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It's time to save the world with every episode from all four seasons available now! Season 1 Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4. If You Liked Heroes.

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It remains the largest server of heroes, with , registered players across five shards. City of Heroes isn't the only MMO in A Homecoming developer, speaking on behalf of others they consulted with before answering my questions over Discord, told me that most private servers are running a version of City of Heroes called I24, or "Issue It's full of prototypes left unfinished at the time of the layoffs. That implementation included new systems and content that were completed by the team behind SCoRE.

It is genuinely bewildering to watch YouTubers jump into cadaverous server code to play around with a brand new class like the Sentinel , which was allegedly an idea batted around the NCSoft offices for years before the layoffs put those ideas to rest. Until SCoRE made them a reality, anyway.

After a secret server shocked the community, 100,000 fans are finally playing City of Heroes again

For now, at least, City of Heroes fans can't get their hands on Issue 23, which was the state of the game on the last day servers were live, and the last 'official' version of the game people can feasibly remember. Nor can they go backwards, to the MMO's mids heyday, in the way that Blizzard is currently resurrecting a scrubbed, nubile version of Azeroth for World of Warcraft Classic.

That may never be possible. He explains that revising the code they've acquired to its launch-day elements would require someone removing content, piece by piece, by hand, which is not a particularly elegant solution. Already, though, people are cooking up some strange, uncouth experiments with the available tools. Like many people in the City of Heroes community, the Homecoming dev I spoke to caught wind of SCoRE before it was officially revealed to the public, and he responded to the unmasking gleefully: "About time, now more people can play.

Everyone involved in City of Heroes' resurrection doesn't have that same cover.

If You Liked Heroes

We're trying not to poke the bear but we'll see. The future of City of Heroes has been blown wide open, and that can swerve between euphoria or heartache if the rights-holders take action. Another developer told me they feel that same anxiety. He told me that recently, NCSoft transferred the City of Heroes intellectual property to the US-based NC Interactive, which, in theory, would allow the company to issue cease-and-desists against private individuals. For now though, he reiterates that the company has kept silent.

No news is good news, as far as he's concerned. The private server that could be most easily implicated in a lawsuit is probably Homecoming, which is both the biggest operation, and also one that's started to take donations. Together, the team generated a plan to gather patrons as ethically as possible.

In particular, they promised to only take the exact amount of cash they need to run the servers each month.

E-heroes - Brains & Design [ driven by data ]

The donation drive for June followed very similar figures," he and the team say. The point is, these are still early days.

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The future of City of Heroes has been blown wide open, and that can swerve between either euphoria or heartache if, and when, the rights-holders take action. What the private servers can count on, however, is each other.

A few weeks ago a server named Pleaiades went belly-up, without much warning to those who decided to roll characters there. Together, the disparate coders banded together in order to dredge up Pleaiades' database from the abyss, so that all those characters and accounts could be rescued. It's a good attitude to hang your hopes on.

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