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Puppy Love iPhone Xs Max Case

Please remember that CollectPlus can only accept parcels under 10kg in weight and with maximum dimensions of 60x50x50cm. Can't find the returns label?

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Love Who You Wanna Phone Case

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Find out more Shop here now. Any other company could do the same, if only they cared about engineering and precision and manufacturing tolerances to the same degree. Because the wood adds a lip to the phone, many docks and accessories won't work with the Grove case on.

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Your millimileage may vary. And up top, the Grove case's depth brings back memories of the iPhone 1's recessed headphone jack. It's not as bad as that nearly forgotten misstep, but larger minijack plugs simply won't plug in without an adapter.

There's plenty I can complain about. (So here goes.)

Not a big issue for headphones—most have tremulously remained on a diet since the iPhone 1 scare—but for other audio plugs it can be an annoyance. Most damningly, the case in stock form has a tendency to The Grove case is really two pieces which slip over the top and bottom to meet below the iPhone's waistline.

They're held on by tension of the wood which says a lot about the precision of the Grove case itself and a soft black felt backing.

But unlike plastic cases of similar design, the two pieces don't clip together. They just touch. And after a little less than a week, my Grove case wanted to start letting the relatively heavy iPhone 4 perilously slide out of the top part of the case—the part you hold. To be clear, this happened first the day after I had had my phone in the pocket of my motorcycle jacket while riding out to the Oregon coast.

It's reasonable to think there was a good bit of vibration. But it's also reasonable to expect that the vibration only sped up a process that is inherent to the design. It was easy enough to fix. I folded a small piece of card stock and slipped it in between the felt and the phone.

Puppy Love iPhone Xs Max Case – Wildflower Cases

Snug enough to trust again. Let's ignore that I had to do the same thing to the bottom part of the case in a couple of weeks. The black metal bezel on the front of the phone has also started to come ever-so-slightly out of alignment on the left side. I think that might be because I have that little piece of card stock in the back, causing the whole case to curve slightly over time.

Grove offered to replace the felt on my case when I mentioned it to the company's owner, but I haven't taken him up on it yet. Here's the thing: It's wood. It's not supposed to be perfect.

Puppy Love iPhone 6+/7+/8+ Plus Case

And as far as the quality of the workmanship goes, I am seriously impressed. Much of the sanding and polishing on Grove cases is by hand, although they're not afraid of sanders either. Plus it's wood. Wood that feels better the more I hold my iPhone.

Crime Patrol - क्राइम पेट्रोल सतर्क - Khooni Love Story - Episode 572 - 23rd October, 2015

Wood that has taken a couple of short falls and looked better as it has weather scuffs and scratches. Wood that's just pretty to look at, to turn idly in the hand.

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Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases Love Cases
Love Cases

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