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When a drug dealer is out for my blood, Rafe and Leo are my only hope. What comes next? But these are natural questions following all loved books. It does not necessarily mean a book should be written to answer those questions. The result of Moyes trying to create a new episode of the story out of such questions is a book that feels like fanfiction, not a worthy sequel.

This book attempts to tie up all loose ends in Lou's life. Despite the lingering sadness of Me Before You , I didn't find it to be a depressing book. After You , on the other hand, is much more depressing for the most part - a fact that does not add depth to it. There's just not that much story to the book, except for the contrived "surprise from Will's past" showing up, and that just turned the book into About a Boy with female characters - lonely woman in her thirties gains new purpose from helping a problem kid.

The new love interest is a nice guy, but is forgettable and I never felt much chemistry between them. Also, I tried really hard to sympathize, but I just despised the selfish, bratty Lily. Everything in this book feels unnatural - created by the author to extend a story that had already been told to its full potential. The various subplots feel like extra padding and seem pointless. What was all that about Lou's mother discovering feminism and refusing to shave her legs?

Aside from the cringy portrayal of feminism, why is that even in there? I understand why fans of Me Before You will feel the need to read this book, but I just don't think it's necessary. It's mildly entertaining at times, but nothing valuable has been added here. View all comments. I get it. Me Before You was amazing. I fell in love with the characters too. This book, however, is not Me Before You. So many people loved Lou from Me Before You and wanted to know what happened to her after the book ended. Then, when they are given a book that tells them what happened, they automatically compare it to the first one that they loved and realize that it falls short.

These people are disappointed in the story because they expect the greatness of Me Before You to continue. I think you need to enter this story knowing that a book that you fall that deeply in love with is a rare thing and it is unlikely that a follow up story will evoke the same emotions. Please know that, yes, I realize that this does not apply to everyone.

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Some people will simply not like the story. I am only referring to a specific group of people here This book is no exception. It did not evoke in me what Me Before You did. However, it was a good story on its own. If not comparing the two and only looking at After You for its own merits, it is a good story. Maybe it was more about other characters than you had hoped? I enjoyed meeting new characters and watching Lou's life expand. I thought this story was very well done. It showed Lou's struggle with moving on after Will's death.

It showed how his death affected other characters and how people struggled to relate following such a tragedy. I still love Lou's character and there are other character's in this book that I really enjoyed - Sam, Donna, Jake I didn't love Lily, but she grew on me later in the book. I enjoyed the characters in Lou's group and their interactions. Mostly, I enjoyed seeing Lou's struggle, how she was stuck, and how she grew. Overall, I really enjoyed this story and think it is worth a read. Please know if you intend to read it that this is not Lou and Will's story.

This is Lou's story of growth and Lily's story of growth, as both learn how to move on from their pasts. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. However, part of me is really concerned that this sequel is being written, because I love Me Before You.

That story had a definite beginning, middle, and end. I really hope this story doesn't spoil that one some how. Oh, how I hope I love it View all 54 comments. It either could go fairly decently or be a big old hot mess. How do you top a book that was perfection to me? The author does have a bit at the beginning asking readers to not spoil anything for other readers and I will respect that, because just because a book doesn't work for me doesn't mean that everyone will feel that same way.

It's just that I felt so personally invested in that first book. When this one started out I was okay. Lou was battling her grief over Will's death. I know how hard losing someone can be. It's devastating. Hell, Will was a book character and I shed a whole lot of tears over him myself. I feel like JoJo Moyes should have had a best friend that just stopped her when she presented the idea of this book to her.

Instead of encouraging her Because, it did not work. AT ALL. Booksource: Netgalley in exchange for review. My friend Magdalena did enjoy this book. She writes an amazing review at the link provided. I think it's just up to the individual reader on this one. View all 64 comments. I think if you are expecting the emotional punch of the first book you are going to be sorely disappointed.

I'm not ashamed to say that Me Before You had me up reading until very late at night and then crying my eyes out until very early the next morning. It was the kind of book that sticks with you, the kind of book that is extremely hard to follow up. It ended on a very powerful note, so any book that calls itself a "sequel" has to match that kind of power. This didn't, not even close. We follow Lou's life a year and a half after the death of Will, and we see what her life has become. Honestly, I didn't enjoy this Lou very much.

Gone is any spark, any vitality, any humor, and without those aspects of her personality I had trouble staying engaged with her. I didn't like this pushover Lou, and I barely recognized her from the previous book. Her life is wholly depressing. Lou is stuck completely in this sort of limbo, and reading about her mostly boring day to day things felt one-note and tedious. Lou's family details, like her mother's newfound feminism and her sister's meddling, seemed contrived and almost silly.

I didn't get what those side plots added to the story, and I didn't find them compelling. Lou's love interest was just He was sexy in a classic romance way- the patient, motorcycle-riding savior- but I simply didn't feel the chemistry between him and Lou. It felt like a relationship without weight, certainly without the intensity of Lou's relationship with Will. If you are going to present a love interest to follow the one from Me Before You, it would have to be absolutely epic And don't get me started on Lily. No spoilers from me, but Lily just irritated me to no end. She was SO selfish, and I struggled to feel much sympathy for her rich-girl plight.

I know the author tried to give us reasons to empathize with Lily, especially near the end with her convoluted backstory, but I was rooting for Lou to branch out and have more of the story-line to herself. However, this book's greatest crime, IMO, was that it was boring. I kept putting this book down and starting other stories, only to force myself back to this one after a few hours.

Dean Koontz

And though this book has brief moments of greatness, and it wasn't bad or offensive in any way, it also failed to grab me the way I was expecting it to. After the way Me Before You gripped me, I think this was the biggest let down of all. View all 37 comments. I think Jojo Moyes was very brave to go into this kind of direction and I appreciate her realistic approach. This might turn out to be a rather personal and subjective review. Not doing, what Will wanted her to do before he died. Push yourself.

Just live well. Just live. Because honestly: How could she? The person she loved, her first and one true love was dead and there was nothing she could have done to stop him, nothing that would have changed his mind. How could she understand that losing him was like having a hole shot straight through me, a painful, constant reminder, an absence I could never fill? You know that you should move on, because life moves on regardless if you want it to or not. It sounds like quite a challenge. The room was suddenly very quiet. And found myself unexpectedly biting back tears. So, yes Louisa is a mess!

That would have been unrealistic and it would have devalued the love Lou felt for Will. So, is this book an intermediate phase? Yes, it is! But it is necessary! Lou has to grieve in order to be able to move on and to heal and she ultimately does! Boy, how she does! You try to get back on your feet, you try to live on, you fight to be able to enjoy your life! You learn how to cope with your loss, to turn it into something positive! That life is still ahead of you!

That the time you spent with your loved one - no matter how long or short lived it might have been - was precious and a gift! And eventually… well eventually you accept your loss and you move on. You finally live the life you know your loved one wanted you to live all along. About learning how to live with your scars and about accepting them as a part of you. Thank you for giving us hope. I can only speak for myself here, but my teenage me really would have needed and appreciated your book! Lou will get happy in this one, she has to! If not I might just end up throwing another book against a wall.

I get the feeling I might need it. View all 20 comments. It was heartbreaking, but it was the heartbreak of an impartial observer. I liked Louisa Clark, but, for whatever reason, I never connected with her the way I do in a well-developed story, and the story itself was so. I suppose it felt like tragedy for tragedy's sake.

And that shit pisses me off. If you're going to ground my heart into the pavement, there had better be a damn good reason for it. What's the most impossible falling-in-love scenario I can come up with? Excellent, let's do that. How can I make moving the relationship forward equally impossible?

And how can I make the whole thing pointless, from start to finish, while inflicting the most emotional damage? It's deceptively selfish. It's meant to be a love story, right? But the eye glances over it, and the brain makes excuses, so that you don't realize until it's too late that it's a one-sided love story.

Or maybe it's ambiguous, and my interpretation is a reflection of my overall experience. I saw the same spark Will had seen in Louisa, the unrealized potential, and I decided to give Moyes the chance to cultivate that potential. It allowed Moyes to craft something entirely different, something that felt real , even after the meticulously crafted WOE of what came before. Louisa Clark transformed from a cardboard placeholder into a person of flesh and blood. Treena, previously, a stock baby sister, spoiled and selfish, became a bright young woman struggling with the consequences of a teenage pregnancy.

I could feel her despair and guilt wrestling with her love of the son that had complicated her life. Her parents were equally changed, as were Will's. Then there were the new characters, like the members of Lou's weekly group therapy meeting, who we spent little time with, but who were all clear, individual personalities. And Lily. That girl broke my heart worse than Will Traynor ever did. But this time I laughed as much as I cried. At the meandering tangents poor Marc unsuccessfully tried to rein in during the Moving On Circle meetings. At Thom's boyish antics, the looks exchanged between sisters, Mrs.

Clark's refusal to shave her legs after taking a night class of the feminist variety, and a dozen other things besides. And that laughter made the pain bearable, the pain of truths that were ruthless in their simplicity. A child who knew that her mother loved her, but not as much as she loved herself.

These were smaller pains, but they were no less potent. I've always internally scoffed when I've heard or read about someone not realizing they were crying until their face was too wet to ignore, or some Good Samaritan gave them a tissue--how can you cry and not know it? But AFTER YOU taught me that there are some hurts that sneak up on you, that are subconsciously recognized, even when experiencing them vicariously, and several times throughout the reading I found myself similarly effected as those I'd previously ridiculed.

Then Treena would give Lou a look that I've received many times from my own sisters: She pulled the kind of face at me that told me simultaneously that I was an eejit, and also that this was no surprise to her whatsoever. Instead of the manufactured grief that resulted from a series of events so horrifying that you couldn't help but react to them, regardless of how foreign that grief is to your own life experience, you get the pain from the aftermath of that loss. It's a real pain that few of us aren't familiar with, and that made me feel it all the more deeply. But it was the potential that made the real difference.

The potential for something more than unremitting pain. My recommendation is this: 1. You'll only be disappointed. It is lovely. And frustrating, and heartbreaking, and REAL. My review of Me Before You View all 28 comments. Feb 15, Alejandro rated it it was amazing Shelves: humor , novel , romance. Louisa Clark returns!!! And since I won't make any spoilers, I only can tell you that you'll have a lot of surprises! And the best of that? Judging is easy. Nobody expects that you save the world, but as Oskar Schindler found out… …to save a life is to save the world.

And not lives needed to save from a physical wound, some lives needed to save from soul wounds and sometimes they are in such dark place that they put themselves beyond of accepting help and they can be testing, but if you think that it's the right thing to do, not matter the outcome, it will be worthy too. Nobody will do what you need to do in the world. If you don't do those things, nobody else will do it. You're unique in the world in ways that you wouldn't believe it. For better or worse. It's A Wonderful Life! I just think that the thought that nobody else will do what you must do, it was right to apply here.

Since you are the only one able to judge yourself and your own actions. Other people and their actions and repercussions? Only God can judge them. View all 33 comments. I laughed, I cried, I laughed so hard that I cried, and then I sobbed ridiculously. This book has some of the best examples of female friendship I have ever seen in my life and I absolutely love Lily and Lou's friendship. So beautiful! View all 4 comments. After reading Me Before You , I couldn't help but want to keep the story going. Lou was charming and understandably heartbroken, and despite knowing that sequels rarely live up to the original, I decided to give it a go.

After You is so different from Me Before You that it often felt like a standalone more than a sequel It was good in that I didn't feel like I had to spend the length of the read constantly comparing the two in order to determine whether it was a goo After reading Me Before You , I couldn't help but want to keep the story going. It was good in that I didn't feel like I had to spend the length of the read constantly comparing the two in order to determine whether it was a good follow up. But I also felt a bit let down. I had become so attached to those original characters that to be thrown in with a seemingly new group was maybe a bit weird.

That being said, I found this book to be thoroughly enjoyable. I wouldn't, though, put it in the same class as it's predecessor. It's different, it's a fabulous story, but I didn't feel the emotional pull or the need to devour it that I had before. Quite honestly, I think I give this one a hard time because my expectations were so high.

What did I think? It's a fun, easy read and if you loved Me Before You, you'll likely enjoy this one too. It wasn't at all what I expected, but that didn't take away from the enjoyment of it. It did feel a bit rushed to fit in a second storyline almost, but since I enjoyed this story as well, I really didn't mind too much. Who should read it? It's a fun story that will have those that loved it's previous book will love knowing what happens afterward. View all 9 comments. At the start of "After You", I told my friend Iris I never thought it was a great idea to write a sequel to "Me Before You" For one thing, "Me Before You" was never written 'with' the intention of their being a follow up.

Expecting a complete plane crash Louisa has an accident early in this story To the extent Louisa was still grieving, it would have been more realistic if Jojo Moyes began this story about 6 or 7 months after his death. By 19 months I saw potential Moyes wrote several incomplete plots, with a variety of characters Basically, this novel lacked a powerful focus!!! It lacked powerful - fresh- insights! It was like an 'ok' meal. View all 31 comments. Jan 06, emma rated it did not like it Shelves: chick-lit , owned , reviewed , non-ya , nope , 1-star , couldn-t-wait-to-read.

This review contains spoilers for Me Before You. With unexpected sequels like this one, I suppose it comes down to whether the sequel adds anything to the original. I recognize the temptation to write a follow-up to Me Before You. Man dies, everyone learns something, moves on, creates something wonderful out of his death. Or at least liking it enough to appreciate its follow-up. I was already sensitive to criticisms of the first book, because I hate liking things that could be problematic in any way.

Let me explain my love for Me Before You so I can carefully outline my qualms against this follow-up.

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  • It made a claim for the humanity of assisted suicide, which is a cause I believe in. And it had a nice theme - we only have one life and we need to live it. This book was pages of the latter, again. No, we had to follow along as she monotonously ambled through it. There was no grand love story. Though there was a forced and un-interesting one alarmingly close to the first book.

    Also, some heavy-handed looks at, like, violence? Maybe gangs? I think I detected what may have been a soon-removed effort to discuss mental illness. Instead, it inserts truisms. I liked Will Traynor. Or did I? I liked their romance. The worst kind of sequel is one that casts an uncertain light on your feelings for the first book. I feel bad for my family - in day two three? My mom, a fellow Moyes appreciator, wisely told me to stop reading it.

    The entire appeal of this book is in the promise of character development. Really, this felt like reading a wholly different world from the first book. But Lily was like the cool girl in class, the one you found yourself trying to impress. From a grown ass woman. Ignore negative reviews, and especially ignore the existence of this book. View all 21 comments. I'll try to forget. I don't think we needed a new story.

    I'm not saying this is bad, it's Jojo - it can't, but it just kind of ruined part of what I imagined for Lou after the end of the first book. And every single time I read Will's name in this my heart skipped a beat, and I c Review after the read 3 - Because I love Jojo Moyes - Stars I'm sorry, I'm very sorry to say that I would've preferred that this book was never born. And every single time I read Will's name in this my heart skipped a beat, and I confessed I was a little bit annoyed with all those characters, it was like if they were "intruding" our story.

    And I'm sorry to say that the most annoying and boring part was Lily. I couldn't care less about her. I really don't know what to say about this book, probably I shouldn't have read it, but I couldn't resist. So, if you loved the first book and you're not sure about this, I'd say that you can easily skip this one and continue to imagine what you want about their lives But if you really want to read it, then read it like if this is a new story and you don't know who Will was, even if it's impossible, you have to forget everything you knew about them.

    Anyway, if you read it prepare your tissues, it's always Jojo Moyes ; I'm gonna die. I'm happy and scared because I can already imagine what's going to happen I'm not ready for this. View all 10 comments. You are going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. It always does feel strange to be knocked out of your comfort zone… There is hunger in you, Clark. You just buried it, like most people do. Nothing short of beautiful! An emotionally charged story about healing and learning to believe in yourself after a painful loss.

    I am in love with this story! I fell in love with You are going to feel uncomfortable in your new world for a bit. Well, the sequel After You feels like the epilogue I desperately needed! This story picks up about eighteen months after the ending of Me Before You. After a fateful night where she suffers from a horrible accident, she returns to her hometown to recover and there begins her attempt to heal from her wounds both physical and emotional. Through her recovery, she meets a cast of wonderful characters that slowly become the foundation for her new life.

    She meets Lily Houghton-Miller and Sam Fielding, who I absolutely adored because in their own ways, they brought back the Lou I knew from the first book. I appreciated how Lily challenged Lou to try and move on without a feeling of guilt clouding her every move. Beautiful set of characters that were a perfect addition to this story! There was also another set of secondary characters that added a whole new flavor to this novel.

    The Moving On Circle was a breath of fresh air! Daphne, William, Natasha, Fred, Marc and Jake each complemented the story with their own journey toward recovery. I enjoyed their therapy sessions that revealed their insecurities, fears and hopes. It was all so serious, yet shared with a level of brevity that kept the story flowing with ease.

    Adored them! This family was absolutely flawed to perfection! It was quite clear they cared about Louisa and her struggles. Finally, the spotlight deservedly belongs to Louisa Clark. Throughout this entire journey, she showed compassion, bravery, determination and heart. I wanted her to become not only the Louisa we knew and loved in Me Before You , but an even better version of that character as she worked hard to recover from a painful experience.


    Lou has become my favorite female character of ! Loved her!! There were moments and passages in this story that truly hit me hard. After You had many of those moments of brilliance. Overall, I believe fans of Me Before You will enjoy journeying with Louisa Clark as she learns to fall in love and believe in herself again.

    Beautiful… absolutely beautiful! The book was first published on 29 September in the United Kingdom. A second sequel, Still Me, was published in January It continues the story of Louisa Clark after Will's death. She is trying to move on. She was convinced by his motivation to change, so she moved to London and got a job in an airport coffee shop.

    One night, she decides to go up the roof of her building to sit alone when someone from behind her talks to her. She panics and falls off the roof. She breaks many bones and takes a lot of time to heal. After she gets well she enrolls in a moving on circle in a church and lies to everyone and tells them Will's name was Bill.

    Lily, Will's daughter gets in contact with her and she wants to know everything about her deceased father, who she didn't know existed until he passed away. Lily wants to get to know her grandparents, so she moves in with Louisa. She hates living with her mother, stepfather, and her half-brothers. Meanwhile, Louisa gets to know Sam, the father of one of the boys in her moving on circle. Sam is also one of the ambulance drivers that helped save her life.

    As she gets to know him, a new love story begins to grow in her life. Nathan gets in contact with her and offers her a job in the USA. She interviews for this job and gets accepted. It is such a hard decision for Lou as she had just started to fall for Sam. View all 6 comments. The "After You" sequel is good not as good , but for a different reason. Many folks complained about the need for this second book, and with the first one being made into a movie, it may have been a required follow-up as opposed to a story that yearned to be told Let's dive in Story The book opens about 18 months after the first 3 stars to Jojo Moyes 's After You , the follow-up to Me Before You , which was a very popular book made into a movie earlier this year.

    Story The book opens about 18 months after the first one ends, which was when her patient and soul-mate, Will Traynor, committed suicide. If you are reading this review, it's not really a spoiler as that's the whole point of Me Before You -- how will she handle the tragedy of being with him You can also check out my Book 1 review in the link below. Are you listening? Of course, it never happens, and she goes back to the quiet and sheltered life she had before she met him.

    When she accidentally falls off her roof, it sets into motion several challenges for her to face. Some think she tried to kill herself. Some think she is rotting away her life. She goes back to a very sad job where she's yelled at by a nasty boss all the time. She tries to get better by going to a self-help group for people affected by a loved one who died.

    She meets the ambulance medic who saved her after the fall. She gets a job offer to go to NYC. And she meets Lily, the secret daughter Will had that no one ever knew about. While Louisa tries to figure out her life, she learns all the lessons she needs to be able to move on And that's for you to find out when you read the book I can't give a spoiler away, right?

    Strengths 1.

    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)
    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)
    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)
    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)
    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)
    An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2) An Unseen Life: When the Extraordinary Becomes Ordinary (Second Edition: Revised and Updated Book 2)

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