Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)

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The check Ryan had given Kelly was never cashed ever since she had disappeared. Kelly has always been angry and bitter that Ryan chose to believe the words of his brother over that of Kelly. Ryan was more than willing to forgive Kelly but on the other hand Kelly was not willing to take down the fall hence she told Ryan that she did not his forgivenss. Ryan finally decides to hire a private investigator, so as to see how Kelly is fairing on, only to discover that she is a waitress at a seedy diner and at this time she is about 7 months pregnant.

Ryan or Jarod? This series is definitely for individuals who love romantic reads. As a character, Kelly is fragile, strong, sweet and saasy while Ryan is also exceedingly likeable. Throughout the book, Ryan does not understand why Kelly is always angry especially when she is around him. Tempted is the third book in the Pregnancy and Passion series. In this book, we are introduced to Devon whjo is more than set to marry Ashley as a part of the deal that he had made with his soon to be a father in law.

Their companies are set to merge. Hence, Devon should marry Ashley so that his father will be more than sure that she has been taken care of. As a character, Ashley is a fun loving person who wears her heart on her sleeves and loves to speak her mind. There is a chemistry between the two characters however Devon does not truly feel the same way that Ashley feels about him. As time goes by, they get married, and their marriage begins to hit the rocks as soon as Ashley discovered why Devon married her in the first place. Many times they argue and fight.

Devon often points out the reasons why he does not really lover her. On the other hand, Ashley cannot stop loving him despite everything that is going on in their marriage. Is Ashley going to make Devon fall in love with her? And as time goes by, she discovers that they were right.

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Endorsed by Lee Child himself, this is a fantastic book series and is the best recommendation I can give for any fans of Reacher. More details.

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The Breathless Series

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Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)
Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)
Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)
Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)
Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)
Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance) Breathless, Book #4 (An Adult Romance)

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