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Because new patients arrive frequently, your personal experience may vary from the posted times. Home Locations Emergency Care. Emergency Care Wait Times. Important: If this is an emergency, please call Choose the right care Poison Help call or visit www. Atrium Health Anson. Wadesboro NC Current Wait Time: 15 Minutes. Open 24 Hours. Atrium Health Cleveland. Grover St. Shelby NC Atrium Health Huntersville. This book was a gift that was right on time Valentine's Day and I put off reading it for quite some time but I'm glad I finally opened it.

I've enjoyed spending time with this book; it's a good read: reassuring, encouraging and honest. I can certainly see myself revisiting this book. Dec 15, Tracee rated it really liked it Shelves: nonfiction , netgalley , releases.

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I can't say enough how much I enjoyed it. Have your highlighter and sticky notes ready because there are tons of knowledge in this book that can help us all in various areas of our lives. Feb 12, Rhonda Green rated it really liked it. This is a good book to help you reflect on what you really want in regards to having a healthy relationship. This book encouraged me to look at myself and try something new, hoping for a different outcome. Jan 31, Victor Gentile rated it it was amazing. From the Inside Jacket Cover: Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good candidly share about their courtship and marriage, and the key to their success—waiting.

Considering that Hollywood is not known for its portrayal of chaste women, then the fact that Franklin is a Corporation executive and Good is an actress makes this book all the more spectacular. This is the way it used to be. Everything that Hollywood is portraying in the movies and on the TV is not true. And it turns out that abstaining from sex actually fortifies your relationship. If you are not married then I recommend this book for you.

If you have children then I say that they should be read this book. I believe that what this couple have to say will benefit them highly. It is a marvelous story. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Sep 03, Krystol rated it it was amazing. Where do I start with this review! This book was full of so much knowledge for me.

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They had seen each other a lot working in the same industry, but did not know until God told them they would be married. I love how they both had their individual walk with God before getting together.

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The choice to be celibate seemed like it would have been easy, but they both stated it was har Wow! The choice to be celibate seemed like it would have been easy, but they both stated it was hard. The attraction that they had for each other made it difficult at times, but they knew they had to wait. Going to counseling and listening to God's word brought them closer. I really liked how they dated for each other and not for their families. I loved this book so much. Personally, I feel that this book has awakened my spirit and my life.

Being 31 and still single with no children it makes me believe that love will come if I do differently in my life. Being in toxic or relationships that were just a season is not something I want. I do want to be married one day and have children. Granted, the book promotes celibacy before marriage a lot and I love that it is enforced.

Deciding to " wait" can be hard for other's mainly the opposite sex to handle, but I think it separates the boys from the men. This book made me think so much about what I want for my life and where I am headed. If one feels like they need to do something or be a better version of themselves, I suggest they read this book first. It is so spiritual, and somewhat funny. I love how they put their relationship in the public and were not scared to speak their truth.

May 20, ChaelaRenee rated it it was amazing. I had already been practicing the Wait and at first was reluctant to read this book. However, "The Wait" has reaffirmed my decision to be abstinent. I'm a stickler for terms used and would never say I was celibate, but the text offers more insight into why they chose to refer to their wait as celibacy over abstinence.

The reasoning makes sense. This book has also been uplifting and has offered more insight on the purposes of waiting, it's so much more than abstaining from sex. My commitment and I had already been practicing the Wait and at first was reluctant to read this book. My commitment and dedication to remaining celibate has been renewed.

I am more encouraged to continue using the time between being single and married to become the me God envisioned from the very beginning. View 1 comment. Feb 03, Felicia added it Shelves: first-reads , dnf-skimmed. I knew fairly early on this wasn't going to be the book for me. As our lips touched, we could feel the Spirit of God surround and embrace us.

The religious undertones are quite extensive. I guess I was thinking it would be a more modern take on choosing to wait before marriage and that wasn't the case. Won a copy t DNF. Won a copy through Goodreads! Mar 03, Andria Gaskins rated it really liked it. I appreciated the candid insights that Meagan Goode and Devon Franklin shared about their relationship.

It was refreshing to read about another couple who decided to commit to waiting in order to build a solid relationship. The book offered practical and encouraging advice that made sense. Every young adult should read this book and save themselves a lifetime of heartache and heartbreak.

My husband and I practiced The Wait before it was a thing. Twenty-four years later, we are the best of friend I appreciated the candid insights that Meagan Goode and Devon Franklin shared about their relationship. Twenty-four years later, we are the best of friends and still madly in love with each other. Devon and Meagan, thank you for sharing your story. Apr 01, Natasha rated it liked it Shelves: audio , non-fiction.

I really enjoyed it because of the message it's delivering. It's encouraging to hear another couple's journey in waiting and know that it is possible, despite challenges and struggles with staying the course until marriage.

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This was more from the male point of view, I would've liked to hear more from the female perspective so it had an equal take. Still really good information nonetheless. Apr 03, Tamara Callands rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Amazing book that will definitely help me with my walk with God! Through this book God allowed them to minister to me. A new favorite book of mine. Jan 15, Jamie Holloway rated it it was amazing. I just posted my review on my blog. Sep 12, Alicia Williams rated it liked it. Good quick read but could have been summed up in chapters. Some thoughts were redundant.

I couldn't finish the book. It was too repetitive.

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I felt like I re-reading the same thing over and over again : Life is just too short to read bad books. Jan 26, Devin rated it liked it Shelves: religion. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. To be completely clear, because they try to dismiss in the preface, this book is predominantly intended for a black, Christian reader.

There is a lot of filler and redundancy. This book could have easily been half as long. In Chapter 2, for example, all of the good points, like why you do "The Wait" yes it takes over 50 pages to list reasons come at the end of the chapter in a quick list. Sadly, they were actually really great points.

It would have been a more engaging read if the those points To be completely clear, because they try to dismiss in the preface, this book is predominantly intended for a black, Christian reader. It would have been a more engaging read if the those points were spread throughout the chapter instead of thrown at the end. My Highlights: The Wait is a conscious choice to pursue delayed gratification in the areas of life specifically related to relationships. When you have sex with someone outside of marriage you're giving them a part of your spirit.

Strong relationships aren't built solely on physical or sexual attraction. They're built on good judgement p. The payoff of The Wait is peace that comes with knowing you're firmly in the center of God's purpose p. Let love and purpose manifest in your life as a result of working on becoming the best version of yourself p. Celibacy is about the mind as much as it is about the body p. Shame and fear of being judged are the wrong reasons to practice The Wait. If you let yourself be shamed into it, you won't stick with it p. Abstinence- refraining from sex; it's the absence of something with no greater meaning behind it Celibacy- refraining from sex because of a vow or faith; abstinence with purpose p.

From the perspective of The Wait, the time when nothing appears to be happening becomes your personal self-development laboratory p. Set aside the victim mentality, which makes you believe you are the victim of your past relationships gone wrong. It does nothing but rob you of control and of the privilege of taking responsibility for your part.

You are who you hang out with, especially when you're defying cultural norms p. Waiting helps you think clearly. Waiting gives you better knowledge of your partner; when you're not blinded by lust or counterfeit intimacy that can come with premarital sex, you can see the person you're dating for who they are. You'll be less likely to rationalize their character flaws. Waiting also leads to better self-esteem. Without sex in the picture, you know that your partner is with you for you.

When you're beginning The Wait, it's a good idea to seek some counseling, either from a relationship or spiritual counselor p. When you're dating exclusively, find other ways to feel stimulated when you're together. Do things that get you excited about each other's mind, creativity, or depth. Temptation is going to be hanging out pretty much You've got to have strategies for dealing with it. Men care a lot about approval, validation, and self-worth is based on what other guys think p.

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How can you find your wife? The surest way is to become the kind of man she'll be attracted to--self aware, mature, and in tune with God's vision for your life. It absolves men of the need to reinforce the male stereotype. At the draft, Porter walked around slowly with a hitch, as his injury was still bothering him.

Finally, with not much to lose and a possible star to gain, Denver selected Porter with the 14th overall pick. I envisioned it to be the best day of my life, full of excitement, and once I got drafted to the team there was a lot of excitement. That was before I had my second surgery. I was hurting, and it was tough.

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It was a tough time. I held my mom and just cried. It was just tough. A month after the draft, Porter had surgery on his lumbar spine in Dallas. He spent his entire rookie season rehabilitating and working on his game, while the Nuggets won 54 games and advanced to the second round of the playoffs. On the bright side, he said learned a lot from watching games and traveling with the team during the season. I watched how guys separate themselves from other guys and what brings other guys down. He also said then-Nuggets guard Isaiah Thomas was a mentor to him last season.

Thomas has dealt with his share of setbacks in his own career. I just tried to game him on the mental aspect of the game because he has all the physical tools to be a superstar in this league. EDT , Porter again will be forced to watch from the sidelines. After everything Porter has gone through, there might not be another rookie who will appreciate playing in a basketball game next season as much as he will.

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