Telefonzelle (German Edition)

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Teile dieser Seite funktionieren nur mit aktiviertem JavaScript. How much I wish myself back to the time when I called my friends from the telephone booth. Ist der Satz so ok?? Comment I long to return. Comment 'wish myself back' isn't quite right here. I would say: How I wish I could go back to the time when I still used to call my friends from payphones.

I'd say. Comment How I yearn for the days when Comment I suppose it should be "phone booths" in AE, too, since a payphone doesn't automatically indicate a phone booth. Lots of payphones were simply attached to a wall, for instance, withot any covering.

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Comment All good points. The choice of term would depend then on knowing whether the author is talking about one specific payphone, and if so, what kind it was. Bubb 11 Nov 10, Comment The OP talks about a Telefonzelle ; that would be a phone booth. Bub: Yes, "yearn for" is also a good suggestion!!!!! Comment dude: I suppose. But does Telefonzelle really indicate unambiguously that the phone is in an enclosed booth?

Here in Vienna they're either enclosed or semi-enclosed, with glass on three sides from your knees up to the top, for instance.

Eingang durch die Telefonzelle - Picture of Havana Social, Bangkok

I'm not sure I'd call that a phone booth. Maybe I've lost my sense, since they hardly exist any more in the States. Or is the author writing about East Germany or a trip to the Soviet Union, etc. The models come in various forms; boxed sets, postcards, pages from magazines, and jig-saw puzzles.

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The collection includes a large number of famous landmarks, versions of which have been produced by many manufacturers. Some publishers focus on a specific genre of buildings such as lighthouses while others set out to illustrate types of houses and buildings rather than specific examples.

The first paper models, those to be cut out from a sheet and assembled, appeared in Europe in the 17th Century, The earliest commercial models were recorded appearing in French toy catalogues in From then on paper models became popular across Europe particularly in Germany, and in the later half of the century, the UK. Manufacturers such as Pellerin and Schreiber began producing series of hundreds of models, from famous landmarks to farmhouses and specific scenes. Originally designed for children, paper models gave their owners the chance to learn about places and people in other parts of the world.

Towards the end of the 20th Century paper modelling became increasingly popular with an adult audience with many kits being designed for a more sophisticated modeller. During this time television tie-ins also started appearing on the market reflecting the emerging trend of media merchandising.

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More recently with the development of the Internet, models have appeared online and these have been printed and added to the collection. Some of these models are stand alone items, while others can be used with model railways or in fantasy role playing games.

Sheets showing a telephone box in unmade paper model form. Picture of the made model on front. In plastic wallet. Please confirm you are using these images within the following terms and conditions , by acknowledging each of the following key points:. Non commercial use only.

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Telefonzelle (German Edition) Telefonzelle (German Edition)
Telefonzelle (German Edition) Telefonzelle (German Edition)
Telefonzelle (German Edition) Telefonzelle (German Edition)
Telefonzelle (German Edition) Telefonzelle (German Edition)
Telefonzelle (German Edition) Telefonzelle (German Edition)

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