Numero 1 (Italian Edition)

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By contrast, his new conspiracy thriller is a fleet volume, slim in pages but plump in satire about modern Italy.

I imagine the gray-bearded year-old professor chortling away as he typed in some book-lined sanctuary. Eco boasts 30, volumes at his Milan apartment, 20, more at a country home outside Urbino. Lately, he works in Milan at a start-up newspaper that is preparing dummy issues, chiefly with the intent of blackmailing the powerful.

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When a muckraking colleague claims to have unearthed a political conspiracy, all goes awry. Eco reveals it, but not in a hurry. First, he savors his fiasco of a newspaper — the kind that hears of a weeping Madonna statue and orders a banner headline. The unscrupulous editor in chief, Simei, informs his staff that their target audience is nitwits. But soothsaying — tricky enough for paid psychics, and in especially short supply among the punditocracy — is simpler if you already know what will happen.

To be number one (Italian translation)

So, Simei has the inspired idea of backdating the mock-ups, permitting the journalists to fill their articles with ex post facto insights. The setting for these inky shenanigans is , when the Clean Hands scandal broke, revealing a system of kickbacks that implicated much of the Italian establishment.

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Political parties collapsed, thousands of people were arrested and a few committed suicide. From the chaos emerged a wealthy Milanese entrepreneur, Silvio Berlusconi, who formed his own party the next year and was elected prime minister in , proclaiming himself savior of a vitiated nation.


The novel never mentions him by name. However, the owner of Domani is described as an ambitious businessman known by his honorific, Il Commendatore, who aims to leverage media power into access to the upper echelons.

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Opponents of Berlusconi, who is commonly known by his title, Il Cavaliere, have long accused him of applying his vast media holdings to political ends. A central aim of the field is the deconstruction of human communications, reckoning with the unspoken codes and signification around us, from advertising to eating to the movies.

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Meanings are hidden everywhere, they argue — a view not far from that of the conspiracy theorist. Album Artist s Ref.

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Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)
Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)
Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)
Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)
Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)
Numero 1 (Italian Edition) Numero 1 (Italian Edition)

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