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The Reckoning International is an international development organization fighting poverty around the globe. We transform the lives the poor by equipping them with new knowledge, skills, confidence and hope. A woman carefully picked through piles of cow dung in the street, searching for undigested kernels of corn which she collected to feed her children.

This scene in Nepal inspired a young boy to do something to help the poor. That young boy grew, and with like minded people, formed The Reckoning International. TRI has many active and past projects around the world. In our mission to alleviate suffering for the poor around the world and empower them to climb out of poverty: here are some of our many projects.

We have planted over 35, trees in South America and Africa. Those trees are generating income for the poor locals who help to care for the forests. The project also teaches about good work ethic, the severe negative impacts of deforestation and more. Mission 4 Character is transforming lives through life changing principles for better living.

The Reckoning

Principles that create better leaders, parents, spouses, employees, community members and more. Remarkable stories of transformation come out of the M4C program. In Bamba Uganda we have been training locals to be quality knife makers and blacksmiths. Teaching them a useful trade and admirable work ethics to transform their lives. You can be a part of this life changing mission by partnering with us. Augustgrad was defended by three strong-points preventing zerg forces from entering the city from the outside, although Sarah Kerrigan and her own zerg had already entered the city, along with the Hyperion and Raynor's Raiders.

Kerrigan's forces were able to destroy the three main Dominion entrenchments, which subsequently enabled Zagara , Dehaka , and Alexei Stukov to send their own troops into the city to reinforce Kerrigan. The joint zerg-Raider forces were able to fight their way to Mengsk's Palace where they shattered the palace gates. Kerrigan entered it alone to deal with Mengsk. A few minutes into the mission, the Hyperion will fly in and destroy a light Dominion base to the north, Raynor's Raiders will set up an outpost and launch regular attacks against the Dominion. The location is moderately well-defended, but the player will need to be ready to help defend the Hyperion if the base is hit.

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If the ship is destroyed, the mission is lost. The player is vulnerable to attack from the north and the east, while the west path to the Hyperion is clear. Mengsk's forces consist of every unit the terrans have access to in the campaign, and they are stronger than the normal terran forces, using the models of mercenary-type units and having all-around higher stats similar to them. Mengsk will send strike forces against the Hyperion during the mission, and the player will need to help Raynor defend his forces.

After approximately 22 minutes have passed, Mengsk will send the Odin against the Hyperion , likely in the company of many other units. The player should bring a large force of units to help Raynor bring it down. The Odin will be the last focused attack Mengsk makes, though attacks by his normal units will continue. Mengsk controls much of the map and his forces are numerous, so the player should move out in large numbers when they attack, and have several hatcheries to quickly replace their army.

East of the player's starting base is a Dominion base, it should be cleared out early so the player can expand. A third expansion lies in the near center of the map, behind more Dominion forces. The player must use their units wisely and micro carefully - use ultralisks to draw fire then send in more fragile units, combine air and ground forces, and pick evolutions that allow the army to synergize well.

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Kerrigan's abilities are particularly helpful for bringing down large numbers of Dominion defenders and clearing the way for the more fragile zerg. Infestor's neural parasite is especially useful on taking control of the enemies strongest units especially the powerful battlecruisers and thors. For attacking the enemy.

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Slowly but surely the player must push Mengsk's forces back until they arrive at his palace. The palace is the most heavily defended spot on the map with planetary fortresses and numerous defending units, and as the player reaches the palace drop pods of reinforcements will arrive as well.


Destroying the palace gate ends the campaign. As optional objectives, throughout the city the player can find gates blocking Kerrigan's allies. Destroying the Dominion defenders at these gates lets the rest of the swarm into the city. The north-west gate has Stukov send infested marines and aberrations, the southern gate has Zagara send zerglings and banelings, and the south-eastern gate has Dehaka send primal zerg.

When the gates are first broken they will send a massive number of troops, and for the rest of the mission send smaller numbers in waves. For the achievement "Speed Bump," the player should tunnel vision on the central base and attempt to focus down the Odin, spending the majority of the beginning building up and defending attacks instead of taking out the defenses on the way.

Once the player is maxed, they can push in and destroy the Odin while it's in the capitol. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. StarCraft II Achievements. Wings of Liberty. Wings of Liberty Achievements. Mar Sara Missions. Mar Sara Mastery. The Moebius Factor Alive Inside! Story Mode.

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Missions Mar Sara Missions Dr. Heart of the Swarm. Heart of the Swarm Achievements. With Friends Like These Worker Rush Surprise! Legacy of the Void. Legacy of the Void Achievements. Prologue Missions. For Aiur! Co-op Missions. Co-op Missions Achievements.

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Suit Up! The A. Han and Horner. Holy Macromony Did It Work? Have a Portable Charger?

The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning
The Reckoning The Reckoning

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