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What are you sowing every day to assure an awesome harvest in your business and your life? They need time to germinate and grow.

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Does the farmer expect fast results after sowing the seeds on his farm? Of course not.

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The farmer sows the seeds on the farm, and then spends a great deal of time and patience watering and nurturing the seeds and their sprouts. Eventually, the farmer knows that those seeds will turn into an amazing harvest. The seeds we sow today will require our patience, watering and nurturing to eventually turn into a great harvest.

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Million Dollar Mindset with Greg Muzzillo. May 20, By Greg Muzzillo.

A person might sew a dress for a friend, for instance, or if the seam of a jacket tears, someone could potentially sew it back together. There are many ways to conjugate sew.

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Here are a few of the ones you are most likely to find. What does sow mean? Sow is also a verb. To sow is to scatter seeds on the ground so that they will grow into a crop, which you can later harvest.

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Sow also has a homograph that rhymes with cow , and refers to an adult female pig. Homographs are words that are spelled the same, but are pronounced differently and have different meanings.

Sew refers to the act of stitching fabric into garments, or repairing garments by stitching them back together. Sow refers to planting seeds.

Sow vs. Sew Check: Since sow and crops are both spelled with an O , and you sow seeds to turn them into crops, it is easy to remember to use sow when you are talking about crops.

Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?
Sow What? Sow What?

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