Electrocuting the Clowns

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But is he a happy clown or a sad clown? Is he — shudder to think — a sappy clown? Also, just a red nose? Come on, man, put some effort into it. Hoo boy. Unlike the last one, Shakes is definitely a sad clown. At least he seems to be getting help! Now, is Binky available? The man born Johnny Lee Johns certainly has a way with words.

He also harbors a love of classic comedy, such as the Marx Brothers. So, not really circus material. Others find them scary. There have been a lot of clown characters in comics, sometimes just as actual clowns who make people laugh and entertain, but there have also been supervillains and superheroes who have dressed as clowns or used clown gadgets, and they've run the gamut from heroic to horrifying.

A chosen handful of clowns have actually found romance outside the big top or at least a good time, and those are the ones we'll talk about today.

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Of course, some clown characters are more famous than others. We'll be talking about the famous comic book clowns as well as some lesser-known ones who were involved with men and women. Some clowns have had children, letting them fill their big shoes, while others have just put back on their baggy pants and moved on.

With clowns on everyone's mind lately thanks to 's movie remake of Stephen King's It , CBR wanted to review 15 times in comics that clowns got busy. The most famous clown in comics is the Joker, and Harley Quinn is just as well known as his partner in crime, but they also have a romantic relationship.

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While they've shared plenty of hugs and kisses, the question of whether the Joker has actually had sex with Harley Quinn in normal continuity is up to debate, since we've never seen the two in bed together. Yet in the Injustice: Gods Among Us comic series, it's been solidly confirmed. Miller , Black Canary was fighting Harley Quinn when they stopped to talk and Harley revealed she had secretly given birth to the Joker's daughter, Lucy.

Even the Joker didn't know she existed because Harley didn't want to interfere with his "work. While we don't know if the mainstream Joker and his clown-like assistant Harley Quinn have ever had sex, we've seen Harley with plenty of other characters. One of them has been Deadshot, the assassin with perfect aim who's been an enemy of Batman for years, but also a member of Suicide Squad. Harley was also a member of Suicide Squad, and the sparks flew between the two of them, although it was one-sided.

At one point, Harley even knocked him out and forced him to wear the Joker's disembodied face.

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Though Deadshot seemed to dislike her at first, things changed in later issues. In Astro City , one of the most well-known clowns isn't a supervillain, but a superhero. Jack-in-the-Box is a crime fighter with a ton of wacky gadgets, including extending arms and legs, and electrocuting noses he puts onto criminals.

insane clown electrocution

In real life, Jack-in-the-Box is Zachary Johnson, a brilliant inventor whose father created the persona and he continued it. He constantly struggled with his legacy, and that included his children. His wife news anchorwoman Tamra Dixon obviously didn't have a problem with his clown costume, because in 's Astro City 11 Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson she revealed she was pregnant.

He was also visited by his future children who tried to kill him for failing to raise them properly. He ended up retiring to spend more time with his wife and child. Good move. In the s, the original Green Lantern was Alan Scott, who found the magic lantern that let him bring his imagination to life as green constructs. One of his allies was his secretary, Molly Maynne, or at least he thought she was an ally. In reality, she was secretly moonlighting as one of his worst enemies, the clown-themed supervillain Harlequin.


With clown tricks and henchmen, she would pull off crimes and even worked with him on occasion. In reality, her identity as Harlequin was all an insane plot to get Scott's attention. Scott was actually attracted to Harlequin but kept his distance until his first wife Rose died. He turned to Harlequin, realizing he loved her all along, and the two were married until their history was erased in the New If you asked Duela Dent the psychotic supervillain who often wears clown-themed outfits who her father is, she'd say everyone.

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In her first appearance in 's Batman Family 6 Bob Rozakis , she claimed her mother slept with the Joker and she was his daughter. Yet in the same issue, she also claimed to be the daughter of the Riddler, Scarecrow, Catwoman and the Penguin. She also claimed to be the daughter of Two-Face before changing her name to Harlequin to join the Teen Titans. Her superhero career was short-lived, though.

In the New 52, Duela Dent was changed to become a mad woman living in the sewers who just found the Joker's severed face and tried to have his blood injected into her to make her a "blood relative. One of the most notorious was a struggling comedian who fell for a beautiful woman named Evelyn Dent. Sadly, Evelyn suffered from split personalities and disappeared.

When he made jokes about the city's villain Owlman, the Batman-like criminal sliced his face to make a huge smile, and the comedian turned himself into the Jokester. As for Evelyn, she eventually became the schizophrenic Three-Face and gave birth to the Jokester's daughter, Duela Dent. The two of them worked with the Riddler until the Jokester discovered them.

The reunion didn't end well as Earth-3's Duela escaped to another universe and was killed by a Monitor. Before long, Spider-Girl met his brother Funny Face who wore a jester's costume and tried to organize her enemies into the Savage Six.

Both brothers were nothing compared to their mother, a psychotic criminal called Angel Face. It was never revealed who the father of Funny Face and Crazy Eight was, but we do know insanity ran on the mother's side. She was locked in a mental institution until Crazy Eight was killed and Funny Face broke her out. The two of them went on a rampage to avenge the death until Spider-Girl finally put an end to it.

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In the new continuity, a love-struck couple who worked as puppeteers in Coney Island were also thieves at night until they found a cache of alien weapons. With their new tools, the couple became the clown-themed villains Punch and Jewelee. The two were lovers and often fought Nightshade and Captain Atom, but in the post-Crisis continuity, the pair were forced to join Suicide Squad. The Ringleader sets upon his swarm of demonic clowns to feed on their victim's laughters. To that end, they settled down to Coney Island during a trip to Brooklyn.

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An eyewitness saw one of the clowns feed on a man who missed a local bus and called the Ghostbusters for help, so they tracked the clown to another victim's apartment room and fought it. At the time, Eduardo managed to confine one of the demon clowns and trap it himself. The Ghostbusters were unaware that the other three clowns were watching from afar. They all decided to get revenge on Eduardo and targeted him as a replacement for their fallen comrade.

Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns
Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns
Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns
Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns
Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns
Electrocuting the Clowns Electrocuting the Clowns

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