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This is another event that will happen before the Great Tribulation. Church attendance is dwindling. There is increased opposition to Christianity in the world. Terrorism and wars are on the rise. At times like these, we need to look not to the world and its solutions but to Christ. God chose His people before the foundation of the world; they could not possibly choose him unless he had chosen them first.

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Being chosen by God is a call to responsibility. God has chosen us as his first fruits so that we can tell everyone we know about His love and saving grace. We will face ridicule, rejection and opposition like Jesus did, but we are to stand fast. We can do this because God will support, strengthen and encourage us. He loves us, consoles us and gives us hope because of His grace. We can be confident and encouraged because we have been sanctified and chosen to be saved by the Holy Spirit.

They have been tried and tested and found to be true. Because God has done so much for them, His people are urged to stand fast and hold tightly to the truth that they have been taught. They might not understand everything that is happening, but they can be confident in the resources God as provided from eternity past to eternity future. These must never change. Everything we do must be based on the lordship of Christ and the authority of the Bible.

Firm Foundations: Without Them You’ll Crash!

His standards must be our standards. Summer Sermon Series. Therefore it was common for people to be very aware of the names that had been used by their ancestors, and use those names over and over. The Bible contains about individual names, and demonstrates the wide variety of subjects chosen by parents as names. Names that came from nature include Deborah bee , Rachel ewe , and Jonah dove. Names that refer to physical characteristics include Edom red and Hakkatan small one. The sons of Jacob fit that category very well.

President , or attainment Dr. Titles are often used in conjunction with the name, but do not have to be Archbishop Smith; Sir Hillary; Queen Elizabeth. First, as we have seen, it can be difficult to distinguish between a name, appellation, and description. After all, a major reason for listing the names of the Messiah in the first place is so that we all will have a clearer picture of his life and ministry so we can build our lives upon the firm foundation of Christ.

A few of the names and appellations of our Savior, Jesus Christ, are below. Normally this is not a problem because the people who know the person get the sense of the name from the person and the family. When the Hebrew text was translated into Greek starting with the Septuagint, about B. There is no amount of love, fortune, or fame in this life that is really meaningful without everlasting life.

Without salvation and everlasting life, the greatest achievements of any man are simply like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic: they simply do not matter. Can that be said clearly enough? Life matters IF salvation and everlasting life are real—and they are. The disciples healed people and expelled demons from people using the name of Jesus.

The Only Foundation

Those early disciples would have been speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin, certainly, but perhaps other ancient languages as well. English, Spanish, and many other modern languages would not evolve for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, as the languages evolved, something did not: the power in the name of Jesus.

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Jesus knows when we are speaking about him, and he backs up our use of his name with his authority. Although there is some of that in our culture today, modern American culture does not assign status because of birth family, but instead each person must earn his or her position in life. Change is a process by which we move from where we used to be to where God wants us to be.

That means the old things we used to do have now no place in the new things we want to do in Christ.


A fault foundation is build when people ignore to deal with the past and surrender their weakness to Jesus. It's important to understand that your past can impact your present if not dealt with. Most people, marriages or ministers struggles to move forward in life because of the past. Don't ignore things in your life such as abuse, habitual sin, bitterness, unforgiveness or rejection, because those things have the power to shape your future. Deal with them and never feel ashamed to face them head on. How we can develop the unshakablefaith in our lives?

God wants us to move from a shallow kind of faith that is shakable and that only believe in Him for things He can give to us, to believing Him for who He is, as almighty God. We are living at a time where many Christians are consumed by the spirit of unbelief, fear and doubt. Many Christians faith in God and trust in Who God is, has been shaken to its core and compromised by the challenges of life.

Satan's strategy is to temper with our foundation of faith in God and to plant seeds of unbelief, fear and doubts, so that he can disconnect us from God's presence, power and promises. God wants to give us the gift of faith mentioned in 1Corinthians so that we can firmly act on God's promises with extraordinary confidence and with unshakable belief in God's ability to fulfill his purpose; In our lives Here on earth and To do what He only can do through His people. Unshakable faith is a faith that has total trust and reliance on God no matter the situation or circumstance or the cost.

It is a faith that believes God for who He is and not for things He can give. This faith stands on God, and with God no matter what? Faith in God for who He is a greatest weapon that Satan can never defeat. A person with this weapon is untouchable and undefeatable because his strength is in the power of Jesus Christ. The life of Job is a good example of a person who has unshakable faith and trust in who God really is. True faith in God remains unshakable even when everything you have is taken away from you.

Hebrews , "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Many of us have developed hope in our lives more than we have developed our faith in God and in His Son Jesus Christ. We have more hope in our lives and little faith inGod's ability to do what He only can do. Hope is good, but not good enough to take us where God wants us to go. Faith is different from hope. Having hope is not the same as having faith.

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Many of us usually operate under "hope" more than we operate under faith. Not that having hope, is not good but we have to understand that having hope is not the same as having Faith. Hope is great but it is not faith. Hope is not powerful enough to move the mountains or calm the storms in our lives. Hope can give us the confidence to go through something, but only faith will give us an assurance that things are changing now in our lives by the power of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, even if it is not visible to us.

In the Hebrew thought to have faith in God is not simply knowing that God exist or knowing that he will act, rather it is that the one with faith will act with firmness toward God's will. Faith is always in the now because God is a now God. We believe now that God is changing our nation, touching our family and healing us now.

Yes hope is deeply connected to faith but the two are not the same? In Mark we see that Jesus' disciples had hope but not faith. They hoped Jesus would do something about the storm, but they had no faith that the storm would not kill them because the master was on board. Hope only gives us the confidence that God will one day do something for us.

But Faith gives us an assurance that we have indeed received from God now. Mark,"Therefore I tell you, all the things you pray and ask for-believe that you have received them, and you will have them. Faith is what inspires God to act on our behalf. It is only by faith that we receive the promises of God. Without faith it is impossible to inspire God to do something for us or to move in us. Every promises of God can only be obtained by Faith and by faith alone, Romans Children resemble their Parents not only in appearance, but also especially in behaviour and deeds. To be a Child of God, men and women must be like Him.

That means that we should desire to walk in His character and in all of His attributes. In Philippians , Paul writes to the Philippians encouraging them to have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. Jesus had the character and nature of His Father in heaven. He was merciful, compassionate, humble, caring and loving. Our Father is Peaceful-so we must walk in peace, our Father is love-so we must walk in Love, Our Father is merciful-so we must show mercy to others, our Father is forgiving-so we must walk in forgiveness and our father is righteous, so we must be righteous.

God is peaceful, so His children must be peaceful; the peacemakers will be called the "Son's of God. When one receives Jesus Christ his or her old nature is cast aside and now must adopt a new nature and character of Christ. How do people know that indeed we are the children of God? If we walk in all these things the character of our Father in heaven is not in us. The name of God has been tarnished in our society today by our actions, and deeds. When the un-believers look at us, a people who bear the name of God act in ungodly manner they question if God is indeed in us.

We must desire to imitate Christ in our lives and demonstrate His nature and character every where we go. God is peace, so His son's and daughter's must seek to make peace first with God, and then with all humanity. How do we know that we have made peace with God? A Heart that forgives is a heart that knows fully very well that it has been forgiven. A person who does not forgive, he has not yet experienced forgiveness from God our Father. Jesus Christ is not coming back for a divided church, but for a glorious Church. He is not bringing different tables for different Churches or denomination, but he is bringing one table and from that table all the children of God shall eat from.

Praise God!!!

Your Spiritual Foundation

The time is now and right for the Church to demonstrate that, like God the father She is peaceful. Jesus places a high value upon a full and meaningful life which is lived in peace and harmony with God and other people. It is impossible to make or walk in peace with others if you haven't yet made peace with God first. When you have peace with God, then you can have the power to make peace with others why?

By pursuing peace we will be like God and we will be called the Sons of God. Matthew God is calling the Church to unite so that the rain of His Presence and Power can pour out from Heaven like never before. In Acts 2, when God's people where united and in one accord, God poured out His Spirit upon each and every one of them. Today any powerful believer in Christ is as a result of what happened on that day of Pentecost.

A single church cannot carry revival alone, Yes she can spark revival in the land but she needs other Churches to carry and spread the fire of revival to all the nations. Pastors with a heart of Revival and a heart of God needs other Pastors in the area to strike the fire of revival in their town. The Church needs one another so that she can touch the nations for God. People in the world are suffering today for the most part simply because of the selfishness of those in who are leadership.

Imagine how the world would look like if all the powerful men and women of God, with different talents and gifts can set aside their doctrinal difference and unite to serve a hurting world with one goal, one purpose and with no pride? We are living at a time and in a generation that is easily becoming too familiar with who God is. Many people today have no fear of God and have easily taken God for granted. There is a great danger that comes with being too familiar with God. In this topic I would like to help us avoid the "spirit of familiarity" with God that is sweeping through the christian world today.

Familiarity with God is a Disease of the heart and a dangerous spirit that must be avoided in our lives and the Church. We cannot treat God as nothing and at the same time expect Him to do something for us.

Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation
Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation Jesus Christ The Only Firm Foundation

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