US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)

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It might require a bit of perseverance in some cases Very detailed. I am sure it will help someone else at a later date.

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Concerning the xenon lights - "It appears that real issue is only with Xenon lights". You had the pop-up spray system already on the car? You didn't say. I understand that you have to have the washer system or they will not pass the car. And one other thing to keep in mind. You can not sell the car within one year or they will come back to you for the import duty and taxes. This user would like to thank Verbier for this useful post: Sbrinz. Hi all, Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I hope my story will help other people importing their cars from the US. There were some additioal questions posted by other members so I try to address them in this post.

Xenon lights. No, Indo not have them installed on my car.

Statistics for Ford

Yes, thebkey issue is that one needs to have washers installed when importing a car with xenon lights. This xenon matter made me do some research and worry about the orange light in the high beam that is a standard in the US. But it turned out to be absolutely ok, the only thing MFK technicians checked they seem to control it for ALL vehicles, domestic or imported was the light intensity.

CoC certificate of conformity : it was not needed; however they needed other evidence of "conformity", i.

Taxes and paperwork

It is in German though I trust that helps. The following 2 users would like to thank ISta for this useful post: logo , Treverus. Yes, one can use a foreign driver's license for a period of one year, than one needs to replace it with the Swiss one. Why were the MFK inspection costs so high? Was it a special inspection? I did wonder if I could pass the MFK with a flat headlamp pattern using the adjuster for foreign driving but I made the mod to LHD before the test anyway.

Feiten & Fabels @ DUSA Import USA Cars

For the full-beam I believe the requirements are quite lax. I believe it might be the case that they simply can't be too low. BTW, what was the max speed? This is an incredibly helpful post, thank you. I apologize in advance if I missed these details but: 1. So, your Honda passed emissions tests? I am thinking of bringing a Honda CRV. We love this car -- it is "just right" for us. Is there anyway to know ahead of time whether it would pass emissions standards in Switzerland? Thank you, Mike. Very informative post indeed! One consideration though: if you are to sell the car later in Switzerland be prepared to take a big hit on price vs Swiss or even EU spec cars.

So you should not make your calculations based on average price in web - US spec cars are not on top of buyer wishlist although better than RHD Of course if half the price in US probably still makes a lot of sense financially Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for this post!! We are in the process of importing our car from NJ to Zurich it arrives next week and I have been completely confused about what to do when it gets here. After tons of frustrating hours of googling, your post is by far the most helpful resource I have found. Thank you! This user would like to thank sarahndipity for this useful post: doropfiz.

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Also, countless people said "don't bother", "not worth it". Simple experience for me. I would certainly do it again if I could.

Importing Vehicles and Engines into the United States | US EPA

I would probably do it with a turbo and save some real money! Last edited by Mr. Bourne; Reason: added link. Rachel Moore. After importing 3 vehicles from Florida, these were my experiences As I was moving here it cost me absolutely very little as it was part of my "belongings".

My rear red indicators turn signals were accepted. Regarding car insurance in this case, as you are sent the original registration papers once the car has been cleared by US customs, I went to Ferney Voltaire Douane where it is easy to get car insurance for foreign cars, this particular insurance they offer comes in 1, 2, 3 or 4 month portions.

It is not cheap, but well worth it if you did like my parents As already mentioned, if your car is still legal in the country of registration then it poses no problem to do this. One FYI though, Florida is one of the few 1 tag states, meaning only the rear number plate is required. This often caused a few arguments when crossing into Spain, France and Italy where the border guards would argue that it was illegal, they were explained that it was legal in the place of registration and they would have to respect that. They did but did not like it. So, this car was never actually "imported" but simply shipped over to be used for a few years.

It is now back in Miami. My 3rd and final import was the worst. I bought a 2nd generation BMW Z4 3. Arras I believe, when I was stopped by mobile customs police. I explained I had just picked it up and was heading back to Switzerland with it where I lived, and sure, here are all the papers and documents. Do you have the T1 document I was asked? Should do I said, it must be amongst those papers comprising of purchase record, US registration papers, shipping documents, US customs documents, Belgian customs clearance documents, Swiss car insurance, proof of where I reside. He looked In short The police said I could suddenly decide to sell it en-route home and end up paying no taxes to France.

I had in fact been very wrongly informed by the shipper that I did not require one if I had proof I lived in Switzerland and was going directly there outside the EU , furthermore Belgian customs never asked for it and cleared me to leave with the car. I have never even posted before, but dug out my old login info just to say thanks for this v useful OP and thread!! I am helping a friend who's relocating to ZH and is asking about their car and this was just the ticket.

Also, as a n00b, I couldn't tell how to say "thanks" on the post without actually writing a reply. If there's something to click, I couldn't find it. Thread Tools. Posting Rules You may not post new threads. BB code is On.

Direct import of new and used cars

Smilies are On. Trackbacks are Off. Pingbacks are Off. Refbacks are Off. Forum Rules. The time now is US car import - my experience. ISta Newbie. US car import - my experience Dear all, I would like to share with you my experiences with I importing my car from the US to Switzerland. The following 21 users would like to thank ISta for this useful post:. VFR on top Forum Veteran. JagWaugh Forum Legend. Re: US car import - my experience. This user would like to thank JagWaugh for this useful post:.

We import new and used cars from Europe, the USA and many other countries. Thanks to our worldwide network, bulk buying practices and exchange rate advantages, we can offer all car makes with the best price guaranteed.

Order your new car – directly from the manufacturer

Take a closer look at our cars or try our new car configurator to find the perfect bargain for you! Vehicles ordered directly from the manufacturer are as good as new with only a few kilometres and in top condition. We then import your car. We help you to import the car of your dreams. You will benefit from our extensive expertise in all aspects of car importing.

We offer all services from transport to customs clearance and taxation procedures, right through to final approval by the roads and traffic authority. Please also take a look at our CO2-Exchange and its benefits! We adapt your car to comply with Swiss traffic rules so it will be ready for approval by the roads and traffic authority. Thanks to our wide-reaching network, we are able to import your car to Switzerland in a short time. We are able to measure the noise and emission levels of your imported car to ensure they comply with Swiss law.

Thanks to our own CO2-Exchange we are able to help you with all import formalities. We are more than happy to advise you; simply fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)
US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)
US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)
US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)
US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)
US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition) US-Import-Anleitung - Auto-Import aus den USA (German Edition)

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