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As a result, consumer trends are changing on a daily basis. Today, partly due to the cell phone industry, consumers are always looking for the newest products. Consumers are becoming more expectant of new products every year. In response to this trend, and in an effort to keep customers and increase revenue, the video game industry has added options such as early access, beta testing, updates, and in-game add ons. Another trend the industry has experienced is the increasing age of the average gam- er Lofgren, Krista.

Not surprisingly, the types of video games have also changed. Recently, first person shooters have dominated the industry. Fantasy, role playing games, and free roam type games have also seen a significant increase in popularity Loomis, Melissa. The increasing use of the Internet and social media have not only played a role in changing trends, but also in the evolution of technology.

Consumers are now able to voice their wants, concerns, and opinions more easily. Even though first person shooters have dominated and will continue to dominate the industry, consumers are showing an increased interest in something different Stuart, Keith.

Over the past few years, independent, or indie, games have made a name for themselves. Indie games are video games made by smaller, lesser known companies Lofgren. And, because of the Internet, indie games are becoming more popu- lar due to the ease of online crowd funding.

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Another growing trend in society is the health and fitness craze. Although a relative- ly new trend, video game companies have already started tapping into the market.

Key lessons from the story of Nintendo’s Wii

There is a lot of opportunity in this market, as companies are only just starting to integrate fitness and movement into games. Many companies have also discussed creating mobile devices focused on personal health although no companies have officially announced a product Stuart. Consumers are looking for a change of pace and for something to do in every aspect of the experience. Players have shown that they do not want to follow a set of rules. Rather, they would like to be more in control of what they experience in gameplay.

Virtual reality and augmented reality have been increasing as a result, where players are even more immersed in the game. Three dimensional gaming, motion recognition, and the ability to bring outside objects into the game, have all come about because of this. As mentioned before, all aspects of video games are part of the experience. A lot of video games used to be multiplayer games, but this too is changing.

Today, more and more games are single player. This leaves a lot of people as spectators. Now, consumers are not only looking for games that they enjoy, but also games that would be fun to watch Stuart. Thousands of people will gather in arenas to watch player compete Lofgren. While most users give the product four stars or above on Amazon, the customers who do have negative comments share consistent frustrations. The complaints allege that the 3DS XL is of lesser quality than the 3DS because the system shuts down while in use deeming the 3D capability as unreliable.

Users also complain that the system requires a tedious number of updates that deem the product unusable for several hours, and many say they do not notice a difference in the software.

Nintendo marketing - Wikipedia

The first is to lower the price of the unit so it is comparable to the 3DS, but this option may lead to the cannibalization of both units, resulting in lower sales for each. If this strategy is implemented, Nintendo must have first exhausted all research and development possibilities that would further differentiate the 3DS and the 3DS XL. Nintendo must also offer style differentiation for the newer 3DS XL so even if the systems are similar, the outside of the console looks more appealing than an old system. This could be achieved by adding more colors or allowing users to custom- ize their own unit, which is similar to options that companies like Bose Headphones offer.

The second option is to further develop the 3DS XL so it is more reliable and advanced, but this could cost Nin- tendo a lot of money.

#G4C12: Game-Changing Marketing

This option would also require a large amount of research and development, which could be costly to the company, but would reduce the amount of cognitive dissonance gamers feel when they purchase a new console. Along with this, Nintendo should also explain how software updates will change the system for the better to justify the number of system updates and convince users that the time that they will not be able to use their console is worth the wait.

Because this is such a small fraction of the cost of the unit, Nintendo should include the charger with the new unit, which would stop a lot of the customer pushback. Overall, Nintendo needs to increase the differentiation between the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo 3DS XL so users do not feel as if they are purchasing the same unit for a higher price. However, retailers who buy wholesale will receive price breaks.

Different retailers are allowed to charge different prices based upon their target margins. These prices are heavily influenced by the geodemographics of different markets. On the retail level, competitors can also alter the pricing of these units. Some retailers offer financing plans to customers who wish to purchase the 3DS XL, but do not have the initial monetary means to. Addition- ally, some retailers buy lightly-used consoles back from customers to refurbish and resell to new customers at a discount from the purchasing price.

Demand typically fluctuates in congruence with economic shifts in different demographic markets. Like any other business, Nintendo cannot predict the future, and therefore must base their pricing off of the demand they project will be present while their product is on the market. However, Nintendo can adapt their pricing model to align with shifts in demand. Following this price reduction, Nintendo observed a steep increase in sales, proving that they should base their pricing on demand rather than cost.

In order to oust competitors in the market, Nintendo would benefit from running flash sales periodically throughout the year.

Nintendo marketing

It would be prudent for Nintendo to do so at times when they see a downtrend in demand rather than running them at peak online shopping holidays such as Cyber Monday. This strategy will be effective because customers will jump at the opportunity for such a low price, especially after realizing that they have the opportunity to purchase a Nintendo 3DS XL which may grow in value as a collect- ible.

Nin- tendo is targeting a large population of kids and young adults who like the convenience of shopping at stores nearby for their gaming products. The wide availability of the 3DS XL has a positive effect on sales and resonates positively with the consumer. Making Nintendo products like the 3DS XL more exclusive, in terms of where they are sold, would kill sales and anger customers who are used to Nintendo products being easily accessible to purchase.

One of the biggest strengths for Nintendo is the brand name and consumer recognition. With that being said, many adults aged 18 to 34 at one point owned an old version of a Nintendo device, such as the Game Boy. The goal of these advertisements should be to connect the audience with the fun times they use to have when they once played on a Nintendo device. For this target audience, it is important to not only display the range of features the product has, such as the portability of the device, but also show its superiority of the gaming on this device versus on a smartphone.

It is also important to emphasizing the range and status of the Nintendo games So many games to choose from. Because the majority of this target audience spends a lot of their time on the Internet and social media, the ads should be located on social media sites, such as Facebook. To draw interest to these advertisements on Facebook, the ads should be interactive.

They could do this by making the ad a game. They are always at the forefront of new innovation when it comes to anything video game related. They are the innovators. To reach this target audience, Nintendo should implement promotional booths at conven- tions such as E3 Electronic Entertainment Exposition. They should also create in-store ads at appropri- ate retailers, along with in-store test models or store demonstrations. In these ads it is important to display all the new features this device offers while also showing the classic Nintendo games being played.

Finally, it is important to show off that the 3DS XL can download new games straight to the device without having to go into a store to buy them. This will show the on-the-go portability of the device. Therefore it is not competing with at-home video game consoles.

The best sales promotion for this target audience is through contests and sweepstakes, in which the people that try out the game at their local game store or at a convention are put into a drawing to win a FREE 3DS XL. Execute this strategy at periods during the year when demand is at its lowest. Nintendo should continue with their current method of distribution with no changes.

These promotions should mostly be done through social media advertisement see example below.

How The Video Game Industry Is Changing

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Forbes Magazine, n. Thier, David. Forbes Magazine, 11 July You can see it onscreen and imagine doing it yourself. My only complaint about the Switch marketing campaign is the timetable. I still think it was a bizarre decision to tell the public nothing at all for a year and a half, letting leaks about the system trickle out in droves. Then there was that one video in October, then again, nothing until mid-January, which was revealed to be just a month and a half until launch. For all my skepticism, I think that between proper marketing and Zelda at launch, the Switch will indeed have a strong start.

Stronger than the Wii U, in any case. I write about video games, television, movies and the internet. News and opinion about video games, technology and the internet. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Photo: Nintendo.

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Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing
Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing
Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing
Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing
Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing
Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing Nintendo; Game Changing Marketing

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