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John Kani as General Cominius. James Nesbitt as Tribune Sicinius. Paul Jesson as Tribune Brutus. Lubna Azabal as First Citizen Tamora. Ashraf Barhom as Second Citizen Cassius. Zoran Cica as Citizen. Milos Dabic as Citizen. Nicolas Isia as Citizen. Zoran Miljkovic as Citizen.

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Marija Mogbolu as Citizen. Milan Perovic as Citizen. Nenad Ristic as Citizen. Lawrence Stevenson as Citizen. Marko Stojanovic as Citizen. Tamara Krcunovic as Citizen. Zu Yu Hua as Citizen. Olivera Viktorovic-Duraskovic as Citizen. Danijela Vranjes as Citizen. Slavko Stimac as Volsce Lieutenant.

Ivan Dordevic as Young Roman Soldier. Radovan Vujovic as 1st Soldier. Jovan Belobrkovic as 2nd Soldier. Dan Tana as 1st Senator. Miodrag Milovanov as 2nd Senator. Dragan Micanovic as Titus Lartius. Radoslav Milenkovic as Volsce Politician. Radomir Nikolic as 1st Volsce Soldier. Zoran Pajic as 2nd Volsce Soldier. Harry Fenn as Young Martius. Elizabeta Dorevska as Maid. Dusan Janicijevic as Old Man in Corioles.

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Jon Snow as TV Anchorman. David Yelland as TV Pundit. Andrija Maricic as 3rd Senator. Svetislav Goncic as 4th Senator. Uros Zdjelar as Young Senator. Bora Nenic as Cleaner in Corridor. Slobodan Ninkovic as War Vet. Mona Hammond as Jamaican Woman. Slobodan Pavelkic as Young Man in Market. Dragoljub Vojnov as Shopkeeper. Mirko Pantelic as Camp Barber. Lisa Zane. Apr 10, Full Review…. Jan 8, Full Review…. Jan 8, Rating: B- Full Review…. Mar 27, Rating: 2. View All Critic Reviews Sep 28, Coriolanus is unexpectedly well-played. It goes for a more natural style where the action is blended with the environment and the dialogue is acted out rather than recited.

The Tragedy of Coriolanus - Act 1, Scene 1

This does not come off always but it does work a surprising amount of the time. While it is not a masterpiece, Coriolanus is still a pretty damn good film and recommended to fans of Shakespeare. Robert B Super Reviewer. Apr 18, An anti-democratic Roman general battles a rival general and later creates a public relations nightmare. What I can say is that I got more out of the film than I remember getting out of the play. Ralph Fiennes's direction is flawless.

With short scenes, long establishing shots, and pregnant pauses between conversations and monologues, Fiennes uses all the techniques germane to film and relies on the rich text when its most needed; his balance of film and Shakespeare's words is better than most other adaptations. Martius's open contempt of the proletariat contrasts with the successful patricians who, sharing his contempt, lie to the people to ingratiate themselves.

Fiennes gives a masterful performance, at times gritty and murderous and at other times vulnerable and weepy. Gerard Butler keeps up, and that's the best I can say while seasoned veteran Vanessa Redgrave hits her role out of the park as one of the most bad-ass Shakespearean mothers.

Jim H Super Reviewer. Dec 23, Resume that spirit, when you were wont to say, If you had been the wife of Hercules, Six of his labours you'ld have done, and saved Your husband so much sweat. Cominius, Droop not; adieu. Farewell, my wife, my mother: I'll do well yet.

Thou old and true Menenius, Thy tears are salter than a younger man's, And venomous to thine eyes. My sometime general, I have seen thee stem, and thou hast oft beheld Heart-hardening spectacles; tell these sad women 'Tis fond to wail inevitable strokes, As 'tis to laugh at 'em. My mother, you wot well My hazards still have been your solace: and Believe't not lightly--though I go alone, Like to a lonely dragon, that his fen Makes fear'd and talk'd of more than seen--your son Will or exceed the common or be caught With cautelous baits and practise.

Whither wilt thou go? Take good Cominius With thee awhile: determine on some course, More than a wild exposture to each chance That starts i' the way before thee. COMINIUS I'll follow thee a month, devise with thee Where thou shalt rest, that thou mayst hear of us And we of thee: so if the time thrust forth A cause for thy repeal, we shall not send O'er the vast world to seek a single man, And lose advantage, which doth ever cool I' the absence of the needer. Come, my sweet wife, my dearest mother, and My friends of noble touch, when I am forth, Bid me farewell, and smile. I pray you, come.

While I remain above the ground, you shall Hear from me still, and never of me aught But what is like me formerly. Come, let's not weep. If I could shake off but one seven years From these old arms and legs, by the good gods, I'ld with thee every foot. The nobility are vex'd, whom we see have sided In his behalf. Exit AEdile. Volsce It is so, sir: truly, I have forgot you.


Roman I am a Roman; and my services are, as you are, against 'em: know you me yet? Volsce Nicanor? Roman The same, sir. Volsce You had more beard when I last saw you; but your favour is well approved by your tongue. What's the news in Rome? I have a note from the Volscian state, to find you out there: you have well saved me a day's journey.

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Roman There hath been in Rome strange insurrections; the people against the senators, patricians, and nobles. Volsce Hath been! Our state thinks not so: they are in a most warlike preparation, and hope to come upon them in the heat of their division. Roman The main blaze of it is past, but a small thing would make it flame again: for the nobles receive so to heart the banishment of that worthy Coriolanus, that they are in a ripe aptness to take all power from the people and to pluck from them their tribunes for ever.

This lies glowing, I can tell you, and is almost mature for the violent breaking out.

Shakespeare's Coriolanus Plot Summary

Volsce Coriolanus banished! Roman Banished, sir. Volsce You will be welcome with this intelligence, Nicanor. Roman The day serves well for them now. I have heard it said, the fittest time to corrupt a man's wife is when she's fallen out with her husband. Your noble Tullus Aufidius will appear well in these wars, his great opposer, Coriolanus, being now in no request of his country. Volsce He cannot choose. I am most fortunate, thus accidentally to encounter you: you have ended my business, and I will merrily accompany you home. Roman I shall, between this and supper, tell you most strange things from Rome; all tending to the good of their adversaries.

Have you an army ready, say you? Volsce A most royal one; the centurions and their charges, distinctly billeted, already in the entertainment, and to be on foot at an hour's warning. Roman I am joyful to hear of their readiness, and am the man, I think, that shall set them in present action. So, sir, heartily well met, and most glad of your company. Volsce You take my part from me, sir; I have the most cause to be glad of yours. Roman Well, let us go together. City, 'Tis I that made thy widows: many an heir Of these fair edifices 'fore my wars Have I heard groan and drop: then know me not, Lest that thy wives with spits and boys with stones In puny battle slay me.

Revisiting Shakespeare’s ‘Coriolanus’

Enter a Citizen. Music within. Enter a Servingman First Servingman Wine, wine, wine! What service is here! I think our fellows are asleep. Here do we make his friends Blush that the world goes well, who rather had, Though they themselves did suffer by't, behold Dissentious numbers pestering streets than see Our tradesmen with in their shops and going About their functions friendly.

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Lieutenant I do not know what witchcraft's in him, but Your soldiers use him as the grace 'fore meat, Their talk at table, and their thanks at end; And you are darken'd in this action, sir, Even by your own. He bears himself more proudlier, Even to my person, than I thought he would When first I did embrace him: yet his nature In that's no changeling; and I must excuse What cannot be amended.

Lieutenant Yet I wish, sir,-- I mean for your particular,--you had not Join'd in commission with him; but either Had borne the action of yourself, or else To him had left it solely. Although it seems, And so he thinks, and is no less apparent To the vulgar eye, that he bears all things fairly. And shows good husbandry for the Volscian state, Fights dragon-like, and does achieve as soon As draw his sword; yet he hath left undone That which shall break his neck or hazard mine, Whene'er we come to our account.

Lieutenant Sir, I beseech you, think you he'll carry Rome? I think he'll be to Rome As is the osprey to the fish, who takes it By sovereignty of nature. First he was A noble servant to them; but he could not Carry his honours even: whether 'twas pride, Which out of daily fortune ever taints The happy man; whether defect of judgment, To fail in the disposing of those chances Which he was lord of; or whether nature, Not to be other than one thing, not moving From the casque to the cushion, but commanding peace Even with the same austerity and garb As he controll'd the war; but one of these-- As he hath spices of them all, not all, For I dare so far free him--made him fear'd, So hated, and so banish'd: but he has a merit, To choke it in the utterance.

So our virtues Lie in the interpretation of the time: And power, unto itself most commendable, Hath not a tomb so evident as a chair To extol what it hath done.

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One fire drives out one fire; one nail, one nail; Rights by rights falter, strengths by strengths do fail. Come, let's away. When, Caius, Rome is thine, Thou art poor'st of all; then shortly art thou mine. He call'd me father: But what o' that? Go, you that banish'd him; A mile before his tent fall down, and knee The way into his mercy: nay, if he coy'd To hear Cominius speak, I'll keep at home. Coriolanus He would not answer to: forbad all names; He was a kind of nothing, titleless, Till he had forged himself a name o' the fire Of burning Rome. A pair of tribunes that have rack'd for Rome, To make coals cheap,--a noble memory!

COMINIUS I offer'd to awaken his regard For's private friends: his answer to me was, He could not stay to pick them in a pile Of noisome musty chaff: he said 'twas folly, For one poor grain or two, to leave unburnt, And still to nose the offence. I am one of those; his mother, wife, his child, And this brave fellow too, we are the grains: You are the musty chaff; and you are smelt Above the moon: we must be burnt for you.

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Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus
Coriolanus Coriolanus

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