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When I was a child, I yearned to be English and this poem is one of the things that taught me otherwise.

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I must say, though that in her own recitation, she seems SO much to be saying "rugged". Add to list. My Country The love of field and coppice, Of green and shaded lanes. Likes: jjtonkes To reply, click a comment. Cherrylv - Sooooo beautiful!!

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When someone shows such love for their home it becomes infectious even to those who have never been there or experienced these things. I hope one day to be able to see these things for myself and maybe fully understand. A great work. Allyce May -!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Their love of the green fields and ordered woods etc.

By country firesides in the evenings, our pioneers spoke of these far away, blue grey distances,and even though in many cases, they had been rejected by that country, it remained in their hearts and minds, so it was, that their children listened, and it became part of the Australian way to know what it was our ancestors left behind. Although we didn't share that love.

No Matter how many times I read those two verses, I am filled with the added pride of knowing that while our earliest Pioneers struggled against that Wild terror on the other side of the world, they were victorious, in that they maintained, their love for the old country, while embracing and building the new.

Von Powell - The word is 'ragged' proved here by her own handwriting and a recording by Dorothea herself to totally dispel any further doubt. The questioned word, Stanza 2, line 3 is confirmed as 'ragged'. If this was the incorrect word why wasn't it changed at the time?

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Did Dorothea change it from the original before it was published? Does anyone have a copy of an early publication?

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Is it possible to find a copy? Have searched and searched and can't find it. After years of drought it is amazing that so much water could surge through Queensland. This poem was written so long ago but it still fits Australia perfectly.

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It tells me the story of Australia of fire, flood, drought and fine weather, it really reaches out and grabs my heart. If anyone knows of a choir that would like to sing it I'll be happy to provide the score in return to hearing a recording of the final result. The piece is in motet chorale style. And I don't know who the friend was who owned the record.

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I'd love to find it again. If someone could put it on you tube it would be good. It was sung by a lady but I don't know who. I'd love to hear it again if someone has it and could put it on You Tube would be great. I would love to have a copy. Could it be added to this page? So far, I have been unable to locate it on the internet.


However, I do have a copy of the more recently composed 2-part harmony and piano version by Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch, arranged by David Lawrence. March 12, January 25, January 18, Staff 1 week ago 0 May 1, February 18, February 7, European Union. Joshua Simmonds-Upton 3 days ago 0 March 24, Jozef Di Maio - Zaffino 3 weeks ago 0 March 20, January 30, Long Reads. Staff June 3, 0 3,

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