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So, if the Spirit of Christ had inspired the prophets of the Old Testament, then it makes very good sense to say, as John said in John see above , that Jesus declares the Father to the world. Jesus always has declared the Father to the world. If Jesus has been the one who has communicated with man all along then we can see why "No one has seen God at any time".

That Rock was Christ. Who is Paul talking about? Let's go to Exodus and find specifically who it is that Paul is referring to, because I have always thought that the angel led them. He didn't follow the camp of Israel, did He? Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 is specifically speaking of the crossing of the Red Sea and of that cloud where God was. So Paul identifies God as Jesus in the cloud. It is the Angel, with God's name who is in the cloud, that went behind to protect the camp of Israel from the Egyptians.

So Paul is clearly saying that the Angel of God is Jesus. Isaiah adds to this thought by saying that the Angel of His Presence has saved, redeemed, and carried Israel all throughout the days of old. Isaiah says that this angel became their Savior! So the angel that has The Father's name in Him, who is also called the Angel of His Presence has always been the Savior of Israel all through the days of old.

He has saved, redeemed, and carried them. It is no wonder that Paul identifies Him as being Christ. We now have an Angel, who is actually identified as the Lord! He is Christ! He is the Angel of God's Presence. Thus God's presence is through this Angel. If some would want to reject Michael the Archangel as being Christ because He is thought to be an angel; We must stop and look at the Biblical references and descriptions of Christ Himself in the Old Testament. Paul points to Jesus as being this Angel. Thus we know He is divine! All these references point to the fact that Jesus is referred to as the Angel of the Lord.

With the wide scope of Biblical references, we know that this Angel is also known as Michael the Archangel. These things about the Angel of God and Michael the Archangel help to confirm that it has always been Jesus all along who has led God's people, even through all the days of old. It has been Jesus all along who has led God's people! Now, let's get back to God's name, the idea that "My name is in Him". To the historical Hebrews, it meant, "He is my heir, my descendent, the one who will carry on my legacy" Examples of this same use of language for heirs of Abraham and others are found in: Gen , Isa.

This idea of having God say: "My name is in Him", agrees with what is written in Hebrews about Jesus:. Elsewhere, in the Bible, we find that Jesus is the Son of God. He is not a created being, but rather, He is the Son of God. So naturally, Jesus has a more excellent name by inheritance than the angels. Now, lets look into something that is very interesting, and I think, very powerful. He identifies Himself as having a name that is wonderful! The Angel of the Lord said His name was wonderful. But who's name is it that is wonderful? It is none other than Jesus Christ!

The Hebrew word for "wonderful" in Judges is the very same Hebrew word for "Wonderful" in isaiah The Strong index number is and it means incomprehensible, beyond our understanding, wonderful. His name is beyond our understanding and it is incomprehensible to us. In Isaiah , we find that Jesus' name is also incomprehensible and beyond our understanding. Jesus and the Angel of the Lord are described in the same way. We have also seen that this Angel is Divine and is also identified as the Lord.

He is Michael the Archangel. The description of the Angel of God's Presence describes an activity that is Divine in nature where He became their Savior and was afflicted in all their affliction. In His pity, He redeemed them. Lets look further through the Old Testament to see if any further clues can be gathered linking Michael the Archangel with Jesus and the angel of the Lord. Perhaps the best Old Testament source for connecting the angel of the Lord with God is the burning bush experience of Moses:. The angel of the Lord appears before Moses in a burning bush that does not burn up, yet as we read into the experience above we see that it is God Himself.

Also notice that the same thing that was told Joshua was also told Moses. Both were instructed to take off their shoes since they were now standing on holy ground. It is because they were now in the presence of God! But also notice that the Scriptures specially identify the individual who speaks to both Moses and Joshua. It is the Lord! It is an Angel, yet it is God! When putting all the attubutes that we have studied all together, we must conclude that the Angel of the Lord really is Michael the Archangel. In verse 15 we have a very interesting statement: This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations.

Who is it that is speaking here in Isaiah? Jesus used the same name that He used in talking to Moses. He is the God of the Old Testament who spoke to the various patriarchs! This again points to the fact that Jesus is also Michael the Archangel. Jesus is the one who throughout the history of the Old Testament has communicated to His people as the Angel of the Lord and as Michael the Archangel. Another interesting point is what Jesus said in verse Jesus told the Jews that Abraham rejoiced to see Jesus in His day. He appariently said it in such a way that the Jews realized that Jesus was saying that He knew Abraham personally and had talked with him.

They were incredulous: You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham? And He knew what would be their reaction, because they knew what "I AM" refered to, and they would not allow themselves to believe that all the prophecies were being fulfilled. Jesus is I AM. He said that He knew and talked to Abraham and that Abraham knew Him!

Now, if we compare Zechariah 3 with Jude an additional connection can be made to link Michael the Archangel with the Angel of the Lord. In addition this is another example where the Angel of the Lord is identified as God. In Zechariah, we see Joshua the high priest standing before the Angel of the Lord. Satan, the accuser, is also present to oppose what the Angel of the Lord is doing. In the second verse, the Angel of the Lord starts speaking to Satan.

Because of all that we have researched on this page, we know that the Angel is not the Father speaking. Why would the Father say: "The Lord rebuke you"? No, it is not the Father. It is the Son! One Lord is speaking of the other Lord. At the time He leaves the rebuking to the Father.

But, God will judge in the heavenly court and Jesus will be given the kingdom at that time See the answer to question 12 at the bottom of the page for details. Jude is an interesting parallel. In it we see Michael the Archangel doing the very same thing that the angel of the Lord did in Zechariah.

But this time it is Michael the Archangel saying: "The Lord rebuke you". The three things in common that connect Zechariah and Jude are: 1 They are referring to the same person. The Angel of the Lord is Michael the archangel. Both times He says: "the Lord rebuke you". So Satan is approached in the same way. So we again have the Angel of the Lord identified as Lord. The Angel of the Lord is shown to be God. Also remember that we have already seen a direct link between the Angel of the Lord and Jesus. Some use Jude to show that Michael and Jesus are not the same individual Jude is more thoroughly discussed near the end of this web page.

However we now see that Jude in connection with Zechariah is really an evidence showing that the Angel of the Lord is actually Michael or Jesus. The angel of the Lord came to Hagar several times. We see that Hagar realized that it was God who talked to her:. We also see that while the angel of God was with Hagar that God opened her eyes. Who could it be that will make a great nation of the boy.

Not an angel but God. And we see that the speaker identifies Himself as I.

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So here we have the angel of God saying that He will make the boy great. Who could this angel be? It is Michael the Archangel who is now called Jesus the anointed one! I will bless thee, I will multiply thy seed, For now I know that you have not withheld your son from me! Now look at verses 15 and This is extremely important!

I will bless thee and. I will multiply thy seed. Yes, this suggests to me that it is Jesus who had talked to Abraham! It is the viewpoint of the author of this web page, using Scripture as evidence as you have already seen on this page, that all the interaction we see in the Old Testament, which is usually attributed to God, is actually Jesus or actually Michael the Archangel as He is known in Heaven. I believe that Michael is Jesus Christ. He is the Archangel!

I believe He is the one who came down to die for our sins! After all, doesn't Michael's name mean one who is like God? Would It seem fitting that Jesus would have presented Himself also as an angel? When Jesus was on earth, He presented Himself as a man. Looking at Christ's mission on Earth we see that He acts as the go between, an intercessor.

Jesus is the one who connects man with God. It was Christ's mission to show us the Father. It was Christ's mission to show us what the Father is like. Could it also have been Christ's mission in heaven to show to the angels what the Father is like as well? Some might wonder why this would be necessary since they are all in Heaven where God is. How is this possible to have the angels being deceived about God when they live in Heaven in the presence of God? We must not forget that there was a war in Heaven.

I do not understand why this might be so; How could Lucifer and many of the other angels reject God when they are in the very presence of God? Satan of course, wanted to be God himself and he was some how able to convince other angels to follow him. We also know what Satan is like today; So we know that his position was probably grounded in deceit. Satan must have lied about God in the struggle to convince angels to follow him. After all isn't that what he does now?

Satan did not want the angels to continue to follow God, but rather, he himself wanted the adoration and worship of the angels in Heaven. Today, Satan does not want any of us to follow God's plan for redemption, so he tries to turn people away from God by lying. He especially lies about God Himself, saying that God is responsible for all the misery on this planet when it is Satan who has caused all the misery. So, Jesus or Michael the Archangel was needed to show to the angels in Heaven what the Father is like as He later did for us. If Satan was able to lie about God in Heaven, there must have been a need for Michael to appear, showing what God is really like.

Two thirds of the angels in heaven chose to believe Michael and one third sided with Lucifer who became Satan, the Devil. It looks like there was quite a spiritual struggle in Heaven as well as the physical battle that is described to have occurred in Heaven.

Today we seem to be having the same kind of spiritual battle and we have the two opposing leaders that we could follow. We could choose to follow either Jesus or Satan. It is our choice whom we will believe. But thank God, that He has sent His Son down to us so that we may know the truth and be saved! Three people have objected to the same issue.

Here are the questions, I have placed them together. Why would Jesus not accuse Satan directly when they argued over Moses, because while Jesus was on Earth, He certainly did accuse Satan directly. There are three basic points to consider when we explain the difference between the actions of Jesus on earth versus His actions as Michael.

Point 1: When Jesus rebuked both the Jewish leaders and their father the devil, there were many other people around to listen. I think Jesus said what He said for the benefit of those listening. These people needed to realize that their leaders were leading them in the wrong direction on many issues. These people looked up to the leaders, yet these leaders were preparing them for destruction by their teaching and their rejection of Jesus. They were not good examples to follow. When Michael faced Satan, the only audience were possibly angels, both evil and righteous.

This occurred long after the angels had decided whom to follow. By this time, they all knew the issues involved in the war between Jesus and Satan. In addition, the fate of the evil angels are already decided. There is no reason why Michael would try to convince anyone at this point in time. It is an example where the Angel of the Lord, whom we know to be Michael the archangel, which we know to be Jesus; He does not directly accurse Satan. Lets look at these Bible verses side-by-side:.

We know that it is not the Father speaking. No, it is not the Father, it is the Son! In Zechariah, we see the same thing. The Angel of the Lord does not directly accuse Satan. He says: "The Lord rebuke you, Satan! So Michael and the Angel of the Lord do the same thing, they do not accuse Satan directly.

It should not be surprising to realize that they are the same individual. Those who say that Jesus, God's Son, would directly accuse Satan, by saying: "I rebuke thee", must ignore Zechariah To say that Jesus would not say what He says in Jude is not paying close attention to Scripture. Point 3: Why would Jesus think Satan is a dignitary?

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To understand the third point, let's look at the context of what is said in Jude Jude is warning of ungodly men coming into the church. The green text indicates the type of sins that will be brought in. The yellow text indicates that God is no respecter of persons. It does not matter who they are, if they follow Satan, they will be destroyed. In verse 8, speaking evil of dignities, is mentioned as an evil that will come into the Church. Then in verse 9, Jude gave the example of Michael, that even he did not speak evil of Satan, who is the dignitary or leader of our world.

Several questions are in order. Why would Jude think that Satan is a dignitary? What authority does Satan have? We are still praying for God's will to occur on earth as it is in Heaven. We are praying this because His will is still not yet happening fully. Jesus has not yet taken authority. Yes, that is right. Satan is still the ruler of this world. There is just so much death, destruction, hate, and sorrow all around us. It is still occurring. Jesus still has not taken our world away from Satan, and we know that is true because we are still here living in this sad sinful world!

In Revelation, starting with chapter 4 we see that there is a court session in Heaven. Daniel refers to this same session in Daniel This occurs at the time of the end. This is the only time that I know of that Satan actually kills someone himself, personally. In Bible times, it took two people to convict someone. Is this needed for the court proceedings? Also, Jesus mentioned to the disciples that Satan will sit in the holy place, sitting where he should not sit:.

This action seems to be "the straw that breaks the camel's back". When Satan sits down as God, Michael stands up Daniel 12 and the battle of Armageddon occurs, which is the time of great tribulation spoken of by Jesus:. God attacks Satan and his angels and the end of the world comes as Jesus comes to receive His own. Satan has to overstep his authority before God stands up to take away his dominion. There seems to be a legal battle that is occurring between Jesus and Satan. Because of what I have read in Revelation, I see that Satan cannot be taken from his position as prince of this world until all the issues are settled.

Some of these events which will help decide the case, for Jesus to win, have not even occurred yet, but they will eventually occur and they will be brought up in the court of heaven, in the last days. So because Michael still does not have the authority that will soon be given to Him, He did not directly rebuke Satan. Today, Michael is still our prince.

He is not yet our King and He has not yet taken authority. It is only much later, which is still in the future, when Satan tries to sit down as God The Abomination of Desolation that God stands up and the end of all things comes to be. Satan has endeavored to overtake God and His Kingdom. Click the link for a more complete Biblical study of Satan's legal battle.

The time that Jesus will rule the earth the kingdoms of this world will not occur until the Seventh Trumpet sounds. It will not be until the Seventh Trumpet sounds that the Kingdom of God will also include the kingdoms of this world, in other words, the earth. See the legal battle page for details. The second question: Matthew and Jude Jesus rebukes satan in Matthew but in Jude , Michael the archangel dares not to accuse satan and instead calls on the lord to rebuke him. I thought maybe these verses would be interesting to you. I dont know too much about the bible though.

This question is different than those found in the previous question. In Jude, there is just a conflict of ownership. Michael and Satan were disputing over the body of Moses. The same is also true for Zechariah which is discussed in the last question. In Zechariah, they are in conflict over Joshua the high priest.

However, in Matthew , Jesus is being tempted to sin against God! In addition, Jesus was tempted in His weakened condition of being human and not having eaten for 30 days. Satan chose Christ's weakest moment. We are all tempted by Satan or his evil angels and it is very serious. Jesus often warned about being tempted.

In the garden before He was captured, He found His disciples asleep and He warned them:. We are to watch and pray often that we might be accounted worthy to stand before Jesus. We will not receive His grace and mercy if we do not pray. Jesus has shown us how we are to win the battle over Satan. Jesus prayed often and when He was attacked by Satan, He resisted the devil:. These are some of the same tools we have been given to fight the enemy.

Jesus used the word of God, which is the sword of the Spirit, to fight against Satan. We are also told to put on the whole armour of God so that we are able to stand against the temptations of the devil. Prayer, faith,gospel of peace, righteousness, and the word of God are our tools of warfare.

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So we are to fight just as Jesus fought Satan and won! Jesus did not allow Satan's temptations to even be considered in His mind. He showed what was truth to counter Satan's lie. That is what we must do. This is why we must memorize Scripture. The third question: Your analysis and conclusion that the archangel Michael is another name for Jesus was a well constructed argument. In fact, it threw me for a loop for nearly two days, as you hammered detail after detail.

However, after checking the scriptures, I disagree and would like to share why. Jude KJV - "Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee. I also have a Greek dictionary in my concordance i. The Greek letters comprising kurios are applied throughout the Book of Jude. In particular, let's look at Jude Jude KJV - 14 "And Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these, saying, Behold, the Lord commeth with ten thousands of his saints, 15 To execute judgement upon all, and to convince all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have ungodly committed, and of all their hard speeches which ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

What's interesting, though, is that kurios is the Greek word used for Lord in this verse as well. Therefore, you can equate "Jesus" for "The Lord" in Jude If the archangel Michael was in fact Jesus, you have to assume that the archangel Michael was invoking his name Jesus and rebuking the devil. But we see that Michael "durst not bring against him a railing accusation.

Matthew KJV - "But he turned, and said unto Peter, "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men. In that context, it's hard to see why Jude would suddenly switch and refer to Jesus as Michael. It's true that Jesus has many names, but they always seem to be adjectives or prophetical names.

Satan was trying to tempt Jesus with the thought that He really didn't have to die. Later on, when Jesus struggled in prayer with His Father, we can clearly see that Jesus did not want to go through with it.


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But it is also very clear that Jesus wanted God's will to be done over everything else. Reason 1: Satan was directly attacking Jesus through Peter. Satan wanted to cause Jesus to sin by getting Him to not want to die for humanity. But Jesus did not give the idea any chance at all, in His mind, of taking hold of His thoughts.

He immediately stopped the thought and stopped the disscussion by showing how much of an offense the idea was to Him. Jesus was mindful of the things of God while Peter was being led by satanic desires. In Jude 9, Michael was not being tempted by Satan as a human. Instead, Satan was disputing about the body of Moses. In Matthew, Jesus was being tempted and He responded as we should respond. We should resist the Devel and he will flee from us James For more information you can check the second question on this page. Reason 2: Peter and the rest of the disciples needed to know what was happening for their own salvation.

So, I believe that Jesus was also rebuking Satan for the benefit of His disciples. They needed to see that no matter how bad His death would be, they also needed to be mindful of the things of God. They also needed to know how easy it was for them to be led and tempted by Satan. They especially needed to know how to have victory in Christ! On the other hand, when Michael faced Satan, the only audience were possibly angels, both evil and righteous.

By this time, they all knew the issues involving the war between Michael and Satan. There is no reason why Michael would try to convince anyone of this group at that point in time. So, I believe that when Jesus was on earth, He came to save all He could. The people right in front of Him needed to hear His rebuke of Satan. They could benefit from what Jesus said. On the other hand, Satan and his evil angels can no longer benefit from anything that He says. That, I believe, is the difference.

For more information you can check point 1 in first question. Your argument that the Lord must always be Christ is a little weak. First I will look at other books of the Bible and then we will also go back and look at Jude. In Revelation, the wicked experienced extreme fright as they saw both Him that sits on the throne and also the wrathful Lamb:. It is clear from Revelation 6 that the Father and Jesus are both coming, not just Jesus. I like the description in Matthew:. Jesus will be at the right hand of power when He comes down.

He will come in the glory of His Father. So yes, Jesus will come with the presence of His Father. They will come together. The description of the Father and His Son is found many places in Revelation. Here is just one of many. At the sounding of the seventh angel we find that the kingdoms of this world become that of our Lord and of His Christ. Here the Father is called Lord and the same Greek word is used: "Kurios". We might wonder what Jude means. Just who is the Lord? Is it Jesus or does it mean both the Father and Jesus? Now when we go back and look at the 4th verse of Jude we find that the word "Lord" is also applied to both the Father and the Son, Jesus Christ:.

Here, Jude uses "Lord" for both the Father and Jesus. So, "Lord" does not automatically mean it is Jesus. We should also be able to see that it is also true for the book of Jude as well. This is a real interesting example. The obvious answer that made the Pharisees mad and not answer, is that Jesus is the Son of God! He is Lord as the Father is Lord. Here we have one Lord speaking of another Lord, just like Matthew listed above. If we were to say that Jesus would not directly accuse Satan, we would have to ignore Zechariah In Isaiah, we see that Jesus will be called many things that are often only attributed to His Father.

So I am not really concerned that Joel talks about both Jesus and Michael in different places because when He confronted for the body of Moses, Michael was not yet Jesus Christ. Just as Isaiah says, a Child is born, who is Jesus, but also a Son was also given. God gave His only Son for us, who is Michael. He then had a new name and His new name has special meaning for us. But when Jesus comes in the clouds, He may have even a newer name and He will have His New Name placed on those who overcome. It was Jehovah that said may Jehovah rebuke you and it appears the angel was relaying Gods message to Satan.

To answer your question, lets start with the Angel. In Exodus we find that this Angel has God's name in Him. So, this Angel has God's name. Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 is specifically speaking of the crossing of the red sea and of that cloud where God was. So Paul identifies Him as Jesus. Now in Exodus, we see that it is the Angel of God who is in the cloud that went behind to go between the camp of Israel and the Egyptians.

These things about the Angel of God help to confirm that it has always been Jesus all along who has led God's people, even through all the days of old. It has been Jesus all along who has lead God's people! To the Hebrews at the time, it meant, "He is my heir, my descendent, the one who will carry on my legacy" Examples of this same use of language for heirs of Abraham and others are found in: Gen , Isa. Michael has God's name by inheritance. He is God's Son. So Michael's name is incomprehensible, beyond our understanding.

If we put the texts together we find that: He has a more excellent name because He has the name of God, of Yahweh. That is why Michael's name is incomprehensible and beyond our understanding. Since Michael and Jesus are the same person, we should not be surprised to find that they are described as having the same name. Is this not a brand plucked from the fire? We must remember that Michael has God's name in him. It is no wonder that Michael's name is incomprehensible and beyond our understanding! He has obtained His most excellent name by inheritance!

Why would the God the Father say: "The Lord rebuke you"? Also, let's not forget what Jesus said when the Pharisees were trying to trap Him in His words. Yes, it has to be Jesus Himself. The obvious answer that made the Pharisees really mad and not answer is that Jesus is the actual Son of God! They were unwilling to admit that Jesus is the Son of God even in the face of confirming Scripture.

So, they were defeated! Yes it is true, when Jesus was on earth, He spoke with authority against Satan and He rebuked Satan on many occasions. This is very different from when Jesus was on earth. But it is the very same way that Michael acted in Jude 9. So, it is easy to understand that Michael is indeed the Son of God later to become Jesus and the circumstances were very different from the later time when He became the Son of Man on earth to be our Saviour. The fifth question: Two people have asked about the same question.

Yes, Jesus and Michael are the same person. However, You must realize that Jesus has indeed changed. He did not become Jesus until He took on humanity and He will forever be as one of us, part of the human family as well as being our Creator. So yes, Michael and Jesus are the same individual, but different. A good analogy might be that of a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly. Yes, it is the same insect however after metamorphosis it is forever changed.

So we call it by different names. Another analogy would be found in a marriage. A young girl growing up has the name of her family. However when she marries her sweetheart she takes on the name of her husband. She is still the same individual but she now has a new name and we would all call her by her new name. At one time, the Son of God was known as Michael the archangel.

Now, that He has been made in the likeness of men, He will always be Jesus, the Lamb of God who came down and was made in the flesh to die for our sins. He is now the anointed of God. Best of all He will always be our Saviour. In Revelation, we see that Jesus will have a new name that He did not have before. Jesus will write on the righteous, His new name. The sixth question: Jesus is a created being because the Bible teaches that Jesus was the "first born" of all creation. See Colossians Is Jesus a created being or is Jesus a divine being? Yes, some people believe that Colossians supports the idea that Jesus is just a created being.

When we read this text in the King James Bible, it does make it sound like Paul is calling Jesus a created being.

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So, when he says Jesus was the firstborn of every creature, is Paul really saying that Jesus was the first one to be created? Lets look into this question. When we start to look around at other versions of the Bible we can see that there is another way to understand what Paul is saying. Instead of saying that Jesus was the first created being; Paul could be saying that Jesus is over all creation, that He existed before creation began.

Does Jesus rank higher than any created being that has ever been made? Lets look at the next verse to see which interpretation might be correct. Verse 16 is an extension of verse The text essentially says that Jesus rules over all creation because all things were created by Him. So verse 16 tells the reason why Jesus has primacy over all creation; Because it was through Him that all things were created that are in heaven and earth.

The idea that Jesus could be the first created being does not fit with the thought in verse If Jesus is just created, like all the rest of the created beings, how could He have created all things? Within the context of having all thing being created by Jesus, it only makes sense to say that He ranks higher than everything that has ever been made. So, from just reading the text by itself we can see that Verse 15 is not talking about Jesus being created at all, but it is speaking of His rank which is higher than all Creation.

Lets look at verse 16 again because there is an additional thought that would help explain why Jesus would rule over all creation. If all created things were not only made through Jesus, but were also made for Jesus, it should be easy to understand that Jesus really does rank higher than all of creation. He rules over all of creation not only because all things were made through Him, but also because all created things were made for Him! To understand this from a different way, let's look at the original meaning for "firstborn". The Greek word for "firstborn" is prototokos , which means the firstborn or first begotten.

But the first born can mean two things. It can mean that Jesus was the very first one to be born Notice how both Phillips and Goodspeed translates Colossians above. Or it can mean that Jesus was the most prominent one to be born Notice that the other translations of Colossians above, speak of Jesus as being over all creation.

In addition to saying that Jesus is the first born, Phillips and Goodspeed also have a suggestion of prominence in their translation. Jesus is not just the first born but He was born before the creation process actually started, or before any creature was made. So, Jesus would be identified as the pre-eminent one. He would rank higher and He would have primacy over all creation, everything that has been made. He would be the one who has the privileges and prerogatives of God. The idea reminds us of the controversy between Jacob and Esau.

Esau was the first born however, it was Jacob who received the rights, privileges, and authority that the first born was to receive. In Hebrews we see that when God puts the firstborn into the world, that He says to the angels to worship Him! Jesus is first born not in the sense of time but in the sense of privilege. So, Jesus has all the privileges of the first born. In ancient Israel, first born had the privilege of representing the Father. He who has seen Me has seen the Father; so how can you say, 'Show us the Father'?

John In verse 18, we see something very interesting. Jesus is called the first born from the dead. Was Jesus the first person to be resurrected from the dead?

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No, He was not. Jesus had resurrected a few people from the dead when He was on earth Luke ; ; ; John However these people all died again in a few years. But, there is at least one person who had been raised from the dead before Jesus was raised from the dead, and he went to heaven. In Jude we find a clue that Michael raised Moses from the dead. In addition there is an additional clue that Moses was raised from the dead.

When Jesus was on the earth, both Moses and Elijah came to talk to Jesus. We know that Elijah never died, but Moses certainly did die See Deuteronomy So again, "firstborn from the dead" does not necessarily mean the first one to be resurrected from the dead, but instead, it refers to the most prominent one, the pre-eminent one with special privilege of power over death.

Now, when we look back at verse 15, we can see that Paul really is saying that Jesus is the most prominent pre-eminent one with special privileges of power over death because He has created all things: for by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth! He existed before creation began and Jesus does indeed rank higher than any created being.

Looking at it from again another perspective: It makes no sense to say that Jesus was the First Created Being and then to say that Jesus is the one who has created everything in both Heaven and Earth. If He did not create Himself then He definitely did not create everything! These ideas are mutually exclusive. It is only when we begin to understand what verse 15 is actually saying that we can say: Yes indeed; Jesus has existed before the creation process actually began and He ranks higher than all created things.

Then it makes perfect sense to say that: ". The seventh question: Jesus is a created being because the Bible teaches that Jesus was "the beginning of the creation of God. See Revelation Revelation is another verse that some people say supports the idea that Jesus is just a created being. In this verse, Jesus describes Himself in many ways:.

This verse makes it sound like Jesus is the first of the creation, meaning that He is the first created being. However there are other versions that do say it differently:. So, either Jesus is the beginning of the creation of God, meaning that he is the first created being, or He is the source or origin of all God's creation. The Greek word for beginning can mean: 1. That by which anything begins to be, the origin, active cause ; and a few other lesser meanings. The New Thayer's Greek English Lexicon specifically identifies the meaning of the word to be the third meaning for revelation Thus, the meaning of the word actually identifies the source , the originator , or the active cause.

So, the text could read " the originator of God's creation". Jesus would be the ruler and prime source origin of God's creation. This translation of Revelation would now allow it to agree with all the other verses where Jesus is the originator, the source of all God's creation. He was not the first created being but instead He created all things! Jesus is not the first created being, but rather He is the one who has made everything that is created, without Him nothing was made that was made!

He is the source and origin of all God's creation. He is even the ruler of God's creation. One of the best evidences to show us that Jesus is Divine and not created is the fact that Jesus accepted worship over and over again. When He was here on earth He was worshipped many times and Jesus never stopped them. Here is just one example:. Now, if Jesus is not Divine, He would be causing others to sin as well by not stopping this worship of Him. Look what happened to Herod when He accepted praise:. So, this idea that Jesus is not Divine cannot be true!

But of course we have other Bible texts that also help to show us that Jesus is Divine:. The eighth question: Can you give me some thoughts on Daniel I agree with you that Michael is Jesus and the Bible makes this so clear, but in my discussions with cult busters who are keen to link this teaching with XXXX teachings sadly I am constantly getting this verse thrown up. That he is one of the chief princes. I would be so grateful for help with this last hurdle.

Concerning Daniel ; This is an interesting problem that I have had to grapple with. However, when we start looking at more and more verses of the Bible, the problem disappears. Lets look into this. Michael is not just a prince, He is the great prince, the Prince of Peace, the Prince and Savior, and also the prince of the kings of the earth!

This is the great prince that protects God's people. Maybe, the other prince does not protect God's people. This is the Prince of Peace. Maybe, the other prince is not a prince of peace. This is our Prince and Savior. Maybe, the other prince is not a Savior of God's people! If Michael is the great prince who protects the children of thy people, it is quite possible that the other prince is our enemy. I think that the other prince, who is not our prince, who does not protect us, is the enemy dragon. In Revelation we see the two princes battling it out.

Michael with His angels, the angels of heaven, is fighting against Satan with his fallen angels, those who have become demons. Now, lets look at this from another angle. When Satan started to become evil, he was corrupted by his own glory:. This is interesting. Apparently, Jesus did not stick out as being one of the Godhead. So, Lucifer was able to think that he might be better than Jesus.

It is quite possible that the same thing happened when He was among the angels in heaven. Michael was probably there as an angel in the form of an angel to show the other angels what God was like. Just like when He came to earth as a man to show us the Father and die for our sins. This apparently was necessary since there were some angels who chose to rebel against God. Now, this is where it gets really interesting.

Since, Satan wanted to become like God, he was essentially declaring himself to be the next ruler, a prince! He was saying that he was going to be the prince that will one day rule everything like the most High. It is quite possible that the same thing happened in heaven. In spite of the fact that Satan would be going against God, he continued in his war.

So, Satan declares himself to be a prince, But it is God who declares Jesus to be the real prince. In addition, Satan is also called the prince of the power of the air. He is the spirit who works in evil people. Here we have an angel, possibly Gabriel, who came to fight the prince of Persia. Apparently this prince withstood him for 21 days until Michael came to help him. Could this have been an earthly prince? I don't think so. In the Bible, we see thousands of people destroyed by just one angel.

Gabriel was fighting someone more substantial than just a human, I believe that this angel was fighting the enemy prince, Satan. Satan is the prince of the kingdom of Persia. After Jesus dies on the cross and is taken up into heaven, He sits on the right hand of the Father, till His Father will make His enemies His footstool:. So, Michael is our great prince who protects us from Satan! Satan, on the other hand, is the enemy prince who had to declare himself to be a prince because God clearly chose His special Son.

Satan wants to take the kingdom away from even the Father as well as the Son of God. So, it is true that Michael is one of the chief princes because Satan is also a prince who has proclaimed himself as a prince. Satan has corrupted his wisdom because he thought he was so bright, saying: I will exalt my throne above the stars of God. I will be like the most High. He is our prince! The ninth question: Satan was the most powerful angel and Michael it says somewhere else..

I know I read it does not have the power to confront Satan alone. He needs Gods help. So I just don't buy that Jesus was ever called Michael. Jesus has the power to confront Satan one on one because he is God. If you are correct that Michael needed help to fight Satan, then you would be right. However, you have confused the text. Michael is not needing the help; but rather, Michael is giving the help! In verse 13 we see that "Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help". He was not needing help because He could not fight Satan alone.

He came to help because the angel could not fight Satan alone! Help me to face and endure my difficulty with faith, courage and wisdom. Grant that this trial may bring me closer to You for You are my rock and refuge, my comfort and hope, my delight and joy. I trust in Your love and compassion. O God, our help in time of need, Who are just and merciful, and Who inclines to the supplications of His people. Look down upon me and have mercy on me and deliver me from the trouble that now besets me.

Deal with us not according to our iniquities, but according to Your manifold mercies, for we are the works of Your hands, and You know our weaknesses. I pray to you to grant me Your divine helping grace, and endow me with patience and strength to endure my hardships with complete submission to Your Will. Only You know our misery and sufferings, and to You, our only hope and refuge, I flee for relief and comfort, trusting in Your infinite love and compassion, that in due time, when You know best, You will deliver me from this trouble, and turn my distress into comfort.

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Prayer Against Demonic Influence Almighty God, Who delivered Your people from the bondage of the adversary, and through Your Son cast down Satan like lightning, deliver me also from every influence of unclean spirits. Command Satan to depart far from me by the power of Your only begotten Son. Rescue me from demonic imaginings and darkness. Fill me with the light of the Holy Spirit that I may be guarded against all snares of crafty demons.

Grant that an angel will always go before me and lead me to the path of righteousness all the days of my life, to the honor of Your glorious Name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and forever. Prayer for Our Enemies Lord Jesus Christ, in Your great mercy You prayed for the forgiveness of those who crucified You, and You taught us to love our enemies and to pray for those who persecute us. Lord, I pray that You forgive those who treat me unjustly and speak out against me, and that You bless them and guide them according to Your will.

Take away any bitterness I may have in my heart against them. Lord, may Your forgiveness, goodness and love be revealed in all of us, to Your praise and glory. Guide, I pray, all the nations and their leaders in the ways of justice and peace. Protect us from the evils of injustice, prejudice, exploitation, conflict and war. Help us to put away mistrust, bitterness and hatred. Teach us to cease the storing and using of implements of war. Lead us to find peace, respect and freedom. Unite us in the making and sharing of tools of peace against ignorance, poverty, disease and oppression.

Grant that we may grow in harmony and friendship as brothers and sisters created in Your image, to Your honor and praise. Thanksgiving After Trouble Almighty and merciful God, I most humbly and heartily thank Your divine majesty for Your loving kindness and tender mercies, that You have heard my humble prayer, and graciously granted me deliverance from my trouble and misery.

I pray to you to continue granting Your helping grace, that I may lead a life pleasing to You, that I may continually offer to You a sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Help me to carry out the work I am about to begin, and to bring it to completion. Almighty God, our Help and Refuge, who knows that we can do nothing right without Your guidance and help; direct me by Your wisdom and power, that I may accomplish this task and, whatever I do according to Your divine will, so that it may be beneficial to me and others and to the glory of Your holy Name.

Bless me as I begin this work. Help me to bring it to completion. Lord, enlighten my mind and strengthen my body, that I may accomplish my task according to Your will. Guide me to bring about works of goodness to Your service and glory. You are the fulfillment of all good things. Fill also my soul with joy and gladness, that I may praise You always. Prayer Toward the Unknown O Lord, You who steadied the hand of Peter as he began to sink on the stormy sea, if you are with me, no one is against me. Grant to me the shield of faith and the mighty armor of the Holy Spirit to protect me and guide me to do Your will.

Keep me from all danger, misfortune and temptation. By Your divine power grant me a peaceful and successful journey and safe arrival. Lord Jesus, You traveled with the two disciples after the resurrection and set their hearts on fire with Your grace. Travel also with me and gladden my heart with Your presence. I know, Lord, that I am a pilgrim on this earth, seeking the citizenship which is in heaven. During my journey surround me with Your holy angels and keep me safe from seen and unseen dangers.

Grant that I may carry out my plans and fulfill my expectations according to Your will. Help me to see the beauty of creation and to comprehend the wonder of Your truth in all things. For You are the way, the truth and the life, and to You I give thanks, praise and glory forever. Prayers for Repentance God, my good and loving Lord, I acknowledge all the sins which I have committed every day in my life, whether in thought, word or deed. I ask for forgiveness from the depths of my heart for offending You and others and repent of my old ways. Help me by Your grace to change, to sin no more and to walk in the way of righteousness and to praise and glorify Your Name, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I have also omitted to do what Your holy law requires of me. But now with repentance and contrition I turn again to Your love and mercy. I entreat You to forgive me all my transgressions and to cleanse me from all my sins. Lord, fill my heart with the light of Your truth. Strengthen my will by Your grace. Teach me both to desire and to do only what pleases You. Prayer for Love Christ my God, set my heart on fire with love in You, that in its flame I may love You with all my heart, with all my mind, and with all my soul and with all my strength, and my neighbor as myself, so that by keeping Your commandments I may glorify You the Giver of every good and perfect gift.

Lenten Prayers Almighty Master, who created all things in wisdom, by Your providence and great goodness, you have led us to this lenten season for purification of our souls and bodies, and for control of our passions in the hope of the resurrection; You, who after forty days gave Moses the tablets of the law inscribed by Your divine hand, grant to us the strength to fight the good fight, to fast, to keep the faith, to crush under foot all evil demons, and to become victorious over sin and to celebrate Your holy Resurrection.

For blessed and glorified is Your most honored and majestic name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, both now and forever and to the ages of ages. Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim the Syrian Lord and Master of my life, deliver me from the spirit of laziness, meddling, ambition and gossip. Give me, Your servant, the spirit of prudence, humility, patience and love. Lord and King, grant that I may see my sins and faults and not judge my brother, for You are blessed forever and ever. You know better than me what my needs are. You love more than I know how to love. Help me to see clearly my real needs which I do not see.

I open my heart to You. Examine and reveal to me my faults and sins. I put all trust in You. I have no other desire than to fulfill Your will. Teach me how to pray. Pray in me. Prayers for Study Prayer of a Student Christ my Lord, the Giver of light and wisdom, who opened the eyes of the blind man and transformed the fishermen into wise heralds and teachers of the gospel through the coming of the Holy Spirit, shine also in my mind the light of the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Grant me discernment, understanding and wisdom in learning. Enable me to complete my assignments and to abound in every good work, for to You I give honor and glory.

Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)
Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2) Soul Savior (Guardian Angel Book 2)

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