Mother of Asili

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How to put together these two concepts? It was easy.

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The Great Mothers of Nivola have almost the same shape of a large sheep, with a long and narrow head. A perfect symbol for Sardinia. They deserve it, the sheep. We owe her a lot. View all posts by stefano asili. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content I could not sleep and counting sheep. But the music Taina first gained fame with was nothing like the tradition she is with now.

I was in it for about eight years. Her father, a Latin jazz band director, was influenced by the Young Lords and the Black Panthers, and was a particular adherent of Malcolm X. In the early s, the group moved from Binghamton to Philadelphia, where Taina was immersed in a sea of artistic creativity and vision. Punk rock was a natural home for Taina politically, but slightly unusual stylistically.

Mother of Asili

At home, Taina sang and played in the bomba tradition of Puerto Rico, but she was also a trained opera singer. Anti-Product, already unique for featuring a djembe player, a cellist, and a woman of color lead singer, grew more unique as Taina started incorporating spoken word and poetry into her music.

In , when Anti-Product disbanded, Taina started doing spoken word professionally.

War Cry enabled Taina to bring together her punk roots and her poetry and her Puerto Rican and contemporary influences — the reggae and hip hop that she loved so much. In the meanwhile, life marched on, in sometimes painful ways. I had this whole new perspective on life. We started to write songs in here in Albany and started to meet musicians in the area. She admits that it can be a little limiting to be in such a small city — that sometimes she wishes there were more venues to play. But the presence of so many strong social justice institutions and organizations makes up for the other things that Albany lacks, musically.

They give me constant inspiration for my work. Taina considers it one of her responsibilities to add to a more balanced portrayal of women of color and people of color. With this pain comes a legacy of resistance and resilience. We need to know that and reflect that in all kinds of ways including and especially in art.

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Her sound has reached millions across the country watching on livestream and across the world. She is be a striking ambassador for Albany, spreading her fierce message of resilience to the rest of the country.

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Taina lit up the crowd of thousands the way few musicians who played that day really are capable of. We are in the Albany airport the day after President Trump has moved to restrict the movement of all immigrants from seven Muslim countries, as we are gathered to protest the latest executive action.

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Taina will take the megaphone, entering the space in the middle of the crowd that has cleared for speakers to say their piece. Taina will helpfully, lovingly, reminds the mostly-white crowd that has gathered that not all Americans started out as immigrants from another country—and that not all immigrants to this country came of their own volition.

She talks about what it will take to mount a resistance to the Trump regime; she talks about the resilience that will be required from activists in the months and years going forward. She sings a song of defiance — her voice is badly distorted by the megaphone, but she sings nonetheless. Your email address will not be published.

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Upcoming shows hosted by The Collaborative. Magnetic Eye to host label showcase at St. The creative camaraderie of The Abyssmals. Gallery: Speedy Ortiz and Geoff Gordon. Local documentarians tell the story of beleaguered Florida town. Arts Events of the Day: July 3.

Permanent sketching with tattoo artist Courtney Covino.

Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili
Mother of Asili Mother of Asili

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