Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me

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These fun events with our families can be ruined by pesky bugs that may end up biting us or our children. When it comes to bug bites, prevention and preparation for outdoor activities is essential!

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We know that our children are bound to get stung by a bee, bit by a mosquito or bit by a tick. As parents, we can try to reduce the likelihood of our little ones being bothered by following a few simple steps. Some nice and quiet spot— Someplace where that fly is not. Go fly to Tennessee. I need to go outside And find a place to hide. Please leave immediately.

My tummy has a hunch That it could use some lunch. I think the coast is clear— No more buzzing in my ear.

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  • Go find your family. Go hide up in a tree. I really need a rest From that unwelcome guest.

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    Go spread your wings and flee Across the great blue sea, All the way to Waikiki. Read more. Blow Fly. Since they do not bite, exactly how do house flies transmit diseases? House flies pick up pathogens from a wide range of feeding places such as organic matter, feces, fruits, vegetables, meat, and open wounds, just to name a few.


    At first, the fly regurgitates saliva and digestive juices onto their food then sponges up the solution. Their saliva actually liquefies their food. This way of feeding allows flies to contaminate large amounts of food. Head of an adult house fly.

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    Image: Pest and Disease Library; Bugwood. A house fly needs only a few seconds to contact a pathogen source in order to transport it elsewhere.

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    For all of these reasons, fly control needs to be taken seriously. You do not need a lot of flies to contaminate food sources, hence the need to heed health department requirements in school kitchens and restaurants.

    Limiting fly contact with food, utensils, food preparation areas, and people is an important part of hygiene. IPM is not a single pest control method but rather involves multiple control tactics based on the biology of the pest and site information. Consequently, every IPM program is customized to the pest prevention goals of the situation. First, focus on pest prevention through exclusion.

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    If flies cannot get into an eating area, they will not be a problem. Providing barriers, such as screens on doors and windows, nets, self-closing doors, and sealing cracks that provide entry points create a good first line of defense. Even air curtains fans blowing air down over a doorway will keep them out.

    Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me
    Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me
    Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me
    Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me
    Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me Shoo Fly, Please Bother Me

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