The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)

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She usually had good judgment, but this time she was in love, and refused to listen to the warnings of her concerned brother. He's looking for just one. Set in the 70s at Fort Knox Kentucky. Semi-finalist award. Durdin, to Copyright Appears to be an Australian author. Orphaned, angry, and painfully shy, will Carl find happiness with Emma? Comfortable writing style.

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Durdin, to Download to Adobe Reader pdf. Continuing the sage of Carl and Emma. They have everything except peace of mind, until they meet their guardian angel. Will she go back home or stay? Also two short stories on this website. Lee Lowe Under a shadow of dark memories, the oddly gifted young Jessie is desperate and seeking a new life in the city. Exposes the painful side of law enforcement. Awarded recognition from a small business federation.

History, music, a theatre organ and silent movies. Two boys growing up in the 's and Roaring 20's. Their fascination with music draws them into danger. Set in Jacksonville Florida, "Hollywood of the East. Klaser, Copyright A career crisis sends Tess home, only to face the death of her family, a perplexing winter romance, and suspicions of homicide. Can Will and Emily help the secret agency that recruited them?

Set on the Kansas frontier in A struggling single mother's business is saved by a down on his luck cowboy. Lauro, author of Christian books. A pastor helps a youngster attend the church school, starting rumors about his relationship with her mother. And a second book called Hansell's Dragon , An imaginative story about the dangers of cloning. Witzsche, Copyright Written with the sincere intention of restoring the principle of universal love and a kind of Golden Renaissance. No ads in here. More books below. Span Cyberpunk thriller about a woman alone in a dystopian future, working to make ends meet like the rest of the new underclass, by taking a powerful drug that gives her telepathic abilities.

Perhaps still being updated. Looks good, but check it all out since it might be unfinished. Perhaps you can explore this one on your own. Lyrics, melodies and instruments act as the catalyst. Pulp action contemporary superhero. Can't find a description. Appears to be some good old boys just trying to cope with ordinary life and make some sense of it. Readers, maybe you can tell me more. Boling Road trip adventure, twelve short chapters. Sadlier Older copyright, but might be a good read.

No description. Noonan He failed as a painter. Now, what else does life have to offer? Lewis Eight chapter western. He couldn't escape his past or the outlaw who was using his name. Proctor 11 short chapters. A district attorney's is determined to clean up the city Losacco First of a fantasy trilogy.

Peter, still unsure of his own path, is sent out to save another world from destruction. Konrath Now alone, Lt. Jacqueline Daniels gives up on the FBI, and has to figure out a way to catch a killer before he has a chance to take her life. This is the story of what happens 30 years later. Big profits and a huge rise in productivity is expected, but is there a cover up on the dangers of such a move? Autobiographical novel of a young Mormon missionary's two years in Japan. Williams Mystery and romance in a serial novel of a young lawyer. A lot happens in the first chapter Can his practice nurse bring the kind of life that will tame him?

Williams Strange and even violent happenings after passengers from a missing plane eventually show up alive with no memory of the disaster they went through. Start with the first chapter called "the ending. Chambers Author is still updating the 10 episodes She has a boyfriend but seems to be drawn to a tormented fellow with a dark past. Azazel has to uncover his secrets, no matter were it takes her. Episodes left column. Perhaps he can run off with the lovely nursing assistant! Am I supposed to be somewhere? This was one of those days.

LEAH J. Reep Leah always lived in books, but now she's off to high school and has to cope with love and pressures of the real world. Download to Adobe Reader pdf or Microsoft Word. The story follows three young comrades after World War II on their secret mission to protect the crossing to Lyndersfarne. Konrath Lt. Jacqueline Daniels had enough to worry about, even before the serial killer put her on his list. Youngren, Copyright Young woman's life in a series of humorous short stories. Problem parents, crazy coworkers, and a few good friends.

Not a Jane Austen novel! It's up to you! You decide by taking an active or passive role. Link is for download to your computer. Illustrated, so be patient on dialup connection. HERMAN Jim Spence A simple, ordinary man wanting so badly to make a difference that he never opens his eyes to the possibility that he makes a difference every single day.

Several men try to help her recover her memories, but her true identity may be a threat to them all, including the man she loves. Lees, Copyright Princess, Baronet, Farmer, and thief fight the mercenaries through times of friendship, love, and betrayal. Norris, Copyright Story of a Vietnam War conscientious objector. Aimed at intermediate level English as a second language students and teachers, but also fine for native speakers of English.

There are those who may appear to be miracle workers, but beware of a distorted life form that may bring harm to the Universe.

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So she went out and bought a bass boat to snag her man! Short 8 chapters. Rigsbee Can the young Adriana stick with her nursing career plans, or will she be thrown off course in the very last semester? A brilliant coal miner engineer helps her overcome obstacles, save her father, and realize a dream of opening a school for illiterate residents. Click on the first picture to download to Adobe Reader pdf. The first is a short novella. Reunion of six close teens who, over the years, had drifted apart. Other follow up stories on the couples. The fireworks begin with mistaken identity, as the company vice president shows up on her doorstep.

Will the expected rejection be as fortunate as he thinks? Ari loses her magical farm and vows to recover it. First of a series. Now her husband has found her, claimed her, rescued her. Desire flashes between them like heat lightning on a summer night. Her body know That's the subtext of the columns scrawled by Wiley from various states of semi-consciousness as he slinks out of the woodwork and insinuates himself into the soft underbelly of Southern California consciousness.

Wilier than a coyote, badde Thanks to their large extended family and unconventional courtship, The Worthingtons have seen their share of scandal and excitement.

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But nothing has prepared them for this It is early autumn, and Dixie Mae Carver is enjoying working as a Beauty Maven Cosmetics representative in her small hometown of Friendship. Her business is off to a great start until she finds one of her wealthy customers murdered by a knife-wielding maniac. In a world ravaged by war, the paths of two warriors are about to cross with world-changing consequences.

Chaos is a soldier of The Children of the Light, and fights in the name of destiny, honor and glory. Arrogant and headstrong, he believes he is the strongest warrior in the land, un Do you want to find more readers for your book? To save Darien's life his brother asks, "Can you walk in high heels? When a new diva auditions, Erika is bewild Dead Is All You Get. Author: Steven Ramirez. Caress: The Complete Edition. Category: Romance Suspense. Author: Josie Litton. Romance Suspense. Hidden Agenda.

Category: Thriller - Suspense. Author: Mick Bose. Thriller - Suspense Mystery-Crime. Author: Denise Alicea. The Rebound List. Author: Hedonist Six. New Adult. Shifter Trials. Category: Romance Paranormal. Author: Shari Elder. Romance Paranormal. Diners, Dives and Dead Ends. Category: Mystery-Women Sleuths. Author: Terri L. Mystery-Women Sleuths Humor. Category: Romance Contemporary. Author: Irish Morland. Murder in Paradise Bay. Author: Jen Talty. Dead Calm, Bone Dry Popular. Category: Action-Adventure. Author: Eddie Jones. Lucille's Valentine. Author: Lorelei Moone. Author: Grace Harney.

Young Adult. What Lies Beyond the Fence. Author: L. Thriller - Suspense. Fatal Obsession. Author: Lori L.

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Author: Adam Dreece. Action-Adventure Fantasy Young Adult. The Wizard Killer - Season Two. Action-Adventure Fantasy. The Yellow Hoods boxset Books Fantasy Young Adult. Author: Julie Moffett. Author: Katy Haye. Author: David Pauly. Category: Fantasy-Urban. Author: david pauly.

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    Author: C T Mitchell. Crowning Fantasy. Author: Coral Russell. Author: Adeline Setterfield. Eternal Night Popular. Author: Jade Kerrion. Life Shocks Romances Collection 1. New Adult Romance Contemporary. The Vasectomy Diaries. Author: Rodney Lacroix. Cat and Mouse. Author: Tim VIcary. Captives: Kingdoms Rule Hearts. Category: Romance Historical. Author: Emily Murdoch. Historical Fiction Romance Historical. To Find a Viking Treasure.

    Author: Gina Conkle. Romance Historical Action-Adventure. The Lady Meets Her Match. Romance Historical Audio Books. The Crow Maiden. Author: Kelley Heckart.

    Romance Historical Romance Paranormal. Call Me Yours. Author: Scarlet Rose Bonnet. When irresistible American congressman Jackson T. Paine intervenes, her life is changed for ever. Feel the heat of the chemical reaction. Tipped as a futu And she gets just that chance when megastar Ella Harper announces her plans to marry in Ireland.

    One night stands should be exactly that, one wild night. Somebody should tell that to the sexy Russian. I work hard and play hard, and if I can have some fun time with a hot gu When an unexpected encounter in the air leads to something kinky Amelia: When I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me I was heart-broken. Forget about love. All I was interested in now was a relationship with no strings attached. So I had a one time fling with a sexy, rugged stranger on a pla A virgin and a CEO: a tragedy pulls them into a marriage of convenience.

    But when sparks fly, it's anything but convenient Harper When I get called into my father's best friend's office, the last thing I can imagine is that the powerful Jayson Satyros is going to ask me to Will a secret crush lead to a heartbreak or forever? Zach Thorne is a sexy, wild ride, so it's no surprise that his love life is a revolving door of women.

    Carter Haywood lives for the weekends - specifically the one weekend every month when he escapes real life, with all the pressures of work and caring for his special needs brother, to do whatever he wants, with whomever he wants. Sex is only a release; he's not looking for love, a relationship or ev A sexy psychological thriller that takes jabs at the real estate industry--suspenseful with a touch of romance. Someone is killing off the unethical Realtors in Rock Canyon and the clues are all pointing toward Dana Black, a sharp-witted yet emotionally skittish Realtor with memory lapses, who has n Not every alien is an enemy, even if he kidnaps you Calista is happy with her life of scientific research.

    She has no need for a man, she has her books, her friends, and her work. Things are fine until her ship is attacked by space pirates and crash lands on a desert planet with heat so in Feola made a terrible mistake. Four months ago, she Bonded with the wrong man. The man she rejected. Ajax, warrior and healer, has resigned himself to a mateless future.

    When Jennifer Summers returns to the U. Should she resume her singing career or continue to live a secluded life out of the spotlight in the hopes that her stalker won't be able to locate her? Years ago Jake Ackerson let Jennifer As a journalist, Joy just wants to write—and to forget.

    When she meets local vineyard owner Adam Danvers, though, she discove The Education of Sebastian. I read. Five stars!!!! It was a captivating story of forbidden love. But they only got the sanitized version of the story. Nice Guy. Kama Sutra is an ancient book best known for giving insights and advice on how to conduct your sex life, among others. This book partakes a large part of the Kama Sutra plus additional information about sex and how to conduct your sexual relationships to ensure pleasure for both you and your partner I met him in the middle of a thunderstorm on my thirteenth birthday.

    Over the years, the rain would continue to be a part of our story. Sometimes, I would run for cover, and others, I would stand with my arms open wide as I got completely soaked. Lennon Cooper and Weston Blake met when they were onl Poor darling's never ridden a motorcycle before. Or me, for that matter. But then again, neither do I. He's running from the law and from his past. She's trying to build a future for herself and her son. It's supposed to be one night of fun but thei Sophie…has stupid awesome sex with a stranger.

    Usually, I quietly reserve my opinions for my news articles, but when Tony argues with me, he tempts me Waking up sandwiched between two of them. Quinn Preston, a financial analyst, is not happy when her friends dare her to pick up a handsome stranger at a wedding reception. Made my first billion before I was I want for nothing now. The more that stands between us, the more I want her. However, I have a reputation and for good reason. Baseball star Tomas Vegas puts all his energy into winning the World Series, until he meets the young and beautiful widow Adriana Moretti.

    Adriana, who owns a multi-million dollar business she started with her late husband, is determined to carry on his legacy. The last thing she wants or needs is t A street-hardened cop, a vulnerable woman. Dare she unwrap the Xmas gift of love from a dangerous Santa? Another book in the steamy 'Seduction Series' from Emma Calin.

    A stand alone story of passion, action and adventure with London cop Paula Middleton. Her job takes her to extremes on the streets o What do you do when the man you end up working for is the worst bully you could ever imagine? This is the dilemma facing Ellie Goldwell, one from which she would gladly walk away She stands up for herself, though, letting her boss kno When two people who thrive on taking charge collide—in and out of the bedroom—the results are explosive. Me, manage the Vipers hockey team? Shame a gorgeous, cocky goaltender is testing my patience.

    Sweet cheeks—really, is that any w A hot Aussie rock star looking for love. Why did he have to pick HER hotel? A maid at the exclusive Romance Island Resort, Audra knows how to handle rock stars, billionaires and celebrities. She keeps their secrets, cleans up their mess and makes sure their holiday is a memorable one.

    There's just A randy coyote howling at the moon from a hilltop is struck by lightning. Though a shape-shifter he's had no use for his human form. When struck he changed to survive, but sadly can't change back. Unprepared for life as a man, he walks naked into civilization to find food, shelter and discrimination Eighteen year old Rosalind, a German Catholic descendant, left South Africa for Israel with her doctor boyfriend, Foxy, so they could pursue their dream of helping the wounded soldiers together.

    But when his jealous temper again gets the better of him, she decides to end their relationship, but stil There are no listings before the previous listing. Click the back button in your browser to return to it, or browse another listing below. Romance Steamy. Results 1 - of Author: Gina Drayer.

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    Author: Linda Style. Author: Josie Litton. Author: Lane Hart. Alicia Vs. Author: Mona Cox. Caldwell Brothers 6 Book Series Popular. Author: Colleen Charles. Romance Contemporary Romance Steamy Series. Free thru Kindle Unlimited! Click on the Amazon link to get it! From the Ashes. Author: Jamie Garrett. Royal Wedding Popular. Author: Susan Sheehey. Romance Contemporary Romance Steamy. Author: Lily Harlem.

    Cookie Therapy. Author: Karla Brandenburg. Romance Steamy Romance Contemporary. Master of Her World. For Shift's Sake. Author: Mina Carter. Sun's Out Guns Out. Author: Genevieve Matthews. Jordan's Quest. Author: Alicia Whitmore. Author: Linnea May. Romance Steamy Romance Suspense. Author: P Nelson. Series Romance Steamy. Author: Jade C. Writing Mr Right. Author: Michaela Wright.

    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1) The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)
    The Harder They Fall (Adam Kane Series of Suspense Thrillers: Book1)

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