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There were two subsequent films, too. Is the man at the right of the frame Barry Humphries himself, I wonder? Joe McNally writes, "the man on the right of the frame is likely to be yet another Humphries creation, Sir Les Patterson. At the end of the episode Gallion dies. Since next door to the Basement is a restaurant, this could be what he did before opening his hotel? Steve Flanagan writes, "The beret and red-and-black striped jersey suggest that the woman of the left is a grown-up version of "Minnie the Minx", created by Leo Baxendale for "The Beano" in the s a grown-up version of "Roger the Dodger" appears later.

Titled Mogul during its first season, The Troubleshooters is about a corrupt international oil company. Thanks to David Allen Jones for the correction here. The black-haired gentleman in the bowtie on the far left of this panel is of course the second Doctor Who, played by Patrick Troughton from Alternatively, this is the Doctor and Jamie in the middle period of Season 6b , having just blown up an alien base in London for the CIA Celestial Intervention Agency , and he is now being followed by the minions of the Terrible Zodin. That or minions of the Rani the woman on the corner looks like the Rani's disguise in Mark of the Rani.

Department store Pinters , Ltd. Josh Reno writes, " it is also the location of 'Gosh! London' which is a famous comic book store where Moore and O'Neill have appeared before to sign new issues of the League. Graham Tugwell writes, "Note in the the top left corner Thunderbird 2 flying, possibly towards the flames and smoke in the distance. Google for an image of him and you'll see what I mean: the eyes and nose are very distinctive. A few of these superhero comics were seen in the newsstand in Black Dossier on Page 93, Panel 1. Moving counterclockwise from the lower left:. Dean was a comic artist and Shirley MacLaine was his model!

Kevin was misremembering the name. BTW, this was a few years before Batwoman even appeared in the comics. In the course of fighting a world-conquest-driven computer the Second Doctor and his companions Zoe and Jamie encounter a superhero, the Karkus , who appeared in the Hourly Telepress in the year Greg Daly writes, "The Karkus isn't just a reference to Doctor Who, but a particularly apt one, in that he appeared in a story featuring the Second Doctor in a pocket universe called 'The Land of Fiction', where among other fictional characters he met Lemuel Gulliver, who we know was in the eighteenth-century League; indeed, he's depicted on page 12, panel 2.

It was planned as a vehicle for Frank Hampson, who was to be tempted away from Eagle which had just changed hands to far less sympathetic publishers to effectively animate the title as arival to Eagle. With Hampson at a stage where he wanted to direct and inspire series rather than actually draw them, no deal could be struck and Bulldog never appeared. In the episode the CSI characters are called in to investigate a murder committed at a convention celebrating a s Star Trek -like science fiction show called Astro Quest. The costume the character wears on the cover of Astro Quest here is much like the ones seen in the flashbacks in CSI.

Damian Gordon does: "It's Thunderbolt the Avenger. What a wanker. Heisenberg is after all the man after whom the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is named. He name drops and references physicists and scientists, particularly those in quantum physics. Perhaps Mithras is the League version of Christ?

So Orlando, having constantly referenced his place in the Roman military would not only be familiar with mithraic worship, but also want to rub in in people's faces. He appeared, much younger, in Black Dossier on Page 20, Panels The Birthday Party and Ban the Bomb. Two sinister strangers, Goldberg and McCann, who arrive supposedly on his birthday and who appear to have come looking for him, turn Stanley's apparently innocuous birthday party organized by Meg into a nightmare.

Both events are contemporaneous with Black Dossier, the main body of which is set in Peace and love depresses me. In A Cure for Cancer , the second Jerry Cornelius novel, Cornelius is a photonegative from his original appearance: black skin, white hair. Or it may be a reference to something else entirely. Some installments were scripted by Mike [Moorcock], others by M. Some of the strips later appeared in The Nature of the Catastrophe and the whole lot appeared in the initial Millennium issues of The New Nature of the Catastrophe.

This started in IT 58 in June , and appeared in a few subsequent issues, on no regular schedule. Scans of the original pages can be found here. With a lovely cover by genius artist John Picacio. Cornelius hints here that Andrew Norton is a part of this as well. Tim Chapman points out that Moorcock specifically modeled Taffy Sinclair on Sinclair, which further fleshes out the reference in this panel. Greg Daly writes, "I'm pretty sure the gentleman with the cucumber and the blonde lady are meant to be a young Arthur and Pauline Fowler from BBC's Eastenders , which didn't begin broadcasting till Pauline's family, the Beales, had owned for decades market stall, and the two characters do resemble Bill Treacher and Wendy Richard.

Sam Johnson writes, " I wish to offer you a suggestion to your annotation of the current issue of The League. I believe I have some insight pertaining to the scene on page 21, panel 5, of a man offering a woman a cucumber. One of the sketches is entitled Confessions of a Cucumber Salesman and follows the bawdy adventures of a sexually active cucumber salesman.

This sketch is set in the late sixties, and so would fit with The Leagues setting. This shows that Moore has prior knowledge of this programme. This makes sense, if that's indeed, as I think it is, an aerial train flying by! For what it's worth, just before the roundel was introduced, the London General Omnibus Company had a similar emblem, with a winged wheel and a bar across it.

In , the Greater London Council put forward serious plans to build an electric monorail system in central London - there's a contemporary mock-up of what it would have looked like in Regent Street here. Jeremy Martin writes, "My guess is that this is just a twist on Green Shield stamps. I Scoop the most base and yellow of yellow journalist papers is the Daily Brute. I think it's somebody emulating him, though; the emblem he's wearing, curiously, isn't Hynkel's double-cross, and is instead seems to be a red Cross of Lorraine on a black background; this is the Norsefire emblem from the 'V for Vendetta' film, which is a bit odd, given that Moore says he's no fan of it.

The film was based loosely on the novel of the same name by Terry Southern, and the scene in question does not occur in the book. A trade unionist with Stalinist sympathies, ten years on I suspect the pair of men in middle-left panel are Steptoe and Son. It grants its wearer invincibility. I wondered if there might be anyone else that the initials might fit, in the real world. Jules Fattorini notes, "The Altantis Bookshop is used as the model for the bookshop depicted here. Gallion died, and Mr. Somewhat incongruously there's a bust of AD 's Nemesis the Warlock, which only began in the early s.

Kev O'Neill designed the character and drew the story in its early years, but this doesn't really explain what the Nemesis bust is doing here. Having said that, Nemesis certainly could travel in time; one photo-comic in a special featured him visiting London's Forbidden Planet comic shop in the late s, and volumes seven and nine of the regular strip were set in fifteenth-century Spain and s London respectively. There's a useful history of Nemesis here. In real life, there is no 81 Powis Square , the house used is actually 25 Powis Square.

Very into old Mr. Robby Karol writes, " re: the song "She Comes in Scarlet". I wondered if it also could simultaneously be a reference to the song by Arthur Lee's band Love, "She Comes in Colors". Beausoleil also ended up recording a soundtrack for Anger's Crowley-inspired "Lucifer Rising", which Anger had collaborated on with Mick Jagger. Finally, Beausoleil had also been in a band called the Orkustra after leaving the Grass Roots. This is mostly taken from Bill Landis' Kenneth Anger biography. John Jones, a. The item with John P. Jon- on it seems to be a record sleeve, rather than a book, and I think you can see a bit of the record peeping out from the top of it.

As well, an English comedian named John Davidge released two songs under the name John Paul Jones: the first was "the Miner's Song" to benefit dependants of striking coal miners , the specific release date of which seems to be elusive, but late 60's. Freshly plucked from her Wikipedia entry: "During their stay at the abbey, Ms Hirsig was known as Soror Alostrael, Crowley's Scarlet Woman, the name Crowley used for his female sex magick practitioners in reference to the consort of the Beast of the Apocalypse whose number is Karswell Trelawney.

Adam Bezecny writes, "During the flashback to the death of Haddo, after the transference ritual, Gallion says, "I'm perplexed", which is supposedly what Frieda Harris said upon hearing that Crowley was dead. However, later on, we see this house referred to as Netherworld. Bill Thomson writes, "I think the illustration of Netherwo It's presented from a similar angle and the sign-off line after thair adventures was always " I knew when I heard that thunderclap It was the gods, welcoming him.

Patricia MacAlphine , the mother of Crowley's son Aleister Ataturk, said that on the day Crowley died the weather was very calm, but at the moment of his death a gust of wind caught the curtains in his room and a peal of thunder was heard as if "It was the gods greeting him. A jongleur , yeah? He lured rocket scientists into his cult, then sold their secrets abroad. British intelligence investigated, Kosmo had a heart-attack and died, apparently. You can see it here. Rome Burns. Diabolik is a ruthless Fantomas -like master thief who has appeared in Italian comics since This particular reference might be to the events of the Mario Bava film Danger: Diabolik.

They rival the Rutles! Jeremy Briggs adds, "The spaceship on it, which looks like a s circular space station, is the Elekton spaceship which crashed on Earth and which contained the records of the Trigan civilisation. Also as seen in Black Dossier , an abandoned Martian tripod was turned into a playground.

The woman is carrying a Fenner bag—see Page 20 Panel 1 above. According to the synopsis of the movie at IMDB Alan Alda plays a classical piano player on the rise who befriends a famous player himself who's at death's door. Unknown to Alda , the guy is a satanist , who arranges to have their souls switch places at his death, so that he can be young again and continue to play piano thus needing a skilled piano player like Alda to switch bodies with. This would fit in very neatly with the body-swapping that Haddo has been doing.

Wilson was born in and still lives there, in a cave on Amberfide Moor. But he has extraordinarily long life thanks to a diet of gruel, nuts, berries, and wild roots, and various special breathing exercises. They also enable him win every world track and running record, beginning by running a three-minute mile. Wilson was mentioned on Page 9, Panel 3 of the Black Dossier. Panel Flash, a former Mercurian space-policeman, had been depressed by his waning popularity. Flash is the son of a leading Mercurian scientist who crash-lands a ship in England and uses his powers to fight evil here on Earth.

Mark Patterson writes, "It might also be worth explicitly noting that the reference to "three failed attempts to gas himself" is playing on the repetition of "it's a gas, gas gas" in the lyrics to the song. Geoffrey Tolle writes, "He tried to kill himself by hurling himself from a tower-block.

This would re flect the Tower tarot card. Roger appears to have impregnated Kate For Max Foster, see Page 43, Panel 2. In the books Mike Thingmaster is a Connecticut woodworker and a revolutionary Communist who defeats a corrupt capitalist conspiracy and achieves a Communist utopia in the United States. Called me anti-Semitic. At least, I think he did. Eric Berlatsky author of the forthcoming Alan Moore: Conversations writes, "Vita Sackville-West and many of her Bloomsbury cohort have been accused of anti-semitism by a variety of later writers.

Googling Vita Sackville-West and anti-semitism yields the usual accusations and evidence. In the novel, Bovex is the treat which oppresses the impoverished protagonist the most—he wants it and cannot afford it, and he hates it as well. The statue you can see in the background of a winged figure with a bow is the figure of Anteros - sometimes called The Angel of Christian Charity and popularly mistaken for Eros — which is to be found atop the Shaftesbury memorial fountain in Piccadilly Circus in London.

On the left-hand side we have two men who look to be Peter Bowles on the left, and Dick Emery on the right. In the Dick Emery Show, which ran from to , one of the characters Emery played was called Clarence, a flamboyant and pretty obviously gay man, played for laughs. The brunette is very similar to Christine Noonan who played the unnamed woman who becomes romantically involved with Travis and is with him in the rooftop shootout although she wears a camoflage jacket in that scene.

The hairstyles of both seem very close to what the characters in "If The figure page 29, panel 7 doesn't seem to be wearing anything similar to what Travis wears in the film and the roses which are displayed prominently in this picture fit are not part of the film. The film If There's is a pivotal scene involving caning - but it's clearly intended as a punishment not eroticism. All this said, it would seem a bit strange for Travis to not appear in this issue since McDowell's performance was a breakthrough and paved the way for his appearance in other landmark British films of the era.

At one point Williams proposed a marriage of convenience to Sims, but it never came to pass. Now, those billboards: Gay Paree is probably just another chance to reinforce the gay theme of the frame. Bona Fashions refers to the BBC comedy radio show Round the Horne - , and in particular to the two characters Julian and Sandy, played by Hugh Paddick and Kenneth Williams, who were very obviously camp homosexual men. To quote from the Wikipedia article :. As well as being highly amusing, Julian and Sandy were notable for being two camp homosexual characters in mass entertainment at a time when homosexuality was still illegal in the UK, and for the use of Polari in the sketches.

The writers and cast thought the characters worked very well as they were not being held up to ridicule or simply there to be the target of a joke: in fact most of the sketches revolved around Kenneth Horne's presumed ignorance being the target of their jokes. Kenneth Horne would find these two characters usually by looking in a rather risque magazine which he would insist he bought for innocent reasons. This would lead him, more often than not, to a business in Chelsea starting with the word "bona" Polari for "good". He would enter by saying, "Hello, anyone there?

I'm Julian and this is my friend Sandy! Hence the name Bona Fashions, which I believe was used in one of the episodes. Polari or alternatively Parlare , Parlary , Palare , Palarie , Palari ; from Italian parlare , "to talk" is a form of cant slang used in Britain by actors, circus and fairground showmen, criminals, prostitutes, and by the gay subculture. Joe McNally writes, " I think it's much more likely that the gent with the 'tache is Jason King, from Department S and the eponymous swinging sixties detective series, played by Peter Wyngarde. Similarly, from the gap in his front teeth, the flamboyant gent in pink is more likely to be Are You Being Served's Mr Humphries, played by John Inman.

Wyngarde, Inman, Kenneth Williams and Jimmy Edwards were all secretly or at least not publicly gay at a time when this could easily finish an actor's career - which in fact happened to Wyngarde after he was discovered having sex with a lorry driver in a public toilet. The woman looking on disapprovingly may be morality campaigner Mary Whitehouse, who began her anti-smut crusade in During his management of John's Children, he devised an extremely camp stage show which involved band members whipping each other with chains and tossing feathers into the audience.

Hence the extravagant plume in his hat? Huw Price writes, "Same panel, I wondered if that might be Mary Whitehouse looking on disapprovingly in the middle rather than Joan Simms? It's just that Joan is seen earlier in the club and was still fairly young at this time. In , she'd have just been in Carry On Camping as the romantic interest of Sid James; the woman here appears quite frumpy and somewhat older than Joan should be. Mrs Whitehouse would most definitely disapprove of everything going on in this frame.

Doug Glassman writes, "On pages , the entire sequence of covering up the dead body is a reference to "Hole In The Ground" as sung by Bernard Cribbins. By the end of the song, the man with the bowler is dead in the hole. Humorously, the hole is square, while Cribbins was insistent on making it round Bonehead was the stupid one. In Performance the voice of a black musician, Noel, is heard. Noel is voiced by Ian McShane. From left to right you have:.

The car, as you can see, is actually brown, but may have been red at the time. The character here is recognisably Roger Moore, who played Templar. The other character in the scene, the man with the unruly eyebrows, is Aloysius "Nosey" Parker, who was the butler and chauffeur of Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward, who appeared in the TV series Thunderbirds, which ran on ATV from to Lady Penelope recruited him when she caught him breaking into the safe of an oil tycoon, so this may have been related to that.

Greg Daly writes, "It's nice to see Moore and O'Neill doing something here which just couldn't be done on the screen: bringing together Roger Moore and Sean Connery in the same panel! Buckaroo's band in the film is called the Hong Kong Cavaliers. Perhaps this is it. Not at all fictional, but appropriately detailed. Here in France, the show got episodes, no less. Martin Crookall writes, "The character on the poster Stoned looks to me like ' Wack.

Wack was a Liverpool term for addressing others which became popular after the Beatles broke big, hence the cash-in strip character. This is a scene from London, , as the Martians advance on London during the events of League v2. Specifically, the space between issue 3 and 4; I would guess that the people seen here are running for the train which the Martian tripod destroys in the beginning of League v2n4.

The figure on the far left is Andrew Norton. The man with the protruberant nose is Ally Sloper , a character in British comic strips from Sloper is a kind of roguish everyman. Sloper was seen in League v1n6 page 23 panel 1. Steve Flanagan writes, "I think that he and the man in front and to the right of him may be the cartoon tramps " Weary Willie and Tired Tim ", created by Tom Browne.

Note the girl fingering her father or grandfather on the right. Smith meets him in the Ministry of Love, where he is proud of having been betrayed by them. The man standing next to Parsons seems to have Peter Cushing's distinctive hair and angular features, so is presumably Winston Smith himself. Ah—now here is the Andy Capp appearance, along with his suffering wife Flo. She has a black eye here, courtesy of Andy, who is a wife-beater in the strips. Kevin J. This panel takes place seconds after Century: 's Page 41, Panel 2. The visual references:. As was pointed out in the Century: notes, the pose of Norton here is similar to a picture of Norton on page 91 of Slow Chocolate Autopsy.

I have trouble picturing them in isolation, and this fellow has the long stern face of Frank Thornton. Although the show didn't start until , Peacock had worked there since the mids. Tom G also thinks it's Captain Peacock. It's a recording from in London with the BBC Symphony Orchestra, and while I don't know what they wore to the show, they're in the same fancy antique costumes on the cover. BUT the album itself is a recording of a strange play they did that night called "Progress" where the modern musicians rise up against the classically trained ones.

Everyone had parts and characters and it was still a fiction, so that might excuse the use of a real person in LoEG - he's Zappa from the play Progress. Carl Vause writes, " One notable omission from this panel compared to its analogue is the figure in the black suit that Martin Crookall believed to be Toby Mears. But the most compelling evidence for this idea is that Mears was played by Anthony Valentine in the TV series. O'Neill's illustration could easily be Valentine who also appeared in 'The Avengers','Department S' as well as 'Budgie' all connected to and also played Joey Maddocks in 'Performance'.

Anthony Valentine is arguably TV's best known Raffles. Both of these characters, played by Valentine, are absent in Donald Cammell was the writer and co-director of Performance. This is a quote from Performance. Cammell knew something of ballistics. He certainly would have known that the surest way to kill himself would have been by directing the gun upwards through the mouth. But he directed the shot at the top of his head — the same shot that kills Turner in Performance.

It allegedly took Donald Cammell some forty minutes to die. China subsequently told friends that in that time her husband appeared happy, almost euphoric. He is said to have asked her to hold up a mirror, so that he could see his face. The new Vita. This is a reference to the most famous Vita, Vita Sackville-West , the author and poet. Borges was the first to translate this novel to spanish, and he is mentioned in the previous panel of this page. Sackville-West and Woolf were part of the Bloomsbury Group of writers and intellectuals who met in Bloomsbury for much of the first half of the twentieth century.

Emanuel Litvinoff present is a British Jewish writer. Litvinoff is also well known for being one of the first to raise publicly the implications of T.

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Eliot's negative references to Jews in a number of poems, a controversy that continues, in his famous poem To T. This protest against T. Eliot on the subject of anti-Semitism took place at an inaugural poetry reading for the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Litvinoff , an admirer of Eliot, was appalled to find Eliot republishing lines he had written in the s about 'money in furs' and the ' protozoic slime' of Bleistein's " lustreless , protrusive eye" only a few years after the Holocaust, in his Selected Poems of Despite feeling "nervous", Litvinoff decided that "the poem was entitled to be read" and proceeded to recite it to the packed but silent room:.

So shall I say it is not eminence chills. Let your words. In the pandemonium after Litvinoff read the poem, T. Eliot reportedly stated, "It's a good poem, it's a very good poem. Litvinoff is credited as a consultant on Performance , although the superb film critic David Thomson gives Litvinoff more credit than that:. David Litvinoff , the most brilliant nutter anyone had ever met. He would talk a blue streak about the most amazing stuff, always jumping from this to that.

When Performance came out, there were critics who said, "Aha! Note the leaping editorial style, the self-interruption, the cross-streaming of consciousness" - and before I'd sniffed the film, I said, "That is your David Litvinoff. And so David was the catalyst - he just brought the whole thing together. And that's why David gets a credit on the picture as dialogue coach and technical adviser. And well deserved. Anton La Vey at the Dakota. It has often been incorrectly claimed that noted Satanist Anton La Vey played Satan in the scene in which Rosemary is raped by Satan.

Chris Petit present is a British novelist and film maker whose novel Back From the Dead ends with a murder of a John Lennon-like musician. David Cairns adds that Petit is a collaborator with Sinclair. Andres Caicedo writes, "In page 34, panels 5, 6, I believe Moore is showing us first how Mirna and the League characters see Norton, immediately followed by how Norton sees them.

Panel 6 looks strange specially Orlando and the smoke off Allan's mouth. I believe this is because we see a slice of a 4 dimensional reality, which is how Norton presumably perceives the world, compressed into 2 dimensions. This is complemented by page 35, panel 2, where Norton, aware of the fictional nature of the story he finds himself in, seems to be looking at us.

Presumably this is a reference to the distasteful Nicholas van Hoogstraten present , millionaire, bully, and felon. Adam Bezecny writes, "The grenade reference is one pointed at how van Hoogstraten ordered a local gang to toss a grenade through the window of one of his associates. This led to a judge calling him an "emissary of Beelzebub", which may be why he seems to share a "stylist" with Jerry Cornelius, who is kind of a devilish figure. I do not know if Moore is aware of this, but Aleister Crowley faked his death right here in Portugal, circa apparently because he was trying to get rid of his Scarlet Woman of that time.

Thanks to its Knights Templar tradition, Sintra is one of the most esoteric places in the whole of Europe, and a destination favoured by Crowley, Byron and William Beckford. Edgar G. Ulmer was an Austrian-American film director who is best known for the Universal horror film The Black Cat and the classic noir film Detour Donald Cammell did in fact claim to be a godson of Aleister Crowley.

Cammell Sr says very little about his own family in this book and makes no mention of asking Crowley to be godfather to his son born in and this seems rather unlikely, since he says he "detested" Crowley's views on religion and was so appalled by a particularly "blasphemous" passage in The Book of the Law that he burned the copy Crowley had presented to him. Blake believed himself to be the living embodiment of the spirit of Milton and claimed to have been visited by Blake in visions many times.

It doesn't seem to be available online, sadly. Since Norton is outside of time, his references to the future are flash-forwards, not flashbacks. Joe McNally writes, "the explosion to which Norton refers is probably just the bombings, rather than an incident at UFO - the juxtaposition would be typical of Nic Roeg's editing Perhaps this is what Norton was thinking of. Presumably Norton is referring to League v2.

Jeff Newberry disagrees: "I believe he mentions Wells before he says this. Also, it makes sense that a time tripping character like Norton would appreciate a concise work of history. Jack McVitie , a. He was involved with the Krays. He was involved in the death of Jack the Hat, which he writes about in his autobiography Inside the Firm. He mentions it in one of his spoken word performances, The Highbury Working:. Eastend lad runs it, Freddie Bird. The twins feel bad, an entertainer of that calibre. Underneath the dome he dreams a new millennium.

It was the third of February , and Joe Meek was set up for a final mix. They were evidence, incriminating imagery. Joe McNally writes, ""Two boys dancing under coloured lights" was the scene that greeted Jack The Hat when he arrived at Blonde Carol's - Ronnie Kray was sitting on a sofa staring intently at two young boys slow-dancing. This detail is mentioned in several books about the Krays, but somewhat bizarrely I heard it from Tony Lambrianou himself when I interviewed him some years ago. He also mentioned that the Krays' nightclub was often visited by monks, or at least men dressed in monks' robes; make of this what you will.

Harold Pinter was a British playwright whose works are known for their strong use of dialogue. Joel Brackenbury writes, " The man standing behind Norton with his tie blowing in the wind bears a strong resemblance to Kenneth Horne - on his way to one of Julian and Sandy's Bona businesses? Sidney Osinga writes, " the symbol on the shield looks like something we've seen before in the series.

Not only does it resemble the Hynkel double X also seen in the background as graffiti , but it is very similar to the Mason' s symbols of the compass and square, which we'ce seen in Vol. It's vaguely in the style of British comics legend Leo Baxendale, and I'm sure he has actually drawn this in one of his Willy The Kid strips. Of the demon on the right, Ross Byrne writes, "the painting of the demon to the right looks quite a lot like some of the demons Aleister Crowley painted, as seen in Kenneth Anger's documentary film The Man We Want to Hang.

Schexnayder writes, " the picture on the right has striking similarity to William's Blake's "Ghost of a Flea.

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Moore used this incident and the depiction of the spirit extensively in From Hell, he and Eddie Campbell's telling of the Jack the Ripper story. See Page 59, Panel 4 below. Schexnayder writes, " the woman here has a strong similarity to Maryanne Faithfull who was romantically linked to Jagger during the late s. Faithful is sometimes cited as introducing the band to the ideas of Satanism.

At one point she was even condemned as a witch by the Vatican. Whether that is true or not, she is credited as introducing Jagger to the book "The Master and Margarita," by Mikhail Bulgakov which, in turn, influced "Sympathy for the Devil. Ian Watson writes, "This is almost certainly a punning reference to the Phurbu - a Tibetan demon-killing dagger: "A phurpa Phurbu , sometimes called a "magic dagger", is a tantric ritual object used to conquer evil spirits and to destroy obstacles.

It is utilized in magic rituals by high level tantric practitioners. The word phurpa is used primarily in Central Tibet, while the word phurbu is used more often in Kham, Amdo and Ladakh. The component phur in the word phurpa is a Tibetan rendering of the Sanskrit word kila, meaning peg or nail. Peter Slack writes, "'Furbur' is the German pronunciation of the Greek name Phoebe the character in 'Performance' was played by Anita Pallenberg, who has German ancestry. This is a reference to the horror film The Omen , about the birth and English childhood of the anti-Christ.

Joe McNally corrects me: "the 'English maternity home' refers not to The Omen Damien Thorne is adopted in Italy, not England, and the Thornes don't move to England until he's two but to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens , in which a mix-up at a maternity home leads to the prospective antichrist being raised by an ordinary suburban English family rather than his intended adoptive parents.

Traditionally has been described as the number of the beast and has been used as such in novels and films like The Omen. But the majority of the early uses of the Number of the Beast were , not Both parts were played by Arthur Lowe. If you look at the series of Norton timejumps, during the Big Brother years a policeman has the same "BB" on his cap, meaning Major Gowen was a member of Ingsoc and still professes loyalty.

Adamant is a swashbuckling Victorian gentleman adventurer, born in who, in , is lured into a trap by his arch-nemesis, the Face, where he is frozen in a block of ice. He is found in , when a building is demolished, and is revived. The symbol is a highly stylized version of the caduceus, which is originally two snakes wrapped around a stick.

It is not the symbol for double-sexed, but for a virgin female so Orlando really shouldn't be wearing it! The image on the cover of Hunchback is Nasty, the John Lennon-analogue in the Rutles , as rendered by Yellow Submarine -like animation. In the series he was pursued by Nemesis and earlier his son Thoth through various past life incarnations, each one being killed. Spurgeon is a lightlyl fictionalized version of Story himself. Austin Osman Spare was a British artist known for his magical artistic techniques.

The Atlantis Bookshop is at 49a Museum Street, where it has been since Crowley is said to have been a customer. Someone whose name I missed sorry! Presumably the two paintings behind Mina and the woman who as E. Rekow points out is Julia from the Avengers episode "The Warlock" are references. Dunno what they are, though. The image of the bear with what I can only describe as a raging erection is probably meant to be from the issue 28 of the underground magazine OZ , which was known as Schoolkids OZ , and which became the subject of a high-profile obscenity case in Britain in According to the relevant Wikipedia entry,.

It was the longest trial under the Obscene Publications Act. Of particular significance is the now-notorious Robert Crumb pastiche cartoon of Rupert Bear in an explicitly sexual situation. The picture in question was created by a fifteen-year-old schoolboy named Vivian Berger, who pasted the head of Rupert Bear onto a sexually explicit cartoon character drawn by Robert Crumb. Of course, as we know that Rupert Bear, or an analogue thereof, actually exists in the League universe, this raises interesting questions about what he might have got up to in his later career….

Ardistan is a fictional middle eastern country though notionally on a different earth and sounds likely to be home to the "Ardistan Black" strain of marijuana. Adam Bezecny also noted this. The house where Crowley died was called Netherwood. Presumably the picture or drawing here is a reference. Adam Bezecny writes, "This is the cover to Oz 28, referenced on the previous page. Panel 9. Max Foster the pop singer. This one took me a long time, but I got it.

The Blazing World? A picture, in traditional League style, of the assembled Seven Stars. Left to right:. Thanks to Damian Gordon for correcting me here. The picture on the top right is of the Bat see Page 20, Panel 4 above. Blackshirt appeared in a story paper in Black Dossier , Page 93, Panel 1. When we first see her she is wearing a false moustache, which Chas later wears to have a false passport photo taken.

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Family business, most likely. Thanks to Joe Street for correcting me here. Rodger Kibble writes, " "what are you anyway? Boy or girl"? In Performance, Chas tells Lucy a member of Turner's menage who has no analogue in this story that she's "like a boy", alluding to her figure. Rodger Kibble writes, " "You're just not the assassin Mr Terner's been expectin'" - that would be Chas, perhaps?

Rodger Kibble writes, ""degenerates" - Chas calls Pherber a "degenerate" in the movie, after she has tried to put him in touch with his feminine side, which he vehemently refuses to accept he might have. Kai Jansson writes, " I believe the long-haired man with the black star on his forehead is meant to be a variation of Ziggy Stardust from the early s. It's also significant that David Bowie and Mick Jagger upon whom Terner is based were very close in the s. Jeremy Holstein corrects me: "That's not the Malibu Hotel.

It's Sexton Blake's Malibu Club. From what he says it sounds as if this was O'Neil's doing, not Moore. Moore seems to have picked this up and included it in the script. This single was released in a wraparound artwork cover featuring prominently, among others, work by Kevin O'Neill. Perhaps it's a sly Hitchcockian reference to both of the League's main creators? I do not know, however, of a Thunderbirds episode involving a headless man. Joe McNally writes, "the 'headless man' refers to a notorious high-society sex scandal centred on a photograph of Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, engaging in oral sex with an unknown man whose head was out of frame, hence the 'headless man'.

The identity of the gentleman in question was the subject of much speculation, but is now believed to have been either Douglas Fairbanks Jr or the then Defence Minister Duncan Sandys. Thoroughly Modern Millie is a film about a young flapper having wacky adventures. David Cairns writes, "Is the topless woman onstage at Hyde Park a ref to the statuesque woman who used to dance with Hawkwind? Pages Working counterclockwise, beginning at the page fold on Page It was a popular theory back in the day that "goo goo ga joob" were Humpty Dumpty's the Eggman final words before he fell off the wall which played into the whole 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy!

The orange object beside him with the horns is a Space Hopper toy. Linton Lewis writes, " In the two-page psychedelic spread with Mina, the naked Alice Liddell serves two purposes I think. One, to call back to Moore's work on Lost Girls which featured sexualized versions of children's characters, including Alice. And two, and more to the point, the Jefferson Airplane song "White Rabbit" presented an escalating drug trip infused with Lewis Carroll imagery. In O'Neill's panel, Alice is just about to feed her head.

Wasn't she based on "Cynthia Plaster-caster"? The guys sitting down seem American but neither looks particularly like a young Cameron Crowe. According to the novels themselves, Riddle never taught at Hogwarts—he applied for the role of teacher of Defence Against the Dark Arts twice but was denied both times. However, it is very much in character for Riddle to claim he is a Hogwarts teacher, as he does in Panel 2. Kevin Brettauer writes, "Mina briefly confusing Tom Riddle's name with "Tim" may be an in-joke for comic readers familiar with the similarity of Harry Potter and Tim Hunter.

Panel 6 and following. Here are the full lyrics to the song Terner sings here:. Well, howdy there.

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Please pull up a chair. I had a spree in Gay Paree. Back when Robespierre was in town. And I subdued my hilarity when the heads came rolling down. I can recall watching Babel fall,. Saw Samson shorn in no time at all. My laughter grew with each child you slew. Come on and please me! Come on and take that chance! While Dachau choked and Nagasaki smoked,. Oh, how I joked! What fun I poked! And every cause and every fight,. Whether wrong or right, filled me with delight. From the Holy Roman See. Imams and priests have been my visitors.

The song, performed in it's entirety in the scene that doubles as a music video, finishes with "You gentlemen, why you all work for me? Just try to please me! Just try to take a chance! So where a tyrant learns humanity,. Or a victim learns to victimize. In my most up-to-date disguise. So when you talk with me, speak courteously. No matter what my latest role. Oh yeah, you please me,. You join me in my dance! Please allow me to introduce myself.

And I was round when Jesus Christ. Had his moment of doubt and pain. Made damn sure that Pilate. Washed his hands and sealed his fate. Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name. But what's puzzling you. Is the nature of my game. I stuck around St. When I saw it was a time for a change. Killed the czar and his ministers. Anastasia screamed in vain. I rode a tank. When the blitzkrieg raged. And the bodies stank. Hope you guess my name, oh yeah. Ah, what's puzzling you. Is the nature of my game, oh yeah.

I watched with glee. While your kings and queens. Fought for ten decades. For the gods they made. I shouted out,. Who killed the Kennedys? When after all. It was you and me. Let me please introduce myself. And I laid traps for troubadours.

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Who get killed before they reached Bombay. Hope you guessed my name, oh yeah. Is the nature of my game, oh yeah, get down, baby. But what's confusing you. Is just the nature of my game. Just as every cop is a criminal. And all the sinners saints. As heads is tails. Just call me Lucifer. So if you meet me. Have some courtesy. Have some sympathy, and some taste. Use all your well-learned politesse. Or I'll lay your soul to waste, um yeah. Hope you guessed my name, um yeah. Is the nature of my game, um mean it, get down.

Tom Grzeskowiak catches it: "Given the psychedelic rock connection, the first thing to come to mind was "The Carrie Nation Tour", a reference to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Brian Jones was a founding member of the Rolling Stones, but his drug problems led to his being let go in by the rest of the band. On 3 July, , Jones drowned in a pool. But, of course, this is the world of League , in which many real world figures not all—there is a William Shakespeare in the world of League are replaced by fictional analogues.

Panel 4 and following. Weep not. He has not died, to be forgot. He has but woken from our worldly dreams. Do plot our pointless course. Else wretched mortal schemes.

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He hath escaped this fleshy gaol. To soar above in pure Elysian sky. And quit the teeth grown loose,. The eyes that fail, become one with his song. That does not die. He treads in spirit now those moonlit lanes. Where night-things flit, that once he trod in rhyme.

Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3) Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3)
Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3) Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3)
Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3) Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3)
Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3) Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3)
Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3) Murder by Post: The Strange Case of Nigel Drew (The Dr. MacCrimmon Mysteries Book 3)

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