Secrets in Zarahemla

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Washington and Zarahemla: The Beltway-Nephite Disease

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Ideas and Society

About the Author. The Infinite Atonement Tad R. The Orphan Keeper Camron Wright. Alma — Amlici sought to become king over the Nephites. Alma the Younger gave up the judgement seat to Nephihah. Alma the Younger and Amulek preached to Ammonihahites. Alma 8—10 ; Alma 12 ; Alma Zeezrom was converted.

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Alma 11 ; Alma 14 ; Alma City of Ammonihah was destroyed by a Lamanite army. Reunion of Alma the Younger and the four sons of Mosiah. Alma —4. King Lamoni and his household were converted. Alma 17 ; Alma 18 ; Alma Alma The Anti-Nephi-Lehies were converted. Alma 23—25 ; Alma Anti-Nephi-Lehies were given the land of Jershon.

Korihor the Anti-Christ was struck dumb. Alma the Younger led a mission among the Zoramites.

Secrets in Zarahemla

Alma 31— Captain Moroni defeated Zerahemnah. Alma 43 ; Alma Disappearance of Alma the Younger. Amalickiah tried to become king over the Nephites. The title of liberty rallied freedom-loving Nephites. Captain Moroni prepared the Nephites to defend their freedom Alma 48— Captain Moroni defeated the rebellious king-men. Teancum killed Amalickiah, who was succeeded by Ammoron.

Alma , 34 ; Alma Captain Moroni, Lehi, and Teancum regained several captured cities. Alma 52— Helaman I and the stripling warriors helped the Nephites. Alma 53 ; Alma 56— Captain Moroni and Pahoran corresponded. Alma 59— Lamanites were driven from Nephite lands; peace was established. Death of Captain Moroni and Pahoran. Alma ; Hel. Hagoth built ships and sailed forth. Alma —8. They gave them a sense of purpose, of being important, of participating in a great event — a sense of Kumbaya togetherness and belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Have things changed? If dissenting Nephites had bumper stickers for their chariots, they could not have done better than. The king-men pretended to want to correct only a few details, but knew their plan would overthrow the free government. Amalickiah pledged fealty to Lehonti, the Lamanite general, while secretly having him poisoned. The sad story is played out repeatedly. The prideful seeking power know they can never show their true agenda because, as Mosiah said, the greater part of the people will choose the right if given a clear choice.

Therefore, they cannot and do not trust the people. As a measure of our culture today, can you think of an adjective that more frequently modifies the word agenda than the word hidden? The king-men made their move when Amalickiah was running roughshod over the countryside and Captain Moroni and Helaman were out of town:. Power expands and freedoms are lost when people face critical threats and are vulnerable to persuasion that their government be granted new powers. If a situation is or can be manufactured into a crisis, people will allow suspension of some democratic processes witness especially World War I and the Great Depression.

Checks and balances give way to calls for a strong man to make decisions for the common good, however that superior being chooses to define it. Simplification looks enticing. The Spirit of God is also the spirit of freedom. Power in the secular world is the right to tell people what to do and the policing authority to make them do it. Freedom is the natural enemy to that power.

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The two vary inversely. The king-men came out in open rebellion against a free government for at least two reasons:. Who has agency — the person for himself, or the government for him? When people, elected and unelected, show up on the Washington scene, we get dutiful lip service to the cause of freedom, but watch their actions.

Do they protect the rights of citizens to make their own decisions, or do they work for bigger government, more intrusion into individual lives, and fewer decisions left to the average citizen? The king-men of yore actively hoped for the defeat of the Nephite nation probably thinking it would provide opportunities for power under the new rulers and did not lift a finger to help until they were compelled to do so.

Can we spot king-men today by their attitudes? Apply these questions to those in power:. The king-men did tremendous damage to the Nephite nation in six short years.

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Pride, subtlety, flattery, deceit, nobility, condescension, power ambition, geocentric chauvinism, opportunism, distrust of the voice of the people and disdain for freedom from government intrusions — the only element of king-men-ism absent from Washington today is an outright refusal to take up arms to defend the country. But there are many in power who are hobbling those who try. If the events of and the attitudes of those currently in power are not those Mormon saw in our day, such that he included the king-men story in the Book of Mormon, what further parallels must occur before we learn the intended lesson?

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Are we so complacent to think that the king-men parallel lies yet in the future, a problem for some other generation? Are we willing to take a chance that could not possibly be the king-men day that Mormon saw? Ideas and Society. They Will Be Subtle The king-men eventually came out in full rebellion against the Nephite system of judges as established by Mosiah, but before a defeat by the voice of the people unmasked their true colors, they had a disguised plan to scam the system — to use the law of the land to overthrow the government of the land.

Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla
Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla
Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla
Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla
Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla
Secrets in Zarahemla Secrets in Zarahemla

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