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Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 07, Carolyn F. This series is getting better and better. I'm glad I'm late in the game because there are a ton more books in the series to read. I like that Anna is an older heroine 40 years old and that she's trying not to act like a teenager which is hard when you're feeling depressed and tired.

There were some really sad parts of this book and some really sweet. I'm glad Anna isn't a black and white person. Part of my Reading Around the World challenge. This is a very enjoyable mystery. Has a lot of similarities with a country house mystery. You have a limited group of suspects and they are isolated. Though, they are isolated in a stressful situation while being trapped by a wildfire. This is the fourth of the Anna Pigeon mysteries that are all set in National Parks. This one is no different, being set a Lassen Volcanic National Park during a wildfire.

I really enjoyed it and the ending was very good, except for one thing. Anna's "boyfriend" is back at Base Camp yet we don't see the together at the end. That seemed a little odd. View all 6 comments. Feb 14, Carly rated it liked it Shelves: mystery. The good: I learned a ton about wildfires and wildfire survival. The book itself tends a bit towards the infodump, but the information is generally so interesting that this is not too problematic. Barr herself has worked as a seasonal park ranger, later a full park ranger, and she clearly knows what she is talking about.

I love books where a specialist uses fiction as a means to teach in an enjoyable way, and Barr's books always fall under this category. The bad: As usual in Barr's books, I had r The good: I learned a ton about wildfires and wildfire survival. The bad: As usual in Barr's books, I had real difficulty warming to or even differentiating the characters. Part of the reason for this, I think, is the style: Barr uses dialogue more sparingly than perhaps any other contemporary author I can think of.

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Pages and pages go by uninterrupted by more than an occasional single word or sentence from the characters. Part of this is due to the wilderness survival setting, part to what seems like a set of atypically terse personalities. However, it means that most of the personalities are of the show-rather-than-tell variety, which in turn makes the whole mystery, already weak, a little more futile.

I also must admit that I've never warmed to Anna Pigeon, the protagonist. Most of my repulsion comes from a previous book, in which Anna apparently leaves a murderer to die a horrific death of exposure, and the impression I got of her there is not surmounted by an otherwise weakly delineated personality. The ugly: speaking of awful deaths, all the characters that I warmed to, and I mean all, died absolutely horrific, nightmarish deaths, and the end of the book left me depressed. View 2 comments. My favorite Nevada Barr book so far Fast-paced, Firestorm kept me at the edge of my seat.

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Couldn't put this book down until I finished it. The murderer was a complete mystery until almost the end , and the ending had a very satisfying twist. Jan 31, Judy rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , 21st-century-fiction. I am reading the series because they are well done and because it is my puny attempt at activism in these times when our parks are at risk. Firestorm was especially timely after the horrendous fire season we had in California last fall.

In fact, it is set in Northern California's Lassen Volcanic National Park, home to jagged peaks, meadows, lakes, volcanoes, and steaming fumaroles openings in or near a volcan This is the fourth book in Nevada Barr's mystery series, all set in US National Parks.

"firestorm" translation into German

In fact, it is set in Northern California's Lassen Volcanic National Park, home to jagged peaks, meadows, lakes, volcanoes, and steaming fumaroles openings in or near a volcano through which hot sulfurous gases emerge. Anna Pigeon, park ranger, has been sent to Lassen as a camp medic and security officer to join the team fighting the Jackknife Fire. According to the author's website, this is a fictional fire based on one she once worked in her park ranger days in Idaho.

As Anna treats the crew in the medic tent, you get minute knowledge about what these firefighters suffer while battling huge fires. You also learn about the various characters on the team, their talents and their grudges.

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After several days of this, a cold front moves in with snow following. The camp is demobilized and all personnel begin to move out, trusting the weather to finish their job. But Anna and her crew are delayed due to the last minute rescue of a firefighter with a broken leg. Within a couple hours, the erratic winds of a thunderstorm preceding the blizzard turn the ravine where they were stationed into a firestorm. As it explodes in flame, this crew of eight is trapped with only little individual tent-like fire shelters to protect them.

Many hours go by until the fire passes and that is when you learn what it is like to be dependent on these little shelters to stay alive while feeling like one is being baked to death. As Anna and her team members emerge one of them is found dead from a knife stabbed into his back. At that point the story grows from an extreme adventure tale into a desperate race to determine who committed the murder.

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  • There they are in a tiny cabin, with the snow and the cold and no food for over 48 hours before a rescue crew can get to them. Anna is still being the medic but also relentlessly pursues her detective work as security officer. Danger, privation, and fear do their work on them all but of course Anna solves the crime while the clues are fresh just before their rescue arrives. Great mystery fiction with a fearless heroine alongside the gritty realities of firefighting. When we had the fires last fall I remained glued to the videos and updates from the news and the Fire Department feeds on Twitter, but now I know much more about what really goes on!

    Aug 17, Lukasz Pruski rated it liked it. Tornadoes of pure fire shrieking through the treetops, an enraged elemental beast slaking a hunger so old only stones and gods remembered. Pigeon is now serving in Lassen Volcanic National Park as an emergency medical technician helping battle the ferocious Jackknife fire that " Raw, naked power blooming in red and orange and black. Pigeon is now serving in Lassen Volcanic National Park as an emergency medical technician helping battle the ferocious Jackknife fire that blazes in that Northern California park. Pigeon has been on the front line tending to firefighters wounds and bruises; when the spike camp is in the final stages of disassembly she gets a message about a medical emergency.

    One of the firefighters has suffered a complicated knee fracture on a steep slope and needs to be evacuated up the hill to a helicopter landing spot. Pigeon along with a few other firefighters and medical crew embark on the rescue mission and this is when they are trapped by a monster firestorm. They barely survive the hellish flames only to encounter a several-day-long period of catastrophic weather that makes rescue from outside impossible.

    Not only does the group include severely wounded people and victims of second-degree burns but also - guess what - they discover a murder victim and it is clear that the murderer must be among them. There are even signs that someone has tampered with the crime scene. Like in Blood Lure and in Blind Descent the "nature" part of the story is superb while the criminal thread is weak. In Firestorm the contrast is particularly strong; I feel I am reading two different books: a great one about the wildfire inferno, about the nature dying and being reborn in the flames, and a mediocre crime story full of fake and unnecessary clues.

    A compelling portrayal of firefighters' lives on the fire frontline, complicated relationships in the camps, and the government bureaucracy of the National Parks Service and BLM are combined with amateurish, implausible, and just plain laughable investigation that Ms. Pigeon is conducting among the firefighting crew. Pigeon's romantic interest. His character is not well developed and the reader will feel his main role in the plot is to produce information about crime suspects, which Ms. Pigeon is then using in her ruminations about who the guilty party is. Other characters' portrayals range from well-drawn to pure caricatures.

    Barr's prose is clearly better than in Ill Wind , still a bit florid, but the reader quickly gets accustomed to it. I really, really like the non-crime part of the novel and wouldn't hesitate to rate it with four stars. I really, really dislike the "investigation" part and would rate it with four times fewer stars. Overall, I certainly recommend the book and readers interested in classical whodunits might like it much more than I do.

    Three stars. This is one of her earlier works, number four in the series. California's Lassen Volcanic National Park is the setting, and Anna is there, high in the mountains, serving as a medical technician for crews fighting a major forest fire. There is plenty of interesting information about this extremely dangerous job, the strategies involved to comb ] I always enjoy Nevada Barr s ' work, despite the fact that I haven't been reading about National Parks Ranger Anna Pigeon's exploits, in sequential order.

    There is plenty of interesting information about this extremely dangerous job, the strategies involved to combat almost any challenge a fire can throw at the fire crews, and roles of the support staff who work behind the scenes to make sure the fire crews work under the safest conditions possible, with the required materials.

    Anna and her crew are well prepared until a rare combination of circumstances creates the horrific, dreaded firestorm. While struggling to evacuate an injured member of the crew, the firestorm occurs. Barr's description is incredibly vivid, and it seemed that I could hear the roar of the flames, the tremendous heat created, and visualize the scrambling of the crew to take cover under their individual protective fire tents. Once the firestorm passes, and the crew members emerge to a ravaged, eerie landscape, only to find that one of their number has been stabbed in the back!

    With this particularly grisly discovery, Anna's crew is stranded in this devastated area, with bad weather moving in and no help available, even by emergency helicopter, with a murderer amongst them. Barr has essentially created the equivalent of the traditional murder at the isolated manor house, with a set number of suspects, cut off from the rest of society, with motives to be uncovered. Various members of the crew must struggle with the stress of the situation, personal injuries, bad weather, cold, snow, and a scarcity of food, water and medical supplies.

    Personalities may be at odds, and all of this turmoil takes places among the dangers of hidden pockets of red hot embers, the sulphurous fumes of volcanic pools and bubbling mud pots, and a mountainside landscape ravaged by the firestorm. Having toured the bubbling mud pot areas of Yellowstone, it was not difficult to conjure up the sights and smells Barr wants the reader to imagine. To Barr's credit, such an experience is not necessary to encourage you to turn those pages quickly, to sift through the clues Anna collects as she talks to those around her, and observes their interactions.

    An interesting, atmospheric and exciting read. Additionally, this book left me with a better understanding of the terrible dangers faced by all of those fire crews we see on tv during the forest fire seasons in Canada and the United States. Anna has done them proud in Firestorm. In this 4th book of a series, U. A weather system promises some rain or snow to quench what is left of the fire, so the crew is dismantling the camp and pulling out. But one man is injured in an accident and Anna and a few others trek to his position to help evacuate the big guy down the mountain.

    Before they can get to saf In this 4th book of a series, U. Before they can get to safety, the storm front pushes high winds into the small remaining fires and a firestorm results, trapping them with only their individual safety shelters to protect them. With few resources, and a several days wait for rescue crews, Anna is alone in trying to figure out who among them is the murderer.

    Nevada Barr writes good, suspenseful and intricately plotted mysteries, and this is a good one. There are several stereotypical characters — school-bully-turned-cop, weak-indecisive-bureaucrat, good-time-girl-camp-follower — but most of the team are reasonably complicated with strengths and weaknesses that come out under the stress of their predicament.

    Feb 07, Elizabeth rated it liked it. I don't know why but I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous 3 in the Anna Pigeon series. Anna , who is a Park Ranger, and a team of fire fighters from other services have been caught in a firestorm in California's Lassen Volcanic National Park. I'd never heard of this park prior to reading this book. Anyway, two people and a pet dog end up dead, both by murders covered up by the fire. During the several days that the group is cut off from civilization it is Anna's responsibility as the I don't know why but I didn't enjoy this book as much as the previous 3 in the Anna Pigeon series.

    During the several days that the group is cut off from civilization it is Anna's responsibility as the Park Ranger, to solve the murders, which may or may not be related. I'm not sure what was missing to make this 3 stars instead of 5 but something was. I will probably take a short break before reading the 5th book in this series. Oct 29, Carolyn in SC CD rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-thriller-not-a-cozy , in-a-series-that-i-enjoy.

    I read this quite a few years ago, but recall enjoying it. These books are always entertaining, with their changing settings and interesting main character, Anna Pigeon. I've read many of them, but probably haven't recorded them all in Goodreads yet. I'll round up to 4 stars from 3. Shelves: novels-and-shorts , mystery , series-i-need-to-finish. So far this is the best Anna Pigeon novel I've read. I loved this setting - fire fighters caught in a National Park, fighting a fire and one of them turns out to be a murderer. But which one? Anna spends several days surrounded by people that she can't trust and everyone is suspicious of everyone else.

    There's a lot of excitement with the fire, too, and I just kept on reading. This was 4 stars until a little over half way when Anna began to ask too many questions and I got very annoyed with her as she needed to shut up! She just can't help herself. Its a wonder she doesn't get murdered with her endless snooping and asking killers detailed questions. She needs to read Zip It! Sometimes she reminds me of Joe Pickett and he also has a plot when a person falls into the boiling hot springs! It is very hard to put down! The fire has consumed thousands of acres and has claimed the life of a man and his dog.

    The blaze is somewhat controlled and the San Juan crew has been recalled due to a cold front that promises rain. But before Anna and the crew start for the Base camp, a young firefighter is injured. When Anna, the crew chief and the firefighters reach the young man, the winds don't feel right to P Anna Pigeon finds herself as an EMT embedded in a firefighting crew battling the "Jackknife" fire in Northern CA.

    When Anna, the crew chief and the firefighters reach the young man, the winds don't feel right to Pigeon nor John LeFluer. A "firestorm" swirls rapidly toward them. They must leave the injured firefighter and run! The stretcher suddenly falls as Len runs upward. The others freeze for a second before moving. There is nothing they can do for Newt except pray that his "shake and bake" holds. Anna promises the young man that she'll be back for them. They make it to a dry creek or burn line and get into their fire shelters.

    Agonizing minutes pass very slowly, as the firestorm passes over them. When the danger has past them, still leaving hot coals in the fire's wake, 8 of 9 people emerge from there shake and bakes. One shelter is still standing. Anna and John can see a lump under the thin shelter - the lump is Len. He's dead, stabbed under his left arm; the knife still in his rib cage. Anna looks around. A killer is in their midst, and everyone is a suspect. All 14 eyes had reasons to kill Len.

    News from Base isn't good. Fallen trees and the smoke means no rescue. Smoke turns into fog, the precipitation the National Weather Service predicted is snow. Anna Pigeon must work the murder alone as she and Stephen, the other EMT, try to help the injured crew members.

    We've reached our base goal, but now we need your help to make the full pilot episode!

    At least FBI Frederick Stanton is close by for her share information and gain a little comfort since she'll have to spend a few days and nights on the mountain in less desirable conditions while catching a killer. I have always liked Anna Pigeon, but this installment had me wanting to shake her. Her whining became a little tiresome.

    And her embarrassment for wanting Frederick close to her - well I wanted to scream! Both she and the Agent never said what they were thinking or feeling. You'd think they would with Anna being in danger of freezing to death or worse the killer could have murdered her too. The fire and the firestorm brought intensity to the story, but the dark, cold nights were slow. After eight days of work, most of the crew is called off as wet weather is predicted.

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    • But a firefighter breaks his leg, and Anna and her partner, Stephen, are called down the 30 degree slope to administer first aid. The EMTs and the last few firefighters are half way up the hill when suddenly a "firestorm" occurs, meaning the fire explodes and moves up-hill as fast as a human can run. And run they do dropping the injured man and flee over the hill crest and into a dry creek bed where they deploy their 'shake-n-bake' aluminum tents to wait out the fire.

      This was a particularly harrowing chapter, as Anna felt her baby fingers burning as the fire flashed over the creek and the smoke is so thick she could barely breath. But a few minutes later it was over, and one by one they all emerge from their silver tents to search for the rest of the crew. As the group makes its way down the creek bed, they see one tent still up and the man inside dead with a knife sticking out of his back. He was murdered during the firestorm. The fire leaves nothing in its wake but ash, and while Anna tries to contact base camp by radio, the wind begins to pick up again, and dead tree branches begin to fall from on high, making it dangerous to be out.

      The aluminum tents are put together and the 10 survivors huddle together for warmth. In the morning they discover it has snowed six inches, and the ground that had been totally black is now totally white. Help cannot reach them by truck due to the ground littered with tree limbs which need to be cleared away by chain saw and backhoe, and the fog is too thick for a helicopter to come to their rescue. In the midst of this, Anna begins to try to solve the murder, which the help of Frederick Stanton to whom she talks by radio.

      Fighting the Final Boss in Battlefield Firestorm

      He's flown in from Chicago and is set up at base camp. It's very harrowing at the high camp, with no food and no heat, little sleep and fear of a murderer in the tent. During the day Anna gets a chance to rest for a few minutes at a pool of hot water fed from the volcanic lake, where mud bubbles and boils. She questions all the suspects after getting their background histories from Fred and slowly narrows the suspects down to three.

      The group is told they will have to stay up on the mountain for a second night. This is the night that the truth is revealed. Mar 31, Teri-K rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery. This is the first Anna Pigeon story I've read in years. I don't actually remember reading any before but I have the feeling I read one or two decades ago, because I love our national parks, have visited a lot of them and enjoy reading about them.

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      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)
      Firestorm (French Edition) Firestorm (French Edition)

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