Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

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He knows it is bad and he has to be punished for having it. When Snape finds out about his treatment, he's suddenly thrown into an entirely new world, where he has to find out what he should believe in. Her mate was happy and told the couple that when their baby turned 18 she would be in the court of intended Fluff, romance, humor, y un poco de angst. Hot Summer Nights by Be Happy. Be Healthy. Yui continued to sip her cool frosty treat with her eyes closed completely ignoring Ayato as he approached her in her vulnerable state. Can Dumbledore be trusted?

But an Heir too? And how will he find help? May become slash,don't like,don't read. Bashing Ron, Dumbledore, and Ginny. Succumb to Wishing Droplets by Itachi anime reviews A word drabble story on Sesshomaru and his confusion with his younger brother's Human Miko. Chapter 73 is up! Strawberry Pill by Yeemew reviews Kisshu gives Ichigo a pill which puts her in heat. Can she make it through the week without giving into the urges? Hint, hint This is a lemon. Basically Ichigo X Everyone but Aoyama-kun.

Day 11 jealous kiss by destielis4ever reviews Harry is once again surrounded by a group of fangirls once again and his secret boyfriend, Draco Malfoy dosen't like that one bit. Draco, Possessive! Draco, and oblivious! Unfortunately, he finds out Draco Malfoy is also going to be starting as a Hogwarts professor. Their rivalry is, of course, not budging. But since they're teachers now, they're not allowed to fight. The Fine Line by Skellington24 reviews 6th year AU The chance to recover from his abusive childhood, and now that the threat of the Dark Lord is gone ish , Harry can start to live his life.

Finding unexpected alliances with old rivals, Harry's life turns in a direction he feels like he doesn't deserve, and he needs the support of his loved ones to recover so that he can discover the fine line between love and hate. Mending Harry by nomdemprunt reviews In the aftermath of war, what happens to those who have no family to turn to? Who don't feel they deserve the support of their friends? The ones on whose shoulders too much responsibility was placed and for whom the expectations remain too high?

Join Harry on his journey to acceptance and healing through the support of the last people he'd ever have thought to find a family with. Tom was always there for Harry, who blossoms into a beautiful young man. But what are Tom's true intentions? A Secret of the Darkest Art. A little boy, who lives in the shadow cast by his younger twin brother, 'the-boy-who-lived'. Isolated for what the Order of the Phoenix believes dwells deep, dormant inside of him, but they're gravely mistaken.

Harry Potter seeks solace in books, becoming ever distant and cold Emerald Silver by CordeliaFaith reviews All is not as it seems, tricked into serving the true Dark Lord Dumbledore, given the choice of their son or their lives the Malfoy's, with the help of Severus, escape with Draco in time for his inheritance. But what of his mate, so small and frail? And needs to go to Shikon Academy, where she catches the eyes of various males, one of them being the famous Sesshoumaru Taishou.

He is her boss, and she has a boyfriend. Can they keep it professional? Campo de Girasoles by naramato reviews AU. Later she is accepted into St. Marie Academy, her dream school, but she's not the best at cooking in the beginning. What will happen? Will she be catch up? Two of the three boys she meets in the beginning begin to like her, but one's too shy to show his feelings.

Who'll Ichigo fall for? Kashino] S. Hanabusa, S. No queda nadie en la alacena by PukitChan reviews Secretos; todos poseemos al menos uno. Only Time Will Tell by Illegirl reviews A very powerful Harry ends up in the past with nothing except his wand and the clothes he arrives in and decides to adopt Tom Riddle to raise as his own. Tom is obsessed and possessive of Harry or is he falling for him?

The enigma that is Harry Evens is hard to ignore. How will this affect the future of the Wizarding world? At least he finally found someone who loves him. Rated MA. Might add more later. My AO3 account is on my profile if you want to follow me there. Hiraeth by perrialcott reviews Four years after the war, Harry is set adrift as a single parent caring for his godson, Teddy. A story of coming home, of second chances, and of finding yourself when it all falls apart. The war has started and both sides want his pack.

A visit from the Light creates an opportunity to learn more meaning Harry's going to school. Dumbledore expects him to be a naive Gryffindor to control, instead, he's a confident Slytherin who doesn't believe in either side. Possible other pairings. Harry Potter and the Second Personality by loboyst reviews Harry wasn't crazy.

Magic was real and so was the kid in his body named Tom. I Could Never be Sick of Loving You by Miistical reviews His shoulders were hunched up to his ears, his face both too pale and too red, his bright green eyes now dull and hazy. As Tom watched, Harry blinked slowly, as if all the energy he had gained had been used up all on Tom. It was a strange thing, Tom thought, to physically feel his heart drop. Posiblemente desde siempre. Will Harry be able to find a place in a nest with the head of the country: the mysterious Tom Riddle? Will he manage to overcome the many family adventures while making his name as a defender of the rights of his caste in society?

No one else seemed to notice but him. She could not have come at a worst time. Churning stomach by Hbrook shipping for life reviews A little Harry x Draco for you guys! Draco has a problem with insomnia Wandering late in the halls is a bad habit for him Will his late night strolls catch up with him? Warning: mild to severe dark themes of abuse in the future.

But what if Draco was nice to Harry during that scene instead of insulting him? They become friends, and with this simple act everything changes. Harry's Hunt by hogwartsfandomlover reviews When the Boy who Lived gets bitten by Fenrir Greyback after the battle of Hogwarts and becomes a werewolf and desperately needs to find his Alpha - before it is too late and his transformation is complete. He had to choose carefully. After all he would be responsible for them A bright flash of red caught his attention.

However Kag's has had enough so with Shippo in tow, they go back to kags's time. An Kag's falls 4 a certain dashing demon lord. But why is Sessho so protective over Kags. La ropa sobra. Oblivious Devotion by distraughtjuan reviews "Every witch and wizard will be told their one true mate at the age of Harry had never paid any attention to this silly tradition. It was the only thing about the wizarding world that he had no interest in.

He had never even taken the time to explore his feelings and interests. That is, until his 16th birthday. Phoenix Rising by DoubleDracos reviews Gods. Slytherin lovers. Could life throw any more surprises at Harry Potter? Shared In Confidence by distraughtjuan reviews After being kicked out of the Dursleys, Harry spends the rest of the summer at the Leaky Cauldron, only to find out his school enemy is staying there too.

Will Harry and Draco be able to see passed their rivalry? I'll be okay, right? He couldn't believe how much pain Hinata could be in. Harry Riddle: Son of Voldemort by Madriddler reviews Instead of trying to kill Harry on that faithful night, Lord Voldemort has decided to steal the child away and raise him as his own. With plans to turn the boy into Dumbledore's downfall, the Dark Lord soon finds out that raising Harry and not developing a bond with the boy is impossible.

God help the boys when Harry starts dating. Finding out that he's a submissive Dracken, and that there's something else he can't control about his life, how will things turn out for young Harry? Healing scars by saladandpeace reviews When Harry falls into a self-destructive cycle, he finds himself getting help from the last person he expected. Voldemort is back, but no one know it. At least, not yet. At Hogwarts though, strange things are occurring. What can Harry do, now that half the school believe he is Slytherin's Heir?

Eventual Dark! Harry, Slytherin! Sequel has begun! HP and the Year of Broken Chains. Just read. Soon everyone will know to fear will fear the dark as Harry becomes the world's worst Dark Lord in history. Features EvilHarry! Photographic Memory Harry! Strong language, Bashing, Brutal scenes, Descriptive romance later in. Age 17 recommended! You have been warned! Draco punishes him as needed. Full content warnings inside.

Title taken from "Mouthful of Forevers" by Clementine von Redics. Now Draco and Harry are betting on who can fix each others problems first, will Harry manage to drive Draco out of his insomnia? Or will Draco get Harry to start eating? But what will happen when Harry realises Draco has betrayed him? Some will be explicit, some will be gen. Yutopia by AnimeFanime1 reviews Victor's azure-hued eyes widened as he gazed upon the golden gate of the Omega temple, sparkling in the morning rays under its covering of snow.

It was the most renown of its kind in the world. The Alpha breathed deeply, but picked up only the scent of incense wafting from within. Omegaverse AU. Draco Sub! Harry Creature! Disenchanted by Jessica-Doom reviews They had been given the illusion of a happy life. A short-lived illusion and now they had to deal with reality. And the reality was — Draco Malfoy was still very much a git. Harry Potter and the Homecoming by BolshevikMuppet99 reviews Book 1 of the Downward Spiral Saga:After being raised in an orphanage, Harry Potter is visited by his new headmaster and brought into the world of magic.

How will an abused Harry fare in this new world? Harry, Eventual Dark! Harry, Sequel is up! I noticed, second year. Harry notices but disregards it, thinking it's just Draco being Draco. Suddenly, Draco goes missing. Rated M now.

The Highest Price to Pay by Maisey Yates

Harry Potter and the Voice of the Obscurial by anonwriter64 reviews Harry arrives at Hogwarts and is proven to be a capable and intelligent young wizard, but what will happen as things get worse at the Dursleys? Will Vernon fulfill the promise he made to Harry on his 11th birthday? Harry Powerful! Draco is forcibly transformed into a Veela while on a mission in another dimension.

Harry, his last remaining Auror protector, must bind himself to Draco as a temporary mate until they can reach the Veela enclave they are seeking and find him a permanent one. Finding Shouyou by LightningQuartz reviews Hinata Shouyou learns more about himself than he would like.

Dragon's Pearl by Kagehana15 reviews Dragon's have seen in possession of a precious pearl, but none except the dragons truly know of their origin. However, one Chihiro Ogano for better or for worse is about to find out. Meanwhile a lonely and confused Kohaku struggles with the urge that all dragons face sometime in their life, the call of a true mate. Rated M just to be on the safe side. Fading Sunshine by AppleCiderr reviews Hinata gains horrible and permanent an injury, he can never play volleyball again.

They lose to Shiratorizawa, and in their selfish rage, the teeam blames Hinata. The bullying goes too far after Hinata's confession to Kageyama goes wrong, leaving Hinata to suffer until he hits the breaking point. Once he does he moves away, can a guilty Karasuno make up for their cruelty? She would have to with a part time job, full time school, and juggling an irresponsible father longer than she could rember.

But a whole new society and culture revealed to her just because some guy kissed her forehead takes the cake. Now she is a part of this new world, and she's determined to not screw this up.


Stay up and fight by digthewriter reviews Harry hasn't heard from Malfoy in three months, and then here he is, asking to be let into Harry's flat. Sweet and Bitter Memories by TheRogueLibrarian reviews In Snape's potions class when Snape is having a particularly off day he forces Harry to drink his own botched potion, watch as it has an unexpected result. Spin the Bottle by RoseLover reviews When Harry and Draco both agree to play spin the bottle nothing would be the same again, especially if Hermione and Blaise have anything to do with it.

Yuuri decide mudarse con Victor a Rusia para continuar su entrenamiento y prepararse para la siguiente temporada. Seeking each other by slayer of destiny reviews It is Bill and Fleur's wedding and everyone is excited. However Harry is given a little surprise, Viktor Krum is on his way for the wedding, Viktor the man that he has had a crush on, perhaps even loves, but thought he might not see again.

Now, perhaps it is the right time for them? That is if Viktor even has feelings for him though. Royal Needs by CupcakeSweetie19 reviews When a marriage meeting goes wrong between Princess Karin and Prince Kazune, the two wish to never see each other again. Unfortunately for them, both of their fathers are convinced they're a perfect match and have arranged a full year of dates! Beholden To by k-kizkhalifa reviews It's only months after the war and Draco can't handle it any longer. Stupid Potter, and his stupid attitude and his stupid having to die almost killed him.

That's what happens when you're a Veela mated to the reckless golden boy. Intertwining Broomsticks by koubatsu reviews Falsely submitted for the Triwizard Tournament - everyone against him, the odds against him, and his scar is hurting again. However, Harry got to know one of his fellow champions perhaps just a little too well. He Brings Troubles by Nora F. No longer lonely - a drarry story by The magical typewriter reviews Draco is sure he's cursed even though he can't prove it.

He has the alarming habit of staring at the most unfortunate things. It started when he was a little boy and he would start looking at women's breasts. Not so Different by mangageek23 reviews She was mysterious, quiet and often kept her difference, but something about her eyes, how she held herself, she wasn't so different from the Sohmas. Is that what drew him in? El Draco sobrio no es muy bueno siguiendo guiones. La debilidad de los tres es el mismo chico de ojos verdes. Si te juntas con leones, aprendes a rugir. When Harry made a wish to escape his uncle's anger, he didn't know yet he would gain a real family on top of that.

They've been planning a new game out and Haruhi's their test subject. But what happens when the two of them begin to fall for the girl? How will Haruhi react when she finds out it was all a game? Middle School. El tiempo pasa, pero el recuerdo de Rin sigue presente. Back to you by G. Mauvaise reviews La Guerra ha llegado a su fin.

Voldemort ha sido vencido por quien ha sido profetizado a hacerlo. Kagome makes a wish on the jewel to give everyone what they want, but what if what someone wants isn't as good as what Kagome hoped? Adoption by YukiEternity reviews Naraku went to the orphanage looking for a child to suit his father's demands. What he found instead changed not just his life, but the entire life of his adoptive family's, and his friends as well, for the first time in centuries the Spider demon was about to raise a child He is the only one out of the entire house anyone even listens to.

But there is something quite wrong with him that nobody can place. It's dark and it's foreboding. It's scary. And they'll never expect what's coming. A friendly hand in the dark by Ninjasnowflake reviews Someone throw Peruvian dark powder in potion class. Draco hates the dark, especially when it ruins his potion. A friendly hand helps him out. One situation seems to crack up the whole year. AU 6th year. Soon they will all know, even her. He will awaken her. Turns out he was wrong, however, and why does nobody ever tell him these things before it's too late?

Omegaverse, Victuuri. Diario de la nueva escuela by BNico reviews Yuuri acaba de ingresar a una nueva universidad, comenzando en media carera e intentando sobrevivir en un lugar lleno de alfas. Harry Potter Ideas! I may or may not start a Fan Fiction with any of them. Chapter one was a Fan Fiction that i was going to continue but I wasn't sure if it was good enough. Harry and Draco play games in various weather conditions, a harmless distraction that gives Harry a moment of respite from his past and present. On a certain rainy New Year's Eve, they meet up at the Leaky Cauldron to play one last game of the year.

Kokoro by SheikahLover reviews Kagome Higurashi, a new instructor at the local dance studio, gains a new student, Kisa Sohma. Kisa Sohma just happens to be accompanied to her dance classes by her older cousin, Haru Sohma. The very same boy who Kagome goes to school with Deserving of More by FanofBellaandEdward reviews When Ron opens his big mouth, Draco discovers that Harry didn't have such a happy childhood after all. He's going to do something about that, because Harry simply deserves more. La Venganza de Mousse by Akane Kou reviews Harto de ser siempre el rechazado y ver a su amor anhelar a otro, uno que tiene a mas de una suspirando, Mousse decide que Ranma, su verdugo sepa lo que es estar en sus zapatos… Para eso usara a una inocente que no tiene la culpa de su amor no correspondido.

Harry Potter befriends Draco but will Draco be able to hide his feelings for Harry for long? If you don't ship it then don't read it. The fitting model by Sverige Susan reviews Yuuri Katsuki was never an outstanding person. He was average at his best.

However, one day a fashion designer asks him to become his fitting model and his world changes radically. Draco's Revenge by Whopottergirlsheriarty reviews Harry Draco , male male pairing , slash. In the book it ends with Draco breaking Harry's nose. I borrowed first incident from the book but as you will see I have given it a different outcome.

Warning-Nonconsensual sex in the first chapter I hope you enjoy it. The Forbidden Thing by proffessorbooksnstuffyay reviews Its year 8. Everyone is back at Hogwarts. And what would happen if Draco and Harry are forced to share a room? So this is a Drarry Story, Rated M for future chapters. In order to save her pack's reputation she's forced to play.

It's a battle of past vs. How far is she willing to go to succeed in this game? Story told in segments. Getting out is important. You mustn't fall in love. Becoming a Dark Lord is next on the agenda. What happens when a certain raven haired apathetic broken boy finds solace in the one jailer who is honest in the end about what he wants This is a bunch of one shots between Yui and each one of the brothers!

Follow Yui as she struggles with feelings she doesn't understand and learns that living with gods can be both scary and wonderful. You can't live your life walking on soft rose petals without stepping on a few thorns as well. You Call That a Yule Log?

Harry and Draco are trying to celebrate their first Christmas together- or their first Yule. Well, it would be their first Yule if Harry would stop questioning everything. Our Prince Harry by yaoigirl22 reviews Prince Harry of Hogwarts has come of age, and for his birthday he gains a Harem of men. Lucky Harry, but something dark is growing within the castle and Harry's Harem will do anything to protect their prince. If only said prince would stay OUT of danger! Love Happens by Madriddler reviews Harry does not believe that love exists for gay teenagers until he reunites with his best friend from childhood: Draco Malfoy.

Will Draco be enough to show Harry that love can exist for Harry? Or will Harry end up heartbroken instead? No Magic AU. Transcending Time by Kjpanny Kjchristie17 reviews Death is, but momentary. When Kagome was five, she fell into the well and befriended a powerful daiyoukai before being sent back to her time. Now, travelling with Inuyasha, the memory of that night forgotten, she is unprepared for the arrival of a powerful inuyoukai who claims her as his.

Soulmates, animals, and pets by kireiflora reviews Yuuri Katsuki is your average guy, trying to find his soulmate and be recognized by his idol while he tries to win medals from skating. Victor Nikiforov is less average, a famous skater, also trying to find his soulmate, but it's harder than it has any right to be.

Con Ella by Akane Kou reviews Un mal entendido separa a las familias y rompen sus relaciones. Shattered by Kjpanny Kjchristie17 reviews Seshoumaru has joined the Inutaichi in their quest to destroy Naraku. While he ignores the rest, his cruel treatment of Kagome is bewildering. However when he finally breaks the young miko, and her soul starts dying, how will Seshoumaru heal her? Yurio is sent to an Omega House, where he'll train to be a true Omega, on his 16th birthday, but when he catches the eye of a powerful Omega and his Alpha, things begin to change quickly.

The moon lives in the lining of your skin by digthewriter reviews It's Harry's birthday and if Malfoy wants to It Always Starts with Detention by eleanormary98 Both boys have been put in detention on Friday night, even though they're not speaking - it feels less tense than it has done in years. Will they be able to finally start a relationship after hating each other for so long? Virginity is a Gift, Use it Well by XxTheDarkLordxX reviews "What are you going to do, walk up to Malfoy and say, 'I know you've been an utter prat for almost five years but do you think you can stick your cock up my arse, so that I won't die a virgin?

Before Harry could so much as roll his eyes, a new voice spoke up. Baby Daddy by Ninjasnowflake reviews Draco decides to take his anger out on Harry. Unknowingly to everyone this leads to chaos at Hogwarts, when students start turning up pregnant. How did this happen and what do the pregnant students have to do with Harry and Draco? Warnings: mpreg! Adopted by the Malfoys, Harry now grows up as Draco's brother surrounded by pureblood society and dark arts. Easily befriending Draco and Blaise Zabini, Harry grows to be a completely different boy than Dumbledore planned, embracing his Slytherin roots and isn't afraid to show his green colors.

Broken Together by Akuma-Chibi reviews Looking to the boy in the window, Kagome felt her heart clench.

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The Gods have chosen to save him, but you must act as their Messenger, Kagome. M por mal lenguaje y lemmons. To Follow Fate by storylip reviews If finding your true mate were easy, then everyone would do it. For Yuuri, it would change his world forever. Yuuri, Alpha!

Victor Yuri!!! While there he finds out that he has a mate, and not just any mate, a veela mate. How will this Neko and Veela get along? Good Boy by Missy-Universe reviews Harry has an interesting encounter with the last person he expected in a gay bar. AU, Top! Draco, Bottom! Cage by Unexisted user reviews In Kyushu, a young male Omega just finished his first heat. Now that he had become an adult, he was promised an Alpha as his mate, but then It was so sudden One minute he was laughing with his best friend and crush.

The next thing he knew, he was in a cage with no clothes on his body, waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. Omegaverse, forced intimacy, Mpreg and more. Trouble finds him soon, but luckily he has his own knight in shining armour to rescue him - together with a big, black dog. Draco's pov; altered timeline; kid! Beaten into submission believing his true name to be freak. Will anyone find out? And how will Draco Malfoy be involved? M de Misterio. More Than One by UsagiDawnie reviews Harry had always assumed that he when he came into his inheritance he would be a beta.

He was wrong. On top of that, he comes into an unexpected creature inheritance that comes with a mate. As if his life weren't dramatic enough already. Now he has to deal with Horny alphas, finding his mate before he goes into heat, and would everyone please stop staring at him! Harry and his thoughts by TheRogueLibrarian reviews From a mistake in potions class Harry is forced to say everything he is thinking How will Harry react to this new change? How will his crush react when they are revealed? But it goes wrong when the train stops, the lights go off, and Harry and Draco get stuck in the carriage.

Will the boys get along on their journey back to Hogwarts or will they fight and ruin their chances to get back to civilization? After the war, Eighth year. All Yours by Emmabeth27 reviews After a bitter turn of fate, Harry finds himself in a quaint bar with no idea what to do with his life. Luckily the bar offers more than just a peculiar scarlet drink. A shadow from the past comes back and reminds Harry of emotions long forgotten. Unlikely Bonding by Mansi jain reviews Draco is a dominant Veela.

Harry is a dominant Veela. They can't be mates, can they? Except they are. Harry hates Draco and Draco, well, he does not exactly hate Harry. He just dislikes him strongly. They can't possibly tolerate each other, except they have to. Alive James, Lily, Sirius, Remus. Female Sirius. Her Mate, His Heart, Their Love by DarkNight reviews Kagome has had enough of being the damsel in distress and heads home for a change of clothing and a change in attitude.

Not only have her friend's noticed, but so has a certain InuTaiyokai and his interest in her has spiked. That Number Ten by FruitPastilles reviews Hinata, while small and unassuming, can also be intense and intimidating, especially while on the court. For some people read: a lot of people this is somehow attractive. Case in point, this is the third time in a month that Daichi is forced to shoo Oikawa out of the gym with a broom for harassing Karasuno's number ten.

But she can see through his reputation to the real man beneath. Ella' love makes Blaise believe in love again. These two deserve their HEA. View all 5 comments. He had given to her. His lips had been both gentle and firm, demanding and generous. And when she had withdrawn, he had respected her. Lo recomiendo para pasar el rato.

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Aug 18, J. Campbell rated it it was amazing. Ella Stanton, designer and shop owner, has her business taken over by Blaise Chevalier, who buys her debt as part of a package.

The attraction between them complicates matters to another level. I liked the rich characterization in The Highest Price to Pay. These are both strong, yet vulnerable characters and so I was deeply invested in seeing them get together. I enjoye Ella Stanton, designer and shop owner, has her business taken over by Blaise Chevalier, who buys her debt as part of a package.

The chemistry and love scenes are well done. Oh, and Blaise was super-hot. Yates still kept me tied to the story. I came across The Highest Price to Pay again on my Goodreads list this past Friday, downloaded a sample from Amazon and then bought the book. I could have lived without the deep emotional connection to these two characters. Truth be told, there were a few times that my eyes got a case of the burn.

Of course, I know this is wonderful stuff. I have to be honest and say I found the book fascinating because of the cover, which speaks immediately to the racial difference between the characters, not that there was a big deal about it in the story. Again, Ms. Nov 13, Jenn - Reviews rated it really liked it. This was a lovely story about 2 scarred people who eventually find that a life half-lived is no life at all.

Bestselling Series

Both are scarred in different ways but the end result is the same. I so enjoyed reading about a non-perfect woman and a man from as exotic a place as Malawi. I don't believe there's been another story featuring a Malawan man. Considering Malawi is the poorest country in the world, I wish there really were a Blaise Chevalier to build roads, hospitals, schools and empower the people of this This was a lovely story about 2 scarred people who eventually find that a life half-lived is no life at all.

Considering Malawi is the poorest country in the world, I wish there really were a Blaise Chevalier to build roads, hospitals, schools and empower the people of this land. A quick and really enjoyable read! This is a gorgeous novel. I love it beautifull. I recommended totally.

Jul 12, Nas Dean rated it it was amazing. The Book Description reads… 'While it has been reported that I may be missing my own soul, I have no interest in yours. Cast from the same fiery mould as he is, she makes an intriguing adversary. Perhaps he could have a little fun with his new acquisition As proud and strong as she is beautiful, Ella is determined to prove Blaise wrong about her business and her worth. As long as she hides her hint of vulnerability and denies the flicker of attraction between them when she catches her enemy's eye My Review… Blaise Chevalier knew the man he could be if he allowed emotion to lead.

He knew what he was capable of when he let his desires to take charge, when he abandoned decency in the pursuit of his own satisfaction. He had no intention of ever being that man again. But Ella Stanton was temptation. She was more than what he had envisioned. The temptation she presented to him seemed too great to combat.

Ella saw another side to Blaise. When she had thought he was nothing more than a cold, ruthless man who would stop at nothing to get what was his, then it had been hard to stop herself from weaving fantasies around him. Now that she saw this new Blaise, who could blame her from falling for him? This couple deserved their happy ending because each of them in their own way was strong, strong enough to endure whatever came their way.

This is a story I thoroughly enjoyed, it kept me turning pages late into night with its captivating blend of high fashion business drama, passion, emotional tension, seduction and romance. Maisey Yates has always written books that enthralls her readers. Jul 16, Doris O'Connor rated it it was amazing. I have been looking forward to reading this and as usual Maisey does not disappoint. Brooding, tortured hero, who slowly reveals his soft side, equally tortured and scarred heroine, who comes to accept herself and heal the scars of the past, if not her physical ones, by seeing herself through his eyes - it doesn't get much better than this.

In fact dinner ended up being terribly late, because I just had to finis I have been looking forward to reading this and as usual Maisey does not disappoint. In fact dinner ended up being terribly late, because I just had to finish it! And the heroine, strong, yet vulnerable, you can't help but like her and the way she will not let Blaise off the hook. Loved, loved, loved it! Jun 11, Booklover rated it really liked it Shelves: cheating-grovel , divorce-separated-reunion-2nd-chanc , hospital , love , office-romance , pilot-business-man-politician , secrets-past-tragedy-abusive-childh , seduced-seduction , sibblings-best-friends.

View 1 comment. Feb 13, Melissa Jolley rated it it was amazing. Blaise and Ella are fantastic characters and I loved their story. The story had a very natural unforced progression. I highly recommend this. Dec 13, Tigger rated it really liked it. Sep 16, Lisa Hendrix rated it it was amazing. Love the way this book explores perfection vs imperfection and how people's perceptions of themselves play into how they look at others and what they expect from life. Dec 04, Tia rated it really liked it. Great novel, decently written, which surprised me given the crap novels coming out lately. Jul 07, Mel rated it it was amazing.

Oct 07, A rated it liked it. The characters come together really well and their conversations are natural and it really had an amazing HEA worthy proposal! Oct 06, Charlie rated it really liked it Shelves: mills-boon-harlequin , interracial-couple , traumatic-pasts , set-in-france , set-in-africa , heroine-is-kick-ass , heroine-has-issues , disability-or-scarred , family-angst , hero-has-issues.

Another MY book that I enjoyed waaay more than I should - first of all I adore that HPland has finally answered the call of the 21st centuary and we have a multi racial couple. Throw these 2 in a room together and boom - sexy times! Feb 12, MJ rated it really liked it. This book is a 4. It's been a long time coming.

It has the usual tropes but is done so well it leaves you satisfied. Jun 05, Stevie Carroll rated it liked it. I picked this one up thanks to a review on The Good the Bad and the Unread which gave a far better description than the official blurb, or even the cover. Ella has scars, some of which she displays to the world, while wearing dresses she has designed, but most are hidden: both the physical ones and the emotional damage from the physical damage, its cause and its after effects.

Blaise, meanwhile, has madesome morally questionable decisions in the past and gone on to regret them. USD 3. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now.

Tras las puertas del castillo (Behind the Castello Doors) (Harlequin Bianca Series #905)

Buy As Gift. Product Details About the Author. About the Author New York Times Bestselling author Maisey Yates lives in rural Oregon with her three children and her husband, whose chiseled jaw and arresting features continue to make her swoon. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. Arrebato de amor Lessons in Seduction Harlequin Deseo.

Claire, amiga de la infancia y conductora ocasional, hizo que se planteara un

Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition) Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)
Atraída por su enemigo (Bianca) (Spanish Edition)

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