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Moving Into Psychological Adulthood

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This book fills a long-standing gap in Arabic-Islamic studies. Following the informative and entertaining style of adab literature and based on a large number of relevant sources from a wide range of genres, Hasan Shuraydi presents a panoramic view of relevant themes that concern youth and old age in Medieval Arabic literature intended for both specialists and non-specialists. Tags: accidents , injuries , safety , teen workers , teens , young workers. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

Both comments and pings are currently closed. Your email:. Lynch Ryan's blog about workers' compensation insurance. Lost Youth: the stories of four teens injured at work May 27th, by Julie Ferguson. I loved that tantalizing feeling that my whole life was ahead and I could do anything!

4 Lament for Lost Youth

Now, after over six decades, I realize that my days ahead are limited. Learning on ice would have been bad enough in my younger years!

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I think that new should all take a step back every once in a while and just reconnect with ourselves! I am glad that you were able to find your way through it and are now on the other side with more awareness of yourself! This was interesting in you were concentrating on loss. Would expect loss of parent, grandparents or friend. Fascinating how you focused on the loss of youth. Hope it was a good time of healing. Once I asked my mother why she never slept. He died several months ago.

Keep seeing his birthday on FB. And I was tormented with everything that you wrote about. I had vison surgery—you do get used to perfect sight very quickly but then comes a night where every star is out and you realize you never saw them in real life before. And wow! And this time around I will gladly accept any and all compliments. I took my looks and my health for granted and looks are important to a point.

No I will never have an incredible waist again—I think, but my smile will be big.

Great post! Good reflections, either way! Thank you for sharing your story. Life is a funny old thing. Sometimes I think we can be guilty of looking at the past through rose coloured glasses, and looking at the future as some scary unknown abyss. I always want to go back. But at the same time I enjoy my present life.

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The worst part is actually that I realize the older I get, the older other people in my life get. It reminds me that life is not forever.

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But I try to focus on living in the present, not the past or future. Yes, so true, we do lose some things…. I understand where you are coming from and I miss some things from my youth but still would not want to do it over again. I am happy where I am now. I grieve that my daughter never had time for a true childhood due to illnesses. For her I would give my youth so she could experience one. Sometimes I long for my youth.

I really believe youth is wasted on the young. I would love to be able to go back and just be a carefree kid again.

Lost youth

If we could only figure out a way to regain our youth, but keep our wisdom. Life would be perfect! I can totally relate. I feel a sense of loss at the decision that my child bearing years are over. I guess it is a normal part of life. I am glad for you that you found your way through it. You are an inspiration. I totally agree that grief should be embraced and you have to face it for you to be able to move on. I must admit that I am no really nostalgic for the years past. I would love to be a kid because adulting is hard, but I do not want to relive my past. Heather Johnson recently posted… Peach Crisp Recipe.

A very good reminder to live life to the fullest all the time! You never know when you are gonna leave this world so youth could mean different things to different people! This was such a good read! I am totally enjoyed reading your story.

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