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Now, I do prefer Microsoft Word on a desktop or laptop connected to a massive display in my office. I'm not sure when that will change, because I doubt I'll ever haul around a inch display.

Dell’s XPS 15 with 4K display is the laptop for people who want it all

More and more, the iPad Pro 9. I know I can type, I know I can benefit from all of the apps. It's just faster. It's instant-on access to Chrome for doing research on the The new model sports the Apple A12X Bionic chip, which runs faster than any previous tablet I've tested. I tested Netflix, Skype, the Chrome browser--all faster.

I know some readers have told me they could never use an iPad because they do web programming, video editing, or play high-end computer games, and I understand those reservations. I believe mobile is changing, though. When I see people using the Microsoft Surface tablet in meetings, they are usually taking notes. As far as younger workers, they tend to use their phones, even for typing up docs.

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Laptops were once a primary productivity machine, but with bots and apps we've moved away from that mentality. We don't need to use a laptop to organize a schedule, or set up reminders, or hold a Skype session.

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With each passing year a tablet becomes more like a laptop anyway, especially in terms of raw processing power. Still not convinced? I understand.


It took me about three years of using an iPad during meetings to realize it makes me more productive. I also never use a laptop at home anymore. If I'm sitting in the living room by the fire, it's with a book or an iPad these days. The only slight ding to mention about the iPad Pro I'm not seeing any other downsides, especially once Photoshop debuts next year. It's maybe a bit bulky at 1.

Who Invented the Laptop?

I'm still adjusting to the lack of a Home button a little you swipe up to unlock like you do on an iPhone X. Those are minor factors. I like how the Pencil attaches to the side of the tablet. I'd love to hear your thoughts about why you still use a laptop and compare notes. Now, if you're thinking, "hey, isn't the Area a desktop?

That very desktop-specific brand was chosen because of the desktop-level components inside. Although Alienware has used Area for laptops before, most recently around The ninth-gen Intel CPU and series overclockable Nvidia GPU are both modular, which means they could actually be upgraded at some point, although in the case of the GPU, that's mostly hypothetical at this point, you'd need new compatible parts to swap in.

This is also Alienware's first laptop to support eight-core processors, 2.

In person, the look is streamlined despite its great heft and footprint. The body is made from a magnesium alloy and available in either white or matte black called Lunar Light or Dark Side of the Moon , and it's easily the most sophisticated-looking Alienware to date. Although it's definitely not slim or light -- this is still a inch, 8. But somehow, the screen still manages to work in pretty slim bezels, plus a Hz G-Sync display.

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Below the screen is Tobii eye-tracking hardware, which I've never been able to get into, but purportedly has applications for esports and competitive gaming. Dell claims the Aream will stay cool, despite the heavy duty desktop parts. It's actually easy to believe considering how many vents are on this thing, including some new hex-shaped ones on the bottom.

Alienware Area 51m brings desktop gaming PC power to the laptop at CES - CNET

The cooling tech is called Cryo-Tech 2. It's frankly surprising this thing doesn't require some form of liquid cooling. Key specs include:. CES schedule : It's six days of jam-packed events.

The Laptop The Laptop
The Laptop The Laptop
The Laptop The Laptop
The Laptop The Laptop
The Laptop The Laptop

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