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Regardless, every task, every deadline, every job, and every project plays its part in getting you to your desired end. No matter how prestigious or insignificant the assignment is, it must be completed accurately and timely. One of the best ways to ensure this occurs is having a workhorse in you circle.

3 Ways Your Circle of Friends Determine How Far You’ll Go in Life

Your workhorse or your Do-Anything Professional is a dependable, stable, flexible, focused, persistent, and loyal worker who will do just that — anything. They will work long and hard. The duties they are assigned to could be quite boring, manual, lacking in prominence, or even strenuous; still, they will persevere and see it through with excellent results because they are committed.

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They will work vigorously on every task to get the end result you desire, displaying their loyalty and willingness to support your dreams and goals. Your Do-Anything Professional doubles as your confidant, looking out for your best interest, steering you away from detractors, and covering for you when others question your determination, ability, or drive. They are NOT intimidated by your achievements as they possess a private confidence. Usually, they have already quietly accomplished more than they let other people on.

Your success is not achieved from one dimension. You accomplish your goals by working with and through others. Much like the shape of a circle, the relationships you depend on to aid you go round and round continuously with no break. To get to the top, you must link, connect, interact , and depend on different types of people with varying personalities, skills, interests, and knowledge.

The key is recognizing that you make it together — not alone. There is the old say… No man is an island.

The Missing Link // Inner Circle (Part 1)

To be successful you need to build a team…. The big upside of this is that all the good qualities of those you surround yourself with will rub off on you, and thus attracting more like-minded and driven people into your circle. Thanks for the support! I appreciate this post. At times I am so focused on developing myself, I forget to connect with others.

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Hi Brian. Thanks for feedback. We can all benefit from networking…sharing experiences, information and contacts. I will check out your blog. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us.

But, if I had to make a recommendation, here are the top three types of people I think you need in your circle to be successful: 3 Types of People You Need To Be Successful 1. The Connections Expert You need someone like the Connections Expert , who knows how to market your skills, build a broad network , and simply sell what you have to offer to the customers you are targeting. The Contingency Specialist Life is never smooth sailing. The Do-Anything Professional As we strive for success , there is always more work to be done.

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Max P March 6, at am. To be successful you need to build a team… Great article.. Jackie Walker March 6, at pm. Thanks for the feedback and support. I am glad it encouraged you. Seneca September 19, at am. Thank you for the great article Jackie. Jackie Walker September 19, at pm. Brian Donato September 16, at am. Jackie Walker September 16, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Your circle of competence is the subject area that matches your skills and expertise. And understanding your own helps you concentrate on the areas where you have the greatest familiarity.

It also helps you align a subjective assessment of your own competence with your actual competence. The size of that circle is not very important; knowing its boundaries, however, is vital.

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Keeping strictly to their own circles is what makes Buffett and Munger among the most successful investors in history. They stick to what they know. I start with that shift and then the idea follows. With Drift, for example, my co-founder Elias Torres and I saw a massive change happening around messaging.

How do I know Circle is working?

We noticed this and knew that the market needed to get much bigger to match the demand — and that the paradigm shift would impact the B2B space as well. So, we set out to understand how this growth around messaging solutions could be used in the B2B market and then created a product based on our findings. It is also hugely helpful when you have shared experiences with someone, because your learnings are their learnings as well. And, like any successful relationship, we have a partnership based on trust — and one where our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.

Every Sunday evening we'll send you a roundup of the best content and events from Drift and around the web.

Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle
Know Your Circle Know Your Circle

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