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Steve Howey

Meanwhile, Lip has always smoked like a chimney-- and that's because actor Jeremy Allen White actually does smoke. We're mostly going to discuss that a whopping five different actors have played the youngest Gallagher over the show's soon-to-be nine seasons. It's no surprise that baby Liam would've been played by twin actors-- and for seasons one and two, those twins were Brennan Kane and Blake Alexander Johnson.

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Since kids don't always age quickly enough for a TV show's liking, his age was fast-forwarded a bit when older twins Brendan and Brandon Sims took over for the next five seasons. Once Liam's role got deeper and more complex in season eight, more experienced young actor Christian Isaiah assumed Liam duties and has played the role since. The couple's journey has been such an integral part of both characters' growths on the show, particularly Ian's, that it's hard to imagine that Mickey wasn't always meant to be a longtime member of the show and always intended to affect Ian's life in such a way.

Remarkably, Fisher says he only initially signed on to play Mickey for about a handful of episodes , as that was to be the extent of the character's appearance on Shameless.

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Of the many difficult things we've watched the couple endure, few have been more sad than their struggles to get pregnant and Veronica being told that she was unlikely to ever have a child. The show's writers had to give Veronica a miracle pregnancy despite already kind of establishing that she couldn't conceive. One of the perks of doing film and TV work over, say, live theater is that you can sneak a peek at the script between scenes and don't have to necessarily have everything completely memorized before going "on.

It's particularly common on television sets for their to be a ton of scripts floating around and being studied every time the cameras stop rolling. Showrunner John Wells instituted a strict policy of no scripts being allowed on set , meaning the actors need to come prepared and knowing all of their dialogue for at least that whole day's worth of filming. Wells says that he wants the actors to play their parts as naturally as possible, and that forcing them to have the script memorized helps to ensure that.

However, sometimes characters leave a show because the people who play them simply wanted out, which was the case with Carl Gallagher, played by Ethan Cutkosky. He decided that he wanted to have a normal high school experience. Actors can't be expected to just sit in their homes doing nothing in between projects or seasons, and it's inevitable that they are going to hurt themselves in such a way that it needs to be addressed on screen.

Actor Steve Howey, who plays Kevin Ball, confirmed in a tweet that Kev's broken leg from a shower mishap was the result of Steve snapping his Achilles tendon in real life. Except, in the case of Allison Janney, she wasn't just approached for a role on the show and turned it down-- she had already filmed an entire episode before changing her mind.

In particular, it seems as though Emmy Rossum and Justin Chatwin really had a history of messing with each other, which clearly served to strengthen their on-screen chemistry. Rossum once shared how Chatwin liked to make the pair's romantic scenes as uncomfortable for her as possible, and in one specific instance, he wolfed down a tuna sandwich just before a make-out scene so that he would have terrible breath. No, your eyes weren't deceiving you-- the character had switched actresses.

It is definitely to the credit of the show's casting department that it took a double take to notice the swap and that the change wasn't hit-you-over-the-head obvious from the first moment the new actress stepped on screen. As with some of the other fake places on the show, Patsy's is at least based on a real place. In this case, it is most closely inspired by a Chicago eatery called Patsy's Place. In addition, there is a bar in Chicago called Patys's Pub, which some Chicagoans claim is also the basis for Patsy's Pies. Confused yet? It stands to reason that they'd be one of those groups of actors who frequently pop up together in other shows and movies going forward.

When Rossum discovered that William H. Not only were her demands met, but she had the full support of Macy himself , who said, "She works as hard as I do. She deserves everything. Shameless really feels like the type of show where everyone has a real say in its direction, from the top producers all the way down to the stars themselves.

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Macy was the first cast member to go behind the scenes, as it were, when he co-wrote the season two episode "Can I Have A Mother". Following up with the previous entry, it also needs to be pointed out that it is only the outside of the Gallagher's home that is located in Chicago. While Shanola Hampton had already appeared in a number of prior movies and television shows, Shameless was her first major role. She served as the face model for the character Rochelle. But typical of the game developer, a different person voiced the character, so Hampton's only contribution was her face.

It's an odd choice, given that she was already an established actor-- and a good one at that. But those who haven't watched the UK version probably aren't aware of where the shows are the same, and where they differ. Shameless essentially a direct retelling of the original for the first few episodes. A couple were even written by original series creator Paul Abbott. But it didn't take long before the two versions split apart, and now are largely different shows save for their similar foundations. If some of the names in the credits sound familiar to you but you couldn't quite place where you know them from, you might be surprised to learn just who they are.

Frank's addiction isn't just realistic due to the incredible portrayal by William H. Macy, but in a much more subtle way as well. Each of the Gallagher children-- save for Liam-- is said to represent a specific character trait commonly found in children of addicts. Fiona represents the "hero" or the perfect child; Lip is the "clown" or the screw-up; Ian is the loner; Carl is the rebellious one and also the scapegoat; and Deb is the caretaker.

Obviously they don't all rigidly play these roles with no overlap, but it was definitely the basis in creating them and largely describes their overall place in the family. Do you have any other Shameless trivia to share? Let us know in the comments! We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create custom content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in line with your interests.

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Kevin Ball

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Your neighbor flirts with you in front of your wife to antagonize your wife.

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She's a shit-stirrer, WOW, and she's trying to create conflict in your marriage. And conflict is all she's after.

Emmy Rossum Is Justin Bieber's Neighbor

Drama, not dick. The flirting is innocent. She may even be trying to pay your wife a bank-shot compliment. Either way, WOW, this isn't happening. And things would only get weird—they'd only get weirder—if you misgroked your neighbor's intentions and floated the dress-up-and-pose idea. Impeach the motherfucker already! Tickets to HUMP are on sale now! Get them here!

Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor
Shameless Neighbor Shameless Neighbor

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