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Facing Justice, Finally

No staff or inmates were injured in the attack, the prisons bureau said. Federal officials are investigating Bulger's death as a homicide. A man who wrote a book about the much-feared crime boss said he died the way he once lived.

Inmate serving life sentence a suspect. Bulger was arrested in June after he eluded federal authorities for more than 16 years. He was serving the rest of his life in prison for a series of crimes that included his role in 11 murders. Before he went on the run, he had been a longtime FBI informant. A federal jury convicted him of 31 counts, including racketeering, extortion, money laundering, drug dealing and weapons possession.

The jury found him culpable in 11 killings from through He was sentenced in November to two life terms plus five years as architect of a criminal enterprise that a federal judge said committed "unfathomable" acts that terrorized a city. The circumstances of this week's transfer remain unclear. Bulger had also been housed at federal penitentiaries in Oklahoma and Tucson, Arizona.

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Bulger skipped town ahead of a pending indictment and was captured in California a decade and a half later. In , his girlfriend, Catherine Greig, was sentenced to eight years in federal prison for identity fraud and helping the mob boss avoid capture. Before their arrest, they lived under false names in Santa Monica, in what Bulger described as a "year honeymoon. After fleeing Massachusetts, investigators learned that the longtime mobster had been an FBI informant and his FBI handler had tipped him off to the charges.

  • UPDATE: Gangster is 2nd Whitey Bulger slaying suspect, official says.
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No bass lines or harmony parts for any of them. Rumenye, Rumenye in G is a transposition into G that is otherwise identical to the original arrangement. It is worth poking around to get the latest versions of everything. I recently upgraded to the latest version of Lilypond. This resulted in a significant change in the layouts of some of the music. I have now finished cleaning up all of the problems caused by that change. Anything you download now should have a reasonable distribution across pages. I just added Ikh Bin a Kleyner Dreydl.

I hope to have more Hanukah songs up soon.

I just added some of the songs for performing at Beth Elohim for Simchat Torah. I'm trying to get the rest of them in.

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The recording provided is a medley of 2 different freylekhs, Sid's Freylekhs and this one. You have to listen out to the second half to get this melody.

Whitey Bulger was brutally beaten during fatal prison attack

This is a medley of Itsikel , Kolemeyke K. You must listen to the MP3 to get the playing approach that is appropriate here. You can listen to the MIDI to pick up on this specific arrangement. A key source that I used to get started on this was found at www. Jerry is still interested in this piece. I've rearranged things so that the trumpet is carrying melody.


In the mean time, it is what it is. It is a Roumanian style hora, not an Israeli style. The harmony parts are a 3rd or 4th below the melody and a 5th or 6th below the melody. Trombone and flute are currently scored to play a counter. At Rich's suggestion most of the glissandos have been removed from the trombone part.

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This is a classic Yiddish Khanukah favorite. This is an original composition by Shpilkes's own Arnie Harris. Arnie and Barb are channelling Peter, Paul and Mary on the recording. The alto sax part was based on the the trombone part. The trombone glissandos now reflect what is in the book.

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The clarinet and flute have high melody parts. The violin and trumpet have low versions of the melody. The trumpet can play the tenor or a transposition of the alto instead of being heavy on the melody. The piano is just the melody and the octaves of the bass line, sorry! I hope to get to it soon. This is still in progress. The freylekhs part was pulled from Klezmer Band Folio, Yale Klezmer Band and thus started as a pretty complete orchestration. The hora part is from The Compleat Klezmer and thus started as a lead sheet.

A Life on the Run

I am still expanding the orchestration in that part. This is a very exciting bulgar. I have heard a number of variations. Note: this entry is incomplete. Please add to it if you have more information these reinforcements are relative to Hard Mode , they may be incorrect for Normal Mode. There are three ways into the city. Two parts of the wall can be broken near the starting locations of the enemy Wyvern Riders. If you can quickly dispatch the small amount of hostile forces outside the gates, breaking these should prove to be the fastest way inside. It is important to note that most forces inside the city will start moving towards you as soon as an entrance is made, so a highly evasive or defensive unit should be placed at the front of your first entry force.

Both walls have health, but using Eclipse can help destroy them in only two attacks. The enemy Sages hold a Sleep and a Silence staff, so bringing a Restore staff of your own can be beneficial.

Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score
Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score
Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score
Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score
Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score
Bulgar No.11 - Score Bulgar No.11 - Score

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