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Portuguese Conjugation

Legal Adviser. Legal Aid a form of. Legal Authorities. Autoridades Judiciais. Legal Charge. Despesas Judiciais ex. Despesas de Contencioso hipotecas. Legal Costs see court costs. Custas Judiciais pagas depois do caso Custas Processuais preparos, pagas durante o processo. Legal Entity. Legal Executive. Representante Legal numa Empresa ou Gabinete de Advogados. Legal Instrument. Legal Guardian. Legal Person see artificial legal person. Legal Personality to have. Legal Personnel. Legal Protection.

Legal Provisions. Letter of Attorney or Power of Attorney. Letter of Claim sent by Claimant to Defendant. Letter of Request. Level of Alcohol in the blood. Lewd Behaviour. Comportamento indecente, lascivo. Liability in Tort. Responsabilidade civil extracontratual. Liable to Duty. Libel By means of writing, print or broadcasting. Licence, to hold a. Licence Endorsed. Licensing Act Life Licence. Life Sentence or Life Imprisonment. Liquidated contracts. Contratos liquidados. Litigation Parties before court are answerable for case conduct.

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Litigation Friend see Guardian ad litem and Next Friend. Local Authority. Autarquia Local Junta de Freguesia. Local Reference Rent. Lodge a Complaint. Lodge an appeal or case. Interpor um Recurso ou uma 2a. London Police the square mile police see Metropolitan Police. Comando Metropolitano do centro de Londres Policia Municipal.

Lord Chancellor add footnote: this is the highest judicial authority in England. Lord Mayor. Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. Loss of amenities. Perda de comodidades. Sistema de alta voz Altifalante para chamar as partes intervenientes no caso. Lower Courts. Tribunais Inferiores.

Juiz Social Trib. Pequena casa geminada em dois andares. Casa dividida em apartamentos. Veredicto pronunciado por uma maioria. Manslaughter aggravated see murder. Manslaughter involuntary. Manslaughter involuntary aggravated. Manslaughter negligence. Manslaughter voluntary.

Manslaughter voluntary aggravated. Matrimonial Property Law. May lead to a conviction. Meal Voucher see Vouchers. Ticket Restaurante. Memorandum of Association. Mens Rea Offence with intent, guilty state of mind see Actus Reus. Comando Metropolitano de Londres Em P. Milord or your lordship. Minister without Portfolio. Minister for Transport Industries. Ministry of Postal Services and Telecommunications.

Misleading Advertisement Act. Lei contra a Publicidade Enganosa. Misuse of Drugs Act Lei de Abuso de Estupefacientes de Mitigation speech made by defence after verdict or guilty plea. Mitigating circumstances. Mode of Trial Decision to try case either by magistrates or jury. Money judgment or award of costs.

Danos Patrimoniais morais ex. Mortgage Application Form. Mortgagee Lender eg. Bank, etc. Motorway Control Policeman. Multi track claims UK. Murder see attempted murder. Mutandis Mudando o que deve ser mudado. Mute by visitation of God. Mute of malice to stand. Recusar depor, responder ou defender-se. My learned friend how Defence and Prosecutor refer to each other in court sometimes.

National Insurance Contributions. NI Contributions deduction. NI Exemption Certificate. National Insurance Number. National Police Training. Pessoas Naturais. The National Assoc. Neighbourhood Watch Schemes. Next Friend now Litigation Friend. Representante de menores em Tribunal. Non-Custodial Sentences eg. Notary Public, a In the UK is a civil lawyer who verifies signatures and authenticates documents. Notice to Detained Person. Obiter Dictum A saying by the way, by a judge giving his decision.

Occasional Owners or holders. Occupation of a Country. Offences triable on Indictment. Criminoso, infractor, transgressor, delinquente, autor do delito. Onus Probandi burden of proof. Operative part of judgement. Portaria Ministerial Despacho Ministerial. Order to retake the driving test. Outworkers Social Services. Parental responsibility agreement. Acordo de responsabilidade dos ascendentes diretos Acordo de Responsabilidade Parental.

Parenting classes order. Parole now Released on Licence. Liberdade Condicional Br. Livramento Condicional. Particulars of an insurance policy. Passivo-Agressivo comportamento da parte que ofende. Peers eg. Judgement by Peers. Penal Affairs Consortium. By itself taken alone Em si mesmo. Periodic penalty payments. Perjury False swearing, false statement under oath. Personal Injury Litigation. Petition see Demand, Countercharge, and Reply.

Petition for Bankruptcy. Physical Person see legal person. Carteirista Br. Plain-clothes Constable. Plaintiff The one who starts a claim. Pleading a Defence Argument against a claim. Points of Initial Claim. Police Headquarters or Police Station. Cadetes exp. Police Protection Children Act. PPW abbreviation of Paperwork. Porto de Entrada onde pessoas que pedem asilo entram.

Possession for own use. Posse de Estupefacientes para passar ou vender droga. Possession of property. Poverty Affidavit to receive legal aid. Power of retrieval same as Right of Evocation. Practice Directions Rules of practice not laws issued by High Court judges. Pre-action conduct of litigation. Precautionary measure or protective measure. Precedent A case used as authority for its legal principles. Prejudicial prevent eg. Conflicts with the provisions. Preliminary Demand not granted. Preliminary Hearing 1st stage of Court case. Apresentar uma queixa-crime Denuncia escrita de crime particular.

Presumption near to proof of fact Inference as to the truth of a fact admitted to be true. Prevailing legislation Legislation in force. Prima Facie Case At first appearance case with evidence in support. Contacto Supervisionado em Regime de Prova. Ordem de Liberdade Supervisionada. Probation Emergency Support. Proceeds income, revenue. Ganhos, receitas, resultados, fundos. Fundos provenientes de actividades criminosas. Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Prohibition Order, a under Children Act. Properly interested person. Protection of Social and Welfare Rights. Protective Authorization. Provision of… contracts. Provisional Warrant or protective order see precautionary measure. Public Administration Brackets. Quid Pro Quo Something for something. Race Relations Act Racial Aggravation. Racial Equality Council. Conselho para a Igualdade Racial. Racial Harassment. Racial Hatred. Random Checks. Rape see statutory rape. Reason for decision or principle upon cause decision.

Real defence. Rear end collision see collision. Reasonable care. Reasonable endeavours. Reasonable grounds to believe. Reasonable opinion. Rebut Dispute to disprove evidence. Receiver Administrador. Receiving Order. Recklessness can also be negligence. Recorder in Court also called logger. Recovery Order 1 Children Act. Recovery Order 2. Redemption Ransom, buy back mortgage estate or rent charge. Resgatar, Redimir, Amortizar. Redundancy see dismissal.

Restabelecida 2. Estabelecimento de lei.


Portuguese conjugation models: fazer, estar, ler | Portuguese verb conjugator

Refuge 2 see emergency accommodation. Refugee Because of persecution, war, etc see Asylum Seeker. Refugee Council. Refugee Status. Regional delegation Extension Centre. Registered letter or recorded post. Carta registada ou protocolada. Registrar of the court. Regulatory conditions.

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Regulatory requirements. Requisitos normativos. Rehabilitation of the offender. Rejoinder from the dependant. Treplica de recorrido. Release on Bail. Release on licence used to be called Parole. Release without delay no evidence found against that person. Liberdade imediata, Br.

Relevant Pertinente, relevante, significativo. Remand, on Imprisonment until court hearing see commit for trial. Remand in Custody. Remand on Bail. Remand for Report. Remand the case, to. Removal of political asylum seekers that over-stay. Rent Assessment Committees. Rent Management. Reply to countercharge. Request for Asylum. Residential Association. Resignation Letter. Res Ipsa Loquitur Rule. The facts speak for themselves Os factos falam por si mesmos.

Respite Care. Restraint Order. Restriction order. Right of Abode. Rights and Duties. Direitos e Deveres. Reflectores luminosos.

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Road Traffic Accidents tort of negligence. Road Traffic Act see Highway Code. Robbery Theft with the use of threat. Royal Court of Justice. Supremo Tribunal de Londres Strand no Strand. Norma, Regulamento. Rule of law. Rules of court. Regulamentos do Tribunal Regras processuais, normas. Ruled by court. Determinou, decidiu o tribunal. Rules of procedure. Regulamento interno companhia ou governo Regulamento de Processo ou Processual tribunal.

Sanctions and Supervision Schemes. Sergeant Police Force. Schedule 1 formal list. Schedule 2 Appendix to an Act. Schedule 3 list of tasks to be performed within certain times. Scheduled by foreseen. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Secretary of State for Education and Science. Secretary of State for Defence. Secretary of State for Employment.

Secretary of State for Social Services. Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. Section 34 Contact Order. Comprovativo de identidade civil. Sentence Gets criminal record. Pena de Multa. Served on the… date on legal papers. Setting up a service see establish. Sex Discrimination Act Sexual Offences Act Equivalente em P. Slander defamatory language used against someone. Social reinsertion reintegration into society. Social Security Appeal Tribunal. Sole Trader see self-employed. Advogado ou Advogado Consultivo. Assistente do Procurador-Geral da Coroa.

Invasores zona Urbana Poceiros Terrenos, Fazendas. Stare Decisis Abiding by judicial Precedents. Statement of Special Educational need. Station Master or S. Station Officers civilians working at the Police Station. Statutory interest for late payment. Juros previstos pela lei no caso de pagamento. Juros de Mora. Strip Search see intimate search. Subject of… eg. Subject matter of the claim. Subrogation form, declaration, clause. Sue to sue To bring an action or civil law suit against a person.

Summary Procedure or Interim Measure. Summary Trial Trial at Magistrates Court. Intimado ou convocado a comparecer. Summons at court and for distraint. Supervised Suspended Sentence. Pena Suspensa em regime de prova. Supreme Court of Judicature.

O Poder de Cura do Perdão

Surety other person will vouch for his attendance in court. Taxable Person. Sujeito Passivo IVA. Tax Favours. Tax Payers Reference Number. Tax return. Technical Expert. Temporary Leave to. Temporary Possession. Temporary Release. Term of Imprisonment. The Cabinet or City Council. The Exchequer. The Foreign Secretary. Theft Act Lei de Furto de Theft of Public Funds. Threatening offences.

Threshold Criteria. The issues in dispute. The previsions under which. Tier Track System.

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County Court — UK. Timely Manner. To advance guardianship. Antecipar a Tutela. To be charged. Ser Acusado Formalmente. The band now enjoys success throughout Brazil and has begun to establish its career abroad with tours to the United States, Europe and Angola. Despite initial resistance by music distributors because of its genre and origins, the band became a leader in CD and DVD sales in the s, with approximately 15 million albums and over 5 million DVDs distributed in Brazil, making it one of the record-breaking bands of the country in sales.

The band plays an engaging rhythm known as Brega pop and Calypso. In , development began on the feature film This is Calypso — The Movie, which will recount how Joelma and Chimbinha met, the band's formation in and its recognition in Brazil and abroad. On 19 August the couple announced their separation. The announcement stated that the band would honor its current commitments until the end of its performance calendar in December He began playing the flute at age He reinvented the rhythm ' Brega pop '.

She began singing at the age of 19 in local nightclubs. She became well-known after singing at the Art and Culture Fair of the city. She sang for six years in the band Fazendo Arte, until she decided to record her first solo CD. Known for his arrangements, he agreed to produce her solo album under the stage name Joelma Lins.

The singer and the guitarist began dating and decided to come together to form the band. Initially, they expected to sell ten thousand disks, which was then considered a success. Thirteen years after the release of their first album, Banda Calypso had surpassed 14 million albums sold.

On 19 August the official social network of the band on Facebook declared the separation of the couple. According to the advisory they did not report the reason for the separation, only that "the marriage of Joelma and Chimbinha has come to an end. The band was created in with the transformation of the solo album Joelma into Banda Calypso, Volume 1. Therefore, Chimbinha put together a partnership that cut a limited edition of discs, which sold out within one week. Today many fans consider it a collector's item.

Though limited in exposure to the Northern and Northeast regions of Brazil, the re-released disc surpassed , in sales. The only change made in the re-release was the introduction of three bonus tracks: 'Loirinha', 'Rubi' and 'Brega Fo'. In the song 'Loirinha', there is another singer, Dinho. Nowadays, this is the version found for sales and to download the album. After the single 'Vendaval' along with other songs were published in an album and distributed in the Northeast , the band played several concerts in the region that featured the singer, Dinho, in addition to starring Joelma. Among many shows, a special in Recife , capital of the State of Pernambuco , gave rise to a second album, Banda Calypso Live that was recorded in the Lamb's Exhibition Park in Recife in and released in With this recording there was a great increase in the band's exposure in the Northeast and in other Brazilian regions.

The album sold over 1. The singer was on stage when Joelma was changing dance costumes, thus lending continuity to the show. The concert was hosted by Gilberto Barros, better known as Lion, who presented the program. In this show, and with the release of the album, the band displayed their work to a wider audience and earned a reputation in parts of the country where they had not yet had the opportunity to play in concert.

The songs that were most prominent in this collection, where they played with several bands, were the ballads Maridos e Esposas and Desfaz as Malas. With songs from all three albums having been released, the audience participated by dancing and singing in the show from beginning to end.

The band recorded their fourth album: Banda Calypso, Volume 4 , which was completed in less than a week, with lead single Pra Te Esquecer , and the ballads Imagino and Tic Tac , among others. This album also contained a variety of rhythms that the band always uses, but now with more experimentation, better sound quality and a wider audience. Destination: Istanbul. From there, a road trip south covering the several thousand kilometres to its southern border where somebody from the Jihadist army would be awaiting them to whisk them over and guarantee their integration in Syria, the country where they would become warriors in the name of Allah.

Throughout at least several months, between the end of and mid, this was the route used by at least ten British jihadists to avoid secret service surveillance in the United Kingdom and to thus secretly enlist themselves in the pro-Al-Qaeda factions, which formed the precursor to Islamic State IS , that were then fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime. Before they themselves set off on Jihad, they first managed the recruitment, transport, accommodation, supply and financing of this terrorist route to Syria.

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Firstly, in the suburbs of London, they sought out potential mujahedin in the Islamic circles in which they moved and preferably converts such as themselves and followers of more radical versions of Islam. Afterwards, they set off for Lisbon where they would host the future jihadists while in transit. They constantly accompanied their visitors and they, days or weeks later, would be taken to Portela to get the direct flight to Turkey. They only ever left the airport after the plane had taken off", revealed a source at the European information services.

DCIAP vs. Islamic State The Attorney General's Office of the Republic did confirm to Expresso the "existence of inquiries" taking place within the scope of DCIAP - the Portuguese CID and the competent national entity for terrorism related investigations - ,"with the objective of investigating the facts related with that known as Islamic State". All other details fall under the secrecy of justice norm with SIRP - the Portuguese Republic's Secret Service refusing to provide any comments on the matter.

Portugal, or rather Lisbon served as the strategic platform, as a cloak of invisibility for the recruitment network for British Jihadists.

O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)
O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition) O poder do perdão (Portuguese Edition)

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