Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)

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This year our keynote speakers will be Phyllis Light and Matthew Wood. The scenery is breathtaking, the lodging is historic a bit rustic, shared facilities, bring a fan , the food is good, and the company is outstanding. We have so much fun!! In addition to his practice based traditional Western herbalism, he has lectured throughout United States, Canada, Scotland, England, France, and Australia.

Phyllis Light is a fourth generation herbalist and natural health educator for over 25 years. At the age of 10, her grandmother and father taught her to identify and use local plants from the woodlands of northern Alabama, her home. Her initial training was in the traditional Southern and Appalachian Folk Medicine of the region, though she has continued her studies and acquired a wide range of experience with herbs, clinical herbalism and other healing modalities.

She has taught and lectured at herb schools, universities, hospitals, and natural health conferences. Mail-in registrations must be postmarked by July 1st, Online registrations will be accepted until July 19th, Walk-in registrations will be accepted on site between p. Register on-line on the NC Herb Association website.

Have you ever felt confused trying to grow your own herb garden?

Please direct all Wild Herb Weekend inquires to info ncherbassociation. Jane Abe came to Western North Carolina in after a year career as a science teacher and school counselor. Through her teaching, Jane hopes to help others return to traditional healing methods with whole foods and herbs. She is currently on the NCHA board and was editor of the newsletter. Michele Collins , RH AHG , MPH has been practicing as a clinical herbalist for more than seven years, using traditional Chinese medicine in combination with Chinese, western, and Ayurvedic herbs, Chinese nutritional therapy, and qi gong.

As an herbalist, she likes connecting people to the beauty and magic of plants and to the healing rhythms of nature. In , she spent six months studying Chinese herbal medicine in an integrated setting in Chengdu, China. In , she joined the staff of the Academy of Integrated Medicines where she teaches western and Ayurvedic herbalism in their Integrated Herbal Studies Certificate Program.

For over 20 years, her program has been focused on helping farmers increase their profitability by diversifying into new crops and organic agriculture. Current research and extension efforts are with organic woodland botanicals, hops, truffles, and heirloom tomatoes. She is also establishing a new organic research program headquartered at the Mountain Research Station in Waynesville, NC.

Jeanine is passionate about what she does and shares her information at numerous conferences and workshops in North Carolina and beyond. She also maintains several websites ncherb. Camille F. Edwards is a master herbalist in keeping tradition within the family. She can trace her family roots all the way back to Nicholas Culpeper, the famous herbalist!

While studying herbs it came to light that without spiritual and emotional healing, first and foremost, most illnesses will remain in place. She expanded her education and recently completed her PhD in Philosophy.

Upon completion of her doctorate she immediately enrolled in Hypnotherapy school and is now a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master. She is a also business partner of Soulful Sages and works full time as a legal assistant to support her herbal habits. She worked in a private practice with clients specializing in chronic illness, depression and weight management, and has mentored under Dr. She combines alternative healing practices with a variety of techniques to create a truly holistic healing experience.

Rachel Frezza is an astrologer, certified flower essence practitioner, clinical herbalist and advanced energy healer practicing in West Asheville, NC.

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She is passionate about plant spirit medicine and the natural healing ways of incorporating astrology with herbal healing. In these classes she is excited to share her knowledge of Flower essences with you! She has a ferret Shatavari and hopes someday to journey to the Andes and Himalayan Mountains. Ryan Marie Kelly has always had a fascination with the intrinsic nature of things, and this interest has led her into various pursuits including science, yoga, and all things plant related. She is currently working on an NIH grant funded project with Botanipharm, researching the medicinal qualities of goldenseal and developing research grade material that can be utilized for rigorous scientific endeavors.

Her work with Botanipharm is an extension of her belief that the natural products world needs resource material that is reliable and consistent, where the entire process; from the soil, to the growers, to the plant, to the medicine maker, and eventually to the consumer, is treated with respect and diligence. She also enjoys sharing yoga with people and volunteers her time at Asheville Community Yoga. Her yoga style incorporates flow movement with Taoist principles. Marie Knight is a laboratory technician and a science enthusiast.

Her interest in herbs is linked both to her love of science as well as to her continuous pursuit of good health in the great outdoors. An avid runner and hiker, Marie has gotten to know the mountain botanicals and medicinal weeds she encounters on the trails. Phyllis D.

Ligh t, a fourth generation Herbalist and Healer, has studied and worked with herbs, foods and other healing techniques for over 30 years. Janice Maleyeff is a Holistic Healing Practitioner who interlaces her intuition and the universal healing energies of herbs and essential oils in her Reiki practice, providing you with a total body, mind and spirit experience. She is a certified Angel Blessings Intuitive, a teacher of esoteric philosophy, tarologist, Reiki Master, certified in spiritual aromatherapy, chakra therapy and crystal healing, an herbalist, and artist.

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New England Women's Herbal Conference

It ;s a hideously hard fight if you don ;t bring the Sommerswerd along. Accounts of the battle have focused on Custer ;s ill-fated cavalry. If you do? Chances are you will die horribly. Solomon ;s words for the wise: Coudersport Ambulance To Thunder. We say immersion experience because we feel strongly that people learn best and most fully by engaging all of their senses, and we strive to practice and cultivate whole body self care.

Everything we do is centered around herbs - we're both herbalists, trained in the vitalist tradition, which emphasizes the importance of herbs in facilitating healthy movement, sleep, nutrition, and stress management. Everything we do is focused locally - we strive to connect people with the allies that grow right outside their doors, helping them understand that they can find exceptional healing from within their own communities. We connect people to local farms and vendors, hopefully ushering them a little closer to a sustainable way of living.

In addition to being trained herbalists, we have an array of critical skill sets between us that give our business a unique flare. Clair is also a private chef and yoga teacher. Her experience in the restaurant business brings a high level of professionalism and efficiency to our supper clubs, and her proficiency with leading meditation and movement allows us to provide people with opportunities for deep relaxation and reflection.

Amanda is a seminary trained witch and tarot reader, exceptional home cook, and sorceress of southern hospitality. Her home crafting skills and knack for creating ritual space bring a welcoming and magical atmosphere unique to the Willow Provisions experience. We both studied herbalism at Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism with katja and ryn.

They are extraordinary teachers and wonderful human beings who we feel privileged to know. They are very rigorous in their study of herbalism, and accessible in their teaching. We also love Tammi Sweet! She is an exceptional herbalist and massage therapist who teaches physiology and herbalism with contagious charisma. She offers online classes, and you should definitely check them out!

She has cultivated a beautiful space and community of learning there. Her store is a magical place where you can pick up all the necessities, as well as learn medicine making and other skills at one of her lovely workshops. It is definitely worth a trip! We find ourselves in the crossover of two rapidly developing industries -- food, and wellness. We are starting to see huge shifts in the food industry as more and more chefs and restaurants start to focus on using locally grown, small farm ingredients.

We love this change, and hope to see more of it in the future! We have really appreciated getting to know our local farmers, and find that being able to chat with them about the rain, the soil, and sometimes even being able to pick our own food brings a connection to our food supply that makes us appreciate the heart and soul that goes into providing nourishment to our bodies. In the wellness industry, we are starting to see a shift from product dependency to skill set development. Our aim with our workshops and our suppers is to teach people how to work with herbs, food, movement, and everyday, accessible resources to support their health in a variety of safe and reliable ways.

While we love creating formulas and remedies ourselves, we want people to feel empowered to make their own choices about what they need, feel confident in their knowledge about how to work with plants, and empowered to take ownership over their own health and healing. Vary your education. Herbalism in this country is a vast and varied landscape - explore it! Spend time in silence or in conversation with the plants. Be willing to take risks and create things that are unexpected.

We have a YouTube Channel! Chic is herbalist slang for chicory, fyi. Tell your friends; pass it along. Each Sunday we share a different chic recipe and chat about the magic of something we love. Check it out and try some of our recipes! We love being able to share our passions with our local community, and we love that Herbstalk is such a fun and accessible event for everyone. First of all, damiana grows in desert like climates, so we might actually be able to cultivate a little garden of it!

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A nutritive and mineral rich plant, to help provide our bodies with necessary nutrients while we learn how to forage a strange island for food. Nettle is also very grounding and centering and would help remind us that being stranded on a deserted island might actually be kind of amazing. A cooling and soothing plant inside and out.

Catnip is also the BEST hangover cure, which would be handy after all of those nights we spend guzzling our homemade mango wine. An amazing ally that helps ease the anxiety and overwhelm that come along with huge transitions, like going from modern day living to being stranded on a deserted island! Thank you, Clair and Amanda! Their joint business is Willow Provisions. How did you first get interested in herbalism? I began becoming interested in herbal medicine during pharmacy school.

Soon enough I began exploring herbal and vitamin shops, and as a pharmacy student began digging into databases and books. One of my biggest initial challenges was learning from books. It gave me a lot of comfort to see that people were writing about natural therapies, but evaluating the recommendations were tough. The other difficult element was fear of experimenting with plants. I got over that fear by taking classes with herbalists and by trusting their guidance.

Find that tribe of people and teachers that you trust and start experimenting with confidence. In addition to being an herbalist, I am a college professor and drug information pharmacist. Working with college students is where I feel I can offer the most impact. I hope that my journey and new podcast, Wellness Insider Network, will help my students to take their first steps in exploring the amazing world of herbal medicine in their lives. Somehow I always come back to it. And what would be your top five deserted island herbs?

Herbal medicine is a lot like cooking, trying new ingredients and flavors make you more comfortable and confident in the long-term. I got interested in Astrology a couple of years back I took a course on the connection between planets and plants , and love exploring natal charts of friends and family.

This is a vibrant community in my native town. I respect and admire the creator, Steph Zabel, and the mission of the organization to get more people to become educated and comfortable using plants. Thank you, Lana! Meet the Herbalist: Dr. As a toddler, my mom said I used to just wander our property, observing and sitting with the plants. She had to watch me closely, because I tasted everything if I got the chance!

I became interested in herbalism because I had health challenges myself that made me start looking at nutrition and natural means of healing. But my focus within that population is generally using the herbs for longterm, nourishing, restorative and emotional healing work. I also am focusing more these days on bringing people outside and connecting with the plants directly as a healing modality.

What advice would you give to budding herbalists just starting out? Practice building the acuity of your senses. Learn about the mycorrhizal connections that unite the plants in a space. Deeply connect with your bioregion if you are able, and plant native species often. So very many, but if I had to choose, the work of Robin Wall Kimmerer has been my largest inspiration in the last few years, particularly her two books, Braiding Sweetgrass and Gathering Moss.

I also consider natural plant relationships a lot in my practice, and am very interested in art and design.

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Relating to that, The Garden Awakening by Mary Reynolds has been hugely influential for me in the last couple years. I love the reclamation of an astrological and alchemical perspective of herbalism presented by Sajah and Whitney Popham at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. I also think there is a great urge rising for individuals to explore their own, individual ancestral relationship to herbalism.

As people connect with their own ancestors, it will be natural for them to further explore those methods of healing. Their awakening is waking me up from Wintertime. If you had to choose, what would be your top five deserted island herbs? It was an opportunity to educate future doctors on how to refine their sensitivity as practitioners, and it taught me a lot about the experience of the patient that I may not have gotten otherwise. I really loved the accessibility of the event and believed in the mission of finding unique ways to look at and work with plants.

These kinds of community events that are open to all will become even more important in the future, I think, and I wanted to be part of that. Thank you, Dr. My interest in health and wellness began with spirituality. After working in corporate America for several years, I stumbled upon Ayurveda when a friend of mine asked me to take her Ayurveda program. I learned that Ayurveda talks about balancing the health of body, mind and soul and utilizes food as the main way to achieve that balance.

I started looking at my kitchen cabinet as not just a storehouse of food but also as a pharmacy. I started experimenting with these spices — every time my mom or other relatives had any health issues, I would look up solutions, talk to my mentors, and suggest kitchen remedies. They worked — not just for physical ailments but also to help calm the mind. At the beginning I had a lot to learn.

I was an engineer in my previous career and I was switching to a completely different area in health and Ayurveda. The science was vast and I spent a lot of time trying to understand basic info — such as how does the human body work, learn Ayurvedic concepts and just try to get a feel for such a vast topic. Within herbalism, I focus a lot on spices and Indian herbs. I recommend different types of decoctions, teas, juices made from these spices. I also focus on how to use these spices and herbs in everyday food. I use these herbs not just in internal consumption but also for external application.

People are moving away from pharmaceuticals and towards natural remedies and solutions.

Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)
Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1) Kitchen Medicine: Making, Crafting, and Growing Simple Herbal Remedies (Core Herbs Book 1)

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