You know the Sign! Do it! Don't hesitate! Than recite fourth verse from the Third book: glance back and you will see Past, Present and Future.

Than you must call Yog-Sothoth to show you the Way. He knows from where they came in past times and when He reveals the Key, the Door will open. Open the Door! When you reach behind you will meet One-who-has-no-Shape and who hides behind the Mask of Impersonal Chaos. Call him! Become him! When you summon him, you will know his Name and also yours since he Is and Is Not. He will become. Rise your spirit and become part of everything. But beware! If you do this although you were not forced to do so you will turn against yourself. Deucalion - in Greek legend, the son of Prometheus the creator of mankind , king of Phthia in Thessaly, and husband of Pyrrha.

When Zeus, the king of the gods, resolved to destroy all humanity by a flood, Deucalion constructed an ark in which, according to one version, he and his wife rode out the flood and landed on Mount Parnassus. Offering sacrifice and inquiring how to renew the human race, they were ordered to cast behind them the bones of their mother.

The couple correctly interpreted this to mean they should throw behind them the stones of the hillside "mother earth" , and did so. Those stones thrown by Deucalion became men, while those thrown by Pyrrha became women. Atlas Mountains - a mountain range across a northern stretch of Africa extending about 2, km through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. The Atlas lion is often considered to be the heaviest of the lion subspecies. It survived in the wild in northwestern Africa in what is now current day Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco until about years ago.

Support or prop. Annamite - of or pertaining to Annam, a province of Vietnam, or its inhabitants. SDV : What was this extremely low human type really engaged on?

The annual sardine run

This explains the litany of letters, honorific, highplaced, erudite, neoclassical which he loved to place after his name. It would have diverted much if ever seen the shuddersome spectacle of this zany in the grime of his den making believe to read his tattered eminently unreadable chapbook turning over 3 pages at a time sheets in the wind for what with the murky light, the botchy print, the tattered jacket the jigjagged page, [ the itch jig in his ribs, the gush in his fundament, ] the fumbling fingers , [ the itch in his palm the tickle of his tail, ] the scum in his eye, the drink in his pottle, the rats in his garret, the hullabaloo and the dust in his ears he was hardly fit to memorise more than a word a minute.

Was there ever heard of such lowdown blackguardism?


Matthew follows in large uncial and minuscule combined' Matthew. Todd about the Monogram page 'contains almost all varieties of design to be found in Celtic art Murry : 'an immense, a prodigious, self-laceration, the tearing-away from himself, by a half-demented man of genius, of inhibitions and limitations which have grown to be flesh of his flesh'. Murry : 'Every thought that a super-subtle modern can think seems to be hidden somewhere in its inspissated obscurities'.

A summer residence often on a large and sumptuous scale at a watering-place or a health or pleasure resort. Gaiety - the name of a former London theatre famous, esp. Londonderry Ulster. In typesetting Joyce's typescript the printer of This Quarter jumps down one line not finishing the one he is busy typesetting: from "from his" with still two words to go on line 21 he jumps down and picks up with "his breath" and then finishes the likewise two words he has to go on that line. In iceskating and any other sport that would be called cheating. Robbert-Jan Henkes, 22 May Ke, also called St.

Kolledoc, possessed a little bell that informed him of the good he had to do or of the evil he had to avoid']. Otherwise, a potential Word of Power can be said ten million times without the slightest result. To the Egyptians he was "Heru" sometimes Hor or Har , which is translated as "the distant one" or "the one on high" from the preposition "hr" meaning "upon" or "above". He was considered to be a celestial falcon, and so his name could be a specific reference to the flight of the falcon, but could also be seen as a more general solar reference.

It is thought that the worship of Horus was brought into Egypt during the predynastic period. He seems to have begun as a god of war and a sky god who was married to Hathor, but soon became considered as the opponent of Set, the son of Ra, and later the son of Osiris. However, the situation is confused by the fact that there were many Hawk gods in ancient Egypt and a number of them shared the name Horus or more specifically Har, Heru or Hor. Heru-ur Horus the Elder, Haroeris was worshiped as Khenty-khem "foremost of khem" , the patron of the blind. When his "eyes" the sun and the moon were visible, he was known as Hor-Khenty-irty "He who has two eyes on his brow".

But, when neither were visible he was known as Hor-khenty-en-irty "He who has no eyes on his brow". The standard for the 11th Nome is topped by a Set animal, and the name of the main town, Sha-shtp, means "The pig Set is pacified", and Set was worshipped in his form as a fish in the capital of the 19th Nome. At this point in history, Set was clearly associated with Upper Egypt and was a popular and esteemed god.

However, by the Third Intermediate Period was associated with the Hyksos who saw a similarity between Set and Baal and so became seen as a force for evil. He was then "rehabilitated" during the Nineteenth Dynasty only to be recast as an evil deity by Greek, Roman and Christian theologists. Set was the black boar who swallowed the moon each month, obscuring its light. He was also identified with the hippopotamus, crocodiles, scorpions, turtles, pigs and donkeys - all animals which were considered to be unclean or dangerous. Some fish were considered to be sacred to Set most notably the Nile carp and the Oxyrynchus as they had apparently eaten the penis of Osiris after Set had dismembered the dead king.

However, he was most often depicted as a "Set animal" or a man with the head of a "Set animal". The Set animal sometimes known as a 'Typhonian animal' because of the Greek identification with Typhon is a dog or jackal like creature, but it is not clear whether it exactly represented an extinct species, or was a mythological beast uniquely associated with Set himself. Her worship was already established by the Predynastic Period, but did change somewhat as time progressed. By the end of the Predynastic Period she was considered to be the personification of Lower Egypt rather than a distinct goddess and almost always appeared with her sister Nekhbet who represented Upper Egypt.

The earliest recovered example of the nebty name is from the reign of Anedjib of the First Dynasty. You're like the rest of them, are you? An insolent pack of little bitches since your poor mother died You'll all get a short shrift and a long day from me. Low blackguardism! Every drop we sprinkle'. Sir Charles Russell at Parnell inquiry trapped Pigott by asking him to spell 'hesitancy'. Klondike gold mines.

Joyce imitated the styles of numerous authors in the 'Oxen of the Sun' episode of Ulysses. James Townsend Saward, nicknamed Jim the Penman, forged signatures on money orders and cheques. Futt ger, slang - vagina. O cursed spite That ever I was born to set it right! According to one myth he lived in the Great Bear, a constellation in the northern sky - an area which symbolized darkness, and death. He was restrained with chains and guarded by his wife Taweret, the hippo goddess of childbirth.

However, he had no children, despite being married to the goddess of childbirth and a Cannanite fertility goddess as well as Nephthys and Neith. To cut off from communion; to exclude, by an authoritative sentence, from participation in the sacraments and services of the church, or from religious rites in general. The same cheat, probably as the one in FW The printer of This Quarter again jumps down before having finished his line. From line 22 of the typscript, with two and a half words to go, he surreptitiously cuts the corner after "how many" and continues, as if his nose bleeds as we say in Holland: acting as though it's no concern of his , one lap down after the "how many" there and finishes the five words left on line I don't think Joyce ever proofread with the old text next to the new, so these mistakes, that don't ruin the sentence grammatically, are not so easy to notice.

Robbert-Jan Henkes, How unwhisperably low! Joyce worked for Berlitz School in Trieste and Pola. Ingwer ger - ginger. Prospectors who panned for gold supposedly became excited when they saw something glint in the pan, only to have their hopes dashed when it proved not to be gold but a mere 'flash in the pan'. This is an attractive and plausible notion, in part because it ties in with another phrase related to disappointment - 'it didn't pan out'. Nevertheless, gold prospecting isn't the origin of 'a flash in the pan'. The phrase did have a literal meaning, i.

Flintlock muskets used to have small pans to hold charges of gunpowder. An attempt to fire the musket in which the gunpowder flared up without a bullet being fired was a 'flash in the pan'. A lash of sarcasm; Involuntary spasmodic movements of the limbs or features, esp. I, 'The River Bank': 'So he scraped and scratched and scrabbled and scrooged, and then he scrooged again and scrabbled and scratched and scraped'.

Sardanapalus - legendary last king of the Assyrian empire charac. In Greek myth, he, faced with rebellion, burned up himself, wives, and palace. Machiavelli - Italian writer and statesman, Florentine patriot, and original political theorist whose principal work, The Prince , brought him a reputation of amoral cynicism. Hanno - several Carthaginian soldiers, rulers. One was Hanno, the navigator fl.

Nonnus gr - Greek poet of 5th century A. The Ward Hunt Ball. From Our Lady Correspondent ': 'half the male element was red-coated Dante meets them at the end of the 5th canto of The Inferno. There is also a Broken Hill copper mine and mining town in central Rhodesia. Oxford shirt - a shirt made from Oxford cloth a heavy cotton cloth used for shirts. Fursday - Sc. Now used chiefly when referring to its inflammable character, and to the biblical use. Hours passed slowly by and in the increasing cold of the chamber Bruton began to feel that there were hostile forces around him, eerie shadows crowded in on him from all sides and a dark apparition advanced menacingly towards him Soon afterwards phantoms of a different aspect appeared - benevolent beings in the ceremonial dress of ancient Egyptian high priests He was given various information by his ancient guides, including the fact that the Pyramid was built in the time of Atlantis, and that the Pyramid's secret chambers and ancient records were all contained within himself.

Although Morell had medical training and was licensed as a general practitioner in Germany long before he met Hitler, following World War II there were investigations into his practice along with interrogation by the Allies and he came to be widely regarded as a quack. Historians have speculated his treatment contributed to Hitler's ill health. Coue , psychologist, had his devotees repeat: 'Every day in every way I am getting better and better'. Ballyfermot - village south of Chapelizod.

It is very hard, and strikes fire with steel. Henrik Ibsen: "Little Eyolf". Lucifer - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. Can you feel that? I owe nothing. Can you? Mulligan, nine pounds, three pairs of socks, one pair brogues'. SDV : blackeyed glasses,. A short cloak covering the shoulders.

Ulysses' review of Ulysses by Domini Canis Shane Leslie : of the Holy Church 'Her inquisitions, her safeguards and indexes all aim at the avoidance of the scriptural millstone, which is so richly deserved by those who offend one of her little ones'. Limerick - town and county in Ireland. To the Elizabethans, "aunt" meant "whore. Swiss - rel. Hades - the lower world, the abode of departed spirits or shades. A gloss is a total system of perception and language.

For instance, this room is a gloss. We have lumped together a series of isolated perceptions--floor, ceiling, window, lights, rugs, etc. But we had to be taught to put the world together in this way. A child reconnoiters the world with few preconceptions until he is taught to see things in a way that corresponds to the descriptions everybody agrees on. The world is an agreement. The system of glossing seems to be somewhat like walking.

We have to learn to walk, but once we learn we are subject to the syntax of language and the mode of perception it contains. The change in the quality of the voice in passing from one 'register' to another. A rise of land to a higher elevation. The action of inverting an interval, chord, phrase, or subject. There is one outstanding example of pure dance: that of the whirling dervishes , an art that has been practiced for more than seven centuries.

The procedure is part of a Muslim ceremony called the dhikr, the purpose of which is to glorify God and seek spiritual perfection. Not all dervish orders dance; some simply stand on one foot and move the other foot to music. Those who dance or, rather, whirl are the Mawlawi dervishes, an order that was founded by the Persian poet and mystic Jalal ad-Din ar-Rumi at Konya, in Anatolia, in the 13th century. The performance, for which all of the participants don tall, brown, conical hats and black mantles, takes place in a large hall in the tekke, the building in which the dervishes live.

The dervishes sit in a circle listening to music. Then, rising slowly, they move to greet the shaykh, or master, and cast off the black coat to emerge in white shirts and waistcoats. They keep their individual places with respect to one another and begin to revolve rhythmically. They throw back their heads and raise the palms of their right hands, keeping their left hands down, a symbol of giving and taking.

The rhythm accelerates, and they whirl faster and faster. In this way they enter a trance in an attempt to lose their personal identities and to attain union with the Almighty. Later they may sit, pray, and begin all over again. Draconian current which has its source in cult of Red Temple, although seems to be connected with constellation Draco, is really connected with Orion and original host y is HCE; myths of Orion, Osiris and Tristan are projections of original theme given in FW.

Joyce's Ulysses' review of Ulysses by John M. Murry : 'he seems to have dropped the illusion of truth for the truth, the effect of truth for the fact, which is, in art, to drop the bone for the shadow'. Later, he was called Yog-Sothoth, the shapeless Demon, who is master of all shapes. He is the reverse thirteen, the inverted triangle, the Nemesis of life which is not unlife. It has been always there and it will always be there.

There is no escaping from it. It permeates every thing, and creation as a whole. The gods themselves have to deal with it. After the First Time, degeneration is thus inevitable, and if left by itself, creation would relapse into high-entropy disorder of absolute chaos. Every energy or process of nature is doomed to be depleted without the quasi-eternal, limitless power of genesis, the moment between the hatching of Atum and the emergence of the first land.

Atum, the genetic potential, actualizes as genesis, the First Time before actual creation. He is creative nor created, but self-created. Contrary to Nun, the Egyptians envisaged Atum in two possible modes : "floating in Nun", as a diffused, passive and dormant genetic potential, versus "hatching out of his egg", as a contracted, active, one-pointed, solitary creator-god, causa sui, one who is awake and conscious. The apple does not fall far from the tree proverb. Lalla Rookh - title, heroine of Thomas Moore's poem.

It yields on boiling a nutritive demulcent jelly, used for food and in medicine. Swift 's Stella and Vanessa both had name Esther. Reverend Pilkington - friend of Swift [. Sheridan , Thomas - R. Sheridan's grandfather, "a punster, a quibbler, a fiddler and a wit," author of The Art of Punning.

Now often used in the general sense of a spell, or pretended conjuring word. Sade , Marquis de - French author of Juliette, Justine, etc. Mathew , Father Theobald - Irish temperance advocate. Nobel - lion in Reynard cycle emblem of the evangelist Mark. Pastor Lucas l - the Shepherd Luke.

George Roberts, the managing director, had bitter disputes with Joyce over deletions after the sheets of Dubliners were printed, and in September the sheets were destroyed by the printer, John Falconer; Joyce said by burning, Roberts said by "guillotining and pulping. Joyce 's note: ' noir animal sterco ' [. Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary : 'vas honorabile' Latin : 'honourable vessel'. With iron salts it gives a deep blue-black colour, the basis of writing ink. When applied to a negative, the mercury II chloride whitens and thickens the image, thereby increasing the opacity of the shadows and creating the illusion of a positive image.

Marivaux , Pierre Carbet de Chamblain de - French writer who created a fantastic style, introduced to each other "words which have never made acquaintance, and which think they will not get on together. Insert here between the "e" and the "t" an accent circumflex on a level with the line. The saying goes back long before the women's movement. Its literal meaning comes from cooking poultry: male and female geese would be served with the same sauce. He was born in Panopolis, present day Akhmim in the south of Egypt, ca.

He wrote the oldest known books on alchemy. In standard English used chiefly in speaking of children or one's inferiors. FDV : And hear this more. All Shem said was: Search me. Petty Fr. Writing and Printing. Hvorledes har De det i dag, min sorte herre? Danish - How are you today, my dark sir?

Portia - heroine of The Merchant of Venice. I never heard the word in my life'. Dutch - get the hell out of here! What mother? Whose father? Which twins? Why only one girl? Whose porter? Why merely? We cannot stay here all day discussing Mr. Shem the Penman's thirst. Patch Purcell - Irish mailcoach owner. But enough of such black lowness too base for words! But we We cannot stay here for the rest of the day discussing Mr. Ham of Tenman's thirst. None of them loudly "jollied" her of mornings Ireland would indeed How have you been enjoying yourself" Not only the This Quarter printer skips lines, also the typist retyping the first typescript after Joyce's last fair copy misses a line.

After "Where have you been" he continues one line down after "how have you been". The addition "in the uterim," sentence from probably June was: "Where have you been enjoying yourself" appears in writing in the proofs for transition 7, September , JJA Patrick ''This is my Confession before I die,' are the concluding words of the Saint's 'Confession''. Chiniquy : The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 'his words have stuck to my heart as the leech put to the arm of my little friend'.

Chiniquy : The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 'As I have said a moment ago, I was against my own daughter going to confession'. Confiteor : 'in thought, word and deed'. Who, which, where, with whom, why, how, when. Te Velde: Seth, God of Confusion. Murry : 'He is the egocentric rebel in excelsis, the arch-esoteric His intention, as so far as he has any social intention, is completely anarchic'. Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger'. It will form one of the most curious books ever written; and it will give unanswerable evidence of the fact that, instinctively, without consulting each other, and with an unanimity which is almost marvellous, the Roman Catholic women, guided by the honest instincts which God has given them, shrink from the snares put before them in the confessional-box; and that everywhere they struggle to nerve themselves with a superhuman courage, against the torturer who is sent by the Pope, to finish their ruin and to make shipwreck of their souls.

Chiniquy : The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 'the horrible necessity of speaking of things, on which they would prefer to suffer the most cruel death rather than to open their lips'. Chiniquy : The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 'Dear sister, are you ready to begin your confession? My infallible Church was mercilessly forcing me to oblige those poor, trembling, weeping, desolate girls and women, to swim with me and all her priests in those waters of Sodom and Gomorrah, under the pretext that their self-will would be broken down, their fear of sin and humility increased, and that they would be purified by our absolutions.

Sodom - an ancient city near the Dead Sea that along with Gomorrah was destroyed by God for the wickedness of its inhabitants. Would to God that they could see the torrents of tears shed by so many priests, because, from the hearing of confessions, they had forever lost the virtue of purity!

Would that respectable lady go any more to confess to that man, if, after her confession, she could hear him lamenting the continual, shameful temptations which assail him day and night, and the damning sins which he had committed, on account of what she has confessed to him? While Bathsheba's husband, Uriah the Hittite, was away in battle, David saw her bathing and summoned her to his quarters.

Without apparent protest, she joined the king in adultery and married him after he arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle. Was not that holy prophet smitten, and brought down to the dust, by that guilty look? Was not the mighty giant, Samson, undone by the charms of Delilah?

Was not the wise Solomon ensnared and befooled in the midst of the women by whom he was surrounded? Abgott ger - idol. Through her most holy Popes and theologians she tells me that I cannot forgive your sins if you do not confess them all, just as you have committed them. The Church tells me also that you must give the details which may add to the malice or change the nature of your sins'. Lithe and in fear would she come, watching at every step for what might lurk in the trees observing, foes or the felons whom she knew, till she spied Tristan; and the night and the branches of the pine protected them.

Nothing now filled him any more, and if he lived it was only as awaiting her; and day by day he sent watchers to the shore to see if some ship came, and to learn the colour of her sail. There was no other thing left in his heart. He had himself carried to the cliff of the Penmarks, where it overlooks the sea, and all the daylight long he gazed far off over the water.

Butler 's Lives of the Saints. Cathleen , Countess - title heroine of Yeats's play, who sells her soul to the devil so that starving Irish can be fed. Consumed by an amorous passion, she was not deterred by bad weather or the fear of being discovered. King Anguish - father of Isolde, according to Malory.

Never sit in secret, alone, in a retired place, with a female who is alone with you'. Severe and close work. A merry note! And between them swiftly passes comfort and meaning'. Japhet - one of the sons of Noah. In olden times they were strewn over the hero's body, before it was reduced to ashes by the flames'. Readily inflamed or excited. O grave, where is thy victory? Not only typists and typesetters miss lines, Joyce too, although in his case we'll never know with absolute certainty if it was on purpose or by accident.

Here's a nice bunch of five words that didn't even make it into the second draft, let alone the first fair copy or the innumerable stages of Work in Progress still to follow. Maybe, one I would like to think, Joyce skipped "the more bacon you rasher" because 'rasher' sounds too much like 'hash' from his previous item "crackerhash". But this can't be the case, because "crackerhash" Joyce immediately in the next draft, not more than a few weeks later, changes into "crackerhack", and the 'bacon'-extension is left out.

Now nothing sounds like 'hash' or 'rasher' anymore, whereas one of them could have been allowed to stand. Nevertheless, Joyce doesn't copy the 'bacon'-phrase, so it is up to the textual geneticists to make these authentic Joycean words known to the world. He who sups with the devil hath need of a long spoon proverb. Irish stew - a dish composed of pieces of mutton, potatoes, and onions stewed together. Something very small. Once bitten, twice shy proverb. Armenia Christian occupied by Muslim Turks from ; nationalism in 19th and 20th centuries met with systematic massacres. Breaking through grass, they walk backwards and restore each blade to its natural position, defying wit of man to know where they have gone.

Cuthona "mournful sound of waves" - heroine of the Ossianic "Conlath and Cuthona". Sackfriar - a member of a mendicant order of the 13th and early 14th c. Nine times he drowned it in Dala's side'. The Celestine heresy was derived from the Pelagian heresy. Acceleration, tasjiel. Accent, Accentuate, ra xeccil. Accent, s. Accept, va iqhal, iqtebil, istaq- bil. Acceptable, maqhoul, moriui. Acceptableuess, iria? Acceptance, istijaba; qoboul acceptability. Acceptation of a word , tefsier, Access, dokoul, iqtirab, woyoul. Accessary, adj.

Accessible, mosellec? Accession to throne , irtiqa; to an opinion , ittibas? See Accede to. Accessory, tebis, zeyid. Accident, sarai 4, sarii 12, jb'dfa. Disaster, Accidental, sbdfiey. Acclamation, tehliel, zilqaT, heilonla, henhonna b. Acclivity, sasoud. Accommodate, va yessir [. Fit , baflbifl; in pnoe , huwid, tesehel Soi'i'Lr ; oneself '. Accompany, va rafiq, uyllab, xalltib, ittebis. Accomplice, s. Accomplish, va anjiz. Accomplished person , adj.

Accomplishmentiinj az,mezieya. Accord, s. Accord, m ittefiq. Accordance, ittifaq, taTbieq. In Accordance herewith, taTbieqa" li heAe. Accordant, moriibiq, mowafiq. According to, grip, tebas. According as, cema, miQlima, qadrima, flasbima. Accordingly, sala' jara' Aelic, sala' Tubqihi? Account, s. Account, va ustobir. Keep Accounts, oflsob. Coll to Account, ralib.

Take Account of, set much value on, oflsob fluseb snndoh. Accountant, flisib, pi. Accoutro, va 'ehhil ; in corslet, darris ; in mail, zerrid. AnosK, Accoutrement, 'ohba. Accredit, va tfayyit, ailis Talis 'esmoh. Accretion, zeid, zeidan ; the thing , zeyid. Accrue, vti tozeyad, teflnyyal. Accumulate, pa orcom.

Accumulation, tecwiem, lomma. Accuracy, sfufilla, ittiqan. Accurate thing , sedied, per- son maSbouT, yaqien. Over Accurate, modaqiq. Accursed, lasuin, melsoun. Accusation, ithem, tohema. Accuse, va wannib, pop. The Accused, s. Accused of it, moqteriKe p. Accustom, va sawwid sala'. Acerb, Lat. Acerbity, Qomouia. Achieve, va anfiA. Acidity, flamz. Acidulous, meziz, moQammaL Acknowledge, va aqirr, usterif. Acknowledgment, urtiraf; an rejsa See Receipt.

Acme, el asla, el semt, el esTa. Aconite, bais ; kaniq el namir ; kaniq el Aieb. Acorn, bajm. Acouatie, semsuiy. Acquaint, va akbiroh hi ; aslim. Acquaintance, tasarof, masrifa 11; person mosahib. Acquainted with a thing , dari. Acquiesce, vn iatesrif fie r. Acquiescence, istisraf. Acquire, va iqteni. Acquired, adj. Acquirement an , qinya, qonya, pi. Acquisition, iqtinu, imtclec. Acquisitive, cesoub, cesseb. Acquit, ffl of crime , barrir, bar- ri,eecci; adebt wafa'youfi. Acquit oneself, ibraz, ibria. Acquittal in law , tebriya, tezciya, iklay, ibra, tebrier. Acquittance mercantile , kalay, tebriya, [alaq.

Acre, cidna b. Acridity, sb'fouia. Acrimonious, fig. Acrimony, koxouna, Jlarafa, Across, adv. Act, vn. Act of Pari'. The Acts of the Government, el yocouc el siyesieya. Acting, Action, lxtarsL Active, samoul, fas nil, llaric. Actual, fusliey, Qaliey c. Actually, flaqioqate". Actuary, see Accountant. Actuate, va flarrie, Oammil ; 'eeeir fie. Acumen, Aihn, basuira. Acute pain, angle, disease , fladd. Adage, meBel 4. Adapted for, kalieq li. Add, va aSuif, ziedoh sai'a". Add up, tomm, iiimni, ijmtc.

Be Added, come in addition, wafi ila'. Adder, 'efta' Addicted, rna[roum, mc[ram, rarim bi, fie. Be Addicted to, inhemic bi ; tesam Devote. Addition, ulaf, uAafa thing added b. Addition additional article or sum; accession , i am iema In Addition to, over and above, bi xifasat, bi ziyadct. Additional, uJiifiey b. Addle, va amair fuddle? Addled, maAi'r. Address, va direct, wajjih. An Address speech or overture of marriage , koTba.

Respectful public Address to a high officer, sarai, sarieia, masroui. Address of a letter , biyaa or tesrief el belt. Address, s.

Adduce, va aurid. Adept, s. Adequate, motenesib. Adequacy, cefaya. Adhere to, v. Adherent, tebis, mottellud mas, mostasnim b. Adhesive, leziq, molayyuq. Adhesiveness, qodrat el fcehmjq. Adieu, widasa"! Adjacent, mojiwir, motejawir. Adjective, s. Adjoin, va wait yeli, itteyul bi, tekim, tejawar. Adjoining, adj. Adjourn, va amhil, 'ekkir. Adjudge, Adjudicate, Award, va oftcom leho, ixrar leho. Adjudication, fliictn leho. Adjunct, t. Adjure, va aqsim salaihi bi- 'smi'llah ; [flidlif, istefllif ]?

Adjust, va Aarrir, asdil, snddil. Adjutant mil. Administer, va sous, adier, dabbir. Administer the sacraments , qarrib ; inmafl el esrar. AdminiBtor property , teweccel bi mal ; to a will temellec. Administration, siyase, idaru. Administrative, tedbieriey. Administrator, modier, modab- bir. Admirable, badics, rfiyis. Admiralty tbe dignity , f ima- rat el ballr, 'emierieyat el baflr; the bureau dar or qalam "imarat il baflr; el baflrieya os.

Admire, va tesajjab min, asuzz, istesgum, isteQli. See farther the passives under Amaze. Admission, idkal. Add it, va adkil, dakkil. Admix, va okloi. Admonish, va insafl. Admonition, namiifla. Admonitory, monabbih. Ado, s. Adopt a son , iiAokir, tebanna'; jig ikter, ittdkia. Adoptive son , moMekar, mo- tebanna ; — Aekier k. Adorable, sebboufl, sobbonA. Adoration, sojoud, sobflau. Adore, va osjod li, sebbifl. Adokn, va zeyyin, zowwiq. Adrift, adv. Adroit, sa. Tur, qaiyim. Adroitness, x btu ra , s u y uqa, q iy a- ma, Aurafa, yanasa, osloub it.

Adscititions, ajuabiey. Advance, va lit. Advance, vn teqaddom, aqbil ; jig. The Advanced Guard, moqad- dama, solaf el tascer. Advanced, adj. Pay in Advance, va eslifoh fie ; asiui selefu". Advancement, promotion, iqbal. Advantage, s. Take Advantage of, avail one- self of a thing ; intefis bi ; get advantage over, seiui-hi.

Advantage, va infas. Advantageous, natk, mofied. Advantage ouanesa, nafiesa. Adventitious, ajuabiey. Adventure, va rashly attempt jazif bi. Adventure, s. Adventurer, rafxouni 13 b. Adventurous, mojteri. Adverbial, garfiey. Adversary, s. Adverse, mokayum, mokalif; mutually motekalif. Adversity, xidda, Saiqa, opposed to raka ; pi. Advertise, do a thing, sarrif, adin ; a person, aiUm. Advice, e. Ill-advised thing , Earaawiey, aiyar b.

Advisable, mosteDsen? Adulation, mowajahe, temlieq. Adulatory, momalliq. Adult, adf. Adulterate, ea karbir. Adulterer, zeni, pi. Adulteress, zeniya, pi. Adulterous, zinawiey. Adultery, zina, Jlaram.

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Advocacy, moflamaya. Advocate, s. Advocate, va Sebbit, ledid san, nalul san. Adze, qaddoum II Hatchet with Hammer. Afar, min basuid, fil bosda, san bos da. Affability, Talaqat el Tvejh, baxaxa, besaiat el wejh. Affable, wajih, baxoux b. Affair, s. Affairs, 'omour. Affect, va impress, l e89ir fie, bi ; Qarric move, Btir ; ismelfie mark upon ; slightly harm, ullrif; Boften the heart , llannin, layyin, raqqiq, Tar- rib, xajji, axji el qalb , dictionaey.

Affectation, tasannos, sanfoa. Affected, adj. Affection, mawadda, wadd, wi- dad, tewaddod. The Affections kind feelings , el asTuf. An Affection malady , sulla. Affectionate, waddiey, wadoud, widadiey, xauqiey; moflubb. Affidavit, taqrier, xeheda. Affiliate, vafig. Affiliation, lit. Affinity, qaruba, moqaraba, mojanese. Affinity by marriage , 'ehlieya, moyilhera, moneseba b.

Affirm, va [ eccid, qarrir. Affix, va lasrsriq, elziq. Afflict, va ibtoli, asuib. Afflicted sick , adj. Affliction, grief , ceba, xidda, Sajr. Afflictive, mollzin, moJjir. Affluence, rafd, nasuim. Affluent, mousir, moyessir, ra- ped, ra[[ad, moBri. Afford, va najjim, afied, aurid. See Supply and Give. I cannot Afford the expense , la oruiq sala'. Affray, s. Affright, va akief, hewwil. An Affront, s. Affusion, terxiex. Afloat, sayim. Aforesaid, el meACOur; 'eafiey. Aforetime, sebiqa" ; fie ma mala'. Afraid, rasuib, kayif, heyib. Afresh, min jadied.

Aft, Fore and Aft, el moqdim wa el moukir. After, prep, basd ; [abb b. After behind , kalf, wara. Afterwards, basda"; vulg. Say Later. Afternoon, el saw ; from two to four o'clock. Against, prep, sala', iudd, kilaf. Agate, saqieq Temani. Age, somr, sinn a;tas of one man; sow seculum , jiel 4 generation , dohr 3. The Middle Ages, el ajyal el mo- tewassma b. Aged, mosinn f. Agency delegated duty , we- cele; means wesisa; opera- tion, service samalieya. Agent actor , fasul ; deputy weeiel; lamiel 6. Ajibassa- Agglomerate; see Accumulate and Gatheb.

Agglutinate, va lasyuq, lezziq. Aggrandize, va sa3gum,fakkim. Aggravate, va xaddid, Baqqil. Ihcee ase. Aggregate, s. Aggression, irtiyal p. Aggressive, mortel, fatic 7, mosadi li. Aggressor, motesaddi, mote- fa adi bil xarr. Aghast, mebhont, Qairan, mos- tehem, monbehit, mortes. Agile, xamloul, xamlal ; b. Agility, xamlile, rixuqa. Agitate, va lit. Agitation, lit. Ago, qabla", maSu? It is long ago that, Talanm. Not long ago, san qarieb, tewa, teuwa; "enifa 0. Some time ago, mosA modda. A little while ago, monA modda we- jieze, monA cem yenm.

Agony, monezesa. He is in the agonies of death, yonSzic secerat el meat b. Asses, tn be in agreement or consistency; itteflud, ittcfiq. Be agreed that, ajmis sala'. One does not Agree with another, ma, yoTabiqoun bas- Sohom basia". Give assent, istejieb. To Coye- nant osqod, ushed. Agrceablo person , 'enieq, mos- teflabb ; place moxrill, xariQ, ranilani ; event mo- layiiu, moxtehe ; consistent moiabiq. Agricultural, Qara0iey? Agriculture, flara6e, felalla.

Aground, 63M1 rala' el qasr. Aguish, mortatux? Ahead, min qoddam, moqdim, moaebiqa", esbaq. Aid, ea soon; asuin, sawin. Aid one another, tesawan f. Ail, do asull, 'ellim. What ails thee 1 Eix' bee f MSie bee? Ma lee? Ailing, part, dayi, c. Ailment, soqm. Aim at, fig. Act of aiming, tafl- rier, taqdier.

Aim, scope ; fludas. Air element , he wa, p J. Take the air, xomm el hewa, tefesaeH. Air, m hewwi, rawwiQ; also onxor spread out ; xammis, xarriq expose to sun. Airy place , farif, hewiey b. Akin, moqarin, moqarib, nea- biey. Alabaster, rokam black basalt. Alacrity, naxaTa. Alarm, e. Alarm, m rouse , DaAAir, neb- bih. FnionTEB , arhib. Album, dafter sedij. Alchymy, sulm el ciemiya. Alcohol, roull el saraq. Alcove, qobba, sariexa?

Alder, Qaura Uoumieya. Alderman, xaik, pi. Ale, miAr? See Addle. Alembic, enbieq. On the Alert, wasu ; sala' Hum. Alert, nabieh, naxier. Alertness, intibah, naxaTa. Be Alert, inxiT, uslla'. Algebra, culm el jabr wa el moqabala. Alien, fliwaiy b. Alight, vn from, inzil, terajjal — upon, Aoll bi, uftiful bi, yadif ; osroi, tewaqqas sala'; waqns yiiqa: ila' ; ittefiq sala'. Alike, adv. Alike as, sewa wa F. Alike, adj.

Aliment, masax, rLie. Alimentary, qautiey. Alimony, soloufa? Aliqnot, i. Bubmultiple; sadad motedakil b. Alive, flaiy. Alkali, qali, milfl el qali. Alkaline, qahviey. All especially before an ab- stract noun ie often para- phrased by a word meaning Entireneea, Completeness, as collieya, cemal. Worthy of All acceptation, layiq li ce- mal el qoboul. With All gravity, bi cemal el waqar. All the population, siimoum el eheli.

With All sincerity, bi coll' koloua', or, bi collie- yat el kolouy. All sorts of, used vaguely for Very many, is paraphrased by ceffa t ; as, All sorts of grain, ceffat el floboub. He gave nothing atall. At all after negative , qai, el bette, quTsa". See not in the Least. Allay, t'o kaffif, escin. Allt'dge adduce in proof , nfl- tijjj an rid, istesuin bi. Allegation, ierad xehid, zesma. Allegiance, 'emana ; tebasuiya. Allegorical, motesabih, rooje- ziey c.

Allegory, einaya ; ramz ; teu- Allegorize, va icni hint ; meeeil exemplify. Alleviate, kaffif, escin. Alley, zoqaq, pi. Alley passage between parallel walls , dehliez 11 B. Alliance by marriage, mosrahera. Alligator, timsefi. Allocution, kirab, korba. Allot, va aqris, esbim, flassnw. Allotment, ishem, taflytm. Allowances, rawutib.

Allow, va njiez, jawwiz, i'den lehobi; BerriflfD,, Br. Allowable, mobaQ, jayiz, ilalal. Alloy, va metals oklor. Allude, tm icai, cenni. Alluded to, el moxar ileihi; el mouma' ileihi. Allure, va a[wi, rarpb. Alluring attractive , jSAib. Allusion, cinayn. Allusive, mocenni? Ally, va llalif, vn teMlaf of States ; a family to one- self ifamr qauma" ; in general autftil, oklor.

Almanac, taqwiem, roz-nSma Pers. Almighty, qadirsala' coll'xai 1. Almonds, lauze, nu. Almost, ced a verb ; ilia qa- liel, taqrieba". Alms, tfadaqa. Give Alms, teyaddaq. Aloes drug , sabr. Aloft, adv. Alone, adj. Alone, adv. It is not enough even for me Alone, li yecfie-ni ana bi mofradi in my singleness. Ho who Alone is wise, el motefarrid bil Itucma, s.

Along, prep, sand, min janib, janb, sola flaffet. Aloof, sauboid; bosaida". Keep Aloof from, ibtesud san, infar san an. Aloud, jehrate Alphabet, fibrouf el mosjam. Already, qad with Perfect. Also, ceAe, ceAtilic, aiia". Altar, meAbafl. Alter, va fayyir. Altercate, vn teflijaj, teqawal. Aeghe, Cavil. Altercation, ladad. Alternate, adj.

Alternation, tb'qba Although, wain, walnu, mas Altitude, solou height. Altogether, mas a", jemiesa Alum, xabb ; xabb zefra ; xabb Yemilni ; flajr el xabb. Always, dayima"; la, yez41 does not cease. Amalgamate, va ollloin, elUum. Amalgamation, ilQam. Amanuensis, neaik, cetib war- niq b. Amass, va lomm. Amateur, fawi 6 ; Talib 1. Amatory poem , moxabbib, suxqiey. Amaze, va aries, behhit. Be Amazed, inbebit ibhet s.

Amazement, inbihet, Amazed, medhoux. Ambassabob, aefler 6 ; wand 7 envoy? Amber, cehroba, cehroman. Of Amber, cehroba'iey. Ambergris scented, drug , san- bar, sabier. Ambiguous, mobbem, aou mas- nay ain. Ambiguity, tesqieda b. Ambition, bifya, flobb el rafsa. Noble Ambition, bimma siiliya. Ambitious, bafiey, moaafis. Amble, vn herwil.

Ambuscade, j mecmen, inarbaA, Ambush, j manrad. Lie in Ambush, tecemman ; terabbaj bi F. Amenable, monqad f. Amend, vn insadil, teyallaE. Amenity of temper or weather , lafafa. Amerce, va ojrom, jarrim, ap-im. Amercement, jariema, [arama. Amethyst, jemset, cerceben, jabellaqoum c. Amiable, mosteflabb, xelebiey, kafief el dam'. Amicable, Qtibbiey. Amid, fie waaaT, bain, min jomlet. Amiss, s3. Tula n? He dealt Amiss, es6 el samel, from verb iv. Amity of States , yadaqa. Governments that are iu Amity, dowal moteflabba.

Ammonia salt , nausadir.

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Ammoniac gum , woxaq; qana woxaq. Ammunition, Aekierat el Harb. Amnesty, safou samm ; 'eman. Among, bain, min jomlet. Amorous, saxxaq, sasiq. Amorousness, suxq [but it does not denote a habit], sus- It Amounts to, vn yablof, yaslou ila', yarjas ila'. Amount, s. An Amour, suxra mas. Ihteb- coubse. Amphitheatre, muimar. Ample means, rizq jeziel. Amplitude, cibr, wossa. Amputate, va iqTai cut. Amputation, qaTS. Amuse, va lehhi ; farrij san. See Dirert ; Cheat. Analogous, moxabih.

Analogy, tenesob. Analogical, tenesobiey, mote- nesib also Adequate. An alysi s, in fl n al, tefl liel , tefnuil. Analytical, llnllicy, tefVuiliey. Anarchical, moktell, sadiem el flocm, molakba-r-. Anarchy, iktilal, siidora el flocm, faia' k. Anathema, floroum, qaTS B. Anathematize, va u0rim, ilsan. Anatomize, va xarrifl. Ancestors, selef, ealef b. Ancestry, al, [nesl], neseb c. Anchor, e.

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Anchor, va arsi. At Anchor, rasi. Anchorage, marse'. Auchorite, motewiiQud. Ancient, qadicm ; mostedam c. Anciently, qadiema". In Ancient time, min qadiem el zeman ; fie moteqfidim il zeman f. The Ancients, el qodama, el "ewayil, el moteqaddimien. The most Ancient, pi. Anew, min jadied. Angel, mel'ec Angelic, mele'iciey. Akqeb, s. Prone to Anger, raiiiub. Anger, va oriez, afloiq, afSub.

Angle, s. Outer Angle, qorna 11, Inner Angle, nook ; zewiya, pi. A right Angle, zewiya qayima. Acute Angle, zewiya Qadda. Obtuse Angle, zewiya mon- farija b. He became Angry, c ekaAet-ob. Anguish, flusra. Angular, aou zewaya. Animadvert upon, tejenna' sala', ozmor tie, oeaoI. Abimax, llaiwan 2. Animal, adj. Animalcule, dowaiba 2 ; Jlii- waiyan 2 B. Animate, m lit. Ad- Animation, flamase, flomma. Animated, adj. Garni, flarie, Hurricf piquant ; Ilamyan. Aniiuusif y, ulkiilful ; luqd, siinf. Anklet, kalkal. Annalist, rawi.

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Annals, te'riek 12; pi. Annihilate, va imHaq [yulg. Anniliilation, maflaq. Anniversary, suid Eenawiey. Annotate upon, va fessir. Announce, va baxxir, eain. Annoy, va! Annoy, s. Annoyance, mischief; eieya. An Annoyance, 6aqla, sana. Annoying, adj. Annual, senawiey, Hauliey.

The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe
The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe The Revenge of Bob the Sardine: A Metaphysical Tale of Woe

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