Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)

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Then I see his tie. The one that belongs to my anonymous late-night texter. And it changes everything. College sophomore Ethan Follett never says what's on his mind and never wants to rock the boat. Out in the open, things couldn't be better, but secretly Ethan yearns for some real excitement in his life. He finds it in cocky frat boy Greg Sanderson, who challenges every rigid, preconceived notion Ethan lives by.

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Soon, their sparring relationship turns sexual, and these enemies-with-benefits "get their freak on" all over campus. Yet the more Ethan comes out of his shell, the more Greg retreats into his, working overtime to keep his ladies' man public persona intact. Matt Lancaster is the star quarterback at Bodine College, a small Southern Division II school with an ultra-conservative dean of athletics. In walks Trevor Kim, a gorgeous, pierced, tattooed fellow Bodine student who does massages - without happy endings - to pay for school after his family kicked him out for being gay.

Trevor takes one look at Matt and breaks all his own rules about mixing business with pleasure. I left my family and tiny Texas hometown 15 years ago to escape small-town gossips and to give my mom and sister the chance at a better life. But when a phone call from an attorney back home informs me that my sister passed away, leaving me custody of her newborn baby, I'm shocked out of the steady life I've built for myself running a tattoo shop in San Francisco.

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The thing is: I don't do babies. And I don't do small towns. Or commitment. And I especially don't do family. Christian Rafferty is a talented quarterback with a big secret. However, when a math class threatens to derail his plans to graduate on time, he realizes he may need outside help. Maddox - The reason I rarely go home is three simple words: I'm a liar. When the pressure to marry my childhood sweetheart became too much, I told her I was gay and then fled to New York like my ass was on fire. Now, five years later and after a drunken encounter, I find myself invited to her wedding.

And I have to bring my boyfriend-the boyfriend who doesn't exist because I'm straight. At least, I think I am.

Finding Shelter (Rock Bay #3)

Meeting the guy I'm bribing to be my boyfriend for the weekend makes me question everything about myself. Jay is vivacious and unabashedly gay - from the tips of his bleached hair to the ends of his polished nails. With a flair for fashion, overreaction, and an inability to cork his verbal diarrhea, drama queen Jay must have a screw loose. How can heartbreak turn into happily ever after? Tommy Gordon is all set for happily ever after - until heartbreak strikes when his husband-to-be leaves him at the altar.

In a bid for distraction, his best friend, Grayson Phillips, suggests he takes advantage of the luxury honeymoon anyway! But the last thing Tommy wants is to go alone, so he invites Grayson and his son, Petey, along. When my best friend asked me to serve as her Man of Honor, of course I said yes. A trip to Vegas for the week before her wedding and then on to the Florida Keys for the nuptials was an added bonus. The icing on the cake was her brother, Colt.

I didn't expect anything to happen. He's almost 10 years older, aloof, mysterious, and devastatingly handsome. All the time I spent fantasizing about his powerful muscles, piercing eyes, hungry mouth, and grasping hands leave me tongue-tied and stammering every time I see him. Evan di Angelo is an upbeat, good-natured goofball who loves his friends and family…and football. Davo's a pretty average guy.

He has a decent job, owns his own home, and spends his weekends at the pub. He fully accepts that he's gay, but doesn't want to be one of those gays who are girly. He likes football and other masculine pursuits, and firmly avoids anything that could be seen as femme - including relationships that last beyond 15 minutes. Then Davo's friend and gay idol not only gets a boyfriend, but also adopts a baby girl.

Davo is seriously spooked and scuttles down to the pub. Being an identical twin doesn't come without issues. No one can tell us apart, not even our parents sometimes. We don't usually use that to our advantage, but it comes in handy when my brother needs help breaking up with his boyfriends - which happens more than I'd care to admit.

I know it's enabling him, but I can't say no to Anders. I will do anything for my twin. The breakups always go the same; they're swift and simple. Until Reed. When I give in to temptation, it's not because he's a guy. It's because he thinks I'm my brother, and I can't bring myself to tell him the truth. Derek Vaughn is a little too serious.

The real world with a serious job and big expectations can wait for a few months. This sounds like a very good series but it would bug the hell out of me that a man who showed no inclination before of being gay would suddenly turn. It was gay for you to the Nth degree. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Wonderful review Andrea. Aww, thanks Wave. Site Search. Sort by Relevance Newest first Oldest first. Downtime by Tamara Allen. Center Of Gravity Nook Island 1. Calculated Magic.

Hello Forever Pay it Forward 2. Sense of Place Thomas Elkin 3. Dark Space Dark Space 1. Appearing Nightly. Down for the Count The Stockholm Trilogy 2.

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Series Spotlight: Havac. Recent Comments Christi Az : Is this the final one in the series? Although But according to San Diego police, the law does not apply to officer involved car accidents. The night of June 8th to San Diego police officers were driving through Hillcrest responding to a burglary. A woman stepped into the street outside the crosswalk. Both officers hit her with their cars. She later died of her injuries. At first glance KPBS thought we could get more details about the crash under a new state law that requires police to disclose records related to officer use of force but public records attorney Matthew Halprin says San Diego police defined use of force as an officer attempting to gain control over a person or a situation.

Speaker 5: and because that is their understanding of what use of force means in this context, they are taking the position that automobile accident does not qualify as a use of force. He says the new law SB has improved police transparency, but. Speaker 5: there are at least some aspects of police conduct and misconduct that are not available even under SB so really this is an area that might be right for additional legislative action to further enhance public access. Speaker 3: The woman who died in the crash last month was 33 year old at Bernadette grant lane last September 60 year old hay Seuss Casada days died after being hit by a police vehicle in Lincoln Park.

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In an effort to improve medical care in rural and low income areas of California. The state is making a financial investment in physicians as capitol public radio's Randall White explains, the plan is to pay off student loans in exchange for a five year commitment to serve medical patients. Millions of Californians don't have access to quality health care for a variety of reasons.

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Those unmedical face, some of the greatest obstacles and a lack of doctors is one of them. That's where the loan payback program steps in encouraging newly graduated physicians to establish themselves in underserved areas. They may make a little less, but if they don't have debt to pay back, we are hoping that nets out such that they stay in place and continue to serve medical patients. Funding comes from 20 sixteens proposition 56 which increased taxes on cigarettes and e-cigarettes in Sacramento.

I'm Randall white. A military judge gave Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher, a four month sentence on the one charge where he was convicted. Tuesday Gallagher was acquitted of the most serious crimes he faced, including murder and attempted murder from his time in Iraq in Wednesday, the jury sentence, Gallagher to four months on the remaining charge of posing with a corpse on the battlefield. The maximum allowed under the charge is attorney Tim Parla. Tory said Gallagher accepted blame. Speaker 6: It was a regretful decision to pose in the photos and something that obviously if he could take that back, he would.

Those photos have led to pretty horrific consequences for his family. Speaker 3: Gallagher was confined to nearly eight months in the Briggs, so he will not face additional prison time.


He was lowered in rank from [inaudible] and will forfeit a portion of his pain. His legal team says he will follow the military appeals process to try to overturn the conviction. KPBS reporter John Carol has some tips on how to keep your four legged friends safe while the bombs are bursting in the air. It's an American tradition watching bursts of color explode in the sky above a celebration of freedom, a joyous visual of Americana, but those patriotic sounds or anything but a happy experience for dogs. Speaker 7: You will see a dog in a backyard, jump a fence, dig through a fence, break through a fence and sheer terror to get away.

You will have dogs in a house break through a window to escape. Speaker 3: D'Souza says, if you can hear fireworks at your home, the best thing to do is stay home with your dogs.

Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)
Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3) Finding Shelter (Rock Bay Series Book 3)

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