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Probably one of the best books I've read

Lately, Jake has found himself returning the compliments, flirting back and accepting her invitations to have lunch to discuss business. But their conversations have become more personal than business. He enjoys talking to Mandy and feels she understands him like few other friends. When Jake told Amber about having lunch with Mandy, Amber got mad and jealous.

She didn't understand how good a friend Mandy was, so Jake decided it would be best not to tell his wife when he had lunch with Mandy. Surely, since they were just friends, their time together was innocent. Is there anything wrong with having a close friend of the opposite sex after you're married? While there may be no clear answer, there are compelling reasons to be cautious about opposite-sex friendships outside of your spouse's company.

No matter how happy and secure your marriage, you should always protect your relationship against temptation, deception and potential affairs. Most affairs begin as an innocent connection between two people. You may be brought together through work, church or school. But if your guard isn't up and your boundaries aren't well-established, a newly developing connection can quickly become entangled.

As you spend time together, either face-to-face, through the computer or by phone, you may find yourself gradually sucked into an emotional affair that can rip a marriage to shreds even though the relationship never becomes physical.

Emotional Affairs Can Happen to Anyone

Meyers agreed. And ultimately, you should be able to tell if your behavior is veering on the shady side, Wygant said. If you recognize yourself in the descriptions above, the good news is you haven't taken the relationship to a physical level yet. You can press pause on your budding quasi-relationship, disengage and work on your actual relationship, said Meyers.

Only after you address the weaknesses in your relationship "can you bring stable footing to your relationship and start infusing it with the love, attention, appreciation, and affection you and your partner both deserve," Meyers said. And if you're not willing to fix what's wrong in your existing problems, maybe it's time to reevaluate your relationship status, said Wygant.

Ask yourself: Am I willing to work on the relationship -- or am I just going to have a series of emotional affairs until I finally end the relationship? Real Life. Real News. Real Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. News Politics Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes.

They joked and he helped her with some homework etc..

What to Do If You Suspect Your Spouse is Having an Emotional Affair - Karen Covy

Needless to say I felt like I was punched in the gut! I'm a very private person when it comes to issues in my marriage. How dare he tell someone I don't even know about our problems! He doesn't have anyone to talk to he said I said what about Steve? Well he's not up at 4am he said.

I couldn't sleep with our argument in my head and just needed to talk to someone he said. I call total BS! I know my husband loves me and shows me everyday what I mean to him so this came as a total shock to me! After hours of both of us crying and countless I'm sorries and I didn't mean to hurt you. He made a decision that when he went to work today that he was going to tell her no more. He will only speak to her about work related issues. And that he was wrong for talking about his marriage and he didn't want to hear about hers. She said so no more joking around?

He said NO! Not more more than 10 min later she tried joking with him. He told her once again I guess you didn't get it. I'm in love with my wife and that he won't let anybody come between us again. So time will tell. He told me he will quit if he has to prove to me he means it and that to check the phone bill anytime. Damn straight I will I thought. So now I have to work on forgiving him and moving forward. But the hurt is still so fresh and so deep. I don't know how to deal with all of my pain of being betrayed and lied to.

Sorry for the long story, but I had to vent. I been married two years and within two weeks of marriage, my husband started staring at young ladies and their butts. He thought I was everything to him when dating and to find out he was doing this years ago. He would go on and on how beautiful this lady was, great and then when it didn't work out, she didn't want him at all, he went to more and more. We couldn't go out to eat without sating and staring at a blonde. He even leap out of a bench just to see a lady.

I have cried each day. I started to do something out of my personality and when I see him staring at one lady more than 5 minutes, I tell him to stop, if he want stop, I walk over and tell the lady what he is up to and I walk out the door to get in the car. This is working. I was tired of being like trash on the road. Begging didn't work, sorry's is old, I put action into it. I am in counseling for myself just to get things off my chest and he is going himself. I haven't forgiven him, I still cry to think I thought I married the most wonderful man and now i think how did I not see this coming when I dated.

He is up to 53 ladies, mostly blondes. I talk of divorce and he will come to me begging me back. But i want be treated like trash in public anymore. I put up with him staring at lady at church 8 months, she did him too. Then hugs, holding hands, whispering before church, stares. I begged him to stop. Each Sunday I would cry when this happen. I had to write letter to her to warn her to stop. She is going through Emotional Affair on my husband. She refused. I contacted the pastors and they saw what is going on.

They told him to stop. He refused!!! I stop going to church just because of his actions. I have prayed and prayed and my health is not good now, two years of this stress. Yesterday we was at the doctor's office and he had a history of staring at one secretary. I told him before he went in, if he does I am going to her to tell her all about what he is doing. He didn't until we checked out and he had to glimpse at her. The doctor just had a MRI on his brain to see if something is going on.

They have sent him to another doctor to help his brain from running. He has impulsive behavior on ladies that led to emotional affairs. I am trying to hang in but don't know how long. I am tried of being a stranger in public to him instead of his wife. Just found this post and it sounds like my life, down to checking the phone bill! I, too, am trying to figure out how to forgive, trust and move on.

His mid-life crisis has thrown me onto an emotional roller coaster. Some days I'm good, others, not so much. I wish you the best. I am going to counseling with a very good lady that is helping me realize that if he don't stop, I am going out the door. She has counseling many of ladies with men wanting other ladies and still be married. When a husband goes to church just to stare at other ladies and treat you like trash, it is time to go. I have been treated like this. He didn't go to church to learn about God, he wanted to look upon ladies. One piano player put her hand in front of her face, she was so sick of him staring at her.

I ask him several time, if you die today or you right with the Lord. Bull he is not. He is the worst husband any lady can dream of getting. To be married two weeks and flirting with ladies, staring at them, and making her husband upset with customers in her business. My husband was still going strong with her. I wasn't raised like that, never heard of that and will not allow myself to loose my self worth of being a Godly lady for some man that don't want to keep his pants zipped.

On Sunday we visited a new church, small country church. One young 18 yr old attended.

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What does my husband do, stare at her across a table, 5 times for everyone to look at him. He strength his neck 5 times. Now they are not speaking to us. I have begged him to go to a counseling and get meds to slow down his thinking. I am going back to counseling this week to get resources on how to live by myself again. How to receive help and talk to a lawyer again. Don't lose your self worth over your husband, he isn't worth it. Four years ago I had an emotional affair that I met in school.

It was very complicated but it full filled something in me that I was not gaining from my spouse at the time. Luckily, I noticed the situation and attempted to end the friendship several times. However, at the time I was forced to resume the friendship as my friend was in denial about the extent of our friendship. At times my friend would deny attraxtion towards me but at times she would acknowledge it. I might add that my friend was questioning her sexuality at the time and Intermittently it.

For some reason I felt it was my job to help her figure it all out. However, we would spend hours talking to one another. I often stayed home from work just to speak with her. It was a bad situation. I also felt jealous of her other friendships with others. However, she was also jealous of my relationship with my wife. She was often angry when I posted endearments or pictures of my wife on social media. My wife was also suffering from the my relationship with my friendship.

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To confused more things we would often all hang out together. It all ended when my "friend" decided to sabotage my life. She told mutual friends that I said things about them and wrote an email to my wife that attempted to soil my reputation. She stated that I was after her and other false allegations. I was annoyed as I had attempted to end our friendship several times but she chose to end it her way with a bang.

This situation hurt me so deeply. I had shared so much of myself with my friend and she betrayed me. I blamed myself for allowing this person in my life. In my relationship. The strange thing is that I still have feelings for this person. Caught in a strange dance of love and hate for this person that I shared so much of myself with.

I even contemplated leaving my relationship but I knew that there was too much instability with this person. Anyway I think about this person a lot lately. Perhaps due to feeling understood by my wife. However, my wife is a wonderful woman. We have a child and are building a life.

I just wish I could forget my ex-friend. My husband of 20 years has been caregiver for his mom with dementia for nearly a year. Hardest thing ever for anyone. She is moving to a care facility within the next month or so. I've been taking care of our home. Meanwhile a neighbor who had gone throu the same experience began to help out. Soon it blossomed into a full on emotional romance.

An Emotional Affair: It Can Happen to You Too (My Story)

I knew as it began, but when I asked him about it he exploded in a rage and denied everything and said I had a filthy mind. Overreaction much? Followed by a month of hurt on my part and extreme anger on his. I've read all his emails to her, flowery romanticism. His one true love that he can never have. You get the picture. He doesn't know that I've read the emails. One of our earlier arguments over the phone was about me telling him that I understand strong feelings for someone who is there for you during the most difficult times.

It is like transference to your therapist. Still he denies. He has lashed out at me in the most horrific of words and accusations, then the apologies. Yesterday I sent him an email with my feelings, saying the fighting and meanness must stop and that I will no longer respond to it. I also said I'm ready to move on with my life without him if I must.

His first response was a very nasty email. Followed hours later by a two hour phone call with him saying many of the right things, however never touching on the emotional affair. He seems to believe tha if he never admits it, I will never know. He is planning to return home when this is over and expects to move on life as usual. It was actually a great call. This morning I read his middle of the night love letter he wrote to her. After our great call. I'm not even angry anymore. But lying to me is such a betrayal.

And if he won't admit it, there will always be an invisible wall between us. She is She is a new teacher in his school and he has been "helping her out" and "mentoring" her.

An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)
An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)
An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)
An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)
An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)
An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2) An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series Book 2)

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