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Bestsellers Previous page. Parle-G Original Glucose Biscuit, g. Choostix Chicken Dog Treat, g. Pedigree Dentastix, Oral Care Dog Pet Dog Bone, 6 Pieces with Chicken Pet Wholesale. Nootie Freshly Baked Cookie, Real Pedigree Dentastix Adult Large Breed Choostix Biskies Real Chicken Dog Pedigree Dentastix Oral Care Dog Himalaya Healthy Treats Adult Gnawlers Calcium 30 in 1 Milk Bones Robust Dog Chew Bones, g 5-inch. Next page. Most wished for Previous page. Robust Dog Chew Bones, g 8-inch. Pedigree Dentastix Advanced Oral Care Sicons Dog Biscuit Kibbles n Bite's Himalaya Healthy Treats Puppy Nootie Petdelicious High Protien Raw Pet Dog Biscuits, Chicken, 1 kg.

Meat Up Chicken Flavour, Real Chicken Biscuit, Dog Treats -500g Jar (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

Chip Chops Devilled Chicken Sausages Glenand Dog Chews Sticks G. Choostix Natural Dog Treat g. Nootie Munchy Combo, 2 kg. Nootie Combo of Mutton Chew Stick Before long, he had competitors with names like Dr. Daniels' Medicated Dog Bread and F. Bennett's Malatoid Dog Biscuits. The products embraced the dubious science and the lightly regulated hucksterism of their era.

More than 70 years ago, in a little shop in London an electrician named James Spratt conducted experiments which led to the production of Spratt's Patent—a scientifically blended dog food. It was the first attempt to lift the dog out of the class of scavenger which he had occupied from caveman times. The market was untouched, and in those early days, Spratt's Patent secured a bull-dog grip on it that it has never relinquished, despite the fact that in the past seventy years many competitors have tried to wrest the leadership from them.

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In at least one case in Spratt sued a seller accused of substituting another product - an early example of a company fighting "knock-offs":. Spratt's Patent Company claimed an injunction against a Mr. Warnett, a general dealer at St. Albans, who, they alleged, was selling as theirs certain meat biscuits for dogs not of their manufacture.

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They also asked for an account of profits, and damages and costs. The case for the plaintiffs was that for many years they and their predecessor, James Spratt, had manufactured and sold, under patents of and , meat biscuits for feeding dogs, the full name or description of which is " Spratt's Patent Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes," but which are often designated by them, and are commonly known in the trade, as " Spratt's Fibrine Biscuits," or " Spratt's Dog Biscuits," or " Spratt's Dog Cakes," or " Spratt's Meat Biscuits," or " Spratt's Patent Biscuits," or " Patent Dog Biscuits," all which, as the plaintiffs asserted, indicated biscuits of their manufacture and no other.

It was alleged that " the biscuits have been found most valuable as food for dogs, and have acquired a great reputation.

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Horton Smith, Q. April 10, [16].

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Spratt lost in this case and the judge regretted that he could not grant the defendant court costs. At one point after this, as an industrial product, dog biscuits were classified in the same category as soap: "Of the making of dog biscuits, which the census places in the same category with soap, as using animal refuse from which soap grease has been extracted, it is unnecessary to say much. Baked Ziti.

Creamy Pizza Macaroni and Cheese. Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Pasta Shells. What to Eat This Week.

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      Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1) Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1)
      Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1) Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1)
      Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1) Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1)
      Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1) Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1)
      Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1) Dog Biscuit Recipes (Dog Biscuits Book 1)

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